Isha Khatirah – Mandatory Hijrah to Madinah is over

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Sara Marie Kuramoto Lavaca

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Alhamdulillah Bellarmine so Allah subhana wa Coronavirus Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman Kathira to mama buck.

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Tonight Hadith number three has a miracle in it from the broth for the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam, I want to see if you guys can catch that miracle or prophecy from the Prophets Allah Allah wa salam ala Hadid number three on the other side of hand in the book of Allah sincerity. Con wanna Aisha Radi Allahu Taala and her call it Cara, Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, la Hirata Battleford Well, I can Jihad and when a year, well he has to infer to fend for you, ill health meter for canali. And this hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam says

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there's no immigration after the conquest of Makkah, but only jihad, which was started before the war and fighting for the scores of Allah subhanho wa taala, which will continue and also good intention. So if you have if you have someone to fight, go forth, roll bucardo Muslim, where is that actually miracle that is in this hadith over here. So give you the context. So the context of the Hadith happen in the eighth Hijiri year after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he conquered Mecca

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after he conquered Mecca. And if you know before that time before that time, there was an obligation on the believers. There was an obligation, the believers that if they become Muslims anywhere, if they become more specifically the people of Makkah, if they become Muslims, they were obligated to migrate to Medina.

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So here's the Prophet service I'm saying after the conquest of Mecca, no more more migration from Mecca to Medina was a miracle Hiroshima

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that's a miracle of the Prophet SAW. Some are saying Maccha will become Muslim, Arab and Muslim forever.

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Remember the ALLAH SubhanA revealed the ayah in Makkah about Abu Lahab tab but yeah, the availa have a water wall to the handlebar Villa and his wife, they will end up in Johanna Abdullah he could have actually completely completely changed the course of history. And say that the Prophet was lined with by doing one thing what was that?

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Saying I shadow Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. But it didn't. Him and his wife died exactly like Allah Subhana Allah says they will not believe they will die Kufa and they did. So the proof the Quran to be right. And here the progress has some says, there will be no need for you to migrate from Mecca to Medina after this moment, which means Islam will remain in Mecca forever.

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No one now ever there was a reverse that would lose its status as being a Muslim city. And until now, 1400 years later, Al Hamdulillah Brahmin is still the case.

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Ironically, even during imperialism era, which still exists in some areas, alarm Stein, until during that time, they will conquer all the countries in the south and the north and, and they avoid the Arabian Peninsula. That was before the you know, finding oil there of course, then they avoid Arabian Peninsula. Why was that for?

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Because it wasn't significant desert who wants to fight for desert.

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And they always as long as this bed was they fight themselves as long as they give allegiance to ever, you know, ruling in that area, they will be happy with it. So Mark can Medina Subhanallah by natural resources and being not so fancy attractive area people just left it out?

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Allah particularly with those natural resource panela any boundaries? Again, this is America the Prophet saw some signs of a law hate law hedge Autobytel fat. Why is that so important anyway?

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Because the reward for hijra, the reward for Hijra was unbelievable was something like no one can really compete with because that wasn't the time when Islam needed every single soul every single able person to go and support the Muslim men in Medina and of course increase the volume of the believers in that city. We needed them.

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So everybody who might get some Mecca to Medina or from the Arabian Peninsula to Medina, he has an award for the Hijra. The cold on the MaHA Julian, it was a title Allah mentioned the Quran to be among the best ones right. Once the conquest of Makkah took place what happened with that title? Palace it's over. You're done.

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Even if you come out and live in Medina from anywhere you want to date for that because now migrated to Medina is easy, because everything has become Muslims rather than that in that territory. So the prophets are same so there will be no need for you to do Hijra after the conquest of Mecca. Then he said salah, sampah Wallach and Jihad and one year but what is left for you he says Al Jihad officer Billa and have the good intention to do good deeds.

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What does that mean? says even if you missed and this is for you and I, even if you miss the opportunity to get the reward for Hedra you can still catch up

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You can still catch up as much as we can with two things as you have the FISA Videla to fight for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and thrive on the cause of Allah azza wa jal and the second was having good intention to do good deeds,

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sees how valuable the intention is you must have a good intention. Having the intention to good deeds it's so valuable that given tantamount to the level of Hijra with the Prophets Allah Tala ceremony, if the intention was right. Like what did the margarine do? They gave up everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala who can have that sincere intention in their heart to give up everything in this dunya for the sake of Allah azza wa jal?

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It's so great. But if a person has that intention in their heart, to abandon things, stay away from the Haram stay away from the from the time places of faith and and so on, for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, they are like as if they're doing hijra, not the physical though, but who from Mecca to Medina. We said earlier on last last actual discussion, that the physical Hijra right now is not required for Mecca to Medina, obviously, but it's still required for people living in any place where the man can be in danger, to go to some other images can be actually better unless they can stay in that land to resist an increase in Hamdulillah, the volume of Eman and what minute.

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But they're required to do that Hijra if needed to save the man and save them of course they keep themselves safe as well to the last portion of the Hadith says kawaii the stone for tomb fan Pharaoh if there was at some point there is no fear and request from the believers to go and fight then you should actually respond. Like if became an assisity that the enemy lands into your territory, land into your area, or you've been called for a cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala then you have to go and respond to that cause so that also will be equivalent, as if it was the reward for doing that Hijra. So we missed the Hijra with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Do not miss the reward for that Hijra

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inshallah Tabata Kota Allahu Taala Allah any questions your man

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All right, go to Hiroshima phonic alone but 100 That should alert us to Africa to Berlin.