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One of the most popular topics today, whenever you sit in a gathering with a Muslim

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in a restaurant, in the house, and domestic outside, one of the most popular topics people talk about everywhere right now, the high expenses for

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the prices of the gas, people talk about gas

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they talk about now

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is getting beyond the reach

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more and more

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economic situation, economic conditions of the world is having an impact on the individual's life. Muslims are not non Muslim.

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it was just about accessories,

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to the basic needs,

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that will get so scary.

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When people think that it's going to be very hard for them to survive, provide for their families, it gets harder and harder for many, many people living on gas prices. And therefore, therefore, there's going to be very dangerous activities going on like this.

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How to be compensated for

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people designed to compensate by working harder and harder,

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adding extra hour

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hours over time, so they can earn more money.

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Some people, this is another job

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They will suggest as the spouse will help around the house, do something inside or outside. Just help us help me with expenses for this month.

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And then find every possible need in order to catch up and compensate for this loss,

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loss and money under income. Just a few days ago, the deadline for tax filing was over. And I'm sure many people did and many people still waiting. Those who specifically self employed, what they were doing, they are applying everything equal all income, and they put as many expenses as possible to ensure as much return as possible when for some kind of material return.

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Which means extra income is a different word.

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Is this really the best way of increasing your income?

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Are there any other way? Other ways

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that we can find in this deal?

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Then sure security, job security, financial security, blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in such mysterious place

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today, people get

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in the way they think and how to even living and how to compensate for all his losses.

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The Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has to do with this.

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How does the Quran teach us on how to manage our financial life? The world the money that people all cry about today? How do you learn lessons from the

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issue? That's all in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala providing you with job security, financial security, has no fear. It's all in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala In this lecture, I would like to present these What does the Quran say about wealth, about money about

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So rest assured, there is involved in production of the Quran, Allah

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will provide for

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many, many people that go against and this has counting all these material means of income for the poor and provide an

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alternative way alternatively into an increase in your wealth, and it gives you money and give you this financial security. This was

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some of the heavily use of the finance regarding work regarding money. We learned this before from the

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anyone who makes this concern the concern for

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deserve judgment, our last panel that will suffice.

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If you just concern yourself about that

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last panel that will give this wealth, you become rich in your heart. Don't overlook all of this people and what they have

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for you, and here's what he says about wild animals.

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As human beings, Allah created us with this inclination towards designing, and loving money and work.

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Anyone who's not a woman, those who say that we don't have money, or I'm not that person who loves money,

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that you do have money, even if you're trying to deny that

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hurt has always been Angela was much and passionate love.

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You love it to deny

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that world it's okay to do so. only do it with module

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three, and

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that was the fight for men for people,

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the desires

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of women, when many children will

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accumulated turnover of gold and silver

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a lot.

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And he knows exactly our instant. And often the material things here is affected. However, if you know if you love this,

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you should realize the principle and the concept of this wealth and money. Number one, the ownership, this will last

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you miserable teacher, you don't almost you have

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been given to Bella,

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who said love

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everything that was on Earth,

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underneath the soil, all belongs to Allah, Allah, Allah,

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the treasure of the heavens and the earth, Allah

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and His messenger

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put in your hand as trustees.

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So once you have in your hand is a trustee given to us

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or it's much to set 100 all the time

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making this wealth and money provision for you. It is provision

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the provision prescribed by law to determine for you, not a woman and adult or child.

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People spend

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money to buy the point of view a lot

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to spend a little less that's provided for you.

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is not a concept of money. It should be in the hands of the people to stimulate the market and make business again profit is all therefore a loss of a monopoly.

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No one is allowed to keep this money in their hand and that was the campaign to break this monopoly.

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That's why I came to break this monopoly. How can people collect money millions of dollars in their hands, what happened when they got

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to the political divide?

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Allah mandated to be brought in

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to break this

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all was in the hands of the public

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an order that may not become it may not be as well.

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ocean views by the rich among you. So people don't keep the money in view the 100 views in the society always among the population.

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And so, it is a lot of wisdom to distribute this way.

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And it is the

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new generations coming up to duration, replacing each other on the earth. And he has a few

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others that he may tie you in that was he has bestowed upon us

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the rich,

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the poor,

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be in the middle is a test. You're always under a test to see if you're going to be

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for Allah.

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Allah, Allah says

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is he prefer some of you

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involved in property

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to see who's thankful and who's not

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in his day who distribute the mercy, the provision from your law, no, it is for

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those who believe

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is a trust in their hands. They know that the poor has a heart

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has arrived in this world.

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When you give charity, you are giving the life of the food you are not make it a favor for him or for her.

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Allah, Allah tala says he

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has full

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the properties

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of the beggar and then a home that is

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our responsibility to take care of them.

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Now what I've realized,

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is coming from a loss of power.

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We should be thankful to him.

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How can I earn more money in this life?

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I know we're used to say, wanting to take specific classes

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in financial management courses, or

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have you ever heard of any divine financial or financial management course or class. And

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if you would like to earn more money,

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then you need to make specific effort. And here's how you can earn more money by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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are the source of that next time when you start counting?

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As add these to your income, and here they are, number one.

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Always look for the

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Hello World Government supply

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in your world,

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if you don't do so, it will consume your world.

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And Allah, Allah says,

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All Mankind is that which is lawful and good on the earth

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is good and local to you.

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listening for you in

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the second thought that you need to care for, don't increase your money and your

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righteousness and find

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out some people might say I mean, come on, what are you talking about? How am I going to get money just by being so righteous? Well, that's the promise of

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who is righteous who advises me,

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Allah will find for them an exit from all houses in this life.

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will provide for them from sources and leaves. They cannot even imagine.

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You can't even imagine

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and provision my

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Come to

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so many people will amaze you, how to provide for people just by showing.

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Would you like to change your mind?

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Everyone's so well. Come

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on, Allah will provide for you

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seeking forgiveness. So Pamela, how come just by saying,

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Oh my Lord, forgive me counting hundreds of times, as evidence has been, I would increase your work.

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You're in.

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In the story of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. I say to them, I have to give this to your Lord. Well, it is forgiving, he will send to you in abundance, and give you an increase in wealth and children and restore new power than the stone you River. Allah will increase your wealth and give you more children.

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wealth, just

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put this in your income.

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It doesn't take much of your time, if you just can't find the one and nine

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number for

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being thankful and grateful.

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It means a new source of income.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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And remember, when you're when you're playing, if you give fans, I will give you more.

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I will give you more

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enough, I'll give you more. Ask yourself the question. look around and see how much of us have been given you as a given enough time.

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For the chance to show you

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how to demonstrating that

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lowest common

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And this is

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one of the income source of income

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taken is given away

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to charity is a source of income. How come I'm giving my money away right now utility that I'm going to earn money to this? Absolutely. That's the promise of Allah.

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For every penny that you give out, you give it away.

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Allah will replace them 10 times 100 times 711 multiply as much as

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as a charity, Allah will replace it

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So don't get scared when they ask you for the nation.

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in your favor, as you are now given with a visa on the lower multiply that

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it is very important that we will do so we do this work for the man that we truly

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love. I am indeed showing gratefulness to my Lord, and I ask for his mercy and extra

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when I am doing it having Hogan Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards me in this dunya and in the app as well.

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I have a strong belief all around us, Canada and Alaska, most of us probably in this area and

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some of our other questions. But how do you mean how did this happen? How did this happen? multiplications How will this happen if I follow these instructions in

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so many ways.

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Explain many of the ways a lot of work provides for us if we follow the heavily users.

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They say number one

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Allow blessings in your world.

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This means what is the value of the money

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when you go into buying something for 5000

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you can buy a car and have intention to buy for 5000 a loving is a bargain.

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Setting up

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this habit arbitrary like this, there is a lot

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to give you extra income in the cat that you already have in your hand.

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Allah, Allah will provide you

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people who can help

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their health, it will save you money.

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How many times can you have broke and start worrying and think oh my god, how much I'm going to be paying for this. And someone guys is a mechanic shop, because it's a good brother, he will help

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you gonna do it for free.

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it is saving you some money.

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There are so many ways and

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ways to send these you there was an increase in your

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amount of debt very, very open manner as well.

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When you get people looking so concerned about these tokens in your heart makes you so rich.

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But if you don't have this contentment in your heart, regardless how much money you have in your hand, you always feel bored. And you always feel

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contentment of the heart of Allah provided you a distance in front of the heart. You are the luckiest person on earth. Because whatever you have in your hand, and hamdulillah for us is more than enough because all coming from Allah

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to always ask Alonzo to bless you

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to provide for you. And thanks for being grateful. Make us the path mentors or advisors. And his voice is a little under law. So give that to you, along.

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