Hasten Into Breaking Your Fast

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Salam barakaatuh Amina Mohammed Ali

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Rahim Allah to Allah people who are more on

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the book of serum from Bloomerang live in Hayakawa, XL even Assad didn't know the Allahu Allahu Allah Rasool Allah lucky, some of our

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layers are not

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Muslim, Walker, I have bought either hardware a body layer, or genome filter. And

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in this study, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam said, people will continue to be alright, all right, as long as the occasion and breaking of the fast

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are Muslim, meaning it's one of the sort of the prophets of Allah, Allah was one of the servants of the prophets of Allah, Allah is to rush into breaking your fast, how soon should you raise your class, if you are somewhere outdoors, you're not going to go by watching, they're going to go by yourself, you're going to have to go by the sun, the moment the sun goes down behind the horizon, and we're talking about the natural guys, I'm not talking about skyscrapers and buildings, we're talking about the natural horizon, the minute the sun goes behind the natural horizon, that means it's time for you to break your fast. So for us over here,

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you won't be able perhaps to see the sun, the sun down on this your navigation. So that is the that's when you break your fast. Do you have to go outside your house look towards the sunset? In order to make sure that Ramadan of the day is over? No, no, you don't have to do that. So what do you do? You go by the time and to be on the safe side. It depends though, it depends on how accurate your calendar is. It depends on the shallow data, add one or two ministers that should be fine. If you are in the masjid, if you are in the masjid, whether that is going to be called, then your spa would be right after you hear that. And we will say after we hear that. And that means when the

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Martin says of lava, you can start breaking your fast.

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You don't have to wait for the mountain to finish that and to break real fast. As for the mother, it's better for them than to break his fast before we call him that.

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So right before he says Allah, the mother should break his fast first. And then he calls the ANA, when you break your fast, we mean by that.

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According to the son of the prophets of Allah, Sam to begin with fresh takes one or two, three, and then you drink some water. If you have some mug with that, or you're good, that's fine. And that's it. That's the beginning of breaking fast. As a matter of fact, for us, this is just the start right? At the top of the profits of a lot of seller. That was the whole of

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me people they asked me Should I eat my breakfast before I'm excited another one after Microsoft. So which one you're talking about, is supposed to be one I've thought right? But for many people there is an introductory of thought which is just to have you know, some dates a month and some you know, some moves and all that stuff and so forth. And then they mix a lot of murder they come back to finish their main course. And then after that they come to sort of turn away and then they go back again to eat sweets and and other stuff and so on. And then they go to sleep and they wake up to eat. Yes and how long it just where they put that food I have no idea. Again, the sooner is that you

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rush into breaking your fast. That's the sort of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked for a soul and the rest of us Adam says I have a lot that I'm

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beside makara Muslim, Allah Tessa How old are enough is safaree Baraka officer hurry Baraka he said some a lot of a salon, take a meal just before fragile, take that mean just before Friday, which is called a surfer in the Arabic language, for there is a blessing and support taken that mean at that time.

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those that may have played on here is called support because in the Arabic language that those minutes are that that actually particular time right before fudger is called a sap as a lot of Kannada says about the believers of mankind will as Harry from yesterday, and during the time of Sahaba they seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they do during that time. So that's why it's called a support. There is a son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we we eat our supper right before that. Now the question how early or how late should you

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use the hook the letter it is the better

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the letter the support, the better. Meaning if you wake up, let's say 10 minutes before

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that's a good time to eat yourself. However, if you wake up five minutes, that's fine.

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But when does the end when the support ends. So her ends at the beginning of February. When we say beginning of February, it does not necessarily mean the other meaning. If you know that your official address is

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called after federal started, you need to take a precaution before that. That's why sometimes there's some calibers. They give you those minutes they call them in sack, because in many cases that are that is actually called after federal has started, because it inside or basically should be done before federal stops. But if a data fetcher in your locality in your message is done, right at the actual beginning of February, then in this case, this is the end of your support time. This is the end of your support time. So once you hear the other, call us no more, no more eating or drinking. What about the food I have in my mouth? Just swallow it and you should be fine. And if you

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have the cup in your hand, as you drink and you hit it, you can still finish it and you should be fine inshallah God, but no more eating or grabbing something, you know, just to catch up before that happens. How about holding the cup in my hand and making sure that I just finish up my food first? No, hold on the hat. That's cheating. In this case, if you already been drinking, and you heard that, you can do it if you still finish the shot love data, and you should be fine. So if you if you need to suffer them, what should be my meal? What should be the mean? About fried chicken azima.

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Does that work for us?

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How about baryonic capsules is even though you guys are laughing at this. I know people who seriously they need that for support.

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I have never had another candelabra and I have no plan to do this. But I remember actually one time now I have the length and the support that we need. Usually it's something very simple like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as it was mentioned as a matter of lumbee in the sooner you know after after Allah tala turn lemons for use Rama, Fernando, someone wants to break this fast. He says that to be on top of things. If you couldn't find this then wanted, not Oh, it's purification, basically purifies it in the system, as much as refined the soul as well. So here the process or service to break his past about this. And here's to make this report on that same thing. It is something that

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is considered simple. The purpose of Ramadan is to help you to reduce the level of damage of food in your system. So that you start focusing focusing on yourself. Now many of us Unfortunately, they take and take advantage of that. And now it's time to start enjoying food even more. Because when you get hungry, that's when enjoy food more right. Everything says hello. Looks tasty when you when you come hungry. So we've come to suffer. I've heard some people, they even they had their wives wake up too early for them to make fresh food, fresh meal, cook meat, fresh meat. So basically what they do they switch all their schedule. So their lunch becomes like that a thought. And then they

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have their dinner becomes a support. So they have to have a fresh meal cook for thought freshmen cooks for after Russia. First new food for supper.

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I don't know what cut what type of Ramadan is that?

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What are they fasting? Yeah, this is the whole thing that instead of taking advantage of reducing the amount of sugar they put in their system, and again focusing on the process of assembly to summarize,

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dates water, the purpose of it is to have the blessings and the Baraka not to fill your stomach. Now, one time I wanted to try what people usually eat. So I asked my office and you know what, I'll take something shelf, but this time, I just say that's our take. For me. That's it.

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For the entire day for live couldn't breathe.

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I couldn't imagine how how to do the same if it stays long in your stomach. And I just couldn't breathe. So a lot of other people eat that stuff. It's not as hard on my system is different. But if you need to sustain your body with a heavy meal, it's up to you. There is no prohibition on this. But I just want you to remember the spirit of Ramadan. The spirit of Ramadan is not about eating as much as you're thinking of others, and to focus in on your soul. And just remember the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, you better get hungry.

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That's the whole point. You should feel hungry, but I feel hungry. You should. That's the point you need to be hungry in the month of Ramadan sitting with a Christian than an animal.

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At least when you get hungry the entire day. At least you know there is a hot meal waiting for you towards the end of that that fast. You know that there are other people around the globe. They don't even have that luxury. You know, it's not a matter of being of having it even hot or cold. They don't even have the food. They can break the fast.

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They look at a situation in Syria. Somali refugees, look at the situation warmer. People are being killed just because they're Muslims and they're on

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In the desert, in the forest, and they have nowhere else to go to Alaska,

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it's a chance that you start really thinking about those people. And I've had a lot of opportunity to become more generous, and you will not go along you feel with them. Until you be in your situation, David Foster tempered by fasting, a long hot day in the summer, love dogs and equipment.

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could be enough.

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So doing that every single month, but then I mean,

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just the entire month, just days when not the entire month of Ramadan. And I don't recommend that for you. You need something more, because the professors are used to that also. So we used to add, you know, which is basically mixture of wheat with with dates, and sometimes with yogurt, sometimes they cook that, and also the profit source and would be would be invited to other people's houses. So he would need some, some protein some Submit. So but just the finest to make it balanced, and make it healthy. That's

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one advice and shout louder in regard to what should you really stop eating after a break.

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The best time to stop eating is when you have a desire to eat more

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is that

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the best time to stop eating is when you still have a desire to eat anymore. Because if you stop eating, when your body can't take it anymore,

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then it's too late for you. You'll never know.

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But if you stop when you're when you have a desire to eat more, that's very healthy. That means that handler you have taken one sir, announced the other day for drinking, and one third for breathing. That is the best system. That doesn't mean you cannot feel your stomach. You know, as you mentioned other

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photos before you are on

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lockdown down so that you can fill your stomach up to the rim as people sometimes will say you are allowed but that should be occasionally. It shouldn't be the standard.

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Is it mandatory to wake up for support? The answer is No it's not. It's just a recommendation from the Prophet salaallah salah

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and the best guidance because the guys when

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he did that, and he said this, I hope and

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there's so much blessing and that means so it's not about eating the food as much as getting the reward and the blessings of being one of

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