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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers explore the rules of Islam, including punishment and punishment, and the use of Zina as a punishment. They emphasize the importance of following specific rules and following rules for different reasons. The use of Zina as a punishment for crimes, including cutting someone's wealth and causing them to give charity, is also discussed. The importance of budgeting and staying clean is also emphasized. The use of the rule 100 in Islamic law protects against actions of criminal activity, and the use of the symbol of the Holy Spirit of Islam in various political and political events is also discussed.
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Questions from last actually a session and listen to the session shall I'm gonna go over them in the last version

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that does this rule in this death, punishment for genuine religion. This rule applies to people who converted to Islam and then change are also born Muslims. Obviously the question is actually is out of context. Why because if you're talking about the situation today, it's irrelevant now. There is no Islamic rule in the society to begin with. So people they switch from religion to religion, but it's we're talking about if someone accepts Islam in a Muslim rule, and then they choose, they chose to change that and leave Islam while they're still living in the Muslims rule and society, obviously, without repentance. That's the one that's become punishable not because they change their

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religion. It's because that could be a sole source of fitna in the future. So that's why it is considered punishable. Also, it's not in the hands of individuals to do that. That's actually the sovereignty of the land. So it's in the hands of the state to observe the hack of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is higher than the hug of any human being or individual, Allah Allah.

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Allah Okay, so a question here. It says hypothetical, I hope it's hypothetical. So does the I that speaks about of course,

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a capital punishment, when it comes to retaliating equally to the punishment that was executed that was actually done against you? So does the verse allow retaliation against someone else who was unrelated to the murder? So for example, if a man a has a son, and he murders man's B, son, will the Quran give the right for Man B to retaliate against man as a son? But you guys still? Do you understand the example? Someone kills someone's son? And then the other person goes in retaliation because the other man's son, is that permissible? Absolutely not. If you remember from what we discussed earlier, would come to the stomach punishment system, who is the one receives the

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punishment, the perpetrator on the perpetrator, and anyone who's related related to the punishment to that to the crime itself? If that son was part of the crime, probably would be actually also received the same punishment depends on the circumstances. But just because he's his son, it doesn't mean to do that. No, I'm Stan. And by the way, Allah in some Muslim country, though, I'm not sure where the situation was arbitrary. There is no rule in the land. So the government was very loose. So remote areas, there was really it's just like wild west over basically. So it happened, that someone who was there told me what's going on there, says in one tribe,

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if they kill somebody from their tribe, they're going to kill someone equivalent, and from the other tribe, to the extent that they won in one tribe, murdered

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a guest visitor teacher, who came to teach in that village. So that village killed another accurate visiting teacher from that village.

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to individuals has no blood relation to this tribe, where murder nonsense, Allah Stan,

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that's how ridiculous it is.

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As for the punishment for the crime of killing someone in Islam is, is how the crime was committed, taken into consideration and account, for example, if it was a crime of passion, unintentional, or the death was a result of wound caused during a fight. Of course, I mean, it's not arbitrary. As a matter of fact, if you look at the stomach, in punitive system and the punishment and a penalty system, it is so sophisticated that a lot of what we have in the western culture somehow it comes out from the Muslim system, it is so rigorous, that you have to follow specific rules before you're able to even produce that punishment against this individual. So they take into consideration the

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intention. Was it deliberate or not? Was that premeditated killing or not was that by mistake, if there was any doubt on this killing, to be deliberate and to be premeditated, there will be no capital punishment anymore. You have the option to forgive or take blood money which is considered there. But definitely it's extremely important to understand this not arbitrary system. There is a lot of actual rules involved.

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Is if a person is married and watches haram things on the internet is that same as adultery. I cannot say it's adultery but it's a form of Zina. That's what the Prophet says Sam says carnival I noticed he was in another and the eye commit Zina and Zina of the eye is looking at the Haram thing. Is it punishable in the same fashion? The answer is no. But definitely is damaging. It's wrong is absolutely haram and the person need to feel Allah Subhanallah first and foremost before anybody else, and if they need help, they need to seek professional help. It could be addiction. They can't get out of it and Allah protect them from material Bananaman.

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bunker in terms of Zina, who does one address for the punishment?

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Well, here's the thing. Like I said, Islamically speaking, yes, there is there specific punishment for specific crimes. But the purpose is not really to execute the punishment as much as to create the sense of

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deterrence. And of course, you know, people stay away from causing any corruption to society. So therefore, in terms of the Zina is the same thing over there specific rules for that. And it was so hard to prove, to give people a chance to repent. And the only thing that we know in the history of Muslim OMA that the Zina punishment was executed with

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a giraffe basically, like confession. That's the only time that we know that this punishment was executed in the Muslim and Muslim time. And it's also numbers of times. But there was no really any punishment of rajim. Because people they brought four witnesses to testify, they've seen the actual act act of Zina.

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So it goes to the state, but that in this society where there is no Islamic rule, there is no real anyone to go to. So in this case it because between them and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So it says here that it's not allowed to distribute the wealth on deathbed to the heirs. But can you give charity on deathbed?

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Really depends. If that person was known to be charitable, and their lifetime, they always give charity so there's that moment they also want to extend their child to their deathbed as well. That's okay. You can accept that as long as the charity doesn't go over 1/3 of their wealth, but the person was not known to be charitable and then all of a sudden become mashallah and philanthropic in the last moment of his life. Then with this case, we said no, all this money goes back into the pool to be distributed as inheritance.

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So anger or Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala believe Allah, Allah him, what will be the name of Allah subhana wa Tada from the smarter person than the Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal, not every attribute of Allah has a name for it, but every name of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna has an attribute to it. So when they say Allah or Rahim, that's the name of Allah is the most merciful, what will be the attribute Rama? Allah has Rama has mercy upon what Allah Allah Allah for he is a form of forgiving will be the attribute MACURA right. But anger for example or yeah algebra booka Agia from Allah there is no name for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala as well from these these attributes it

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just an attribute and action Allah

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the gibbon suricata non Muslim is that allowed? The answer is yes, of course.

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A person wants to give all the money

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has for charity and live paycheck to paycheck but family says to save money for kids and in case of emergency, what route should the person take? The professor says I left the southerners field manager. Meaning you know, frugality and saving is half of good living. You don't go and spend all your money and then start begging after that. As Allah says in the Quran, Paul

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will attach a letter genetic Camelot and Anaka cover letter SOTA Columbus, don't hold your hand to your neck mean be stingy and don't stretch your hand completely in giving. So you live nothing. In this case you go start begging other people that's not good. Also, the professor said it's better for you to leave your heirs wealthy than begging the people after you die. So whether it's during the lifetime or after the lifetime it's better to keep inshallah decent living for your family. But again, it's a case by case scenario I cannot tell you tell you how much you should keep how much you should do that. But budgeting definitely is a good way of living shallow Tana

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kind of Hadith really abrogate the Quran.

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Someone has given their opinion, I think there is danger in putting the two on the same level. What do you think keep it for yourself? The Allama they said yes it can. Because the Quran and if the hadith is proven to be authentic, its equivalent in terms of authority authority to the Quran. Because Allah subhanaw taala, about the Prophet Salah selama majenta Quan and Hawa and who are ill eloheinu Ha, he is not speaking of his own vain desires. That's why from Allah azza wa jal, but in the Prophet saw some his words and his actions, so in terms of authority, it has the same level of authority. But in terms of course, be the words of ALLAH no doubt the Quran is the word of Allah

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subhanaw taala itself. So yes, the Hadith can abrogate the Quran or does the spirit of our own government.

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month but actually they say it can.

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When we say abrogation does not necessarily have to mean abrogate the entire idea could be sometimes abrogate the hokum the rule that was that came in the IRA, or make an amendment to the rule that came in the I.

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inheritance from entrust if someone has inherited money, or receives it as gift, the receiver knows that the sender had money in an interest account, kind of person take the gift or inheritance knowing where the money came from. There's different Verbena mandorla, I follow the opinion which says that look, the sin of interest is on the on the one who, who owned the original account, you receive that money in a halal way for you. So the inheritance for example, or was given to you as a gift. So for you to receive it, yes, you can. Should you receive it? That's an issue of piety right now. So in terms of permissibility, you are allowed, but in terms of should you or should you not?

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That's a matter of piety of the heart, it's up to you.

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Can you give the cat to a family where one spouse owns gold or silver above and hisab but the household itself is not able to meet monthly needs? What if the lady is wealthy, and the man is not as wealthy because they cannot meet the expense of the household? Then you give to the man not to the woman? The woman is rich, but the man still can receive as a car. The wife was rude. Abdullah was older they allow Anna, she went to the Prophet Salla sedums house, one and Bilal was guarding the gate for the prophets Assam. She said, Could you ask the prophet for me a question, but just don't tell him who's asking.

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Why did Rhodiola Anna she said to be that don't tell him who's asking. She wants to save her husband not to expose her husband's situation. So she asked him she said could you ask the professor's if a mount of a woman is allowed to give her the car to her poor husband?

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A woman is allowed to give her the car to her poor husband. And she said and don't tell him who's asking. So we'll go to the Prophet semirara. So Allah ladies asking by the door she says, Is it okay for a woman to give her the cat to her husband? The professor said who's asking?

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The public wanted to know his community. He wants to know who is it who's in trouble who needs help. Right? Now Bella is stuck right now. She said Don't say and the robot is asking was asked What is it going to do? So yeah, to answer. He goes, Zainab.

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He has said Xena and the Prophet says and wasn't satisfied because I use a Anub. Like which one of them? It was the wife of Mr. Because, okay, tell her it's okay. She can give them those. Okay.

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So yeah, if even the wife can give the car to her husband, that's fine. Now can the husband give us the car to his wife?

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Now Gemma, can he get his car? His wife? Absolutely not why?

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It's his duty to take care of her. It's your duty is his duty to care to take care of her now?

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With no Islamic State, does capital punishment for adultery still apply? I mean, you said it yourself. There is no rule. That is fair, unjust in Islamic situations damage rule, you can apply this this rule because again, what's the purpose of these crimes, this punishment is your man deterrence. And making those executions happen. Society doesn't actually care and doesn't have the rules to protect people from this such a crime, it will be it will be no need for it. So therefore, with the rule 100 is established and access to marriage is established made easy and halal. Then in this case, anyone who commits adultery or Zina then they have crossed the line. They have crossed

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the line they could have married but decided to do something haram now.

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And is there a way to repent from the sin and stay away now that we know the subunits of it? Absolutely. who hold you from repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Allah Tada kuliah Virgilian so volunteerism Latok Motomura Rahmatullah in Allah for de novo Jamia, say to my servant yeah Evangelina sastra. Juan present tells my servants who became extravagant they went extravagant and committing sins wrong wrongdoing themselves, like talking about extravagance, what does that mean as your man they have didn't leave anything but they've done in terms of haram? La tokonoma Rahmatullah Do not be the spirit of the Mercy of Allah. In Allah for the robe Jimmy Allah forgives

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all the sins except for one which one is you should associate parties with Allah subhanaw taala as long as you repent properly, which means first of all, commit I mean commit to to live in it to live that sin completely commitment, number two to regret. And number three, of course, the first one actually to see is to stop that that sin first, then to to regret and be remorseful about it, not to remember and says oh, the good old days and number three to commit you'll never go back again to that sin. If that comes sincerely from the heart. I hope Allah will forgive you that sin if someone for

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was weak again and commit the sin one more time what did what do they need to do? Go again back the same repentance inshallah to make it better

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in terms of inheritance does it go against the spirit of the law if someone gives up to 1/3 of his inheritance as we'll see yeah to his daughter so that she gets an equal amount of inheritance to the brother the answer is no, that's cheating

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because you're not more merciful than Allah subhanaw taala to your children. And if Allah decides how much they receive, then Allah Subhana Allah knows best. And even the Prophet made it very clear, Lao will say, Yeah, tele wire if you can't give Wuxia to someone who receives by inheritance, you can't give them anything.

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Regarding them accosted, who established the five Makkasan? And was it a specific scholar? Actually, it's a development of Islamic law. The history of Islamic law went through phases and stages. And even these mock classes were not only just five, some Allama they have them up to 13 to seven to nine. And even when they said they're five some Halima, they have actually different opinion on regard to these five Makkasan but then finally, everybody brings everything back to one Ireland was a mammoth shelter Rahim Allah Donna like he's the one who codified these codes. There's another Karachi and maybe even Tamia, Rahim, Allah and many other Allama they contributed to the

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establishment of these codes

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what is the explanation or Tober for Rosani in lieu of a court applied had if the person committed Zina and they were punishment the punished Islamic punishment have had that had in itself I hope you shot us kuffaar for them as opposed measure hate about an assignment or the ultra nawada Like the one who commits a sin Okay, model hateful, aka foreign to them, then it's gonna fall now.

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But if they did not, of course, get that punishment, they got away with it. Can they remain silent and seek Toba? The answer is yes, absolutely. That's what they need to do. Will they ever feel peace that's between them and Allah subhanho wa taala. What they need to do is to try always have has not done biller messages that have been good assumption about Allah Subhana Allah that Allah will accept from them, Allah will be pleased with them, Allah will forgive they will make their life better, and always try their best to do more and more so they will never go back again to that sinful lifestyle. I want to close with this. The story of the lady who used to steal in Medina or the hola Ana, she

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used to steal women's goals and she was captured. And she was Mizzou, Mia, meaning she was from an elitist, you know, tribe in the Arabian Peninsula. And when the when the Prophet sasm brought her to justice to just which is best to cut her hand for the punishment of theft. Everybody was trying to find a way not to punish her family, they wanted to run some hair, they want to pay a lot of money. And so they tried too many people to speak with a profit service and no one dared to speak with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So they went to Osama bin Zayed his beloved young child. So they went to Osama Bin Salman was a young man. The whole magazine Bernama has only remember the leaders of Masoom

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coming to a teenager telling him Could you talk to the Prophet xlsm for us, please can you ask us if you can help us with that? We are willing to pay whatever we want whatever we can to get her out of this punishment. So sama give him mashallah and leverage right. All these people speaking to him, they know his his relationship to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was so proud of it so you go to the Prophet SAW said I'm Yara Salah burner Masoom they're they're willing to pay so much you know to release their daughter from the punishment and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he you could say like flipped on him.

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He was so upset with him that Osama said that they I just felt oh my god, what have I done? They have said the profit center this level caught our attention we had them and who to delay our sermon like how dare you? How dare you come to negotiate with me about one of Allah's rules? Like, are you serious? Like how dare you put yourself in this position? How could you do this to me? How could you allow them to do this to you? Like Osama he said, I've never seen the professor some was angry. In you know, a moment before that he was just like Osama he learned his lesson.

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And that was the last time that we ever interfered. The idea is that the professor went to the member and made a very famous football and he says if it was my daughter Fatima did that I will do the same thing to her. Because Be careful societies were destroyed because when the rich steals they let them go. When the poor does they punish them until you make them both equal before the law. Then I she said they punish that lady. Then she said something beautiful called what Hassan Al Islam. She became such a very good person after that, like her Dean increased her Eman increase, even though there was punishment Subhanallah but it was actually a blessing in disguise for her. May Allah

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subhana Forgiver Branham Allah Azza wa Jalla wa

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