Yaser Birjas – The Quality of Human Life in Jannah

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of three qualities for individuals in Jannah, which are the nuts and bolts of a symbolism. The first two are the nuts and bolts of a symbolism, and the third is a woman who wants to see the light. The transcript also mentions the importance of praying at night and having enough time to sleep.
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Have you know Muhammad and Ernie or soccer send them to Sleeman Kathira my bad habit number 1890 And Sally beside Radi Allahu Anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu salah, makan Kannada Jannetty letter our own our water furfuryl Jannetty came out at our own coca this summer and is headed the Messenger of Allah so Allah Salam says the douleurs of Paradise will see the upper abode of Jana. As you see the stars in the sky Oh Bukhara Muslim, will cover a similar Hadith earlier, we talked about how the Prophet saw some must speak about in Jannah there are specific places and stations that will be like the stars in the sky for those who look at them. So the people they ask Rasul Allah Azza wa salam

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ala Rasulillah is that for the prophets and the martyrs said, Nana, you gave three qualities for these people. Do you guys remember them

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the three qualities for people who deserve to be in these very special places in Jannah those The twinkling stars they have three qualities.

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forgot them already Raha

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it wasn't it wasn't even three headaches before.

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So if you forgot them, or

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are you working on it?

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You wasn't gonna hear? Okay. Remember the mantra belcarra

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What are matam masala been nice for Salah Bilal wanna Sania the professor said the quality of these people who are deserved in spots the special, you know, stars, the abodes in up in the sky, and that at that level, they said that they have three qualities. Or Tarbell Kurama trees when they speak what do they say? Beautiful nice and good. While I'm a bomb, they feed the feed the poor feed the needy they give the very generous God was the lady one nurse on Yom they pray at night when everybody everybody else is sleeping.

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You guys want to win those?

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Those pledges in Jana, you need to work on these three things. And some of us might say, well, I'd like I'd be down there, look at them and have them fine as long as agenda, right? Don't sell yourself so short like this. So what's the meaning of this hadith here? Because we cover this particular part, right? So the Hadith refers to the fact as a Professor Sam said, the Torah owner, what does that mean? You know, when you have a huge crowd, and you're trying to look at something, you'll find people sometimes pushing each other to let me see, let me see. Alright, because it's too crowded. The roof is awesome, and it's headed the same no matter how crowded agenda is going to be.

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It's going to be easy for people to see that, that you're not going to push anyone to give me give me a break. Give me a space. Let me see. You're not gonna do that. It's going to be so clear. So obvious. And you look up there you realize these are the houses of the people of Jen. Some of these elite VIP people have JMML lawmakers among the amount of Bananaman. So remember, if you want to win one of these places in Jannah, one of these houses or palaces or mansions in Jannah, three things to work on.

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I'll talk about Quran. When you speak you speak good. Make sure to watch your mouth. What do you say what do you do with that number to feed and give those who are in need. And number three, make sure that you pray at night when everybody else is sleeping as winter coming closer and closer. hamdulillah right now, my show will have extra time to sleep at night Fajr Adan has passed 630 Is your ma, you know that?

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It's 633 than what does that mean? I used to wake up at five o'clock before that, didn't you? So why did you why did you stop doing that? Still wake up at five and you have an hour and a half. You can read Quran you can make the half your brother and sister and brothers and elsewhere in the world. You can do whatever you want, and still have plenty of time and shallow Tana before even Fajr summer. So remember these three things are terrible. Calum, you speak good.

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Well, I'm a Tom and you feed the poor and the needy was a lovely lady when nasturtium and you pray at night when everyone else is sleeping. May Allah make us a Monday people have these very special places in general. Walla any questions?

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So again,

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you have to have two or three of them. Now how

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you know what Allah is the most generous okay? I can judge that. Allah Subhana Allah is the most generous but I hope if you get one sincerely it will get you there. But definitely your chances better wanted to only do the three shall Malta

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Samadhi gronckle Oka

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what's going on?

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