Son ‘shave Your Beard’ & Daughter ‘hijab Off Please’

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The speaker discusses the importance of shaving one's beards and not wearing his or her deen to enhance his or her reputation. They also discuss the pressure that comes with being a good person and the pressure that comes with being a bad person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of shaving one's beards and not wearing their deen to enhance their reputation.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters, sometimes your you've gone to college, you've gone to university. You come from a practice, you come from a family that is probably not practicing. And you come to the college or university and you discover your deen. So you discover your religion. What then happens is typically a girl or a sister, she wasn't wearing her jilbab before she starts to wear her jilbab she'll start to wear a hijab, and and a boy might be keeping his beard. You know, he's interested in Islam, he wants to follow the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he wants to be a good person, she wants to be a good person. And they start to

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practice the deen. Now the parents, they're not religious. So what do they do, they say to the Daughter, don't wear the jilbab they say to the Son, shave your beard. And the reason why they're saying that is because they think that by having the beard, he's looking, you know, he's looking like someone who the dad things will never get married. And she's now in a jilbab. I mean, you know, his whole status is probably lower down because she's wearing the jilbab is taking our, you know, my class of people, Hamada, dual class hair, and our rank of people, we don't do this, we don't have these kind of people wearing these clothes and keeping the bid. And because they're all clean

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shaved, and the mum might have a dupatta or something on her on her shoulder, she's always wearing it around the neck or she's not even wearing one. And they kind of think that this is Alien, and it's going to bring some either shame to the to the family status, or it simply is that they're not going to get married or they're not going to get a good job and so on. Now, what do you do as a young person, the thing is brother or sister, you have made the effort to come all the way this far to come close to your deen and close to the real people who matter to you. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, the Sahaba of the Allah or the alarm, mud mine, or let's say the Sahaba yet the

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women's Sahaba. So what are you supposed to do now the thing that you do now is you be kind to your mother and father, don't shave your beard, don't take your jilbab off or your hijab off because you made that choice. And you did it for a good reason. You did it because you you're being modest, and you're being a good person, and you want to show your good o'clock or you good character. And you're not doing it because you're being a bad person. People don't wait till Bob's and keep beards and wear he jobs or hats on their heads because they want to be a bad person, they do it for a good reason. So the Quran tells us to be good to our parents, even if they're committing Schilke this is

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in the Quran. Surah Lookman, you check it out surah number 31.

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I think it's a number 14 or something, you check it out, you'll find it there. But what does what does our whole life become our life sometimes becomes you go home, you kind of get those logs, you get the daggers you get the stairs, you get the you know, you get the kind of the politics that in especially when a wedding comes up, oh my Allah, you know, even hijab wearing sisters gets so much pressure from the parents to go to the wedding without the hijab, or not to take the jilbab. And we even get, you know, maybe young boys who are going now they want to be nice practicing, they get told to trim properly or to shave or, you know, there's this pressure put onto them. And it's all

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because the parents are worried that you're not going to get married. And the thing is, whoever you should tell your parents, whoever is written for you is going to come to you anyway. And is better than a person who's religious as you comes and joins you then to have a non religious person,

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or non religious Muslim or non practicing Muslim to come and join you in marriage, because they're going to be trouble for you later. You know, you'll be at one level of religion, there'll be another level of religion, about job, look, Job is in the hands of Allah. And the thing is, you know, we don't want to sell the akhira and by the dunya we'd rather sell the dunya and give it to others and by the akhira and that's the philosophy you should be thinking that what am I doing with the Quran talks about this? It says Willa, calorie Iniesta. Ronell highter dunya Bill Ashira there are people who will sell their akhira give it away and they want to buy the dunya they will sacrifice the Astra

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sacrifice the hereafter sacrifice the afterlife and this is what the world right now and those are the people Allah say

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As losers they've lost. Okay, so think about that. You stick to what you've done. Be strong your obedience to your parents. There's a statement for this last part. Lil mahalo T female Seattle Holic there is no obedience to you know like some people like your parents when when your Creator he's actually being disobeyed so yes we obey our parents will be good to our parents will be kind to our parents but when it comes to a clash with Allah's judgment and their judgment, that's when we give preference to Africa we give preference to Allah azza wa jal Zaton the hightest that I want I want to have a little look at hey

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