Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2014 #09 Take into account people’s feelings

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The importance of considering one's feelings when making decisions is discussed in a series of conversations. The speaker emphasizes the need to consider one's emotions and take into account their own feelings when making decisions, including upset and sad rabada stories. The speaker also mentions a woman who was kept in a shelter for years and given the flag as a form of rest, and discusses the importance of earnting one's hearts through work.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala medicham of light Allah wa cattle This is the other was as he welcome you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014, day nine. So we're still talking about the topic of how to earn people's hearts. So we, we gave some examples of the Prophet Mohammed ISIS to them and how in other skills he used

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to sell them on earnings, people's heart or how to come close to people and how to earn people's trust as well. There is something also very, very important into that we should look into consideration, which is

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taking into account people's feelings. If you want to earn people's hearts, you need to look into account or take into account the feelings. For instance, I'll give you some examples.

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Let's say you've been talking to a friend who was being sort of looking to get married for four years, he tried and tried and tried, you know, maybe he tried like 30 times he's complaining to you, I want to actually and I went around, you know, and I, you know, 30 tries 30 attempts, and they all came up with excuses. And I've been you know, looking to get married for for for like 10 years, I think just not happening. And then for you, for instance, you know, say Allah Subhana Allah I really, you know, man, I just just happened last week, you know, I wasn't even interested. But you know what, last week and when I thought about getting married, and somebody heard meant even a guy

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you know, the father of this girl came and he proposed to me and he porpoises me, not him, but he proposed his daughter to me, and I got married and and I'm all happy. So the other guy has been has been complaining that he's been looking to get married for for like 10 years and he had like 30 attempts. And you were lucky from the first attempt. And you just like you're killing him. Yeah, like you throw that at his face. And

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if you want to slap him stop him nicely. He's not like not like just like, you know, the game is scheme he's been you know, crying and then then they all lie I love that you just come and say hey, that's your problem. But me it was enough for me It happened in no time. Or somebody who comes to complain about his children you know,

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having a lot of problems with my children they don't listen, I've been spending so much money on them, you know, the schooling the teaching and and are getting them you know, tutors and whatnot. They're doing you know, they're not doing well and they're really driving me crazy. And you Mashallah you have you know, some amazing kids who are really really Mashallah very intelligent, very doing really good at school. So, take into accounts, people's feelings affino maybe try to mend his heart by saying washy.

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We all have in the same boat, you know, the children, you know, they are just like that. So Pamela, we need to be patient with them and take into account people's feelings

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with sisters as well, like a sister talking to her sister, you know, saying My husband is you know, driving me crazy, so stingy doesn't give me nothing and always problems with him and this and that. And you just tell her Oh, really, but my husband, my husband, you know, he our contract, he floods me with gifts. With money. It gives me everything I want. We live in peace we live in in this and that she's complaining and instead of maybe medicine and heart, you you're just giving in and giving it to her to her face, that may tell you about my husband, you know, not like that I think people will take their feelings into into consideration. And this we can take it from us we have a lot. So

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for instance, when Boko Haram you know, the father of Abu Bakar, when he was in the and the Jebel of base You know, this is before the during the day of the the federal market, the conquest of Mecca, and the Muslims are coming and the Prophet has made the,

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you know, like a call that anybody you know, the people who are not Muslim, they should stay and remain in the homes. Otherwise, anybody who's out, it's like a curfew, anybody who's out there will be caught as a prisoner. So this man was very old, you know, over like 80 years old, the father of a woodworker, an old man, so by the time he was walking back home, he got caught. So they brought him and Abubakar gronholm. He saw him, his father, he hasn't seen him for years, Brava was like in his 60s at the time. And here's his father, who he hasn't seen since he has left Mecca, you know, and then all the men and he's also daughter was that with him? His daughter bobak, his daughter. And so

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I will back it took him took his on that to the Prophet Mohammed Asha, sir.

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And la solo, you know, he looked back, he looked up and I buckled down. You know, he looked like he know he's broken. He is my dad. Haven't seen him for a long time, but he doesn't have to speak but

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Prophet of Islam, he understood everything, you know, he looks at Abu Bakar feeling really broken feeling down. And the Prophet says yeah worker.

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Hello, after Shafi Beatty, why didn't you leave the shape of the old man in his house? I will come to him. I'll come to him. And then I will look says Laos. Obama, he'll come to you, He will come to you.

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And then the Prophet looked back at Abu hanifa. And I will because finances Yeah, about half asleep, become Muslim. And about half a shadow La la la vida Hola, shaniqua by shadow, Mohammed. And

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there's another very nice

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story of a man by the name of sad rabada which in fact happened in the same the same time you know, the conquest of Mecca, the prophet split the army into into small chunks of little armies with a bad guy. And then each small army he appointed a leader, one of those leaders, his name is sad, no better, sad, no better from the inside. From the inside, he's holding the wire in the flag, you know? And then he's going you know, making some

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you know, reciting some poetry like today Aloma Yeoman, man hammer. Today is the day where of bloodshed, the lot of slaughtering, and the prophets I'm heard, you know, I came to know that this is in another segment Obeida, you know, communist from the inside has supported the Muslim but here entry in Mecca, and he's, you know, uttering these words of hatred, and then the Prophet Mohammed ISIS. He has he said, Take the flag from him. He took the flag from him, and he gave it to him. He gave it to his son. case, in case so, so now sad.

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I'm not the father, how do you feel? You know, the prophet took the flack from me, but who did he give it to? He gave it to my son. And he would he be angry of Will you be happy? You know, it's, of course you will be happy took the fact from him in because he heard him saying, you know, these really rough you know, words, but he gave it to his son as if Yeah, said take a rest. That's your son, you know, carry the flag. Or sort of like he saw lala land in southern la la sala La Jolla something you'll have to deal with people depending on some holiday the feeling depending on their their backgrounds, and he just knew how to earn people's hearts out of his salon to salon until

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another episode talking more about how to earn people's love and heart. I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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