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Justice Kagan said our

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and hunger a lot of them in

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I said, Oh, that is nice over there. And you get a lot of leads from the flooding and whatever problems you had

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handed in the weather actually the visit Very nice. Very good.

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And the law we had upon the luck of over the past, like since the last 10 nights of normal been started, we had an earthquake, we had a hurricane.

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And then the general area also received the tornado.

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Yeah, we had that we had the fire.

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You guys had a fire.

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Two massive fires everywhere you go

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on a lot, so it afflicted and affected Dallas, and where else and the surrounding areas. And I was yesterday I was driving from the west of Texas all the way to the east of Texas. And I could see really the the affected areas and the terrain, and how much really burned a lot of fields and areas in the desert. Of course some people might have said something No, it doesn't affect people over there. So many lives really were affected and many people are affected by that. And how long over all the extreme heat is the is the reminder amongst on It's unbelievable.

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Summer will begin at this point. How many laughs lots of ceramide a lot of students out by the RV or

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whatever everyone for joining us tonight with Chef Asif is asked to set this upcoming course decoded.

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Now set out to the death is the head of the sonic law degree department for a motive Institute and shift apps it has been with the institute is one of the oldest serving instructors have been molded since the beginning of the decade. Chef Asad originally taught the courses such as the physical and the evolution that's tip, after that, he talks the fullest and divine link, the so called salah and decoded is now very close to becoming to New Jersey. And this course, you know is a

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is the next in a series of tests as in Papa check out this evolution of

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or the clodius v evolution of covering the evolution of Islamic law as well as the photo solders and full of stuff. And now he has exploded covering the legal Maxim's of Islamic law.

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All the data for Islamic legal legal theory to shift, you know, this course is going to be coming to New Jersey and Bill Fuller, which was, I believe, the first time he talked to us a little assess one funded legal theory, one that you thought is in New Jersey as well. Is that correct? No, that's true. That was the first time I was given their accident.

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That was

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three years ago, I believe it was 2006 November, if

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I put it

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on the nose until the end of this course, if you're talking about 2006 it's almost we're now almost near to November 2011. So it's literally five years in the making.

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So how many last the very anticipated course nonetheless, we wanted to take advantage of tonight and and go over get a better understanding of what this course is going to be about. It's all about this course and I'm sure you've been planning for a very long time now. Shawn was going to be watching these videos.

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I mean, a lot of sermons are kind of early he was off he was alone with him and to feel

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alone. Hello soprano Watada says in an aneurysm that because we're in the hospital at verily we are indeed in a Zen Vicar is written down as Vickers Vishnu the word of remembrance which means this case around the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the largest says we're in the hospital and indeed we shall preserve it Allah subhana wa tada and that royal really sees as a panel which Allah preserve that from corruption from alteration and any change that might happen to it. So in terms of preservation of the deen of Allah to adjust the preservation of this Deen regardless of how many changes not you know the Muslims have to live through cultural civilizations, confidence and so

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forth. Allah subhana wa tada promised preserved as the result

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To the circumstance of a loss of power without performance at this phase, this religion, this beautiful way of life and experience will be preserved because that's the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The question is, are you going to be part of this process of preservation, that is really up to you. And if you have participated in that, then you need to understand the logic that has chosen you to become one of those who have been selected to be one of the carriers of the deen of Allah, so just not necessarily as early as it's called, but as a Muslim, who truly and truly understand the arena of a large region and truly understand the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And I mean by that level of Allah, as you see, now we live in 21st century, there's so many changes happening in cultures and societies. And now with the global globalization era, the geographical boundaries has become so fluid, even actually, that the cultural boundaries, political boundaries, and so forth, all these have become so fluid, people, they share ideas, they share thoughts, they share way of life, and so on. So in this kind of whole system, we changing and changing world, what Islam says about all of this and Palestine can be preserved and why it's not what you do this time can really be strong, to continue it for the future and the future, we do believe that of Allah

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Subhana, WA Tada. And he shall preserve it to Hana whatever the way, it pleases Him. And that is by preserving the book of Allah, and the son of the prophet SAW the level and he listened. So as recently as hearing, the word, Sheree, I've been brought up in this in this context, as a controversial issue, specifically for us, Muslims living in the western America in particular, suddenly, we have seen that Asian politicians are actually joining the writing right now have some phobia. And they want to create some circles are about to walk into their own even small communities, sometimes that you don't even hear about, that the Muslims are here to implement

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Sharia, they want to implement the Sharia, they want to change the constitution, to Sharia and so forth, when they have no idea what Sharia is, and if you ask them what exactly they mean by that, they would not really understand anything. And the only thing that comes to their mind is one aspect of the entire finance system, which is a system. And that is just a completely different aspects of the of the Sharia in itself. Of course, it's it's much more than just dealing with punishment, system penalties and so forth. It is actually way way beyond this understanding, when it comes to the subjects of the code that says we need to understand in this in this context is that living in a

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society is changing. There's so many new advanced technology is now as it has become participant is the novelist pan with Ireland. But to what extent

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Islam can stay strong, and the salmon system can stay strong survive for the next generation. Just like what Amara was talking about this class you have been actually discussing to bring this class communities for a long, long time, I remember since we started teaching, my first class to the mother of Institute was the code involved, which is the history of Islamic law. And then when we finished that, we started developing the classes of all sorts of stuff, what could be next speak to people? And there were some concerns about should we teach sort of the theory of Islamic law in the first place? Some people were interesting that, you know, people might not really understand the

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theory of law, maybe some people don't, they're not going to be very interested in the theory of law. Anyway, I mean, some people they don't even understand they don't want even law, they don't like it because it's too much for them too complicated and so on. And in my humble opinion, I said, Listen, a lot of Tana Watada is the one who will preserve this Deen and our Deen even though we use the word law for it, but ammianus is much more than that. It's not as dry as opening a book of law, and learning all these articles, and such you know, feeling that this is something rigid. When it comes to studying Muslim such as the theory of law and Family Law, you will be active practicing a

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better as well. As much as intellectual subject, you will find it also spiritual, motivational, and inspirational subjects of analog. I've seen that personal experience as myself. And that's what I wanted every single use in America and the experience that there are many books and resources available in English language for the subject. So has a lot of branding, we were able to, to convince you the board. And we had two classes. The first one came out after the court of law which is a court of Scotland. And that is the beginning the aspects of or sort of setting the court of Scotland for those who've attended the calls with me, or sort of theory of law number one, we

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started the definition of a Sorrell sock with

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We started with the five articles administrator legal legal ruling, which involves the legislature last panel was out of it's another process of a lot of tournaments, so forth. Also the Cameron's opinion, the five rules, and include the haraam, Hannah, had all these rulings that we, we label, these are these actions and statements. Then after that, we started to gather the sources of law for an edge math unanimous agreement that he had the analogies and other resources of law, neither the handler will, and we will introduce this class to the to the public. Some people were skeptical about, you know how people perceive that. But by far, the 100. And I can tell you that there was one

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of the the best experiences I've ever had teaching this class. And I can actually convey the message from other students who were thrown by the subject can handle our finances, we have subject like this coming even to be taught to the average Muslim. And I believe that unfortunately, the way that the reason why people were discouraged from studying this subject, is because of under estimating the intellectual mind of the Muslim population, or the Muslim Muslim communities. And this class of hamdulillah is bringing it back again. Now, after all these years, we're delaying the second portion of it, which is theory of law number two, that is decoded. And that would be

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the final chapter of a series of classes, on all sorts of stuff. So what is this class is all about what is the code is all about decoding is the second level of all sort of stuff. And it's an advanced level. Even though even though it's an advance on hand, a lot of the way we will introduce that will be so easy and so simple, so inspirational, and so motivation as much as intellectual for the students who attend.

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And even if you haven't attended with me the code evolved. Or if you haven't taken the code of Scotland, the first chapter of this class as part of this class actually will be a quick revision in Sharla just to go over quickly. So we can move on to the recorded material, what are we going to learn in this class what exactly are we will be learning in this class will receive in our time right now the arise in what do you call them, the keyboard scholars Mashallah those are standing behind their, their screens. And every time they want to enter check on how to learn something about the zero 100 illogical thought, here for Google. So they go to Google, the type whatever Hunter is

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asking about, and then they have all these options and to start forming opinions. Because in America, in the West, people they grew up, you know, appreciating their own intellect, their own understanding, and sometimes they overrate themselves really in that in that field. So the thing that they can use the same the same understanding of the didn't have a lot of panel was off and that passion. That's why it is it's not been a subject of a lot of interpretations. Many people know different backgrounds, different cultures and different ideologies even they come and they claim to have the right understanding of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, you have this initial list,

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it has a fundamentalist, you have liberals you have this you have all these people they come and they give you an interpretation of the universal laws, there was a power hungry law was preserved and upon and soon however, the sooner you give them the way they are, they might be they might look static, meaning how can we understand that they were just fitting in books, that's why the last panel what they use them as instruments to help us understand and perceive the Pokemon the ruling from the Quran and the Sunnah. Because of that, they have developed an amazing system, amazing system that has been left in Arabic for so long and not not translated to English language for many

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actually years. And so, just few few books are available in an English language and available for the average person to understand and read and understand them. So the these rules in this class that occur will be brought to you in sha Allah, Allah in a way

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will help you understand them and help you in the night I make a ticketed position. When it comes to hearing and listening and seeing all the different repetitions of the dismal confidence repetition. Of course, many of the scholar depends on what background they come in from some of the some of the very traditional Quanzhou would have completely blocked and closed the gate of using these instruments or tools for the average person. So you're not allowed at all. You're just an A person, you just have to listen. You have to obey. Don't even use your mind and thinking about you know, these different opinions and so forth. Just follow what the chef tells you. On the other hand,

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contrary to this, we have another

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Feeling actually, the view from some people who just would not would like to give this authority of HD hat to every individual, regardless of their level of education or the exposure to some stuff and roaming around this area. And then we will always have a shout out to Anna, the moderate way, way that will help us understand, help us appreciate and help us didn't take just take an insight of in these different opinions and these different subjects unnecessarily to develop a specific position on these issues not not to change them also, then rather just understand and appreciate and know and how the diversity would be healthy for us, in the Muslim community. To give an example for this,

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here's Ramadan, every single year the Muslim community goes through the same crisis, just like there is nothing else really worry about Amazon, other than uniting the two facts together. And the fact that there is no doubt really disheartening to see the Muslims divided over this issue. Specifically, we live in one city and you have massage and in the same area, the same county and each one of them just few blocks away from each other. And they fast in different days and the breaker fast other days, it's really disheartening to see that but if we understand the Hitman Oh, basically the background behind these issues is nothing makes it easy for us to to just be tolerant,

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as well as being patient and inshallah until one day we all get together to understand so it creates this kind of understanding among the Muslims in this image. So in Ramadan, the subject of Ramadan, for Anna's very clear a lot of animosity says yes or no in Canada and they ask you in regard to the Christian, the moon Pulliam, okay to the nuts, you will say to them that they are Maltese, which means your calculation, you create timings, appointments, calendars based on them, while also for the Hajj, so that you know the days the month the Hajj, and the days as well. And the visible items as

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well after

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you felt when you see the month of Ramadan, can you make this as meaningful as when you see the month, the month of chawan. So eventually, Hadith are very clear evidence are clear. So why do we have all these different achievements? That's when the interpretation comes in. So when we see the how the element perceived in some of these evidences, they come from different backgrounds, and they have different human capacities, and that's why they develop different opinions. without studying decoded, you will always have this kind of, you know, misunderstanding of the positions of

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like, why does he know I'm always against other humans? Why does him always we disagree with other demands, and so forth? Why can't we just agree together, I wish it is as easy as you might think of, when you really study it. Now, you will appreciate the diversity of these opinions.

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potential in this class, we're gonna break it down for you not just dismiss, the whole principle of difference of opinion will be will be broken down to you. And you will see the estimates or elements used in order to give different positions. So this is, and this is also another subject, for example, might come to mind, the difference between some of the Muslims in the east and the south of Muslims live in the West.

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So when we, for those who live in the West,

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they always bring the settler of Darla, not from the east. And then they try to implement that here in the West. And they start having this kind of concept of, you know, personality, they achieve it as, as it were, they were called to do and at the same time, they still guilty and not, you know, putting it in the way they were instructed to follow. So they feel that kind of guilt, the guilt feeling. And so they're not with Muslims, they're not within us and so on. And I discourage them really from practicing the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the West. So what's the difference between the Muslims who live in America live in the East? And why do we always say, always ask your

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local Imam was in the area

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of your locality because there was no better shallows Allah and decoded class, we will have two sections in this whole class about this subject. One of them is about

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the Sharia. And these are the higher objectives of Islamic law, meaning every single entity has to fulfill a specific objective. And these objectives are observed and that's what gives the sheer flexibility throughout the time cultures. So we can explain that inshallah to Allah. And we can also make sure that you understand the difference between keeping soldiers on these issues, or opening the gates completely to everybody to come and start, you know, trying to claim that they are allowed to change a lot of these rules, and a lot of that can overshadow because of the change of time and culture. Sometimes we have some debates over some issues, and we don't understand the

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The second one, the simple behind it is to take the example of the issue of women driving cars in a country like in Saudi Arabia, even though it's a very particular to that country and that culture, but there are at least a state that is following a specific pipeline that was given to them by their own country. So as Muslims living in West we of course, are against Muslims in the East are against that.

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But why where is it coming from our springing from and how should we understand that not about agreeing or disagreeing as much as trying to see where these differences differences of opinion would come from? So inshallah we're going to bring all these differences and we're going to bring all these principles to see that would help us understand all these diverse opinions of

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what else are we going to be studying in this class the class will be divided into

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two five major parts, the first part will be production and our include definition terminology that will help you understand the subject review of the code evolve, which is the first the first class of material

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then there will be a chapter three review of the quarter of scars and that is also a revision of the second class of the series have a sort of search and that was that the first one sort of took theory number one and part two, we will have rules of the discovery of law in the Arabic language system

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after studying together the history of law, and they will set it together the aim of logic is to have the obligatory the prohibited and so on, and the resources of law, then we would like to know how can we use the resources of law and how the rules are not used to reduce these rules. So that would be the whole passage our laws on how the other man came to evaluate these issues to be hand on how or why is it chose this example opinion over their opinion, and it will be divided into different chapters inshallah Allah and mainly It is about what we call the Arabic language.

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it's basically about the language of the Quran and the language of the law itself. So it's in Buffalo will be related to language codes, words are used specifically in the Quran to to reflect specific meaning, whether it's inclusion or exclusion, maybe you've heard words such as a lot more

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general specific and so on. So you're gonna shout out to Allah sorry, that didn't last. And that is one of the most interesting aspects of this class, because that's when you start really using the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a very practical way. So you sit down, you open them up, and you choose one page is everything that is in this article speaking these words, because now you know that this is an instruction, this is an obligation this is this is so and so. And that's when you start seeing that the Quran is now basically the words of the Quran coming back to live in your life, because you know, these instructions are for you. And that's what helps you

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understand how one has logic that you have to follow this prohibited, stay away from and so on. So I'm clear this class will be a collage, okay, and maxims of government saniflo. After the right amount, of course, they developed all these codes, language codes, and, and the rules of discovering Of course, the law, understand buffalo count on the farm center became so, so diverse, that they wanted to summarize these things. So what they did is they made a brilliant a brilliant system, because our philosophy and this in this system, they summarize the principles of law, not necessarily the opinion, because if you're going to be so much in opinion, you're going to end up

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with a lot of so what is it the seminar the principles like, as it's called in English, you have Maxim's of governance, Islamic law says I like code by Western ama, they would they're usually they memorize them and the understanding clearly, and they can use them in different aspects of that example of a colossal failure, for example, a lot of

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meaning custom rules. And if you know that custom rules, and I mean, if you live in America, and people, they make a transaction, using specific, let's say, language, usually it goes by the custom of the land where you are making that particular transaction. So if there's any dispute, you follow that particular thing, also, when it comes to, let's say, the hijab, for example, color Do we have to keep it doesn't have to be black, and so on. So custom rules, the purpose of the hijab is modesty. So if people use different colors for the hijab, and it's still considered moderate, in the real definition of modesty, according to the Sharia, as well as in the culture, so should be

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followed and so on. So this is one of the things that they use in other accurate assets of the day and shallow that we're gonna spend that in detail in our class. Part Number four, will be the entire objective of Islamic law. Again, everything that we read in the forum

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Our unwritten book of books of stuff,

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it has to follow under the higher objective of Islamic law, it has to fulfill a specific, specific objective. And if it doesn't fulfill that objective, then there must be something missing in that formula, or application of that ruling that makes it contradictory to what is supposed to be achieving. And he actually wrote that, check it. And he tried to expand in a very, very detailed way, this is one of the highest, one of the highest and most sophisticated aspects of the sonic law. And it's really one of the way that makes Darla perceived the stability of the law in general, regardless of the change of time and the change of culture. So inshallah we're going to be extended

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period, this karmic law overall, as I mentioned, that theory of MacArthur, the objectives of Islamic law, so that you yourself, wherever you go, when you go and you pray, you always have in mind that you pray for a specific objective and purpose is not because someone is forcing you. There is the highest objective that you're achieving. When Allah subhanho wa Taala made Xena

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fornication prohibited. There is an objective besides for besides preventing people from spreading diseases, for example, something higher than that for yourself as an individual, for your family, for the community and for the society. As a whole world object, the object that needs to be observed for every concert that you perform, even when you make will do when you wash your hands, and he's not just about washing your hands and faces to prepare for salon. There's also higher objectives. Sometimes it's clean that as part of our Deen it's even the appreciation of our Muslim to the Muslims to see how clean they are our mouth, how much how many times they wash every single thing.

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So they're always higher objective is behind every concern. Even the punitive system which is in some some scenarios, some people might consider us to be harsh. But Allah subhanaw taala says about capital punishment, for example, welcome, focus on the highest earning in capital punishment, you will find life so even though that you're destroying by, but also you're gaining life. By doing so of course, we're not saying that this is now the case it should be understood. But just to give you brief meaning of that there's always an objective, our objective than just destroying one one person's life is more than just essentially preserving the life of of many, many other people in our

00:27:27--> 00:28:07

society, what is individual decision, so inshallah we can extend the higher objective more in details in this regard. Finally, the five the last part of this class is dealing with evidences meaning now that has come to light and other sources of law. I know how to run and manage these roelens what kind of tools they use, the allies and magazines that they summarize his rulings under, and also the objective they're trying to achieve whenever they probe is understanding the profit or the loss and then use a specific ruling now understand all of this, but what if I have complex activities? Like comprehensive understanding? And just in the case of the moon sighting sample, what

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should we do? This is called salvage as in and we shall, and shall I explain to you the position of the lemma and the scholars and also the laborers? And what should be the position? Basically, when there are there's something at least apparently there's a conflict

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you know, between evidences, and how should we diminish our load data? And finally, how to access the law in general? Is it all this demand? Is this all stuff lead and uncritical following derivative activities, physical following, what are the different methodologies and methods they promote? And what is the best perhaps for the person who live in America or the average person who is not necessarily very much time really, to study the universe Allah subhana wa tada what should be the position from following all these opinions? This class I have to tell you that this class is really a very, I would say it's a very intellectual experience for those who would love to know to

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have some sort of thrilling experience and and challenging the intellectual experience is very, very actually good course for them. You will find in the show a lot of very deep and content tons of material that respects your intellect and would take you to the next level and the higher level and shallot and understanding your genes and your I will make you proud of realizing how sophisticated in a positive way of course, in an organized fashion, how the plumbing system is compared to other systems not much as you've been exposed to. Also this class is not just religion and spiritual experience. It's also a social experience of activities that and challenges class to help you

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understand the material. You will socialize with people of like minds and 100 o'clock that will you'll enjoy conversation with them you will enjoy you know discussion with them over these issues.

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I will help you inshallah, break away from the routine of your life.

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Studying and listening to things that may not be as interesting for you as much humbler that will take you to the next level Bismillah as though there is also going to be inspirational ally you will feel motivated imagine a man or even a intellectual class but there will be enosh moments in this seminar in this class for every aspect that you learn you will then have the Mashallah is an amazing thing where like you will be so proud of your, of your alumni, your scholars, and proud of yourself being actually part of this Deen of Allah kind of what Allah what exactly we're trying to achieve in the seminar,

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we find really to give you a confidence as a Muslim.

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Watch yourself first of all, and about your the system that you have chosen to follow, and that I didn't have a loss economy was Allah since we live particularly in our Muslim society. And have you ever encountered any discussion or arguments with people who come and talk to you about Sharia things and so on. At least you are a lot of Grameen you will be very, very

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acquainted with what you're talking about. And you will have inshallah tada a very good, strong resources and material by which you can help them understand and appreciate what they attack without even knowing what they're talking about. We also shall learn in this class with time what you're trying to achieve is to help you understand your position. We're not making the most out of you. Rather, we're trying to help you understand your position in the region. And knowing that your limits and understanding that the and and the shehryar and how this is perceived the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in your life, that also will give you confidence whenever

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you see his opinions, and many, many different opinions sometimes might be particular opinion that would help you in shallow to at least understand. And when someone gives you an answer, you know, where they are discovering this answer from at least you know, exactly to how this this ruling was introduced. I also would like for you to understand that the different profound

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backgrounds of how these opinions they come about. And that's why the seminar, this whole seminar, I usually call it as close as we call it, the behind the scenes seminar. So that when you see something how long and prohibited, obligatory, recommended and so on. And you wonder where they're coming from this seminar is the blueprint, it's a behind the scenes, class and seminar that will help you realize and understand where all these opinions come from. Why did we delay this class until now, we were hoping in handler that our students will have a lot of exposure to exposure to lots of studies causes

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other materials of

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losses with a motive Institute handler. Now believe that it's time. And I believe that a crowd is mature, mature, as mature as well. And hopefully, inshallah we'll come to your area in the ladder very soon, you will enjoy every second of the seminar on every second of this class. Well, on one hand, a lot of manners

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for that beautiful summary of the course. And I want to direct everyone's attention to a couple of things. Firstly, do you have any questions you have around five minutes for questions to ask us, although in the

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past, if you have any questions, please do submit them in the question and answer box on the left hand side of your screen. On the on the left hand side of your screen as well, you will see an Enroll now button that will take you to the direct page for New Jersey, where you'll be able to find more information with regards to as low as enrolled, it will take you to the forward slash New Jersey page where you'll be able to find out more information about the course as well as enroll for the course.

00:33:54--> 00:34:01

So if you do have a number of questions that have already come in, and of course, I'm glad that you were able to discuss

00:34:02--> 00:34:04

the issue in some depth

00:34:05--> 00:34:11

in your presentation. But the question that you can ship is the issue of

00:34:12--> 00:34:29

the fear of shediac dish of the fear of the CIA, even upon allows a search for decoded just an hour ago in in Google and the first the first lacking that came up where people say

00:34:30--> 00:34:36

oh look, you know, she has been taught in New Jersey by the Institute profit motive Institute.

00:34:37--> 00:34:52

So what do you what do you feel is the is the causes of or what do you think? What do you hope the students will be able to walk out with after they have taken this course time knowing that many of the students themselves may not necessarily understand what this fear of the city is?

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

First of all, I would like to ask you to bring the attention of the students and the

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

As a chef, so he has a beautiful activities on the subject of Sharia, as a word that we use on Muslim matters. So if you take it out and shallow Muslim matters, you find the beautiful piece written by chef de partie, about the issue of the subject of Sharia and how people perceive, of course, what we're trying to achieve over here, you know, one of them, we believe that knowledge is power. And that's one of the main principles of in designing this seminar, and another Institute. And knowledge empowers every individual. And because of that, all those who come and say, if you don't teach the people this, this subject, this might be, you know, causing so much trouble, they

00:35:38--> 00:36:22

might think of themselves, you know, or the math colors and so on. And I would discourage people from learning these aspects. Unfortunately, they're always under estimating the interest of the Muslim community. And that's why we're This is not what we're trying to achieve here is to raise the bar, and have our brothers and sisters the shamal Gala. Learn some of the most sophisticated subjects in Islamic law, that is maybe considered the one of the most misunderstood subject. This is not the shipyard itself. I mean, it was sort of tough to tell there's not the cherry on top. It's one after the Sharia is the whole concept and principle of Islamic ethics of Islam, in terms of

00:36:22--> 00:36:59

Arpita and terms of also practice. And so, for us in this class, this is the theory of law, how the law is being an initiator and we talk about law. It's not about you know, destroying any civilization or constitution or whatsoever. Now, this is about as an individual, how do you practice your deen and as a community, how do you abide by specific polling and also as a society, what are the higher objective that needs to be achieved whenever you visit specific overnights, a specific goal? So trying to achieve here in shallow data gives a better understanding and the right understanding of the meaning of Syria?

00:37:00--> 00:37:38

And what the planning system is all about? And dispel some of the apprehension about you know, people thinking, look, Islam is about killing people about, you know, lashing their backs and so on. It's not that issues, the Buddha said, What are the what the law is, you will see the difference between those who just talk about, you know, nonsense of a contrarian, and what is exactly the Islamic legal system. And so I open shallow that this will not be an eye opener again, for those who would love to see an inside work of an older man about the subject of law. Also, it is, just like I said, just helping you understand what is behind the scenes for the Muslim, it makes it easier for

00:37:38--> 00:37:50

you, whenever, you know, something is haram, to know how it came about to be how long? And why just how long? How much it's convincing, really, it makes it easier and helpful for them to practice that a lot.

00:37:53--> 00:37:54

You know,

00:37:55--> 00:38:31

one of the opposite of that when a person sees a promising new theory to the on the page. And they might not take an evolution assessment, they might not have taken further scholars, there's a little bit of intimidation when they read the description of the class. Now, is this something that I mean, I noticed this year you're doing summaries of everything in the class as well as a summary, or a sectional title, so looks like as well. And the second is that you believe that person for example, might not have taken these two courses, that they will still be able to walk out of this course having benefited strongly

00:38:32--> 00:39:17

There is no doubt about it, I am 100% sure that they will benefit from that and they will join me in every part of this class. Once again, returning back to the subject of how do we design our courses is imperative. And every instructor whenever we do actually the collective work and also individual work on designing or seminars, we want the conditions at every seminar, yes, it is linked to another to a series of seminars on the subject. However, each and every seminar, it is it can be taught in individually and independently from the from the other series from another actually it was adapted. So every classical sort of self can be taught independent from the other ones, meaning, even if you

00:39:17--> 00:39:25

haven't taken the first one, or the second one, you can still attend the third one and not feeling that you are left out. Yes, there might be some

00:39:26--> 00:39:45

some other students who might understand or have a better understanding, more profound understanding. And that's natural, the more you know, the better actually anubisath thing, because you have him in a larger spectrum here overall perspective, but he's still gonna enjoy every single aspect of it and understand it independently. But there is no doubt about it.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

And one of the interesting things with evolution, if I remember correctly as well, evolution of steps, I remember reading into the forums just preparing for that course when he was coming to New Jersey as well. And in one of the cities where you had talked

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

A class that I must have actually accepted is found due to

00:40:04--> 00:40:04


00:40:06--> 00:40:16

events, even these courses that people normally assume are heavy and maybe even a little longer. on the technical side, the panelizer has its agenda and it still has

00:40:17--> 00:40:18

intellectual effects.

00:40:20--> 00:40:40

That's as a matter of, I guess it is still until now. This is zero. So, my, my favorite classes that I teach, I know in some people's mind, it's actually called love and love notes and these kind of topics. Yeah, they're interesting topics. That is true. So these intellectual topics are more appealing to me in terms of, you know, teaching and studying as well.

00:40:45--> 00:41:21

Do you have any final words do for students who have visited one week left? before the law? Do you have any advice for students who might want to prepare some material or even include it in a future inshallah disclose to other cities as well? inshallah, for those who have attended the class that might my previous classes, I attended a command for them to review the material of the code as well. And the code of scholars that they link to this class, in short, allows a lot of data for those who haven't taken these classes with me. They can, they can read the book by Darryl Phillips.

00:41:23--> 00:41:52

The title of the book itself is the the evolution of so check that Patricia lozada speaks about the history of law, then it's for those who would like to review and the core of scholars and they don't have the material for they can inshallah review with with the third one which is a decoded using one book, which is the book of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Hashim, Kamali doctrine hamentashen candidate a book title is

00:41:56--> 00:42:07

summoned jurisprudence, Islamic jurisprudence is by differentiation canali, I highly recommend that you, you read it, it's a big actually one. But if you just go over at least check

00:42:08--> 00:42:12

the title, maybe get used to some of these terminologies.

00:42:13--> 00:42:22

Just go ahead and read it in Sharla. And hopefully within an hour when you come to the class at least you have an idea so we can make everything clear to you when ally as there was a

00:42:23--> 00:42:29

bar full of except the only thing left is another new course being watched another digit Have you had any final words.

00:42:31--> 00:43:07

Looking forward to it. I haven't been there for a while. And so low tide I hope that we we have another beautiful experience together with the 900 and molucca particle if everyone else who's listening that will attest for joining us tonight. And again, you have the Enroll now button on the left hand side of your screen and even software do come out on this upcoming Friday. We'll also be giving the pitch black Muslim day for those who are going to be attending Ganesh Allah so hopefully it'll be a day filled with activities and come to the Friday night to talakad and we'll see everyone there is often located on a conical lane, amen.