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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history of the prophets of Islam is discussed, including their use of gifts and honoring victims, the use of masks as protection, and profit sharing among people. The importance of acceptance of gifts is emphasized, but not given a negative reaction. gifts can be given to employers and employees, but it is dangerous to avoid giving them too much before achieving a business transaction. The speaker suggests that gift-giving back is not allowed to happen before a certain point in a life and that giving a gift is not a requirement for certain positions.
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Remember Now,

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the other side of helium

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chapter altruism surfaces and sympathy quarterbacks And besides that not a lot of time and memorize and jetty Rasulullah sallallahu. It was certainly for the team and Suja for colic message to her via dx Waka flocka hanabusa la jolla Salama

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in this has been such a lotta he said a woman bought a woman piece of sheet to the profit sort of larger center. And she said to him, I have woman this sheet with my own hands for you too. So lady, she knows the profit source have come to the budget, perhaps yourself. Maybe she saw that, you know the prophets are seldom in need of something like that. Or maybe just out of generosity, just out of love for the Messenger of Allah, Allah so she wanted to give something for him. She cannot do like other men might do. What you can do do something with their own hands. So she did something to the prophets of Allah Salah. As you said, there are also a lot I will in this for you. And I would love

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for you to accept us for

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that also, you must learn from this, that it's allowed to give gifts. It's allowed to accept gifts. Even it was a gift that says specifically in the position of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam like is that the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal. So the lady she brought that to them and accepted that from her Salawat of law, he was someone even if they didn't know her first person. So he accepted that Metatron he left.

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He accepted that he was really needed, which means it came on time, as if it was just expecting something so he was looking for something like this for

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Alibaba to sell

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for holiday now in the holidays. So he said afterwards, he accepted it. So last time when he was in need of it. He later came out wearing it as a lower gun. He came out to the salon one time and he was worried he was wrapping his waist specifically like she used as an ISA recall, which is the loincloth the lower bottom part basically of a garment for God full on someone from the crowd even he saw that Tara sola looks to me Hamas Anna, it looks very nice. Can I have it?

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I miss you. Hi. Can you imagine the Prophet he just received that maybe a few hours ago and he's just coming out Mashallah happy that he has something new one, and it looks very nice. So eventually the prophets Allah wa sallam, he came out wearing it. So this man he comes, he says, jasola It looks very nice Can I have

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for collina and abuse Allah sir. And he says, of course, which means you got it.

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So jellison abuse elevada something imaginisce some professors and he was with the people were still worried, of course, talking to them answer their question, perhaps whatever the method is that the session was about. And then some Raja and abuse of a lot of salons. fatawa so Marcella Viva La. Then after that, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he, he went back home, he folded it and he sent it to the man to send it back to the man.

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For God, Allah will come when they got when the man got it. So they saw that it happened. The professor Subhana Allah said, Yes, he did. He gave it to him. After they knew that how much he needed. He just received recently. It was a gift from another lady from a lady's Panama for so the man when they saw him he said Claudia Mercado my sense since you haven't done what alongside what you've done was very bad. God Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wa sallam

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and now they started using the contract on him says, you know that the Prophet samosa was very good and he needed he wasn't needed What do you want to put it on some

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some muscle then you want to ask him you know how much you needed that how basically how dare you do that to the profit some of our seller? Well, I'm done I would I have the silent when you knew that he would never say no to anyone you've ever asked him or anything. He would never say no, some alone and he was in them for God and this is the exclusive demand whether you agree with him or not, but that's his excuse. He said, Call me Wallah a massage today.

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Says I didn't ask him to work. I didn't ask him to put it on, you know to work.

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What I couldn't have told it occurred when I asked him to use it as my frog when I die.

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For Carlos, I don't forget Kevin, sadly said it was indeed this Trump basically said he survived, he lived until this man died. And when he saw him he was carrying to the grave. He saw that he was wrapped with that same trial of the prophets, Allah settlements for as his own lifeline.

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Now, again, whether you agree with the man or not, that's a different story, you might say. But yeah, he could have asked something. All things of the prophets of Allah said, not a new thing that he just barely put on. So a lot of lies was around money. Now, what we learn from this is actually, first of all, the Coronavirus syllabus, the generosity of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Kerala decided he would never say no to anyone who asked him for someone

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who can really afford. I mean, it's very hard to find today people would afford this kind of quality to say to say yes, and they would seven they would never say no to anyone who asked them for anything. The profits awesome, he gave him the thing that he himself needed.

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Academy doesn't lie. It's not like it was an excess close Nexus piece. It was something that he needed some of it.

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And we learn from this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed the interpretation of the Quran, Allah surpasses about him. We're in a Corolla full of the knowledge that you are on an exalted standard of conduct. And when I was asked about a photo of a professional service manager, she said kind of football

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is one on one the Quran itself, and that's the meaning of this, Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran, we will see lunada autocannon emphasis that they prefer others over themselves, even if they were needed themselves, they will if they are in need of it, but they sort of give it to other people.

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And that's exactly the purpose of Lawson is he was the interpretation, actual interpretation of this ayah. Through his actions he needed, he could tell them not, I wish I can do that. But

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you can. I mean, you're not obligated to give it it's an act of generosity if you want to. And the public will say no, but he preferred to use that that incident, to show this, this interpretation of the law so that he preferred this man over his need. Even though he himself some of us was in need of that. We also learned that this man he asked this garment for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to use as a shroud. So you can watch the blessings and the work. So the profits or losses during this lifetime, during this lifetime, celulose Allah was definitely blessed, even in person. That's why the Sahaba a lot around they were

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racing to get the leftover of his will do, they would get there some of his hair, salado salon, and the garment he put on and so forth. And that's only for the profits of the Lodges are not known as by the prophets of Asana. And during his lifetime. So I want to live was

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permissible to do that. But again, the point of this is to show the ethos of the prophets of Allah is altruism. How much you prefer other people over his needs saltwater loves them right? or not, and 100 out of

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any question.

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Can you?

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Good question. Can you give someone else the gift that you've already received as a gift? Someone gave you a gift? Can you give it away? as a gift? Again? The answer is yes. Because once you receive your gift, once you receive the gift that was given to you, it becomes yours.

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And do Shut up. Many men are

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less open.

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When you give a gift, it's called the Batman.

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Regardless of your partner, there is no nothing in return. When you give someone a gift, like a charity, when you give a charity don't expect the poor to give you something in return.

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And the law says that

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we will give We don't expect from your No thank you. I know everyone. So that's when you give a gift to someone. If you give someone a gift and there is a string attached to it, that's your problem.

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You expect someone to give you something in return, that doesn't become a gift in this case. So once you receive the gift, it becomes yours You are allowed to sell it, you are allowed to give it back again as a gift and so on.

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That is

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not to say that the idea the gift that cannot be rejected or returned back that that's not na

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na, however, there's something else by the way for the gift. If you give someone a gift, that's when you're not allowed to ask for it back. You cannot ask back for that.

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So someone was good to you at some point.

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point in your life, then you give them something. And then later on they became so mean.

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So you call this is by the way you remember that thing I gave another directive back to

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back, you are allowed to say thank you, I don't need that. However, you should not be shut you should not be actually rejecting the idea because the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, he accepted that the gift of the Prophet did that. So we should really accept it, but there is no obligation on here to accept that Allah and the base or some time fees about the Hadean, manifester jatiya. When you ask for your gifts back from the people that you have given it to them, he said a lot of inhibitor can kill me okay? So many Salafi says the one who gives a gift and then he asked for them to give back. You just like a dog that forks, spoons, basically, violence, and the subject is woman back.

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That's a lot. So that's how bad it is. When you give someone a gift, and say, by the way, give it back to me. Unless you're asking for it to give them something better.

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Because when you give it to them, maybe there was something wrong with us. And the law says, You know what, I'll give it to you. Unfortunately, I meant to give you something better than this is giving back. And so that's fine, show a lot.

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And it was fun

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to go

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back home

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when there was no

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because that the maybe

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now, if I can give you an idea I know you're on.

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Right now that's different stories.

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Yeah, if you give some

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shout out to some mad, mad.

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Just call gifts are given to employers and employees and workers. When you give someone who's in a specific position, a gift, you mean by this gift to help you and you know, facilitating some business transaction, whatever actually, business didn't do, that becomes a bribe, to shop. And that's not all.

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You cannot give someone a gift before they achieve the business to you. But wants to do it for you, without expecting anything from you, then you give it to them that's different.

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And then yeah, after what's called Howdy, let's say for example, you have some work permit that you're looking for house building or something like that, and it's taken forever. So you go to someone say this is a this is a gift for you

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before that before the permit was issued. So now they feel obligated because of your gift to help and assist you to take it, you know, yeah, of course. Now that becomes a bribe. But if they expect nothing from you, and then after the thing came out, you're going to give them a decision what honest, I would like to thank you very much for helping with that.

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One, so thank you, I didn't expect anything from you. That's okay. I'm just giving it from for myself. However, it is still dangerous to do that.

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Because the concern is that people they get used to it. And they always expect something, you know, before they do anything. So these are the causes, it doesn't matter the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, his name was

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a prophet sallallahu sallam, he gave him a position to be a calculate nanny.

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So he used to travel around into the desert, the neighborhoods and other places to collect the Zika. So when he comes when he wherever he goes, people as they received the the man coming from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam site, they would give him something. So this isn't, this isn't for you. So he came home, the pro he came to the Prophet set us up with all these beautiful things, martial cameras, or all these things. So he said jasola.

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Well, he

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says, This is for him, this for this account. And this was given to me as a gift. The prophet SAW some good, extremely upset and angry.

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So he said, What's going on? he basically says, If you say, what is that what's happening? Da Da, da, da, da, da, da, da,

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da, da, da. He says, What's wrong with this man? What? Why shouldn't he stay home, in the house of his mother, basically, and see if you were going to give him a gift or not. Which means when he was given the gift, he wasn't it. He was not given the gift as whoever he was. He was given because of his position in relation to the Prophet said a lot of a sudden, so you're taking they're taking basically they're taking advantage of this position. That's the minimum. And for him, the professor says, No, everyone should go to this account.

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everything just goes like that. Because that we don't, those people do not actually expect anything in return. And the other crowd as well. They learned the lesson that you should not be giving these people gifts like that because you might

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Because you know, fit not uncommon lampstands in bizarre things and so forth. Well, Mama Donna

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and they asked for a cut

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the cord questions about if someone else was asked to give a fundraising. And then he said, Okay, I do that, but you give me 2%.

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Whatever you collect, I'll take 2% 5%.

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Would that be considered the same way? The same? This? I don't think so.

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Because there's no it's not a magic thing right now. It's being given here. It's just like any hiring command to collect the funds.

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Yeah, it's a kind of contract Employee Services. It's desperate for the service. So they accept that that's fine. I personally don't like that kind of anything. However, sometimes if you're going to be flying someone from somewhere else, and you're going to bring someone in for that particular reason, he definitely is going to dedicate all this time for you. And if you just given him the accommodation and the ticket and thank you letter, yeah. And then they might try to do something else, you know, somewhere else to benefit from this time. So I think it should be considered but not Yanni. I don't know how much they give us how much cost they give to the people who fundraise for

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them. But it has to be done and the professional Allah conical, overhead efficient and other stuff.

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