Yaser Birjas – How Muslims Should Walk Humility Vs Arrogance March 27th 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The concept of humility is different from being aggressive and is used to describe behavior. It is important to control one's anger and show one's face during sessions, as it can affect others' behavior. Humility is also related to men and is discussed as a way to address embarrassment and accidents. It is important to control one's anger and manage one's anger to office.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam

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Ala Moana, Stephen Hill

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What have you Bobby? Kids have added money on the side of the book have good manners from the other side of hand on who party was Sakina chapter on dignity and tranquillity got a lot of terracotta IRA, why another man in the name shoe on the homeowner?

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In this last panel what Allah says instead of the current translation, and the faithful believer, the faithful slave the last panel of slaves of lies

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of the Most Gracious economy, what are those who walk on the earth in humility, in humility and humbleness? So when they walk, you don't see their error?

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The question how can you tell someone was arrogant when they walk on a walk? Can How can you tell someone walking listening? Just by walking you can tell there are and how can you tell

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their close dragon on the ground? For example, maybe that's in the old days. Now it's kind of what not this is not all fascist.

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But what else? How can you tell someone is walking in Canada, yes,

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their chest is up, their chin is up, you can see that they're trying to reach the sky, right?

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trying their best and sometimes when they walk, their elbows are standing out. And they just eventually as they walk away with their hands, on their side, you can tell something's wrong with them. Or as they walk, they just try to live with it and just put their eyes burning right and left, blank and the people around. You can tell when people are so arrogant as they are one of the most common

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characteristics of Oregon's, when people used to walk, the when they walk, they walk on their heels.

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In this this, like They're digging basically the ground arms as if they want to dig all the way into the ground. So a lot of what I said the description of that, man, those are more

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faithful steps of lost power to Allah, young children. When they walk, they walk in humility and humbleness. Now humility is different than humiliation.

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Because understand, so being humble, doesn't mean to show weakness. So when you walk, you don't have to look all the way down. That your neck you know bends all the way down just to show that you're humble you don't have to do if someone's chest is up to show arrogance that doesn't mean to put your your shoulders down. There's your hormones. You don't bend your knees so you avoid that say hitting the ground with your hands You don't have to do that one day the last time he saw someone walking in that that description I mentioned to you basically it was walking along with down his head was down his his knees are kind of bend a little bit as he walks to transition humbles. So I'm going to start

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he said are you sick or something?

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Like this? Are you sick or something? What's wrong with you? Carla, I know nothing. Nothing really. particular color is and then walk walk straight. Otherwise I'm going to beat you up with this evil stuff.

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Thought aloud to move to Atlanta de la. La to me too. I do not tell our religion for us. Don't make our deal look weak. We're not about this. This is not the way you show humbleness. This is showing humiliation. You show humbleness you walk straight square shoulders. But when you talk to people with humbleness and humility that's what it means. And the last panel data discovery The second category of man by the way does not have a Mujahideen guarding salah and what the ignorant ones are those people who are foolish when they talk to them they reply back with my with my words of gentleman's

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when someone who's foolish talks to you what how did they even talk to him?

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Am I gonna mention the words but they can describe what they speak all the words you can think of that sort of vulgar language

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bad language and so on. And for the true believer forever, man for those who are humble and show he related to our last panel with IRA they want to reply back all those with that which is good. All of that which is good. So someone says hey us on so what is it?

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basically humbleness that's what it means don't respond and in the same manner, however, are you allowed to reply back but not exactly the same? What if someone was cussing and cursing

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But it could be you know, Firmin the language would respond to that. Can you do that? The answer is yes. Arthur says, like a bowl of soup Nepali llamando. A lot is not like this kind of language spoken language.

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It's, it's to respond to injustice, someone, you know transgressed against you're not allowed to respond. But of course, I'd always prefer what forgiveness was I thought Obama around the school to speak to you, you ever reply with that, which is best. And I saw the laughter and the show was still part of the tranquility and dignity of the profits of the Law Center. And I saw the love Donna product model. Alive sabarmati was set, the man was touching on top law, he can help determine Hola Hola. She said,

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I have never seen a last messenger Some of us have laughing so hardly, that the interior of his mouth could be seen.

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She basically said, I've never seen the prophet SAW some laughing opening his mouth, which is what I would be doing when you open your mouth and he just leaned backwards, everybody can see the back of your throat,

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if not, sometimes.

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But for the prophets of Allah Salah, she said, I've never seen the professor said I'm opening his mouth so wide when he loves call out some of our salon, in American activists. When the property salon he used to.

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He used to smile, a lot of the photos. And what was when they said about the smiling of the profits or losses Now, let's take a look. If he's happy, he smiles, so awesome. And if he's laughing, the widest basically laugh and the biggest lie that you can see from the profits or loss and you can see his back teeth in his mouth.

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That's probably the biggest. He's basically he's laughing out loud. So.

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So that's that's one of the professors and that's when he laughs

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Of course to show again, humbleness, and well thought dignity and tranquility. That doesn't mean to hold yourself from laughing if it's funny.

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To live with a mountain that is fine happens.

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Of course, you have to always look frowning and to be serious. You have to even the profits or loss was the most serious he was my unlikely just like we described in this many. Some of the DA DA DA DA I mentioned that the brother in the session, like a mama. Remember, a sugar daddy is considered one of the greatest images, but it is one of the greatest amount of honey for him. Although they speak about his knowledge. And he never had to write it down. I don't always register in his memory.

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When he used they said about him when he used to laugh, he would laugh until he started drooling.

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And what he loves for him I love that they said sometimes he laughs until it wasn't as bad.

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He had such a very beautiful sense of humor. And I met some of his real life as well.

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Bla Bla Yeah, this beautiful, beautiful spot in beautiful LA.

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And he is the same thing. If there was an old behind his back in the session, I will guess that he would fall on his back.

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He likes us if you want it likes to joke, only those of you that was a lot. And that was really cool and keep dignity as well. And but when it's time for seriousness and earnestness, always take serious position. That for example, the prophets have a lot of sentiment and even doesn't have a lot that I don't know describing. They said cow. So how

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about this?

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The profits or loss. They used to sometimes mess around with each other by throwing you know, there's what they call them the color of their

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skin and just throw the litter not smacking one another but

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throw money at each other. However, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada,

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when the serious matters start, when it becomes serious, you will find that men

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Yes, they joke and they laugh. When it's serious. These are the people that you will know that they are really men. It's not like you know, they always hide that weakness behind this lot in this month. They're serious. But when it's not when it's something that's funny, they

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just like to take it easy, or the lockdown mode long. So being tranquil and peaceful and have that dignity does not necessarily mean never laugh or smile. You can do that under law, settlement and level of dignity. And also

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before that, let's see anything about the topic

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of competence.

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You put in a position, let's say

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Bad neighborhoods are something

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just don't Don't mess with me that's

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it a lot of someone walks or someone walks in I'm not in a bad neighbor, are allowed to show some sort of, you know, posture or walking to show that position. Again, don't mess with me kind of thing. I think a lot of it's permissible, there's nothing wrong with that, if the circumstances required from you to show that to show that that's okay. With the process of Allah Salah Monday in the battlefield issue, so I will do generally a lot of the content on the a lot more about Canada policy, he wasn't just on the back of his horse, and he was taught in basically around the battlefield, which is a sign of arrogance in other circumstances. So the prophet SAW the last time

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you looked at him, and he says, in a hurry, I mentioned to you have a lot more civility with

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this kind of, of display, basically, that is shown. There is something on the most detestable to Allah and His Messenger, except in this position. So sometimes, yeah, if you need to basically show strength for circumcenter. Isaiah. And then in this case, you could do that or not.

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But the best thing is to separate from this.

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The question, the purpose of asylum, you said about one of the somehow because of this beautiful voice.

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Mamma mia would have been given basically one of these beautiful sounds champions.

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So that was

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your question.

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100 at

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a time

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in a lot of water recovery water, because water is one and you love evidence.

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And in this case, the multiplication of water is seven so forth. That's what a lot

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of love.

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What's the significance of that? Is because the last one?

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Yes, I will make an

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announcement tomorrow with Eliza that

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we're having our

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session special session shall have data on anger management, the prophetic way. How can you control your anger 10 ways the Prophet selasa recommends for you 10 ways to control anger and Charlottetown just like I mentioned for the brothers, I thought the mother is terrible inshallah could save your life. Save your marriage, and save your job and shop on time. So 10 ways the prophet SAW several commands for you to control your anger and manage your anger to office.

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If someone comes into the method, and they pay to sit down, and then they go out briefly and then they come back again, do they have to play it again? depends on whether they need the left to the court to get something and come back again. They'd have to answer a phone call and then you know, walk outside the method and answer the phone for the team and that should be fine. But if someone went drove the car somewhere they went home whenever somebody came back again, they come back again that's another visit.

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So the meaning of the truck is for every single trip or visit to the Milan

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i don't know i know. I know there is but it says my mind right

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If you arrive just right before the sunset for salata, don't

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First of all,

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because at the time for admission should not be trained anything. But if you can wait early, that's a half an hour an hour before and also another and you come into the method according to many articles

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that you should still fit before you sit down.

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Addition takes priority over here. So he said that should not be the

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last question

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you're finished with a man

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if someone was someone came late john the man late and instead of standing up to complete the salon they forgot and they just did this around him with a man. What are they doing in this case, they simply just they need to stand up immediately to stand once they remember. Stand up, continue salon, and then when you're done. You do actually

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so I'm done. That's it. It will be done.

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