Ramadan 2021 – Qur’anic Expression #18

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Episode Notes

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


AI: Summary © The segment discusses two similar characters, Robbie and Angela, and their language and " skirts." They discuss words used to describe things, including "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "naught," "
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Okay we are live let's we'll also add was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He or savage nine salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody

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here with you guys again with another episode of Dr. Sunrise book, a terrible chronic chronic expression. And what I wanted to show you today is something that he does with the words are comparison between two ions that are very similar. So first, let me actually let me take you straight to the screen today and show you show it to you. The first of them is sort of an MBR I have number four. So this is 21. For those of you that are taking note of that, and the second one is 25, six foot upon I am number six, so I'm going to translate it for you verbatim. So you can understand why these two if they're similar, and we'll also take note of some of their differences right? So he

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said Robbie alemu Alcala for summer he will all leave my master knows the word my master he knows the word in the sky and the earth. Well who is semi demon he is the all hearing all knowing. So this is a comment about Allah knowing what knowing the word in the sky and the earth pole in South Africa and Angela hula the year alemu A Syrah for summer watty was out in the whole Ghana of rahima tell them

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the one who knows the secret inside the skies and the earth the the unknown information, the secret knowledge inside the skies in the air, the one who knows the secret inside the skies in the earth sent it down. Okay, and now we're gonna have rahima certainly he is extremely forgiving and extremely loving are always loving and caring or AHIMA. Okay. So very similar. So he knows the word and here he knows the secret. Right? So there are similar but there are some interesting differences. And here he knows Yeah, he knows ya know.

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But here in the first one, we see a sama he The sky was a summer he means well, the sky but in the second one it's not first summer he went out of the 12 first summer. Why it went out. Skies is the plural summer one summer and summer in summer windy summer we need some rainy summer to summer whitened somehow there's a plural of sky right. So why is one of them saying sky and the other saying skies maybe there's something to learn there. And also the names of OLED, TN he is the all hearing all knowing in one of them. And he is forgiving, loving and caring and the other one so it's similar but also kind of different. Okay, so the first thing to learn here that's a little bit

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tricky, but I think we can make it easier. Is that a sama?

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Which is translated sky? And a semi What? Which is translated skies is not what it seems. So let me first clarify that there's actually

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a summer what is clearly plural of

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pure love sky. Yeah. And how many skies are there? Do you know?

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Good. So which is altogether seven skies? Right? So it's a plural of one. And when I says skies, he's referring to how many seven skies? You would think that when he says a sama, he's referring to how many? One? One, so the sky is more and the skies are many. But that's not true. Actually, the only time the sky means one is if there's an additional description. So if you say a sama adonia

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let's just say let me add a somato adonia.

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Right, that actually means the lowest sky.

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Okay. So this would be one. Which one? The lowest one? Yeah. The one that was above us. The low one immediately above us. Right? That's a smart one. Yeah. So actually, the singular a summer only means one sky when there's some additional adjective without the adjective. It doesn't what so what does it mean? When there's no adjective? Let me tell you, a Samar by itself when there's no additional qualification. It doesn't just mean sky It means more than that. It can mean sky It can also mean what lies above

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what lies above? Now here's the tricky question. If I say the seven skies

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How many guys that I talked about seven.

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But when I say whatever lies above

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whatever lies above,

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which one of that is more

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whatever lies above includes the seven skies and may even include what is beyond the seven skies above the seven skies. Right. Yeah. So the idea is that when you see a Samar, it's actually bigger. When it's by itself. If it's with it, if it's with an adjective, then it's just one of the seven. Right? But if it's without an adjective, it can mean from Sumo the monster, whatever lies above. So it's actually bigger. Right? So now come back to the IRA. Here we found a summer no adjective, heavy found a smart so what are we saying? The first one is what bigger

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and this one is what? Smaller? What's bigger and smaller? The sky?

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Okay, now for the bigger one. He said the word word from the Alamo Allah cola my master knows the word in the sky near here he didn't say a word he said What secret

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right yeah lemma Sarah for sumati. Well,

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a word is either said or not said.

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I can actually have a conversation in my head. Now. coluna Fie unfussy him Lola, you as a boon Allahu be minor coal. They say inside themselves. They say the words how come God is and punishment punishing us for the blasphemous things we're saying? How can I say the most terrible things about a lion is messenger. And no lightning strikes me down. They didn't say that out loud. They said it were in their heads. So when you say a word, it can be in your head, and it can be outside, which means it could be a secret. If it's in your head. And if you set it, then it's No. So when you say word.

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It includes secret. Plus, no.

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It includes said plus

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Right. But when you say secret, it only includes What secret. So which is a bigger category.

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Word is a bigger category. And since it's a bigger category, it is mentioned along with the bigger sky whatever lies above. And which is a more limited category, the secret is mentioned in a little more limited depiction of the sky. So I want you see that the bigger goes with the bigger and the more limited goes with the more limited you see how things match with each other. Right? Then there's the other thing.

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A word is associated with something good and something bad, right? And Allah hears all of it and knows all of it as if to say he heard the good he heard the bad, he knows the good. He knows the bad. He knows the secret. He knows the not secret. He doesn't matter how big this guy is. He knows all of it. Every word that's ever uttered, and every word that's ever thought he knows all of it. And he hears it and he values it values. It has good values that is bad.

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But secrets. Why does somebody keep a secret?

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Many times a person keeps a secret. Because if it came out, it'd be embarrassed. Secrets can be kept for multiple reasons. But one One reason is that if a secret came out, it would be something embarrassing. Another reason a person could keep a secret is because they're trying to protect something.

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Right? Your your password is a secret you're trying to protect your email. Right? your your your combination to a safe is a secret. You're trying to protect money. Your pin to your ATM card is a secret you're trying to protect your bank account. Right? So there are things we keep secret because there's an embarrassment. There's also things we keep secret because we're trying to protect right now things that are embarrassing, are clearly wrong somehow. And when I say he's forgiving,

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right, and things that are we're trying to protect, keep in our care, right? Allah is that our heme and Rahim actually comes from the word dragon, which is the baby protected in the womb of the mother.

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Right? So the names of Allah also correspond with he cares about the secrets that are kept that should be kept

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And nobody can care for them better than because a secret keeper is trying to keep take care of the secret. And also they're trying to, you know,

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save themselves from embarrassment. And by the way, is awful doesn't just mean forgiving. It also means covering, meaning he keeps the secret covered. And some, perhaps he does so out of loving care out of Rama. So what I'm trying to get at is you have similar ions, and you say, he said something like this elsewhere, he already said he knows the word and disguise in the ear. Now he's saying he knows that he said, the one who sent down, the one who knows the secrets in the skies in the earth is the one who sent revelation down. The other remarkable thing here is the beginning or be my master knows the word in the skies in the earth, right. And this is our relationship with our

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master. And that Master, part of his mastery is that he knows every there's nothing hidden from him, and what's not hidden. He can hear everything and know everything, whether it's sad, or it's not sad, right? So it's furthering our relationship with what Allah but we have a relationship with Allah. We also have a relationship with the word of Allah.

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I'll say that, again, we have a relationship with Allah, and we have a relationship with the word of Allah, this ayah is highlighting our relationship with Allah. Right? And one of the fundamentals of that relationship is that that that we should always recognize that he knows that he hears everything, he knows everything. Okay, nothing's a secret from him.

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In the second case, actually, it is highlighting our relationship with Allah as the one who sent down his word, the one who knows the secret in the skies and the earth sent it down, meaning the Quran this idea is actually about us and the word of Allah. And the word of Allah is there to let us know that there are things we've been keeping secret, but Allah knows them. And they're going to get exposed and the purpose of bringing this revelation forward was that we can earn Allah what forgiveness and we can earn Allah's Rama we can get to Allah's forgiveness and rachna. So the purpose it's almost highlighting the purpose of Revelation is for us to get the benefit of Allah

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being or for Rahim right? without us knowing

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the word of Allah we would know how to earn Allah's forgiveness or even asked for less forgiveness properly. phytolacca Adam O'Meara de Cali, Martin Fatah, barley, Adam, Rene Salaam came into contact with Allah's words. So then he then he turned back to a meaning Allah taught him how to even apologize. Right. So how does one get out of novela? How does one get them off of Allah that comes from Allah's word? Right? So he knows that secret in disguise and part of that secret is how do you earn Allah's forgiveness? You know, and that secret was revealed from the highest heavens, all the way down to us. Then we have this word that was kept secret from the jinn, it was kept secret from

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all the other angels, only the Legion of angels that is led by Jimmy dallisa gets to deliver it to Muhammad Rasul Allah so I sent him in fact, that is in the summer, what perhaps it was even in the shadow indication that the Quran was sent down secretly, all the way to the prophet SAW Shalom and as it was coming down, even the jinzhu have access to the skies. The skies, a semi lot. Do not fully know what's going on. Well, Natalie, Sharon will either be mindful of the amerada camera boom Raja Dima, right talk to you about that. The skies got locked down, they couldn't go up and they're like, we don't know if the earth is about to be destroyed or something great is happening. We have no idea

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why because the Quran was kept secret there is no access to it, it was it was vaulted up until that secret was unlocked for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu set up right. So really beautiful, subtle comparison between two eyes that at face value seem to be saying the same thing, but actually are saying two very beautiful things. Two very beautiful separate things. And another really great observation by Dr. Father Sally son All right. So with that, in shall conclude today's brief session barakallahu welcome ceremony.

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Remember, do your best. Do the rest periods are away because, you know, be good. Yeah, and contemplate and recite as much hold on as possible and make as many dogs as possible. Every time you have to put on me guys, every time you start flying, make dies even better when you decided not to contemplate How can I turn this idea into a desire to Allah? So the Quran is you talking, Allah is talking to you? And then you respond by talking to Allah make it into a conversation with Allah. May Allah enable all of us to have real conversations with him. barakallahu li walakum salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. You never have excuse? I don't remember.

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