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Molina de la cama de la la

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la la la la la costa rica

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yeah you're

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of ham in

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De De De

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la sala

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de la la la la Sankara Coronavirus

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Haji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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da da,

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da, da da, da da da, da da da da, da, da da da da da da, mothers and sisters,

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mighty brothers and sisters. If you've been shopping lately, in the past few days, have you noticed that everything is turning into red?

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Everything has turned into red flowers, chocolate, balloons, and everything is promoting one theme. And that is the theme of love.

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as Muslims, you just cannot avoid being affected by these things. You have children.

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And you're young. And even if you're an adult in your 50s, or 60s, you can just a word of blessing on these things. Have you prepared yourself to answer that question when your child, particularly teenagers, they ask you? What's the problem? Why can't you sort of read this? Or that? Why is not,

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you know, boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you prepared to answer these questions?

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You can't just let the season pass by without being pro active as a parent, without being prepared as an individual man or woman, and as the only one as well, what answer they have to your friends,

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when you go to school or college, and they ask about these things, what answers they have to these issues are related to the subject of love and emotions. You know, unfortunately, our children, our youth, our families, young couples these days, are growing up in a culture that has completely completely distorted distorting reality for them.

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When it comes to the ideals of love and marriage, they're just spirited.

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Even though the most the thing that they promote the most is love. It's fair in their realities, high rate of divorce, breakups, dating doesn't work for them anymore. Many, many things that said the same thing they're looking for, and they've been trying to achieve and good is not helping them either. So the idea is that they're teaching others, not how you think is only among Muslim

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Muslims, they're falling into the same trap as well.

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I'm not going to ask you to raise your hands. But I'm sure that perhaps maybe almost 70% of Muslims in America, they have international satellites at home.

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And they have their families, their wives in particular, you know, watch these TVs and CDs of Turkish and seated in Pakistan and so on, all day and all night. What are they watching?

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He wants to know, sitting in front of the TV, crying their eyes out for a love story. That is one of their children's toys to do that to do in reality, they will do big problems with it.

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So they're just living virtual life. And they're building ideas that don't exist in reality. What they don't realize that even those actors in real life, they can sustain a relationship. They can have a happy marriage, because Muslims reality.

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as Muslims, were going to learn these ideas about love about marriage. When you're a child, when your child ask you the question, do you have an answer?

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What else are you giving your children? What are your points of reference? And what are resources when you talk to your children? In this group, I would like to share with you one of the most important resource about the subject of love and monitor life.

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The best room

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Didn't Allah subhanho wa Taala send into mankind as

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mercy to mankind? mercy to the world? And what does that exactly mean? Everything?

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Wasn't he sent to us to follow his example? When

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she was asked about follow?

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So when

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she was asked

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was the Quran? And what does that exactly mean? Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We're in LA.

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at a very high level, very high standard of character.

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Very high level and standard characters a lot of money for us to follow.

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asked the question, how long and the amount of the prosumer lifestyle allowed he was settling? Do you think that question I didn't know about as I fly solo at the level of Samadhi and public, then you

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they seem every day. They interact with him in public. But what was the question?

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The question was about the thing that every husband, every night dreads mother asked her when someone asked him the question as the wife of the children, how's your

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How's your husband at home? How does he treat you? That's what men what men, they fear the most to be exposed. Why is that? Because As humans, we have sometimes

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we have to face the public face. On the front of

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the public face is the harvest festival.

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But the private one a lot. That's a different thing.

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I must mandate

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that their children and their spouses.

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You know what, I just brought the issue right now, I saw many faces just looking down.

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Because we all know

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the people they wanted to know.

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So they came to my

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Which means how does he treat you guys at home?

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could count on his beautiful.

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But she wants to cut it short to them. So listen, just like saying Don't waste your time.

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Which means don't waste your time looking and digging digging into the private diversity.

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He doesn't have two faces, or multiple faces like many people might have, he doesn't have

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his manners was

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one, one standard of character

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and one set of ethics and all his practices. So I thought it was

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because she lived with him. And she so that's why

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he loved her so much.

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And speaking about the process of ally seller, as a as an ideal husband, as a beautiful man, family man.

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When it comes to love when it comes to love, he was a lot in Oman.

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Because this story is really, it's not a fairy tale is not a fantasy.

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It was reality.

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam one of these beautiful memories and gestures that he loved his wife,

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gentlemen, you know, when it comes to loving your spouse, that's an attitude. People, they come with a lot of baggage into the relationship and everybody's expecting the other party to start first.

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And because of that kind of competition, who's gonna be the first person to move on forward with our relationship, we have a lot of trouble than the Americans. But love is an attitude. You come with an attitude, positive attitude towards that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he married

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a man who was even older than him.

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And from her, he got all his children. So

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she took care of him. So off the line was over 20 years. And then when she passed away, he never forgot

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that when he used to be received gifts, he would distribute these and he would say give this to someone so because she was a friend.

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And when you collect these, he goes go and send this to the front of Khadija. And when all these women have friends they come by the prophets also will be truthful says she was a friend of Khadija.

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About the llama, even his wife, Aisha Jones. She was jealous from their memories. Elisa, Rita was wrong. But she was so jealous. I wish I could remember me as much as I can remember.

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But what does that tell you? How much love

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Even though she's gone.

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And because of that, when one time if she tried, she tried to compete with her visa in front of the profits, all of a sudden, he got very upset.

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I was filled with love for first edition. And basically I loved her so much. And she also loved me or the author on our law. And he counted all her virtues.

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Listen, she listened to me when everybody was not. She assisted me with her money and their wealth, when everybody was holding their money for me. She was the first to believe but everybody did it. And he starts counting all their virtues. I wonder how many husbands dare to mention the virtual divisor for other people.

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And here's what's the real lives of a lot it will suddenly come to the virtue of his wife. It's not laziness, to acknowledge that because of your wife and your spouse, you because we want

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to give everybody the heart and the eye that they deserve.

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And want to ask for the loved one in public. He asked

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who is the most beloved to you? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Asada,

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the truth, man, he didn't say that's not your business. And then say he just immediately naturally he said harsh, which means there's no question.

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There's no second thought about that size. He didn't even say my wife, or Omar Abdullah. He said.

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Even Ahmed who asked the question was shocked. He was not enough. I'm talking about many others.

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But the question was direct, who is the most relevant to? He said?

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And he said in public.

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But at least when it comes to acknowledging that to be genuine about and here's also what spontaneously is give the answer.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, He even took it to the next level. He took that to the next level. He said, Hi, Rocco.

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Best amongst you, to the men are those who

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are those who have family. And then he says

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hi to women, and the rest of my family. What are you trying to tell us?

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So listen, you want to be good.

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Forget about being with your neighbors being around your co workers, this and that. And then you ruin your relationship for their families. So you need to be good, you'd be able to come inside first you become good.

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Because if you're good inside the house, will lie he will do it outside.

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But if you're good on the outside, doesn't want you successful relationship inside. Because it's much challenging. It's much more difficult.

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That's why

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I'm the best to my family is asking us a lot of salon to follow his lead and follow his example.

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How is now how can you be the best to your family? There are so many characteristics men and women, they look for in a relationship. And if you ask women, if you ask these ladies, what exactly they want the most from my husband and my marriage counseling. I asked him exactly, it's always the same thing over and over. What men look for in any relationship is respect.

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They want

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respect in ways that are meaningful to them. That Are they say the word love.

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Which means if you love the respect, which includes making the food, the children take care of my family and my my parents, and so all these things are that are acts of respect and acts of love. They are meaningful to the man, but they're not necessarily meaningful to the woman.

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I want to ask any lady, she would say love, that's what she looks for the most. But what does it mean exactly is not just buying flowers and chocolates is much more than this by showing

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the respect for as well. Understanding here are some of the qualities that some of the qualities that are sort of lost

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About what it was, he had as a great husband. So a lot a lot. He was allamani. Number one,

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he was very understanding, so love on him. So

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when you check, what is this, this ladies and daughters cola is what they love the most. And he was very gentle.

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Very understand, like, one of these occasions.

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She said, Our civilized,

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Iranian woman.

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He said, viola, I know when you're happy with me, and when you're unhappy, I can tell.

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When you're happy with me, you would say?

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When you're unhappy, you would say hello.

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And she responded to that in a loving nature. She goes well law, he asked for the love man job investment, I'm only avoiding your name.

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Which means the love is confirmed, and disappointing your name and that moment. So even when they're upset, they understand each other. So how law so law he understood the language of his wife, every woman would love to see her husband means so much understanding.

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In another occasion, one day

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he was in the house. And he had been over here over here, the other seniors as they were playing with the swords, making, like the festivity of the show, and then as the people were watching, I'm happy with that. So they heard the clanking of all these swords and armor. And he looked at the audition, she kind of she showed some chaos.

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And as her husband looked at her, he realized that she's trying to pay attention What's going on? So without asking, he said, some a lot of setup, do you want to launch?

00:16:55--> 00:17:04

Do you want to watch he knew what she was asking me? What are you looking for? She didn't have to answer. She said yes. And then the profits or loss of his goods.

00:17:05--> 00:17:17

He remained standing for us. She came from behind covenant, basically hiding behind the prophets of Allah Salaam, held chin on his shoulder. And her cheek was on his cheek, as was courageous.

00:17:20--> 00:17:21

She said,

00:17:23--> 00:17:25

he stood up for me.

00:17:26--> 00:17:31

And he kept standing by despite the fact that my chin was on his cheeks.

00:17:32--> 00:17:38

And then after some time, you know how many? It's about just you know, getting back to Minnesota.

00:17:39--> 00:17:41

So he turned to Ashley says,

00:17:43--> 00:17:46

another example, on return, current law,

00:17:49--> 00:17:51

which most men sometimes dread even asking that question.

00:17:53--> 00:17:58

Because it's gonna take forever. But here's also law without any complaint is that for her, she was watching.

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And then, after some time, the professor says

00:18:05--> 00:18:31

she does nothing. And he continued to stand up for herself in the same position, the same position, in a very loving, you know, standing for herself. He kept asking our over again, until she said, I'm done. That's it. And then we went back again to the normal activities, the program did not complain. And

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what was amazing, is what she wanted from this whole thing. When she used to narrate the story, she used to say, a lot in my Canon in another I will have a 15 Minute.

00:18:45--> 00:18:48

So just to let you know, I swear I had no intention of watching it.

00:18:49--> 00:18:55

I didn't even want to watch this. But I just want the people to know about the standard of Rasulullah sallallahu.

00:18:57--> 00:19:00

I want them to know how

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to request a response. He told her

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and he was the last time and she had no intention. Now these are watching. But she was teaching us a lesson are they allowed

00:19:18--> 00:19:22

to become to be nice to be gentle, and hire.

00:19:23--> 00:19:26

The best among them are those who are best to their families

00:19:29--> 00:19:36

are very good in this scenario. He was a very good listener. And that's what most women complain when it comes to husband and wife issues.

00:19:37--> 00:19:41

He says she doesn't understand. And she says he doesn't listen.

00:19:42--> 00:19:51

Because when it is, he's watching the TV on his side on a cell phone or doing something else I'm listening. Just keep talking. He's not listen.

00:19:53--> 00:19:54

Very good listener

00:19:56--> 00:20:00

generated a long history of omega which is all

00:20:01--> 00:20:14

She gave her stories of telling the story of 10 men, and 10 to 10 women who got on the camera before even before Islam. And each one of them starts talking about her husband.

00:20:15--> 00:20:18

You know what he called us to kind of gossip

00:20:19--> 00:20:23

10 why men getting together, gossiping their husbands.

00:20:26--> 00:20:32

If a man hears his wife, comparing him to his brother,

00:20:33--> 00:20:39

or his brother level on top for a man to become a big issue, and he is

00:20:42--> 00:20:51

describing 10, the qualities of 10 husbands, each woman was talking about her husband, and each one describing her husband. And here's

00:20:53--> 00:20:59

one description after scripture. For us what the scripture that just makes your blood boil.

00:21:00--> 00:21:20

And here's what's cool, like just listening. The first one, the second one, the third one, she's not criticizing. She's not attacking the one most men would perhaps take it. He wouldn't. She wasn't doing that. She was telling him a story. And also law was he understood the moral of that story, the last one,

00:21:21--> 00:21:25

when she talked about her husband, and he was the best one.

00:21:26--> 00:21:35

When she finished the story, His truth is we need to learn about it. Number one, that story happened in a Germany and before Islam, and Kosovo is much more older than I

00:21:36--> 00:21:39

did the crossover the Nevada story from before.

00:21:40--> 00:21:40


00:21:42--> 00:21:44

before she was born, he listened.

00:21:46--> 00:21:59

He listened without incompetent solos. Number two, she was comparing she was talking about the qualities of husband Rasulullah was listening. He didn't take that person said okay.

00:22:00--> 00:22:06

And third, when she finished Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam gave her positive feedback.

00:22:08--> 00:22:12

He said, and I shall be to you like I was our last.

00:22:13--> 00:22:18

choosing the best of the 10 salado says he didn't defend himself. He says, so what do you think, Okay.

00:22:20--> 00:22:27

He didn't take it personally. He said, I shall do it for you. Like I was asked. If this is what you want, you'll get that.

00:22:28--> 00:22:38

He was good listener. So that was a lot. He was allamani Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam was very humble. He was very humble. And he was circumcised even in the house.

00:22:41--> 00:22:41

She said,

00:22:43--> 00:22:46

sometimes, so a lot, a lot of time to get busy serving the family, kind of

00:22:47--> 00:23:25

serving them around the house, when I can get a salon in the heart of the salon can hold it. But when was time for salon, he becomes like a stream. Which means salon comes first. Everybody would come first. When we say to be nice and kind and gentle. That doesn't mean to overstep. Now the rules that Allah gave, as a matter of the house, that you basically make sure that your family children are following the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala but what they need during the whole month and the festival live on Mother's real mother.

00:23:27--> 00:23:28

Once you read it

00:23:31--> 00:23:32

once you read these stories,

00:23:34--> 00:23:36

any Valentine's or any story

00:23:57--> 00:23:58

Alhamdulillah wa

00:24:00--> 00:24:00

salatu salam

00:24:03--> 00:24:05

ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman

00:24:07--> 00:24:31

mother brothers and sisters, as you know, it's a season and as Muslims we cannot live in isolation people they see and they watch and they can ask you questions. Your children will ask you a question even in school, they will have their own party. What what answers Have you prepared yourself? And the best answer you can give them online. You know, you don't have to say a word. You can just

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

the way the prophet SAW the last time it was.

00:24:36--> 00:24:51

If you ask for their children in loving nature, they won't need any verbal testimony from you about the meaning of love and kindness. The Johnsons Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the miracle of marriage, women I think that one of his signs

00:24:54--> 00:24:56

for each other man and woman

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

so that we find peace and tranquility with

00:25:02--> 00:25:23

and invest between your hearts love and mercy. This is what you need to implement in the house. This is what you need to do. Sometimes in family, couples, way before the divorce physically, they live in what I call emotional divorce. They have done emotional divorce a long, long time.

00:25:24--> 00:25:30

There's no connection whatsoever, except on paper. And then they live under the same roof.

00:25:31--> 00:25:32

That's not supposed to be like

00:25:33--> 00:25:40

it's supposed to be the way the process of life. So bottom line is that I'm on it. The reason I mentioned this topic

00:25:41--> 00:26:11

because being one of you a member of this Metroplex Valley Ranch community, I know that every Muslim committed Mashallah aspiring to building big projects, and big Islamic centers. melas may replace successful fundraising coming on March the second to build this facility in sha Allah tala to the best of what you can, however, what I want from each and every one of you to start building the community from within.

00:26:12--> 00:26:21

That is the most important thing. What's the point that we have big massage big centers, when we have broken families, and broken communities.

00:26:22--> 00:26:36

As we build these projects, and we put our hearts and Charlottetown money into them, we need also to invest in our relationship with our families, with our children, the spouses and our relatives. This is very crucial moment.

00:26:37--> 00:26:50

As you move on forward your project, you need to move on forward with your community. Being a member of this community myself, I believe, we all need to be strong. We cannot afford having a weak community amongst us.

00:26:52--> 00:26:53

The way I like to be successful.

00:26:55--> 00:27:05

I would love to see successful as well in your community or the way you want every other method around you to be successful and we cannot afford having a weak community.

00:27:06--> 00:27:11

Therefore, make sure to support your project, support and community by attending your fundraising

00:27:12--> 00:27:20

gala and walk in work on yourself and your children and your family and your community. A lot of money mmm Karna

00:27:24--> 00:27:26

a llama law