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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that bad guys are the ones who need to be punished and criticized, emphasizing the need for good intentions to avoid punishment and reward past deeds. They stress the importance of having a strong faith in one's ability to achieve success and receive forgiveness, as well as the need for consistency in actions to avoid negative consequences. The importance of having a strong faith in one's ability to achieve success is also emphasized.
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Alhamdulillah Bella Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Bara Cana Vienna Muhammad Allah Ali sabio seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bath.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishment comes to pass, does it distinguish between the good and the bad and the ugly?

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Does it

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or takes everybody together?

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Is the answer Allah Houttuynia acaba Allah if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he was to send the punishment upon a nation or a people would that distinct distinguish between the good guys and say, No, we should spare them and the bad guys, these are the ones who need to be targeted with that punishment or that trial. Let's see what the Prophet says m says in this hadith here. Hadith number 18 theory

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Mammon now Rahim Allah on the other side of hand, one Ramadan of the Allahu Taala and Houma kala kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, either under Allahu Taala becoming either heaven, or saba. Either woman can see him through my blue and I'm an amateur finale. Here in this hadith a messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, if Allah subhana wa Taala afflicts punishment upon a nation that befalls the whole population indiscriminately, indiscriminately, and then they will be resurrected and judged according to their deeds all Bukhari and Muslim.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned that in the Quran, so that I'm fair Allah says Karnataka fitna 10 Latos, see urban legend Angela momentum ca. So

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just beware of a fitna beware of a triumph, word of a calamity, that when it comes down, it's not going to target exclusively the wicked amongst you, is going to target everybody.

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So now the question for us what's then what's the fault of the good ones? What is their fault? Now Allah subhanaw taala sunnah and ways is that he would not really send a calamity. If most of the people were on the higher

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now that the punishment comes when unfortunately, evil prevails over over good. And when that becomes the case, it's the duty of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to balance things.

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So that balance comes through sometimes through disaster alarm, Stan, it could do a calamity, could be an earthquake could be a hurricane could be whatever Spanner it could be a punishment, it could be sometimes, definition of world's economy goes down, and everybody get affected, the good and the bad and everybody else. So then the Sahaba de la Tirana would wonder about this, and the last panel that I made clear that everybody will be will be afflicted by that calamity, equally, no discrimination, everybody will be affected by that. So my Vasu and Alinea team, and they shall be the result on the day of judgment and judged according to their intentions. There's another

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narration relevant to that, or related to this story as well, this hadith in which the Prophet SAW as I mentioned, one of the signs of the day of judgment towards the end of time he says call yours we'll call it beta j. Zhu Min Hashem.

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An army from the Levant area from Hashem area comes South targeting al Qaeda coming down to target basically to fight there and destroy the car.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala Yuxi will be who will so the earth will open and swallow that army. He said we execute by the Emerald is somewhere in the open desert the whole earth will open and swallow that army Sahaba Dylan was surprised Casasola okay we are swapping What about the average people in the you know this those simple guys and people who just been driven into this army force for some time for cardio stuff will be a warrior more accurate him. So my bathroom Alinea

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the punishment gonna take everybody

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from the front and the back. They all be afflicted by that calamity. And then Allah subhana wa Taala was will redirect them and judge between them in accordance to their intention didn't yet what do you understand from this heritage?

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There's a very famous statement among the people also among the people who felt so near to Rajan

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after Roman Amelie. So the intention is better sometime than the deed itself.

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Your intention matters sometimes more than the deed itself. And there's many confirmations and Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam like what the Prophet saw some says man hammer, the hammer certain Philomela mela kuchibhotla Who Hassan if someone has an intention to do something good and they were unable to fulfill that Allah subhanaw taala of Mercy who would write that as a full house and for the majority have done that within

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The Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala one hand mebazaa Year 10. And even if you intend to do something bad, follow me on Mala and then they changed it they didn't do it good but lower Hassan so will be written as good deeds, because you did not do you not go through with a bad plan.

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So Spanner even though you did or you didn't, Allah will judge by the intention. Now the narration another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned in regard to someone who established a good routine, like if someone has a routine of good deeds, fasting Mondays and Thursdays or doing a car waking up prefetcher and staying after fajr until sunrise, for example, making up car if someone established a good routine, and for some reason, unable to fulfill that routine, whether because of illness, because of travel, something interrupted their regular routine, the Professor Sam says what they will get the full reward for all the deed all these records, even though they're not doing

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So next time when you go to vacation, I

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want you to do do some good deed before we leave.

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Of course not. You have to be consistent.

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Some that you've established very well. I've gotten temporarily interrupted by your travel or that illness, and Allah will put the reward for you because had you stayed there, you'd still have continued and good deeds. So the intention matters a lot. So what does that mean to a soldier man, it means that all was all was keep your heart clean and pure, and always have good intentions.

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Good intentions, the professor says in the Hadith as the whole asthma, a mom, her mom is one of the good names. The good name is why because it's the most truthful names. Why this concern most truthful names, because the inside is always ham man. And the Imam is what the one who's always making intentions always into, you know, intending someone to do something and planning for something. Unfortunately, the Arabic language is her mom with a ha But somebody when they pronounce the pronounce it wrong becomes something else.

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But it's Hamam, which means the one who's always in the business of making the intention is to do something good all the time. So the intention is extremely, extremely important to the extent and we explained that actually, when we started the Hadith and TLC program, we started the first 100 women and now we're in Malawi, and now we're in the mala Mala Binya these are just by their intentions

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that even even neutral deeds, neutral deeds can can warrant you reward or punishment depends on the intention. Like what what's the ruling on sleeping Goji man

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just sleeping was rolling on that.

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I meant so it's open. It's not it's not you know, haram or Rajat sleeping or sleeping. It's neutral thing, right? However, since you always go to sleep, you always go to sleep. How can I get reward for sleeping?

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When you go to sleep next time, what do you put in your intention

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to occur for future I was about to say tahajjud botella fragile fine.

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So intention to wake up for the hijacker portfolio, right. All these hours of sleeping can't good rewards for you. Because you had an intention seriously and you're truthful about it, you want to wake up with that good, or wake up for failure. Right. And if someone goes to sleep early, with the intention of what waking up in the middle of the night, no one is watching to do something wrong.

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How was that sleep is going to be is going to be for them.

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The intention is bad, so that did itself is going to be bad. So even neutral actions you can get reward for them or otherwise. So make sure to always have good intentions in your heart. So may Allah subhanaw taala keep us on that path you're on Bananaman. So that if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala judge that we die in a moment, that our intentions will be an act of Abraham Subhana wa, Allahu taala. And the question is, yes.

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Good, the good question. So the good ones who will died with the bad ones? Is it because they were not doing our model for Nahan monka. That's a possibility. Because the Prophet SAW Salem mentioned the Hadith that an angel was sent to people to be punished because of their bad deeds. And then the angels came back to his Lord Subhana wa barakaatuh Robbie in Effingham, Falana. I found this person amongst them and he's a good guy. Because beef up the start with him. Like the punishment should start with him. How come but for him now he's never never enjoyed good for but evil amongst them. Now he saw them doing bad and he was quiet about so therefore it's our duty. When we go to

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gatherings with friends and so on. We should

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to speak the truth Hmm. You might say I can I mean, I'm afraid to lose their friendship.

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If Mr. Wood said in the camera Bill maruf wanna handle monka lemmya Daddy's a deacon in joining good forbidden evil left me no friends

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no one likes to be told you're wrong. So if if afraid of to lose your friendship you're going to zip it and keep quiet about you know amount of anon monka then you're going to be just like this man who said some other people never

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say the word of Huck Aloha

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so the people don't fight each other. When Muslims fight each other. That's what you're saying. What's the ruling on them? What Allah subhanaw Miranda Khurana clear judgment here. He says call

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in when, When? When? When free autonomy and what we enacted? Firstly, okay. Now if two groups of the believers he said so he named them believers. They fought against each other. Firstly, have

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you tried to reconcile between them. And if they refused, he said, forgot to let whatever they had available Allah. If one refused and assist in fighting, then keep fighting them until they until they heed until they stop and cease doing that. Right. So if a group feels that they have the heart and the truth on their side, fighting in this case will be justified. But the question who decides which one is right or wrong? And that's why the Sahaba among themselves when they were fighting, both of them thought they were on the on the on the truth. Earlier on Milan and Milan, Milan, both they believed that they were actually holding the truth in terms of the their position, their

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political position. And it's later on the dilemma. They argue among themselves who was what right. So our duty is not to judge based on that. But if they die, they are to Allah subhanaw taala to judge on their intentions with Allah. Hi.

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On duty concerning between the Iron Man you've just mentioned

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that Allah says,

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People who want a lot of people

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good point, I mean, Allah surpasses in the eyes of the previous one we mentioned that he would, he would not going to send the punishment exclusively to the to the wicked ones. Everybody was going to be afflicted by the calamity versus the I Allah speaking to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Omaka Allah Madiba one to him. When I tell him, the other woman wants to have flown that ALLAH SubhanA wa does not going to punish them when you're amongst them, and it will not punish them if they see if they were seeking forgiveness. Remember, we said at the very beginning, we said that punishment will comes down it's because when evil prevails, as long as people seek seeking still far, meaning

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they're doing good, Allah subhanho wa Taala will not send that punishment. But he might send Bella which means a disaster not to do to punish them rather than so it's just a matter of test. So that will be different. Allah Allah

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if you missed work and water,

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let's say you had an intention to fast Monday, for example, and you woke up You had your coffee and then remembered oh my god, I had an addition Subhanallah to Festus day, would you get the reward for that? The answer is yes. That if you're sincere, Allah will give you the reward for the whole day with the good intention. Because the prophets that have asked me mentioned that

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someone, someone who is doesn't have the money. He says other people give money. And he says yeah, if I had the money, I will give this much. Allah will give him the reward of giving that much, even though he had no money to give it why because their sincere intention was genuine that if he had the money, he will give it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so if someone has good genuine intention to fast, but they couldn't, Allah will give them their word for it as if they have done that day. Allah

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The good question to have someone who was intending to do a sin, but then they couldn't not because they changed their mind is because they missed the bus.

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So in this case, what what happens to them? That's gonna count for them as a sin the answer is yes.

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Because they did not stop because they couldn't. It's because they didn't want to it's because they missed it. Alana so that for that intention of the blame or the wala Hana, the one we talked about the Azim not just intention

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intention is just when you have an intention in your heart. As in, when you take the action, you go and you buy the ticket and you go to the airport bla bla bla and then you miss the plane for example. Now that's Azima, though those actions will be sent from ALLAH SubhanA colomba 100 Shadowland server goodwill accelerometer Granata lover cards. Don't forget to sign up for shallow data for the community breakfast. We need you to volunteer and help and assist insha Allah also bring a beautiful dish that will represent your culture Bismillah

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