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Nylander Illa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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rally was heavy on what we will do the

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will continue with the IoT we're talking about

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and inshallah tomorrow we will complete that section.

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And we said began with a loss Roger said I will never

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forget guru, Guru calm wash Guru livedata Guru. Yeah you will live in a monastery in which somebody was in alarm last Saturday.

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Today we will do the next one that I said

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while at the Colima Yokota Luisa vidyalay ambit mal

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que la cachorro

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as well as a do not say that those who have been killed in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala your Patel visa v LA and what do not say that they are debt.

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But yeah, well, Kyla Sharon, and as Roger said very they are alive and you do not know you have no shower of their the nature of their life.

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The adult areas in which I decided in the first regard, well as Ronald Dela mentions that he sent two of his MBR to a town and new facility owner said that this town was Antioch Allah knows best. And unless Rihanna Tara said was just now with it, and we strengthen them with a third one. And then Allah subhanaw taala tells the whole story of what happened and when that whole or that whole set of it is actually

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complete darkness in the steps of Dawa, which inshallah someday we'll sit and talk about that in detail. I don't want to go there now. But then it ends where Allah subhanaw taala said that there was this man who came from Minix and Medina, julius malema on Twitter, because it is a viral game from the outskirts of the town. And yes, I he came running, he came, he made a great effort to come and he came, and he invited the people towards he said, obey, obey, obey Allah, obey the people who are leading you, and we're inviting you to the truth. And what did they do to the man, they killed it.

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And when they killed him, the man then said to himself, that he said, swallow when he when he was dying, when he was being killed. And this is a point that I want to remind myself and you with, that the

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images of the world,

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and the images of reality are two different things.

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And we are beguiled and we are deceived by the images of the world. And we believe that the image of success in the world is actually success, it is not.

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And we believe that the image of failure in the world is actually failure, but it is not and is what is referred to as dividing us.

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a diva is a failure, what is the worst of the images of failure that you got killed?

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What is your that?

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What is what is beyond being killed, and that

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might be preserved, and so on, and so on. But still, there is some hope, at least, what I did.

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And there is a beautiful story of the Sierra of the fast.

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There was a tribe, which given the reseller seller,

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and they actually deceived them as a law seller. They came and they said, please send us for fast

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because we want to learn Islam, and the head of that tribe, viewers

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and evil man. So he came and he invited me to another upset. And he sent the whole group of us. And when they went into their tribes territory, this man, he had them surrounded and arrested. And when their leader was talking to him and trying to explain to him something, this man signal to his

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assistant, who came from behind and his spirit, the leader from his back. So the spirit he even the back and the Spirit came out from his chest and read the spirit. Dr. Dre says the man said Fausto, we are bigger.

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He said first available.

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He said I have succeeded by the love of God.

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Others say that this man who killed him, he couldn't understand this thing.

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So he went around asking people is he or his companion he said What is it? What are they for? So I just killed him?

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I just killed him. Yeah. What's your go to Rebecca? How was his success? He just died. I killed him.

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And as a new did not kill him.

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He said he's not dead. He was up.

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He was up

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and he was to the end of the story. That night

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accepted Islam on this basis.

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So when the matter was brought down Mr. lasala visa, Angela Cesar kurama, Allah,

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Allah Subhana.

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Allah general what

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he has done up to this one because it is visa visa and he gave the other man because he accepted Islam. So his sin is forgiven.

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And he accepted Islam because of the Shahada

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in the in that same

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in that same incident, they killed all of them.

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And one of them, they saw and this man who they killed was one of the one of the servers that I have is Alexander. And he was I was put on and so on. They saw his body being lifted into the air.

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And it was in the air for a while, and then it was brought down.

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And people will watch what's happening.

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And he said the Malacca lifted above to give us

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the point I want to remind you and myself is

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that success and failure does not depend on how much money you have. Or how many houses you build? Or how many banners you have. And how many guys you have how many Yellow Pages No.

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It depends on what you do with what you have.

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Having money is not haram Islam.

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What do you do with the money? What do you do with power having power is not.

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So the matter is I had money and power storage around sorted charoen storage that doesn't have a

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lot of money and power.

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But one is an idea of Allah. In general videos, Allah insha Allah and the other are in the bit of the advance.

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question is what do you do with that money? How did you earn the money? Where did you spend the money, the ashcan of the dunya the ships of the dunya the images of the dunya

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are meant to deceive us. And that is well as well tell us that in the molasses dunya elaborado.

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We have a a vision of success. But the vision of success is not success. Being the head of a country is not success. What you do as the head of the country will decide whether you're successful, or you're a failure.

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I was just finished reading the biography of Genghis Khan.

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And then he's gone. These are either three of them objection

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to get a different perspective of the whole thing. And he was

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the ruler who single handedly made an empire, which was the biggest empire that this earth has ever seen.

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The biggest amount of land that was ever owned by one man was single.

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And today if you go and you want to see the signs of Genghis Khan, there is one piece of stone

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which is shaped like a turtle, which was the base of a pillar

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of the great city, which his grandson occupy built called Karakoram.

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There is the Karakoram Highway, but Karakoram itself doesn't exist.

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The entire the entire kingdom of Genghis Khan, the entire empire of Genghis Khan, is reduced to one piece of stone.

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And then Genghis Khan's Empire was four times the size of the Roman Empire.

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It was much bigger than the British Empire was much bigger than what America likes to call its empire got wiped off the face of the earth, because the earth does not belong to Genghis Khan. It doesn't belong to the British or to the Americans or even to the Muslims. It belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And about him, we know and he said, Cory lahoma, Malik Al mulk, Ito Tillman, come into Moodle come in man, Tasha zubaan Tasha odo the lumen Tasha obeah decal Hi. In nakahara College,

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that is a shot.

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This is a scan of the dounia I remind myself when you do not allow them to deceive you. Because if you allow them to deceive you, then you are in serious trouble.

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The shackle means nothing. The circle means nothing. What is behind the circle means everything. War, how did you get there? What are you doing with that? Nobody lives forever. Nobody Nobody.

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And we have no idea. I have no idea that we are sitting here today. I have no idea that tomorrow we will do the same thing that will sit here.

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You don't have a diver.

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So make use of the opportunities that are there. Don't waste the opportunity because it won't come again. And even if it

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comes again you will have a what you wasted is gone anyway.

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Don't waste opportunities, use opportunities to build your Aha. Because that is the only thing which comes. And that's what I was one of the saying, What are my Yoku visa? What but when I kill Natasha road, this is the at the at the in the middle and then tomorrow we'll see the rest of the eye. But in the middle of the ad, which are talking about the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala they're talking about the various elements battle data. And then it comes to this, where a lot of our data says that those who die in a spot are alive as well as metadata to make you and me among those who are given Shahada and the load that we are given that our debt comes to us in a state of Shahada

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insha Allah was dark and Allah that is saying that this is the ultimate of success

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is the ultimate of success even though the world may not care what the world feels the what the world does it feel it is the ultimate of success.

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When I kill I do not know.

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So when this man was killed in sort of the scene, when this man was killed, and he saw what Allah subhanaw taala did for him.

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He said, I wish my Kalia laid the homie yeah number one Aviva orally, Robbie, was the irony when I look at I mean, I wish my my my people knew how bad my Rob has elevated me and how I my love has honored me.

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I wish they knew I wish I could go and tell them

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what it allows you to do. ls 100 dinner

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and Alice was on a boat. What happened to that man it was one of the swana would Allah put it as part of his kilometer of the DRC. To be decided and do we remember and to be discussed and to be to become an example for all mankind till the Day of Judgment till until this surah has been recited in the Quran.

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That is the as as and that is the honor of the shades. So

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah to be pleased with us in his life. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us to that path which pleases Him and we ask Allah subhana wa COVID to be concerned only and only with pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter who else displeases nobody on the face of the planet, whether it is my father, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, my children, my whoever is it has the same status of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is it is and it is for to displease and to disobey them if they do and say anything to us, which is against the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala read the items or to look man with the Quran. The Quran didn't come to be put her on a shelf

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or on top of your head, it came to be read and to be understood. Allah subhanaw taala himself said this.

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So do not obey them if they tell you to disorderly

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy to do that which is pleasing to Him and to invite others to do that which is pleasing to them. And to do that which is pleasing to them no matter who it displeases because in the end when we stand before him, the only thing and the only thing which would matter is whether or not almost ran out and I was pleased with us, as Carlos Renata for that was suddenly not one and Amina Karim Allah Allah. He was having a great day.