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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying true to Islam and not losing the sense of being a Muslim person. They emphasize the need to be aware of the loss of cannabinoids and the loss of the sense of being a Muslim person. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to be a Muslim person and preparing for events. The speakers stress the need to educate oneself and their children to become a part of the culture, as well as challenges in society that are not considered a ritual but rather realistic lifestyles.
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surely cannot want to do under what kind of mother so some are more Who are they want her to be he was he was suddenly just leave and give you are you

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will see from one of the top Amalia zoologia come up on a model so Hannah What

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do you mean a shape all your body is Mila you're walking? Yeah.

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bedroom in Houma region and Kathy on when he's worked up a lot and and he does

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really well.

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In a mall, how can I have a bit more theva, my brothers and my sisters, and Hamdulillah, we passed through that channel of Ramadan, and we celebrated your ego fitsum. And then we waited for the first 10 days of full picture. And they came and they left and we celebrated our evil outcome. And we sacrificed the animal and we cut our hair and we ate from the food and we enjoyed ourselves. And one of the things that we need to keep in mind now is that we have a long stretch until I'm alone of next year. And so now is the time especially considering Allah has blessed us with these summer months. It is a time of planning a time of preparation and time to prepare for the year to come or

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the months to come. The long stretch before another month of Ramadan. And what I mean by this is that we ground ourselves in our Deen that we focus on what is important for us not only in this dunya but in our field. You see many of us we focus on our existence here. What do I need in order to survive? What do I need in order to provide for my wife? What do I need in order to give to my family? What do I need in order to equip them for the day that I leave this world and they will have to continue on and live here. But we forget a lot of the time that we are meant to equip our souls for the hereafter. First,

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first before this dunya and we forget that our IT IS is already written from a muscle power boys. Our

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earnings, our provision, our wealth, our luxuries, our hardships, our difficulties, our illnesses, our you know, whatever it is that we go through is written from a Muslim countable which I had already. And so what we need to focus on primarily is, and I don't want to be misunderstood, thinking that we all need to drop out of regular universities and go to Islamic universities. I don't want us to misunderstand and think that we all need to become happier than I am of the Quran and the Sunnah and the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what I do mean is that we need to constantly be conscious and aware of a loss of cannabinoids.

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With We are an engineer, if we are a doctor, a lawyer, if we are a teacher, if we are an IT professional, if we work in a warehouse, if we drive a truck, no matter what we do,

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consciousness of Allah subhana wa Jalla is what we need to have within this.

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What differentiates us is not our wealth and status. What differentiates us is our even our taqwa in the most accountable what Tyler and we take from the lessons of Ibrahim alayhis salam Allah so kinda went to Allah says,

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almost saw the doggy move and he went

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Yeah, Benny in

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Medina for

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of us so kind of went to Allah says the advice that Ibrahim gave to his offspring is that of which Jaco gave to his children as well. Who were the sons of yaku, Yusuf Ali Hassan, Binyamin and the brothers right. What did they advise their children? Yeah, Benny in the law has farfalla komati. Allah so can with Allah has indeed chosen you.

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For this faith,

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and chosen you.

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Sorry, then chosen for you. This faith, as in he has chosen you to be from amongst those who worship only Allah and chosen as a demon for us to be the deen of Allah subhana wa to Adam. And we know for us most of can with Allah says in Medina in the war, and Islam, what is Islam submission, and so look at what they tell their children, Allah has chosen this faith for you.

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For no one to Muslim, so do not die. Do not leave this world. Accept that you are in a state of full submission. Our brothers and sisters, when we think of full submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If our children are playing video games, that can be something that is downtime, time to relax time for them to just be free and away from many of the other responsibilities. But we need to train and educate them, no matter what they're going through. I just use video games as a simple example. We need to train them and educate them to be conscious and aware of a lot even when you're playing the video games. Many of us have that clock in our house when it's time for what do we hear a long, long

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If the video games don't stop when it's time for a sauna, then we should ask ourselves as parents when I'm eating my food, or when I'm doing something around the home when we are cooking or cleaning or doing any chores around the house and we hear the other end do we stop?

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How can I expect my children to stop and pray their Salah when they're enjoying themselves as children when we as adults are not doing that our own selves when we're outside cutting the grass and washing the car and doing some work around the house and for her goes and also goes and we come in and we say oh Subhanallah It's almost time for a month and we rush and recreate go home and also the men it's close to number of times we pray.

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This is not from the dean to this the Salah. Because of the reasons that Allah provided Allah provided the grass going thank Allah subhana wa Johanna for it. In fact make move Oh, bring your match, put it outside and pray on the grass.

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Enjoy the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. So my brothers and sisters, we need to educate our souls first, and then share it with our children share the knowledge that we gain with our offspring. And Ibrahim and Dr. Kolb I made him a sentence they share this advice with their children.

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In one two Muslim, do not leave this world except that you're in a full state of submission to a Muslim cannibal

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according to Cody how that was so fun office

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Allow people to live on Sunday, Sunday more Alana Beagle, Karim Ali, Salam tasleem. My brothers and sisters, there's a problem in our society.

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In fact, there's a problem in our listening communities.

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The problem is that we've made a slump. We've made our Deen, more ritualistic,

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then realistic.

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We have made the sacrificing of the animal as an example, a ritual of their needs.

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We go to a store, we pay them the money, we pick up the meat, we bring it to a Masjid or an organization and we dropped it off and hamdulillah My job is done. That's not what's meant from us. The sacrifice is not a ritual. That sacrifice is an act of very bad. So not

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just like we gave the example of the sacrifice Salam is not a ritual. It's a realistic lifestyle. It's what we are meant to do. Day in, day out five times a day. In the morning, in the heat of the day, in the evening in the night. Allah Subhana Allah wants us to turn to Him in submission and receive the Ibrahim alayhis salaam instill this within his son is married. He says almost can with Anna says what EDL Pharaoh ego on the model

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is very compelling. In in the semi or we are any Ibrahim and is marrying the two of them father and son, parent and child stand after working after building the house of a muscle cannaboids Allah and they make you out to a lot better Taco Bell mina inaka Anderson here Danny.

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But today what we see happening is the parents are spending their wealth giving it instead of building massage it helping the poor looking after orphans, feeding people around the world digging wells providing water and our children are on looking going okay when I get older, these are things I need to do. When they get older and their parents pass away. They feel I need to do this for my parents because for their sake they needed this for their sake. This was what made them happy. No we do things for the sake of Allah.

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We do things for the sake of Allah accountable.

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And our children should be so ingrained in doing those actions with us knowing that we are submitting to Allah in doing this. Not that I have to do this because of the responsibility once it's done and over with and come to London, let's move on with life. No, it should be a regular concern in our minds. This event is coming up Reed is coming up Juma is coming up, budget is coming up Asia is coming up a program is coming up. I need to prepare for it. Work is coming up school is coming up. You know exams is coming up all of the things of the world whether Islamic or non Islamic because everything is Islamic as long as we as Muslims are following what Allah subhanaw taala once

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everything becomes an act of God,

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we have to have that mindset.

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You see him either you sent him open our

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email you need.

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Me and Tina

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was Nina Jellinek asking Allah subhana wa to Allah to make our progeny from amongst those Muslims as well.

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And I will end with this simple example.

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Many young adults, I'm not talking about your teenagers. I'm not talking about the little children. Many young adults even of the age of marriage, they come to see me and they say, you know what, I need to do any kind just to please my parents.

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I need to do this. It's not an action just to please my parents because the dean in their lives became a culture

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and not a way of life.

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Dean is not a culture, religion, our faith our submission to Allah is not just culture. It is our way of life. Simple, easy, this is how we live as Muslims. Not that okay, this is the time of the year we do this and call us we move on. So my brothers and sisters the message for today is ingrain the deen within our lives and instill into within the lives of our children and teens.

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educate ourselves and educate our children and make them a part of it as well.

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We ask a loss accountable to it to make it easy for them to

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single one of us to do so.

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A lot of us on here I know my family Rhonda

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provided Carla from the veranda and

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Kathleen Majeed along with Phil and I want him now so now we're having a lot of Atlanta TV you know whether yada yada put in the Idi Amin along with the put them in or not and are slightly higher on the walk. I mean, you know what, please make it easy for us to instill the values of this deal within our lives and the lives of our children. You know a lot please make it easy for us to follow that which you have presented to us in the Quran as well as in the Sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, well please remove all hardships and difficulty from our lives and all of us that are experiencing any sort of difficulty even the picking of a form make it a means of forgiveness

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for every single one of us and we now open it in the Warhammer world in some very important way in our new faction and we're doing pretty well nothing

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was one year

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a long

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time you

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you want to sit

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down and have a beer? What

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are they?

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Because at the end user

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identity we hope you're

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all able to do this.

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For us people have

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want to follow up

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on laundry

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the shop

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you want

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know soon cell phone?

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to me that was stolen

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is to generously as possible on the way home from shopping and volunteers are there as well as on the sister site and lots of kind of data except from all of you. And once again, if I didn't see you on

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the team and your family won't be known consolidate the cinematic market

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a little bit