Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 21 Paradise and the Blessings of Those Who Will Inherit It

Musleh Khan
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Take a more detailed discussion of paradise. What are some of the things that people who will enter it? What are they going to see? What are they going to be surrounded with? as well as the actual personals? How are they going to look? What are they going to be wearing? What are they going to be eating and drinking etc. So having said that, we will go back to our trusty notebook, same thing, passages that have been put together with various core Quranic as as well as authentic hadith. And as we read this to you in Arabic, I'm sure that many of you will recognize some of them some of the passages that we say you'll remember Oh yes, that was a hadith that I read or that was an A on

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whatever the case is. So, having said that,

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we did the same thing we discussed a very detailed discussion of the people of the jahannam what is going to happen to them and what is what they will see when they enter the jahannam. So let us continue now.

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The exact same thing following the Sunnah of the Quran. Every time a law soldier in law court mentions a punish mentioned something about the Hellfire immediately he will follow up with something good something of the paradise or something of a reward agenda to one or even earlier so paradise and the blessings of those who will inherit the paradise and agenda to dirt on jar Allahu la who tub tabaka water Allah Mr. Carbon lemon aka element are what I did he had the rebel he saw the hain fee her manner in in right wanna Unum semi I wanna hot orada Colby Bashar kata la junta Ireland for the LM one Epsom.

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Aryan, just the mckern we are marone Allah as well just says here in this particular area in solid sajida.

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The people they will never know and never be able to comprehend, is hidden inside the gentlemen. They will only be told through the poor and through the sooner but they will never be able to fully and completely understand the immense reward the grid how high this reward is in the paradise. And this reward is only given to those who do righteousness. Jenna is a place that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created for those who obey Him or I defeat her Liberty who solely him, especially those who do righteous deeds, those who who have to do righteous deeds, they will have the highest reward in paradise in it via Myrna Nora, there are things in it, that the eyes have never seen one on one

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and semi eyes, the ears have never heard while a Hot Rod kolby Bashar and it is something it is a place in it there are things that no heart can comprehend. No imagination can see or visualize or illustrate

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what a hautala either called Viva sure and in it, the heart cannot understand. If you try to tell somebody about paradise. This very moment like you and I are going to discuss paradise right now. Our imagination, our minds are limited to how much we can understand and how much we can visualize. And from that Paradise is much more and far beyond our own imagination. Bina

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Lebanon, the rocks, the stones in the paradise, they will be made of bricks Minh that Lebanon Minh filled

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the rocks that you see just like the stones that you will see or the bricks you'll see the day buses with. They will be made out of pure gold and silver. Now scholars have two opinions regarding this. They say that the gold and silver is exactly the golden silver that you see here in the dunya while other scholars have given other opinions and said no, the golden silver is a golden silver no eyes have never seen. We don't know it we've never seen this type of gold or this type of silver. That per the delille are the evidence for that goes back to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioning that fi harmala are even right so in it, there are things that I have never

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one Mila to her and myschool fo

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Subhana Allah

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The ahaadeeth explain genitive this much detail that even the cement that is used to place the bricks and build the mansions and the homes in it. The cement is a pure perfume. And the perfume is misc

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misc perfume, or how spa Oh hello Alia quote

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around these houses around the gardens of Paradise, you will find that there are various stones and rocks there for decoration. They will be made out of lobelia code, they will be made out of small tiny rocks that are beautiful that are made out of precious stones and pearls. Now, these are the things that are going to be used to be to decorate agenda. Now we all know what gender is gender, the Arabic word gender is a garden. And this is what gender means. And we talked about this in our previous discussions when we were continuing with our FCO.

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And it's dirt is made of Zaphod on. Now, you walk outside here, you walk into desert, you're always walking on some type of dirt, sand, mud, etc. In general, the dirt is made out of Zaphod on saffron flowers. And all of us have seen saffron flowers, the pink flowers that you can find here, very famous amongst the Arabs. What even if he had a sheduled atonia seal or rocky will feel literally a meat eater I'm in La Jolla called baraha

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you will find in the agenda that there are going to be trees, lots and lots of trees. As far as the eyes can see.

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The trees are there they will be high and tall. And there are branches and leaves will cause a shade. The shade will be a solid shade no breaks in between you know when you stand under a tree you can see that the sun will pierce through or between the leaves. There won't be no breaks between the trees or the leaves. And this distance of shade will be as far as the distant buddy traveling for 100 years.

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If someone were to travel for 100 years, they will be covered with the same exact shade of these trees in the agenda.

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Warfield agenda metodologia in the paradise no this is in the paradise. There are going to be at least 100 levels, Mbabane accordingly dodging or dodging Cam avena summer you will have in the paradise. Now we know you see this in the eye yet, you know that paradise there are seven levels.

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In this paradise now. There are 100 levels or stages between each stage in

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between each stage is the distance between the heavens and the earth. What does this mean? if somebody were to travel from the earth and prophesy suddenly, if someone were to travel from the earth, and try to reach the first the level of heaven, the first level of gender, they would have to travel at least 500 years. In another narration, they would have to travel for 700 years. So you can see you can see the distance between the agenda and the paradise. And Allah subhanho wa Taala either is above all the heavens. This is just one level 500 years 700 years of traveling to just reach one level. Imagine now trying to reach the second the third the fourth till the seventh and allies

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soldier is above the seventh. So how does the LA Zoo agenda look at the earth and the people in it?

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You can't visualize Allah azza wa jal sitting on his throne and looking down at the earth. What is the earth now into the sight of Allah azza wa jal

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you can see it's nothing. It's even smaller, more minute than a small grain of sand. And this is why even our bus one of the Aloha and woman mentions that the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is like a grain of sand. The Throne compared to the earth is like a grain of sand in the desert. The desert is Allah subhanho wa Taala is thrown. And if you were to take one grain of sand, that is the earth

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it's beyond imagination. You can even visualize how large how vast the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala is.

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Muy bien Allah

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Her Alfredo dose so we all know that the highest level of gender is gender tool for those women who fight Judo and her own gender.

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In the paradise you will find that there are the P that will be flowing. Scholars have various interpretations of what this is

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somewhat older now including Eben Pagan and others. They mentioned that the rivers will be flowing in front of homes, while other scholars have mentioned that the rivers will be flowing beneath our feets. Other scholars have mentioned that the rivers will be flown in specific specified areas where the people if they wish to drink from it, a servant will come to them with a drink. And as we know every single person and this is in sorbitol insane every single person is given a servant, a little boy that will be a servant to each and every person that is in the paradise

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for an herbal min mountain or euro as seen in 101 Min, Lebanon lemmya Taha euro Parma one how to remain humble in love that initiative in what and how to minister in most of the four types of rivers our mentor and in Surah, Mohammed

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II are there more than these four rivers Allahu arland but Four Rivers we have been told. Number one is that there are there is a water. Now the water is a water that will never become stagnant it will always become pure and clean. Also, there is lemon yogurt, yogurt that will never spoil or become old or have an odor to it, though the yogurt will become pure and will flow like a river. The third type is Hmong, alcohol. And of course not the alcohol that you see here that will affect the minds and cause someone to be drunk. But it is pure clean alcohol. And the fourth type of river is honey.

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And this honey is pure honey honey that where the eyes can pierce through it, they can see through that honey and the Four Rivers that are mentioned to us what our hidden agenda our low solar two cameras lay a little better.

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The people of Paradise, their appearance will look like the appearance of a full moon.

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You know,

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even the non Muslims now whenever they look, if they want to describe something beautiful, they will say and you've all heard it. They will say the night is beautiful. There's a beautiful Full Moon outside let's go outside for a walk. It's been naturally inclined from the fifth or naturally inclined within mankind. That a full moon is something beautiful. You won't hear somebody say something off the opposite. It is appealing. It is beautiful and it is comforting to the eyes, such as the state of every single person in the paradise, they will have an appearance like the appearance of a full moon

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bar am 132 mammalia to hide the foods that they will eat are fruits of their choice. Now a bit above sort of your loved one Homer mentions that the names of the fruits in the dunya are the same names in the paradise, but the fruits will be different. So you'll have an orange you'll have a banana, you'll have other fruits, but the taste and the texture This is what is going to be different.

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There are other ahaadeeth that mentioned whenever insha Allah Allah use, I'll say it in this text. Whenever you and I are sitting in gender in sha Allah and we want a fruit. There are various narrations that mentioned that allies will cause these fruits to come to you. So if you are if you want an orange or something allies soldier will cause that a tree or the fruit it will come to you ready and all you will do is eat it.

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Well I will tell you remember is the hunedoara boohooman himuro elements George bill care for. So this is going on this is describing more foods in it you will also find that they will be meat the people of gender will have meat the meat will be pure and clean and it will never go old or stale. washout Avraham will humble him as children to be careful. Now the Hummer, this is describing the alcohol. It is going to have a beautiful scent to it. It is going to have a pure scent to it. I don't know, inshallah none of us have smelled clamored before here in the dunya but if you happen to smell it, then you know what I'm talking about.

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will care for was Zen jabeen lY sapona value basa poonawalla Iam Takapuna, Walla, Walla Walla

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four things are mentioned here that the people of general will not do. The first thing is they will not split. Because it's an act. That is an indication that you are trying to get rid of or expel something that is not pure. So that app is eliminated, no one will spit in the agenda.

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no one in the agenda will even need also Pinilla These are ahaadeeth explainers in the paradise people will not even blow their nose, they will not even clean their nose, because there's nothing to clean, you're always clean, you're always pure, and they will never have a need to use the washroom for anything. And in the agenda will rush home kurashikku misc. The sweat that people will have, they will have some sort of sweat a level arland for what Allahu RLM if they're going to be exercising or whatever the case is, but whatever perspiration that they will have, it will be sweeter than the scent of misc. And as we know, this is a description of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam authenticated on him that his sweat was that of the sweat of misc. This is why sahabas or the long run home it was allowed for them to eat about rakuen Amina nebia Scylla love it with some they are allowed to seek blessing from him by touching him. There are even narrations that if the prophets I send him spit on the ground sahabas will come and pick it up and rub it all over themselves. Because everything of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is what his blessing is Baraka, you will wish to hold his hand you will wish to see if he was sweating to wipe that sweat from him and rub it on your body. You will wish that if a single hair were to follow that you will

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to keep that hair close to you some love on how to use a lamp.

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This is why it is narrated. This is one narration that Eamon Amador Rahim Allah used to carry a pouch around him underneath his garment. And in the pouch there it was said that he had some hair of the messenger sallallahu arley He will send them furthermore from the descriptions of the paradise

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and Nia to whom at the hub will fill the fields of ill power real so their plates and their cups the bottles that they will be drinking from we'll also be made out of gold and silver.

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will assume we'll assume and heading will lead you home as with the hobby will look blue. So here now we get to the clothes, the clothes that they will be wearing will be made out of pure and pure silk. Now the silk isn't going to be the same in the dunya Allahu Akbar them but one wisdom that the scholars have is the reason why you don't wear silk here why it's a problem for the men to have it is because it is the same self that you will have in general will Lahore Ireland, if it is going to be the same texture or something different in the gentlemen you will also have jewelry to wear and how do you mentioned that one of the types of jewelry even the men will wear is a type of bangle and

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this bangle is also made out of gold. And so we will be wearing gold. There are also other narrations that describe that the bangles and other jewelry will have will be made out of diamonds as well.

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Furthermore, it mentions that as you sit down wherever you decide to sit in the paradise you will be set you will be sitting on a beautiful carpet on a beautiful rug. Okay, so we're getting into some like Aladdin stuff here you know that you will be having this beautiful You know, you know when you see the beautiful Persian rugs, something very similar and actually scholars compare that whenever you see beautiful Persian rugs, something similar to this something fancy something with the best quality in and of itself. When equally Emily Min xlg attorney Marie Lorraine,

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hold Elaine Allahu Akbar here, we pause for a moment I mean, we have to how can we continue when we hear the word total in

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every single person will be given wives in the gender.

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Before I even mentioned this brothers, and even sisters may ask this question immediately. If they're going to be given wives, then what's going to happen to me?

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Okay, so the wives, this is for you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions authentic hadith that the wife that you have in this dunya is going to be 70 times more beautiful than the wives in the general

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This is built with a condition that the wife of the agenda also enters the paradise. If she enters the paradise with you the husband, then she will be more appealing to you by 70 times more than the photoline. What does this mean? let's describe the hole in the hole in

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their hair. And all of this is based on authentic caddies founded by Claudia When Will Smith, the hair of the whole aim, if you were to take one strand of their hair and place it in the dunya, this center that will come from that here, okay, the perfume, the scent that will come from that here will smell everything between the East and the West of this entire dunya every single person will smell it,

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the face of the wives of the gender

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is going to cause the sun to become a dark shade.

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So the face will be as brighter than the sun, and the sun by default will become as a dark shade.

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Their smile will be beautiful, more beautiful than that of a full moon. It is also mentioned in a hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim, that the wives will greet those who are there designated to they will greet them as they enter the Paradise by singing to them. So inshallah, if you enter the paradise the wise will come with a beautiful voice singing to you. Now this is not going to be no Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston kind of thing. This is going to be something very pure. And as a matter of fact, in the Hadith it mentions that the y's will be saying beautiful words to them, praising their husbands, praising them, and saying things as such, how beautiful you are, how

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beautiful you are a man that you have been righteous in the dunya we are now a reward for you in the earth hero and the continuance various things are going to be sung to those who enter the paradise.

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It is also mentioned the hotel in you that you will be able to see through their bones. Now this may not sound appealing to us right now as we visualize this right. However, in the paradise, this is going to be comforting to our eyes that you will be able to see through their skins.

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this as this here is a result of their gentleness and their kindness and their love. That they will always greet you with a smile

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or lower tolerance if the hoonah either of the elbow, elbow academia, if they were to come here into the dunya

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if one of this wife or this person were to come into this dunya the entire dunya will be filled it will never see shade again. There will never be darkness in the dunya amen Atma beans summer you will have the Li Han and we mentioned this, that what is between the heavens and the earth, the east and the west will all smell from the fragrance of this hudl in

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one upon us wallet tamasak noodle shrimps were molded or salted gin filled Jenna Hiraman adonia one. So this nor this light that will come from the rain will cause the sun to become a shade. And if you were to take

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if you were to take a stick a small object from the paradise and bring it into the dunya it will cause goodness it will bring higher goodness to everything and everyone in the paradise just because of a simple object. And he's actually mentioned a piece of stick is just a piece of wood from the paradise. Just bring it in the dunya and leave it there. Nobody touched it nobody bothered just leave it it's clear there will only be goodness in the entire dunya there will never be anything like violence, hatred, no animosity, nothing in the doing it any more because of a simple piece of wood or stick.

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Furthermore, we continue from the blessings of those who will enter the paradise the anila heater either what OFF button are emo little Jenna? Maya Hola, hola, Hua Li humanoid learning what are the pseudo rufio minima z to z out Attila Z's and Hamid

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One of the perhaps the greatest Noreen blessing for those who are sitting in the Paradise is that there will be days in the paradise that Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause that all those who are in

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His paradise, they will prepare themselves to go and visit a lot. So just like you and I going to visit a friend, preparing themselves to go and visit him supine or whatever either.

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And here is where we will come to the secret that I left you with.

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In the am a a number 35 in our discussions of the pursuit of sort of path, allies soldier said lahoma your shirt on a fee her while a danamon seed in the paradise they will have everything and anything and something extra. That's something extra, it is Bill each month for an earlier man, all the scholars agree that that extra something that will be given to those whom Allah azza wa jal chooses for in the Paradise is that Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause the curtain to be removed between him and his servants. And those people will raise their heads and use the same eyes that you and I are doing here.

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And they will be able to see and look at him subhanho wa Taala in his true form.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to do this and give us this because there are people in the dunya Can you imagine that people in the dunya

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are using the same eyes that they may be able to see a law as a gel with with they use the same eyes to look at how long they can't lower their gaze. When they think they're doing things hot on in secret. They use these eyes that Allah azza wa jal has given them and they use it only for how long and yet perhaps, that same set of eyes will be used to to see Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is how important it is for all of us, for all of mankind to control the eyes, and always try their very best to see and look of the things that are halal. And I know this is difficult. You live in this part of the world and in many other parts of the world. For top law, Mr. Barton, we try our very

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best to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is the proof for this? What is the proof that the extra reward is to see Allah as silicon? Eben Khayyam Rahim Allah has a beautiful answer to this. He tells us that in the final area of solid calf cancer with cough with solid calf. The final idea it mentions femen Khanna euro Juliet Paul Robbie fermentative Kana yoto ju Li ka ora B. So whoever hopes to meet alized religion, this word lipca in Arabic, there are various attributes to it. This word lipca it means to meet someone

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in Kaya mentions that it is impossible to call the call a meeting between two people except that you have to see each other if you don't see each other visually see each other then this is not called a lip ha it's called a meeting it's called an acquaintance whatever it is you want to call it.

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So a Luca

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has to have two people seeing each other. This is the Dahlia that Eben Pagan Rahim Allah mentions that the people when they meet Allah subhanho wa Taala they will see that person or they will see him subhanho wa Taala and there are other is mentioned in sola Eunice little Athena Arsenal was yetta for them, that people will have done good, they have done righteous them for them is the agenda and something greater. While higher to name euro area to Watch Hill carrying, and the best blessing, the best gift nierman that someone will have in the paradesi Allah azza wa jal either an agenda nurse Suma home fee human and Noreen will he allow you to let you get an FSM eterna

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philosophy hillmorton Effie soon.

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Failure I'm Angela ami Loon. And this is the ultimate goal and destination The ultimate goal and destination for each and every single person, especially those who will be in the paradise. They want to visit Allah subhanho wa Taala and at the same time they wish to see him and Allah so dimensions and sort of out of that there will be a hijab between him and his servants and he will cause that this hijab be removed.

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So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala always and forever to indeed allow us to be of those who will enter his paradise and cause us to have our eyes to see him. subhanho wa Taala This is the greatest reward that can

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Ever, ever be given to a human being?

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And we ask a lot of soldier this to happen for us. These are the words that I leave you with in our discussions of agenda. There are many, many, many other things that we haven't discussed in our descriptions of the paradise that are mentioned throughout the poor and throughout the poor and there are various descriptions that are mentioned of Paradise in sort of insane in sort of total, in various other sources, even in sort of poffin and various others. And so I encouraged myself and all of you to continue to educate yourself on what is waiting for those who do righteousness in this dunya

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