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give you a quick summary of what's happened so Sahabi by the name of humbler, met with Abu Bakr, the Iran and the Abu Bakr asked him how he was doing and he said naffaa humbler? I feel like I'm a hypocrite. And so he asked him why he said when we're together with the prime minister to them and he's talking about gender and hellfire it as if we see them right in front of us. And then when we leave him Are they slept with them? We go back to our families or our children, our spouses, and our worldly affairs. We forget we forget these things. Do I feel like my Eman goes up and down. I feel like a hypocrite. And so boubakeur says I feel the same way too. And so they both went to the

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professor Sudan and described their situation and the province of Sudan said to them, he responded, he said, well let enough CBD is allowed to do Munna Allah Mata, Pune, nd we Vic Safa. Khartoum will melodica to Allah Furoshiki como Futura to come? Well, I can Yeah, Hamdulillah. That was a that was. And he repeated it three times.

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That the Prime Minister then responded to them. And he said,

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by the one who, who's whose hands in my soul is in.

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If you were to remain at the same state, when you're with me the whole time, and you are consistently remembering Allah subhanaw taala nonstop, then the angels would shake your hands while you're on your beds, or when you're traveling on the roads.

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Or they would salute you everywhere you go, essentially. And, and, and he said, But or humbler, there's an hour for this, or there's a time for this and a time for this. And so some of the scholars have said, you know that with respect to this hadith, it's referring to remembering that, you know, doing the work of the akhira, there is, you know, time dedicated for that, definitely. But there's also time to take care of your worldly affairs. And that is, you know, attend to your family, your work, etc.

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The perspective I'm going to take though, and jellies is with respect to productivity, and there's another Hadith that actually relies on this for strength. And that is it always Masada does, that rests your hearts and time after time. So every now and then take rest. And and as part of productivity when the parts that I'm sad, I tell myself that it is actually counterproductive for you to be completely on the go working 100% of the time towards your goals, which are noble, and you know, for Africa and for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, it is counterproductive if you actually don't take time to rest. It's counterproductive. And so we need to actually invest time to take a

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break to take rest, so that your efficiency and your focus can be maintained at a high level. Otherwise, if we keep going just like when the expression is, you know, sharpen your saw that expression comes from the fact that you keep sharpening wood, and you don't take time for a break to sharpen your saw over time, the effectiveness of your saw is going to drop, you're not going to be as effective. And so the problem is not science teaching us here. And this is the beauty of Islam. You know, the comprehensive, comprehensive nature of Islam is to work but take time to rest, to rejuvenate, to de stress to relax. And so that is exceptionally important for productivity. It

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actually will help your productivity if you take time to do that. And so just like your car, if you take your if you don't take your car for maintenance and oil changes and whatnot, over time, its performance is going to deteriorate until it crashes, and it's no good anymore. And so we need to take it for regular maintenance checks. So what do we do? In order for us to be productive? What can we do to ensure that we sharpen our saw, and those are things that you know, things that you love to do do things that you love to do, whether it's anything artistic, anything that's, you know, obviously within the folds of a stamp, but even just you know, watching a football game, or you

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know, spending time with loved ones, this is very important, making sure that you're sleeping enough. That's exceptionally important. Allah subhanaw taala gave us this reminder every day that we have to sleep and make sure you take the time and you know, to actually get to bed at a certain time so that you can want to wake up and be refreshed. So your focus can be sharp and your energy can be optimized. And and so the productivity equation is energy times focus times time. If any of those three is lacking, your productivity is going to go down. And one hour being productive is not the same as one hour of sorry, one hour of being fully aware and focused and energized is not the same

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as one hour of being tired. They're not just they're 60 minutes, but productivity wise, they're not the same. So we need to take time to do things that we love, to spend time with loved ones to ensure we're resting and exercise. And there's a lot of scientific literature the impact of exercise on mental health and physical health. That is exceptionally important if you want to be productive

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And so these are things that we can do to maintain our productivity Now, last thing is how would you deal with a car that is in the shop being maintained more often than if it's on the road?

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You don't want it it's not a good car. So please don't take my words of you know, taking rest and taking, you know, time for it to do leisurely activities as your base, right, this is the most of my time and then you know, some of the work I do is, you know, for my for my Acura and and to meet my goals, that even then that car is no good. You want the car to be on the road most of the time and maintained periodically to ensure effective and so inshallah as part of being effective and productive make sure you take time to do things that you love to spend time with family and sharpen your saw so that you are optimizing, inshallah you're to get to your goals and your objectives.

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So that I hope that was beneficial. You remember listening will for us so happy and humbled a diviner robbery and sad. Caller caller Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah in fcbd IL IL

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IL M do Munna, Pune, Andy what Vic? Lots of Hatco Mala Mala Iike Furoshiki como Futura TOCOM where they can hear humbler that and myself so the person was larger than some 100 colonial countries.