Muhammad Alshareef – How to defeat the shaytan from distraction

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a distracted story about Allah's sub decades and how it causes distraction. They also mention a previous narration about a prayer and how it was short and helped the speaker build up their attention span. The speaker describes the feeling of being distracted and off to the next stage of the salon.
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nurse, she says I have or he says I have the concentration issue as well. And then I remember the narration about Allah subhana data doesn't listen to a distracted heart and I get deflated. So you know, the way to maneuver around that is you

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go for as long as you're focused. If you're focused for 30 seconds in your job, then go hard for 30 seconds. If you've only got a minute attention span, then go hard for a minute. Don't assume that you need to go for like five minutes or 10 minutes, go for whatever long you can until you build up that muscle. Are they familiar man? And it might have been might have been acid, if I remember correctly. I think it was a might have been I said he would pray a Salah, where it was very short, his Salah was very short. And they you know, they asked him, they said, Why are you praying such a short prayer and He said, You are only rewarded for what your attention is in the prayer. He said, I

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fulfilled all of the requirements of the prayer. I mean, don't be mad at me. I did it. I didn't. I didn't rob myself of anything of the everything that was required to do I did it. But at the same time, I'm beating shaytaan to distracting me. Before shaytaan distracts me I'm off to the next stage of the salon. I go from record to sujood throat to right. And so you're going like that

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