Yaser Birjas – Etiquette Of Salah March 26th 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of psychotherapy to solve problems and avoid negative consequences, including disturbing photo, videos, and statements from minister about Islam. They stress the importance of avoiding distraction during meetings and not giving too many false predictions. The use of observation during meetings is also emphasized, and the importance of avoiding distraction during meetings is highlighted. The use of observation during meetings is also discussed, and the importance of magic in movies and titles is highlighted. The use of observation during meetings is emphasized, and the concept of "sooths" and "monster" in the Bible is highlighted.
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handle a lot of anatomy. So a lot of

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what I do psychotherapy.

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I remember now, a lot of data

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in the book of good manners. Hmm. And now he says chapter where we'll be able to solve the fee, brevity and preaching and given that plasma munition. So when I advise people, how should we do it? How much how often and so on Padawan Mahabharata, how can a tsunami or their loved one who fought

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the lawn he said on Sunday Maurice, who did not have a lot of money to sell them. It after soldier Metacom. He says while I was one day in Sabah with the profits of a bottom center so the profit loss in the Salah and under

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my mahakam was in the in the among the congregation karrakatta salado someone sneezed. And when someone says What do you say?

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Or do when you listen to them? What do you say that that's what it's all. So he wasn't salon he said Dr. mercola.

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Now that was prior to the ban on speaking saw before the prohibition of speaking salon, the Sahaba were allowed to talk and communicate. So sometimes that said you come late in salon, you check with the person next to you so that is the second or third for example, or someone says don't leave any of

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us today it was permissible for them to talk until the last panel moderated by data quality and stand in devotion for the last panel. So now the speaker was banned he didn't know about so on someone's name naturally he just said honkala karna for a manual Toby says when I said that the people stared at me with this disapproval. disapproval looks significant, he was staring or at least he felt uncomfortable when he was in salon. People just kind of moving in their faces towards him. So he kind of felt that he noticed this photo was uploaded via Masha. Allah He didn't remain quiet now. He will start speaking more women and he starts a sentence may lose your mother's Why are you

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staring at me? Which means you're scaring me What are you guys looking at me?

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reboot of a dream.

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So they start striking with their hands on their thighs. Basically just trying to learn skin quiet color family to do some tuning in. Like in the second is that when I saw them that they're trying to keep me quiet urging me to meet him and remain silent. I became angry, but there's turn myself

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because I just remain angry. Something's going on. So just remain quiet

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for 11 months, a lot of sort of lotta Salalah and these other words, he says fella salado sort of like that'd be me, Abby who made Mara

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tala when I asked him. He said when the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, he concludes the Salah. I declare, that I have never before seen and the structure will give better instructions and he and he said, Man, my father and mother be sacrificed for him. He then he mentioned I've never seen before. I've never seen after him sort of anyone who was better destruction than

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he said for a lot. makani what a lot of money what I said to me. He said, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, He neither

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remonstrated me,

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nor beat me nor approved me. He never said anything he did is called me to do and basically I'll admit, it didn't scream in my face. He just didn't say that. Carla, Carla Solomon said loves the professor was ministered to me and he said in nadie Salah last shavon kilometers So listen, this Salam it is not permissible to talk to him Salah is this kind of speeches in honor of prudence are venema here to speak about that when

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Salaam Shalom Shalom only be included saliva has been present a lot of the data

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that we have when you go from one position to the other,

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to recite the Quran, and so that's why it's called our karma follow so why

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go to your soul. So then he took advantage of that success with us conversation. Let me ask him question now. Casasola had Is it me JT? What is it BJ? I just barely embraced Islam. I haven't been long in Islam. God opened jell o with Islam. When I'm in Nigeria.

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He said there are also a lot. I'm very new to them to the stomach days of ignorance, and was still recently a pagan, and the last part that has favored us with Islam

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There are still some people among us who go to counsel those suits. There's still some people until today even though they became Muslim, but they still go to those who serve to ask about what's in it for them in the future. They were looking for, you know, prediction what's going to happen to them. For God as He was asking the Prophet sallahu wa salam, is it okay to color Salah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he told him do not have do not have recourse to them. Don't you ever go there. Don't do that. For God, Al Salam and Nigeria to

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some of us that are superstitious a little bit, they believe in these arms of God or something else. I love that. When you do

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that, as the Messenger of Allah, he said, these are things which crop up in their minds is the omens usually comes to a monitor, or maybe making you uncomfortable, he said for us are done now should not be influenced by them. Meaning as long as you don't stop what you're supposed to do, because of these feelings, you should be fine.

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You know, when we were getting ready to go to work, and as he was about to get to work, for example, you spilled coffee on your shirt,

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you got

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a good start for the day. And then you're gonna change your shirt on the way out, eventually. And you perhaps maybe hurt yourself, oh, man, something's gonna happen this day. See, if you stop believing these things become so superstitious, this is prohibited.

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But if just you know, if it's both coffee, says longstaff.

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However, you would never even influence the decision of quitting going today, I'm going to call the day off or something like, just keep going because it doesn't really bother you. If this happens, or didn't happen. So again, when it comes to a plan this will serve, you should not go to

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how about if they offered you the advice for free?

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What did they get from them? Don't do that? How about those who go to the magazines and newspapers to check on?

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The borescope? before they go, they say I don't believe in that stuff. I just read it. Somehow how many people they claim that once they read that stuff? They were influenced by us? How do they

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not knowing that these are human psychology, like same example, you're going to be going through a rough time, and it's gonna be easier.

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And you'll always have that stuff, right?

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It's always the same. So we have a bad day, they're gonna be a good day. It's the same thing all the time. Also part of this by the way of believing these things as the famous Chinese

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cookie, fortune cookies eventually. So when you open that thing, what do you do? Don't you have that urgency to read what's in there?

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You just crack that thing there. And just out of curiosity, right? They say curiosity killed the cat, right? So you pull that thing. And as the I don't believe in that stuff, but you got it is

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the moment the moment you start feeling that really speaks to you. That's very bad. It's very dated, not just bad, it's very dangerous. And if someone stopped believing that stuff by cracking more of these cookies,

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what else is in there? So how am I mean, it doesn't matter what they do once or twice or 10 times. If it affects your heart, you have really hurt yourself and the prophets of Allah. He said that about those people what they do, usually, they, they lie, they lie 99 lies, and they are the one that is true. So when only one thing matches what they said, or what happens to you, it says, I knew it. That's what this is going to happen. What about the other 99 in life? You have

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so here to display the prophet SAW was

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discussed what he advised this man, it took him some a lot. It was set up with patience. And it just, it just opened his heart for him and he says, Listen, you shouldn't be speaking.

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We can't do these things. So he

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says, well, like maka Harvey. Well,

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he didn't yell at me His goodness.

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He was just doing that.

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That's the suits, that always lives. Even if they tell the truth.

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The truth is still the default that our lives. Move on.

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If someone sneezes in this case, first of all,

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As much as possible, try to suppress that. So you don't spray everybody.

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But if it happens, can you use your arm? We don't have not. First of all, can you reach out to a napkin in your pocket? upper pocket inside? Yes, you can pull a napkin, and then cover cover your mouth.

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What is needed, because it's actually in

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the process of law 77, someone was overwhelmed with phlegm. They want to cough. And the other one was, when they couldn't do it on the floor. And when they when they open, then they will take back then it was normal to them to do to do it on their sleeve. And then they just fold up. Now they want to watch it afterwards. But I think is that so this is some kind of

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he had to do this, these acts even though they're not part of the salon. So someone had to reach to an attorney to do it couldn't do it could use your hand your arm.

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In this case, yeah, as much as we can to suppress them. But if you sneeze you don't say a candidate

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or someone was he wants to do both by

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using the law, but it's actually against a sort of the biggest without handling, like sneezing and it says Alhamdulillah De Anza from Kannada, da da da. So you can do that.

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You can do that.

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Dr. Jim,

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I believe we can talk to Jim, we should not be toxicity. However, if someone let's say someone comes to us and you know my son, he lost his, his keys. Could you please talk to somebody for us? To start making all these good stuff. I'm calling the gym to come and do a search for us clean and find is the thing. This is the answer after it's actually it goes up to the to the form of magic and even

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they can talk to Jim specifically in the process of exorcism. exorcism is the English word. But for us, we call actually

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one of them when they try to force the jinn to leave the body of a human.

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So sometimes we do communicate and speak.

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If you come up to them, and they want to make them data, what should you do? Should you sit down until they finish the dam? Should you stay up until they finish data? Or should you just start your song, if you've just stopped yourself or what they call nada, you'll find if you what the reason why people

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keep standing there just waiting for the mother to finish.

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That and then when the mother is done, they would threaten to rock up before they sit down. That's the reason they do that love on Saturday for Gemma except that Juma. It's better that you don't wait for the modern to finish. If you come to the masjid on Friday, and the mother is gone, that that start with your son and sit down before the football started. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he, he made the football very important is very important. So do your son, not even the corner? That's what

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that is.

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For 7495 is a community for meaning as long as it's done?

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Sometimes you come to the masjid and this

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sign was mistakenly put?

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Do we have to call that?

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We don't have to as long as

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it depends a question as if you got to sell or believing in him would that raise the level of commitment or share the profits or losses? I mentioned two things he says matter are often

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the most common. Whoever goes to a soothsayer and believes in what they said that he committed. So this is an act of disbelief.

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Another hurry the prophets awesome says man,

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whoever just goes there until

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the salon will not be accepted for 49. And the meaning for that is that they need to do the follow up but don't expect that to work for them.

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The difference of just going out of curiosity, just going out of curiosity, because the people to lose the reward for so other people

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go on there and believe in what they said that

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that's how the interest.

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And by the way, those psychics and you know, when you go and you read the cards and the coffees and all that stuff is also sent in.

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some people

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buy after that, I'm

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going to say, yeah.

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I don't know what they're getting back to listen from the questions about when people sometimes like to hear that I'm once director, I said, I don't know

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what they do, they press their thumbs, and then they work their eyes, and some of the local softer salon. I'm not sure what they get in that tradition from because I've never had any idea when I saw him. And because of the thunder weapon, that the eyes would have any specific version. So it looks like the dark.

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Magic shows

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what kind of magic tricks, tricks demonstrates that this is not magic. They call it magic tricks. But it's not it's not. But there are some some other activity magicians, even though the app shows on TV as well, remember to watch some of these incidents. And that is that as

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you can tell, because of the way he speaks, and he is under the influence of Jim. And because when you do when someone does matter, Jim is involved in that practice.

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I'm not going to get into the

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the thing I remember that the bed was first for the first movie came out was a huge issue, even among the Muslim community.

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Churches actually would have gone against against those movies. And they were banning, you know, the national government

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warning them against this text this is this is that and so forth. So even non Muslims are not happy with. So the federal circular in

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Iran, watch this.

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I don't know. I mean, some earlier, led fight was after afterwards still.

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So depends not just because of the magic, as much as the other thing that goes into the movie itself that might

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be watching.

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magic tricks are not magic, it's not magic.

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Let's say getting the money out of the hat, for example, or turning human being into a monster.

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Of course, if you're going to be taking a child to watch

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magic show trick show Sydney, you need to let them know that these are just you know, tricks. It is not magic. What are you talking to? real magic black magic session. That's all good, that's

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When it comes to mythology, or astronomy, they are different from astrology. astrology is the science of studying basically the influence of the stars and on the seasons and the lack of people. That is the thing that's called engine

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at the gym is just using this is. But as strong as astronomy is studying the science of the movement of these planets and stars. That's permissible.

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As a matter of fact, the Muslims were among the best scientists in that because you as an individual Muslim as an average Muslim, you're obligated to learn the basis of astronomy so you can figure out the

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beginning of the mass

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As for materiality, the process of awesome says in the US bombing a body movement will be more careful. One day, he pressed on his forehead was putting his foot in the mud and the water

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meaning it was actually raining the night before. So the prophet SAW something

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he said in the morning, as

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we look at these the people that woke up, some of them believers on display,

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those who said motor Nabina, we kind of cut out those who are referred there isn't the rain because of the stars. Now that's astrology. So he said, this is cool. So we was ready, because the star of such and such move into this planet. What I would like you to do is to believe in that time, so is this like superstition? But those who say the month of the rain came because of

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the nuts, okay? So they don't really

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do anything much more than just telling the science, how the clouds are formed and the moisture and all that stuff, so that's fine. That's endless knowledge.

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