When Not Trying To Show Off Lowered My Standards

Muhammad Alshareef


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I came to my next class and this is a class one of my best classes. But I came to the next class. I'm over Mr. To class that I was teaching. And I literally said, I'm not going to prepare anything. I'm going to show up in my pajamas. I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm doing this for the sake of Allah. And after like, half the day after the first break, I asked myself this, I'm like, Is this really what Allah wants? wants me to come unprepared? Allah, what does Allah want me to come?

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You know, with no excellence, Allah wants me to come from you know, like, showing up in my pajamas and not taking care of myself. Is that really what Allah wants? And then I said, that's not what Allah wants. Allah Ketubot Sana Allah colletion Allah wrote, it has said excellence in everything you do. So when you do something with excellence that is doing it for the sake of Allah