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100 and out of Milan I mean

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what are the Osaka cinema the cinema?

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Remember no Rahim Allah Dahlia Porfirio the Salafi in fever because and follow the chapter on good Kontakt five one Javelin are the allotted time for another sort of last resort a lot. It was seven o'clock. In the middle I have accumulated over 2 million images in Yama, Yama, hacer lo que nos LA, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that the dearest and nearest among you, to me on the Day of Resurrection will be one who is the best of you in conduct or in manners.

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So in the midst of Allah Samuel put in them and I have become laochra becoming the magician Yama, piano. He didn't say that exclusively for the Sahaba.

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Although, at the time when he mentioned that sort of la salud, he was speaking to us of how the companions but some exclusive quality for them, that also includes you. Which means even if you miss the opportunity to be among the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be closest to him, you cannot miss the opportunity to be the dearest to him. sallallahu wasallam you missed it in the dunya the Muslim the ACA and again we like we said last night there are many people that think that they need to do so much to get to that level. And the hurry to say is very simple. Just good manners. Good manners and good Allah for Carlos de la la Salim in nomina have documented it will be

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the dearest to me. Most Beloved to me a lot. But imagine you earned the love of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for you call a mini magisterium. Okay, you're going to be the closest to judgment day. Do you guys know how many people will be an agenda?

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can imagine the population of Elgin? How many people have been ajan

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1000s or millions? billions. We're talking about billions the profits of assumption on Judgement day that the gates of agenda will be wide open. And they will be and that this has between the sides of the doors. This is a 500 years and still on the day of judgment when people marched towards agenda it will be crowded. So it will be lot of people go on there. Imagine you earn the closest spot to the prophet or the prophet SAW some of the prophets of Allah Salah. Such a great honor that means you are among the luckiest people of all these billions of people, good manners,

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good manners and good manners. I know there are so many people have Mashallah manners. That means, even if I try I don't know, how close Am I going to be? Just do it

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and leave the result to our last panel.

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How often do you are you going to have this close proximity to the prophets of Allah Allah, Allah Allah? What do you get out of being so close to the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah, it's a prime time, prime location, everything all the good stuff will come to

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me and just enough for you to be there closest to them and you could see him sort of blossom regular basis. I mean, we miss that here in this dunya so last night, Mr.

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Will Casa de la Sol and we're in La Jolla, la vida que minyama piano, then he said, so a lot of seller, and the most important among you, to me, and the forest view for me. So those are whom I hate the most. He said those are hate the most. And he said they'll be the farthest in terms of location for me. And he mentioned a few qualities he mentioned three Can you guys guess?

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I mean, not you're gonna say Batman's right? Because the if the closest the good man is gonna bring you closer. So Batman is gonna make you father of course the power the Prophet mentioned three qualities in particular. First, first of all, he did say at the beginning, good manners. He did not mention any specifics. Some people might say what does it mean by good manners with people? How about you know with my spouse? If I'm good with the people and I'm not that good at home for example, does that count or they have to have good manners with everybody? He said good manners. That means with everybody when it comes to being farther from the Prophet sallallahu you mentioned

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three qualities Can you again guess besides besides Batman anything else in person in particular?

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Can that lion what else

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not good not being a good manners with his wife what else

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but Byron you see things have so many things, but in this Hurry, the professor's mentioned three qualities you may not actually consider as you know, of these bad manners. Number one, he says call a third one.

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You know what

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Toker is to people, those who talk too much. Because when you talk too much that results with what not a lot of mistakes, a lot of errors. A lot of

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Line perhaps maybe backbiting when you talk just for the sake of talking, eventually you're gonna end up doing or saying something bad. The second he said salatu salam on while Masha

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Allah Masha de PUE. I mean, there is no specific translation for that word in the English language. But it's the one who is when they speak. They're just like, you know, they they fill the market with speaking. And they do that by by boasting when they talk, you know, when they talk and they just talk about themselves. I did and I did and we do like kind of show off or they talk.

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They speak in that mandate and discover law. And then he said, Well, motor failure,

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and motor failure. Even the companions themselves, couldn't recognize Cardozo law, as our servo motor shadowclan. We know that

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we are those people, but my mother firepush, who are these motor vehicles for Casa de la Salam. Al Motta, Cameroon, the Oregon,

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those who speak arrogantly particularly, I mean, the the shadow is just someone who has likes to talk about what they do without doing and trying to show arrogance. But it just happens to be like showing off. But the kabu does want to talk to people, they always talk and look down to others. And whatever your phone and their speech to show a higher status than anybody else. That's a lot. So even though these are not not so much for us, not so much, but still a last panel without considering the most detestable, and the professors that would hate them the most. And those who have these qualities will be the farthest from the profits or bottom line.

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So remember, good manners can take you can take you to situations and stat and station in general for those beyond your imagination. Never, ever underestimate the good manners and bla bla bla bla bla. And the question is, you know,

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did I hear you said billion or million, billions, billion. Now there is a heavy

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saying one person in general 99 true. And then the Sahaba they keep on wondering on asking him and then finally he said, I wish the I hope that maybe two thirds of

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the team.

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How do you how do you reconcile

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And then

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when is the Judgment Day whatever. The problem was asked that question. 60 years or 100 years, you know, yeah, when the prophet SAW Some said that when we say billions will be an agenda and you're editing a piece of Allah, Allah who said that for every 100 you will have nine on go to Johannes Baraka and when we go to a gym, right, so how would I was surprised Korea Rasul Allah. So how come? I mean, this is going to be a lot of people are going to Jana. So the prophet SAW some says, yeah.

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Yeah, you know, Jews, they will make you know, that number rate, that huge number. So they're very large in terms of number. Besides, I mean, even our time, our generation, how many Muslims do we have? Do we know on earth?

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One 1.2, just in our generation? How about a generation of from other mental today, how many people will be? So that definitely will be in billions? And not even trillions? A lot less, we are hopeful to Charlotte to have as many as possible to be an agenda or law?

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Yeah, most of the time of 500 years, something like that. Yeah. Was it common to use the time for distance measurement? Yes. In the Arabic language these days the same as zero to manually the distance of traveling day and night. So eventually, they do that do the timing, because they know how much will it take you to get to that place, and certain regular circumstances of travel. So that was very common for Milan.

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that sometimes you do some of these things that

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you convince yourself that you're doing it for

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for a good reason, and you're doing this and you're talking about this guy, because you asked

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the questions about sometimes, you know, we have that kind of trap, in which we, the shutdown comes to you, and he beautifies or justifies for you, some of the bad man. Like for example, backbiting. You talk about some, and then someone comes to remind you says, tequila, don't talk about these people like that. But then the shotgun comes in. He says, bye

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You have a right to say, because you're warning the people against the evil. You're not, you know, you're not saying anything wrong, and they deserve it anyway, because they started all this kind of, you know, things. That's, that's the trap of the shaytaan. Even if they deserve it, you have no right to talk to people like that, no, you cannot initiate talking. Unless people they come and ask you exclusively, about one particular individual, because they needed for example, to have some just to start some business with them or maybe to, for a proposal that they received from Amazon. In this case, you are allowed to tell what you know about this person, but to go and initiate you know,

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talking about individual in front of everybody for the community, you should not be doing a whole lot. So be aware of that this is the this is the voice of the shaitaan deceiving you by convincing you that what you're doing is something that

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is to

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do something that

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will get you there.

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Oh, it's too hard. Even

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if I have one foot in the gym that I wouldn't get?

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No, of course is about when we had a Cipolla, it seems that it's very easy to get into a gym. But when you just do this regularly, it gets into a gym. We just have good mass motion to get to agenda. So it seems to be very easy, like a guaranteed thing you know, for you. But then when you hear some other Hadith about, again, like the story of our backers, saying, you know, if I have one foot in agenda, the other one is still out there. I won't guarantee until I have another one. So it seems to be very difficult. How can we then how can we know? Basically to consult within these two 100 or two is two stories for the believer in terms of your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala always be

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optimistic and have good hope. And would yourself be the opposite.

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That's how you measure it. That's how you're going

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to feel you have one last caveat. So when you have when you when you think about Allah subhana wa tada good assumption that he is most merciful, every bit your gender, when it comes to thinking about what you do, don't be satisfiable. So when a worker so there is no one guarantee because he was looking at his own deeds. But when you when you want to think about agenda, you think of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So again, when you deal with a loss, just be optimistic, because his most merciful when you deal with your deeds never be satisfied, because if you do the opposite, you lose you become desperate from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you think that you have

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done more than enough to admitted to a gym. And that's, that's the lazy moon. That's when people they just think that, you know, their current agenda is guaranteed for them because they think that they're doing a great job. I lost pencils or Telegraph, Allah subhanaw taala put out an appeal to be left. Sorry, Nana, Alexandra Lhasa Hara dunya? Well,

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those are the most the biggest losers on juggling those who come to the Day of Judgment, and they will lose while they think that they they were doing well. But they were not, of course, the aspects particular about the mosquito team, but also anyone who really thinks that they're doing enough, one is never enough, what come to Washington in the last panel with that. So think about yourself, all of them the negative way but about a last panel data and the causal causal

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one law

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regarding good manners, so some people have different personalities, some people have a stronger personality, some are, you know, to humble, the one stronger personality sometimes you need a little bit of partial leadership personality. So how can how does the person know that? He's he has good manners, you know? Yeah.

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Basically, let's first of all define what what we thought what we mean by the nouns. In this case, the question is about, for example, leader, he needs to be strong, right? So if he becomes harsh, does that, you know, is that against the counter to the subject of good manners? How about the person who's always you know, humbling himself, even when people are eating his heart and his right people, they're just, you know, running over him. And he's just saying

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thank you very much. Is that good manners? The answer is no. That's not good manners. That's weakness. Good manners is specifically when you have the strength and the power to do something and then you respond without which is best. Like for example the prophets of Allah salon. When that Bedouin pulled him from his collar and leaving marks on his neck a lot of a sudden the the professor wasn't appropriate in the in the position of finishing this guy with just one word from him. Finish the guy definition for

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What would he do? His mind? He says, You know what, give him what he asked him for. It's okay. That's good man. Because he was able to retaliate, but he chose the other. But if someone is in no position, he's in no position of, you know, take revenge or making take an action. And then they go and they say, that's fine. It's okay. You can do that. That's not good manners, that's weakness. Same thing, a leader who's taken advantage of this position to be rude to other people. That's not good. I mean, I know that leadership needs to be sometimes you need to be decisive. decisive does not translate into being harsh, being rude, or looking down at people speaking to them. You could

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speak the right words in the wrong manner, inshallah tada and will still be considered professional. So I don't think I cannot translate leadership with harshness as much as being decisive and being strong in your positions. While on fetishize panicle overhand English.