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AI: Summary © The Battle of barrel was a major incident that changed the history of the Muslims in China. The event involved the use of weapons and the need for people to stay close to leaders during strike. The campaign ended with the loss of several members and the man leading a woman to capture a caravan of the army. The situation is described as a classic example of a military incident that is a classic example of a military incident. The transcript describes a fight between the army and the Army, where the army wins and takes the loss of their position. The fight is unsuccessfully stopped and the army tries to fight until they are killed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Asha freedom ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah is among the highly he

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does live on cathedral cathedral following my family and other sisters. The Battle of brother is

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one of the most critical incidents in the history of the Muslims in the Sierra. It's a watershed, a watershed event. It was a small battle that lasted a few hours, but it changed the history of the Muslims.

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The Battle of butter is so significant that in the normal understanding of the Syrah and the position and the importance of the Sahaba and the honor that is given to them, it is our tradition that the battery in that is the people who took part in the Battle of butter are given the highest honor among all the Sahaba except the Usher on mobile shara, the 10, who are given the glad tidings of Jana in this life itself. Other than them, the people who took part in the Battle of whether they take precedence over on the other Sahaba of Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi salam,

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to the extent also that once Gibreel a Salam was visiting Rasul Allah is on Salaam and this matter was mentioned. And he said, that he said, he also Allah, the angels who took part in the Battle of bother with you and your and your companions

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among us, meaning among the angels, they have the highest status. So this battle is very significant, and so on. So let's look at it in some detail in China.

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The Battle of bother is a classic example of risk taking, of supporting the leader of the leader,

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involving his people in his decision making,

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of putting up the willingness to put your life on the line for your cause, and have total trust and thoughtful in Allah subhanho wa Taala delivered.

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The battle was interesting, because it was not a planned battle, it was not straight, it was not a part of a strategy or anything like that. It just happened suddenly. And this is an example of how Allah subhanaw taala gives opportunities. And when we take advantage of these opportunities in the right way and with trust in Allah subhanaw taala then the results of that are

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huge. And you will see how the battle of Mother literally

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or the history the part of the history of the Muslims and of course of the crash.

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It happened suddenly, as I said, and that explains why only a few Sahaba

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participate in it

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participated because only what 330 interior entities something like this, although there were probably a couple of 1000 people who were Muslim in Medina at that time.

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But only a few participated in D the ones who participated were not really equipped for war.

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They were not going for a war. So you know, they had their regular personal weapons only. And let's see what happened as soon as a Salem had dispatched, they'll have no way to learn that having a way the left hand side bins eight,

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are they allowed to ask the scouts and they were not.

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And look for any to look for any movements of the caravans operation. Because the operations we know they used to have caravans going north to Syria and South Korea. So these two scouts the two Sahaba live in a way the law and savings aid or the allowance. They stayed at a place called a hora

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for some days and there they learned about abuse of yarn or the Alonzo at that time he was not a Muslim. So they heard what I was

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and his caravan

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which was which passed by them. Now, they discovered that this caravan had

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had great wealth the the estimated that it had wealth amounting to 50,000 gold dinars

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and it was

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it was passing relatively close to Medina because of the route that

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I was took

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and basically the Skywalk

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consisted of the proceeds from the the loot that the Quraysh had accumulated when they confiscated illegally, they've understated the wealth of the Muslims who left Makkah toward Madeira. So it was taken it was it was almost like saying, Well, this is our things that he's taking and getting away with, and therefore we should get it back. The caravan was guarded by 40 men, so it wasn't there was no army supporting it or or guarding it.

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And it,

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therefore was potentially a very heavy and valuable economic, political and military strike

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if the Muslims could

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capture the scattering, and it was bound to shake the entire structure of the leadership operation Mecca. So these two men, they hurried back to Medina, and reported to Roswell laser center.

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So as a salon decided to take advantage of this opportunity that Allah subhanaw taala had sent. And so he was in the budget another way, Sharif and he called we were already in Israel, let's go to capture the caravana, who was

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to make up for the property and wealth declaration stolen, stolen from the Muslims, when they left Bucha. He did not give these orders as binding on everyone that they must follow him, but he just said, whoever is free, whoever can come and come.

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So if somebody if someone didn't come, it was not they were disobeying also a lesser seller.

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He did that because he thought this is not a full fledged battle or something like that. It's like a quick skirmish is go and capture this caravan and we're back. Some people, they asked him permission to go to their dwellings to bring their weapons and their mounts and so on, but declined, he refused. And he said that only those who are ready should go with it.

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That is why there were more people from hazards and fewer from house because the house lived a distance away from the center from Mozilla NaVi in their own fort

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and their own area. And so going they're coming back would involve a couple of hours in the salon do not want to spend that time

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waiting for them to go and come so it's a no whoever's ready, goes with us who is not ready and did not come.

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deep, important thing to understand here is how was he even able to do this is because in that culture and time,

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every man and time I mean, if you if you looked at this is the seventh century, if you looked across the world,

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you will find the same thing happening anywhere in the world. And that is that every man was trained to the sword, the spear and the bow. And also most women, and all of them, in the case of the Arabs were expert husband and Campbell writers. Now, husband, Kevin writers was specific to the Arabs, also specific to Romans to the Persians. Also in Britain, the Celts were

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a great horseman, as much as like one of their the one of their most famous Queens was Queen Boudicca, who, throughout the Romans, who took the rose out of Britain almost managed to succeed, she caused great loss to the Romans. And their invasion broke and that the invasion was first it was Julius Caesar, who invaded Rome. We made it Britain. And this was in

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this was this was

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before the first century, it was like,

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I think it was maybe 10 BCE or something. And then the, that invasion was broken. And then they, I mean, it was there for a couple of couple of 100 years, and after that they left. And then in the time of the Emperor Claudius. There was a major invasion of Rome, and they occupied practically all of Britain. And then bodyguard came along and she and this was during the time of Nero, who was the successor of Claudius, where she almost completely threw them out of row of

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auto Britain. And the reason I'm saying all this is because bearing weapons, knowing how to fight, combat

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training all this was part of the culture of the time, everyone could do it. And so also the Arabs

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and especially with the Arabs also, this wasn't necessarily because one of their time honored customs was reading, reading one tribe reading another tribe, one tile, you know, habitation, reading another habitation, and getting away slaves and, and booty, whatever they would get, which is basically animals and so on.

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So the alternative if you did not want to, or if we did not, if you were not able to fight, if you will, if you didn't know if you didn't know how to

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how to fight and what to do with weapons. The alternative was death or slavery, one of the two.

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So it was a necessity of the time and so people were trained, the Arabs were conscript soldiers, then they fought the skirmishes, they, they were not professional soldiers campaigning, under carrier officers, like you would see if you read the history of the time of the Romans and the Persians. These were major massive armies, hugely equipped, they had the clear battle strategies, they had career officers who trained soldiers as well as trade officers, and then they

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led them in battle. They were campaigners. They would, soldiers will be out in the field, sometimes for a decade at a time and sometimes for 10 years, the soldier would go back home or more, and a few years, three, four years, five years was normal in any any campaign will take that much time. So this was not like this, the atoms were farmers, they were carpenters, they were tradespeople and so on. And but they would also fight so when it was when they it was decided to read they would go and they would be with their tribal chief and they would read and come back or if they were attacked and immediately they would take up their arms and defend themselves this was a so they could do it but

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they were not career soldiers there will be and we are not looking here at a campaigning army

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which was fighting any any battle.

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They fought as light cavalry, with minimal armor, sometimes they know our at all, sometimes the some some of them who could afford it, maybe they had a helmet, maybe they had some chainmail.

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Maybe they had a thick

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leather jacket or something like this.

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They dependent more on surprise on their strategy and on their speed because they had beautiful horses very well trained. And so they could get in and out very fast. And so they were not into long drawn a set battle with infantry and artillery and stuff like that not they had none of that didn't didn't even have artillery, artillery, then they didn't have siege engines, they did not lay siege to anything quick in and out. So these are the kinds of readers

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example of this could be the Native Americans in America before the British landed here and destroyed everything. So they were like that. So this is read, come back go come back. The Muslim army in this case of so these just to close that. Therefore it meant that the

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the Arab they followed their own tribal leaders, even if there was an overall commanding officer, as in this case, it was also the seller, but their primary loyalty to and obedience to was to their tribal leaders, not to a commanding officer and not to any carrier, soldier or officer because there was no such thing.

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we have a side note we will see this when we come to that part of the Sierra. But we have we have an incident of what happened with

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the cause Raj, who were at that time led by Abdullah when nobody was in saloon who was the leader and in the Battle of our heart. As they were coming out of Medina, he decided to abandon the army or soldiers or Salah even though he had come out to fight for wrestlers on Salem, he decided to abandon the army and he took his people are left with 300 people just turned around and went back to Medina even though they had covered to fight with

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Rasulullah saw salaam against the Quraysh and that was something which was very harmful to the cause of the time. So we've been busy this example to hear was GRF people who follow their own tribal leader even though they were technically Muslims. And even though Russell was a wrestler

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himself was present. But instead of following the Prophet Muhammad salah, they followed Abdullah midway with saloon because he was their tribal leader. The Muslim army,

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in this case in battle was comprised of between 303 117 people, we have this figure of 313 sotera tr and 13 as the figure which is usually mentioned.

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But the figure was probably you know, more like this couple of few people more or less of this 82 to 86 were Maha God

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61 of them hygiene

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61 were from the house

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and 170 from the hazards

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they were not supposed to have he was not well equipped or,

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or adequately prepared. They had only two horses, which belong to as well will Allah.

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And I'll admit that

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when I saw the kindy they had 70 camels, one for two or three men to ride alternatively, so they took turns

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one or one camel and three people.

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And I saw as I said,

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there were three people who had one camera one of them was rustlers, Salem.

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I live in Italy, and Murthy been Abby Martin. Hola, Valerie. So these were the three people who had also one camera and they would take turns writing that Kevin. So the other two I live in Italia, Alonso and Murthy have been awarded Alana we have the Alonso, they offered the camera with a cell in this area. So live view right and we will walk but Rasulullah sallallahu refused and he said you are not stronger than I am. And I need the reward as much as you do.

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As they say the sign of the our great leader is that the leader each last and this is a classic example of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and his style of leadership

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that he treated himself equal to everyone he did not give himself some exceptional privileges and exceptional perks.

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affairs or disposition of affairs of Medina this was entrusted to ignore mum Octo

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or Galarneau. And later on to our Baba when up there Monday, or they allow on the general leadership of the army was given to and he was the standard bearer of the whole army and that was Musa women aware of the Alonso and their standard was white in color. This little army was divided into two battalions the

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with the more hygiene

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with a standard which was their standard bearer was aluminum metallic or Delano and the answer

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standard and who's

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whose standard bearer

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was sad been more popular as the way Bill was appointed as the leader of the right flank and Al Mehrdad. Even the AMA was to lead the left leg, the rear guard of the army

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the rear guard of the army

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was the commander of the rear guard

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was case when

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the alarm was on as I said, I'm personally commanded his force so he was the overall commander in chief and they marched out along the main road leading to Makkah and then they turned left towards butter

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and when they reached a place called a Sephora

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also doesn't stop there for some time and he dispatched two men to scout

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to and look for the camels are correct. So is to see what happened to the caravan of our Sophia. Now,

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even today if you go along the

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road to bother road to if you if you go to for example, if you go to Madina Munawwara and

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if you come, if you take the insert of taking the

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the high road, I mean the highway, if you take the

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the old road, this road goes past these places, past or Sephora and passed by and in, in bother. There is a very interesting thing

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that's very interesting.

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What they have done now is they have enclosed that whole battleground

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of butter. And they put a wall around it. And there is a

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big wall with a painting of the Battle

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of painting of that whole

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of the Army, where

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it was camped, and so on. So it was, this whole painting is there. And it's very interesting thing to see. When you go there you see it, you know, this is where it was camped. And this is where the others were camped and so on. So you could see all of that you can see all of that if you will, even today. Because of because of this. So it's a really interesting detour to take, when you go next time to Medina, don't go on the main highway or take the old road, which is the road with passed by Sephora and mother.

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So Russell said to two scouts, two men out to scout and in the meanwhile, he spoke to his followers.

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Now it was very interesting in situation here

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where these were those asylum is speaking to them. Because

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the situation has,

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has changed in a way. And the situation changes in a way to say that the I was

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at that time was a fear and got

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wind of the fact that as soon as a seller was probably going to ambush him. So he changed his route and he left and he went to went to Makkah, we'll come to the whole detail of that in a minute. But just to give you the background for what I'm about to say now. So he left any so he escaped them, he basically he took a road which took him

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past the sequel, so he would have gotten closer agenda. And he went to Africa.

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And he sent word to the Quran is to say that he is safe and they did not do anything. But before that he had sent a man and I'll go into the details of all this

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he had sent a man

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telling them asking them for help to help me because I have your your wealth and so on. So the courage

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immediately raised an army of around 1100 people It started off with about 1500 people and then 300 of them left again didn't didn't join them so they were 1100 people or so Lebanon soldiers, well equipped army

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and so on. And they were now headed towards birth

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to save our Sophia and to fight Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So they the courage left to come towards buzzer wrestlers wrestling was gathered here before mother at a place called Sephora. And

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the situation has changed because now they had come to bother. Or they were not coming to bother, but they were they were coming actually to

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capture the Karma What was

00:23:55--> 00:24:02

and that is how they left and that's why they were few and so on and not very not very well equipped. But

00:24:03--> 00:24:11

the situation not changed, I was a VR has left. Instead they are facing the might have the courage

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or rather they would face the might of the college if they went any further. So, this was a situation the whole situation completely got flipped. Now think about this.

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They came out to capture the caravan of hours affair. So the caravan of office via through it, it was you know it represented their wealth which they had lost and so on. So what epic effectively this was for the dunya because it was something that they had material which they wish they had their own material or even if it was not their own material in those days it was permissible to read. So it was you know lawful booty for them. If they could have captured the cover. They would have become wealthy in the material.

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and worldly sense.

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That situation got flipped, it got chased. And this guy right now has escaped.

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Now what are they facing, the choice they're facing is number one, turn around go back home. So they could have returned without any problem. And without any dishonor the job that they went to do the task that they went to accomplish, the task itself was not there anymore. So they would have gone home quite safe.

00:25:30--> 00:25:45

The alternative was to face an army, which was three times their size, which was far better equipped. And therefore it was a very huge and present danger to their lives and to their

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to themselves. And, but the but the,

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the the possible, the, the benefit, if for them, if they won, that was that they will strike a blow to the chorus from which the operation would be very would find it difficult to recover. Because if they won that battle, it would be a strategically a huge blow to the prestige of the forests, what actually happened in the Battle of weather was even worse for the forest even better for the wisdom, but I'm just saying, just thinking about this and saying that if therefore, the forage,

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and they want imagine the

00:26:29--> 00:26:41

prestige of winning against Army three times their size, and, you know, whatever damage, they will do the courage, this would have been something which was very hugely

00:26:42--> 00:26:44

beneficial, and something very hugely

00:26:46--> 00:26:47

to be

00:26:48--> 00:27:04

hugely beneficial for them. Now think about this, that that that benefit, we they would have got short, they would have got some booty and so on. But that benefit really was the benefit for Islam the benefit for their Acida. So this was the choice that they had, that Allah subhanaw taala put them in,

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where on the one hand, you could go away, you did not get the duty of a dude, you would still not be lost. But the other hand, you could actually lose your life you could you could, you know, be annihilated. But if you won that battle,

00:27:20--> 00:27:43

then you would taste the sweetness of taco or Allah subhanaw taala. And you would do a very, very big favor for the sake of Islam. So this was the this was the the courts a dilemma, if you want to call it that also, as a Salem, see his style, now he could have, they were going Word of God, he didn't do that.

00:27:44--> 00:28:13

He spoke to the people he called other people and he spoke to them and informed them of the situation very clearly told them this is what is happening. He did not hide anything from them. So this is what is happening. I was event that was gone, we are facing the if you go there we are going to face the the MITRE Corporation. You know, at that time, they didn't have the exact numbers, but they knew that the currencies were, the army was much bigger than their than their own.

00:28:15--> 00:28:22

And he said, Give me your advice, what do you say? So I will say these are the Alon who was the first and he said

00:28:23--> 00:28:23

yes, when

00:28:25--> 00:28:38

you come on and we will obey. There is no doubt about that one of the Hidalgo Delano he stood up and he said the same thing. He said, You come on and we obey, we have no problem with this. And inshallah

00:28:39--> 00:28:46

whatever you tell us to do, we are ready, and we are willing to do this for you. So this is the

00:28:48--> 00:28:50

this is what both the

00:28:52--> 00:29:00

both the great companions of resources will work on and Omar Jalon what they said, and then

00:29:02--> 00:29:28

he got up and he said jasola Proceed wherever Allah subhanaw taala directs you to for we are with you. We will not say as the children are when Israel's at Musa alayhis salam go you and you're up and fight and we will stay here. Rather we will say go you and your rap and fight and we will fight along with you. By Allah. He said Why Allah? If you were to take us to Bartleby, what

00:29:30--> 00:29:34

was a very powerful fortress which was considered to be

00:29:36--> 00:29:39

you know, theory, impossible to

00:29:41--> 00:29:53

to beat. So they said if even if your objective is to buckle Viva we will still fight with you resolutely against its defenders until you conquered the fortress.

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

And as long as I was tagged him and blessed him he did that with whoever spoke he thanked me bless them.

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all the three of these people of the leaders who spoke were from the hygiene. Now they constituted their part, they found only a small part of the army. That's one of them wanted, and for the more reason to hear the views of the answer, because they were the majority of the soldiers, and obviously, they would shoulder the brunt of the war activities. Second thing was, according to the pledge of Aqaba, the by tilaka.

00:30:36--> 00:30:44

They had pledged to defend us all as asylum within their territory. So this did not extend

00:30:45--> 00:30:49

to, for them to commit to fight beyond their debt.

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So, as soon as I said, I wanted to be sure, and again, this shows us two things. One is that the Arabs, they when they fought, they fought through to

00:31:03--> 00:31:07

me they obeyed their own tribal leaders, and also service animals, obviously, well aware of that.

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So he didn't want to be in a situation where suddenly thou the Assad have disappeared. And, you know, he's, he's left with very few soldiers. So he wanted he wanted them to give him his short.

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Now on this side, meanwhile, Delano he stood up and he said, By Allah,

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I feel that you want us unser to speak.

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Because as soon as I kept saying, advise me, my people, and when we want people

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to buy that demand the answer, and also as a resident, then

00:31:46--> 00:31:47

I've been watching it.

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I feel you want us to speak, there is a reason I'm serious. Sabarimala de la casa Yara Salalah. We believe in you. And we were witness to what you have brought to us. And we declare, in clear unequivocal terms, that what you have brought is the truth. They give you our firm pledge of obedience, and sacrifice, we will obey you must willingly in whatever you commanded us to do. And by Allah, who has sent you with the truth, if you were to ask us to plunge into the ocean into the sea, we will do that most readily and not a man of us will stay behind. We do not grasp the idea of encounter with the enemy. We are experienced in warfare, and we are trustworthy in combat. We hope

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that Allah subhanaw taala will show you through our hands, those deeds of valor and courage, which will please your eyes, please lead us to the battlefield in the name of Allah.

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Now, as soon as I

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was very happy to hear this, and he thanked him and he blessed him in English the answer and then he said forward, and we have good cheer, for Allah has promised me one of two, the booty or she had aneema or shahada in the Cause of Allah and by Allah it is as if I know I now saw the enemy lying prostrate. Now this is what was

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said after the speech and they move forward to

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eventually to stop in the battlefield or whatnot with battlefield of brother or son Alana will vary wildly. He was