The Virtue of Knowledge and it’s Bearers

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Why ecommerce seller Moore's Law what occurred to it's good to be once again with my dear brothers and sisters on the ITV News in South Africa Jazakallah here for hosting me

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that we have been discussing over the past two days we have talked about why the need for asking questions and it is for knowledge wants to gain yesterday we touched upon who we should be asking the questions to this morning enlighten us with regards to the finality of the conclusion of this topic. Allahu abetik freecom Jazakallah al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi woman weida Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh at mo tasleem once again, I greet my dear brothers and sisters in South Africa virtually via ITV May Allah subhanaw taala bless the network and our brothers and sisters and our to your hosts for allowing me a few

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minutes to share with you some of the documents of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a source of blessing for myself in you in this dunya and a reason and approved for our forgiveness by Allah subhana wa Ireland is mercy upon us in that era. And a reason and consequence for the shutdown of our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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aim at knowledge is a very important aspect that is the foundation of our faith. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the importance of reining in making it the sole repository of increase that he requests of the prophets I send them to ask him for. And there's no other place in the Koran where Allah invites us to ask him and to make a request for an increase in something we already have. Other than ailment, Allah says Subhana Allah in sort of thought her walk will rob be Zig Nima and invoke me or Mohammed supplicate to me beg of me, asking me, Mohammed and Omar Mohammed thereafter, to increase you in knowledge. And therefore one of the precepts of the importance of eating is that

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we are never satisfied with what we already know. You are never content with that amount of or annual, already memorized, you're never content with the knowledge of Tajweed that you possess, with the knowledge you have of the world that surrounds you, you always want to know more about it. And then Emanuel Khazali, he says something that is profound. And I wish insha Allah to share this with my dear brothers and sisters, at the moment, because it he says LLM knowledge in what we seek. And what it is that we are asking a lot for Allah in an entire lemma and cliche shape. It is that you seek to discover about everything in life, everything you interact with at least one, one thing. So

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you want to know as much as you want to know about Hadith, which is lahia, which is live about the outcome of Tajweed, about the importance of the Quran in our life, you also want to know about why the sky is blue. And what is the basis of economic systems, you want to know a little bit about banking and finance, you want to know about what's happening in the world around you how to change your flat tire, you don't want to be ignorant about any one thing in life where when you're asked something about it, you'll have no knowledge of it at all. And Muslim, they always want to have some sort of knowledge about something that they will interact with in life, and Dalai Lama and cliche

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shape, about everything that you know, and meet in life, you must know at least one thing, something that can give a level of legitimacy to your understanding. And then only mammal has early he steps forward. And he says we're entitled lemma and shape, color shape. And there will come a time where you want to know about one thing in life, everything that needs to be known. And that's like a form of specialization. So it might be Effie that you are a person who's a plumber. And you're not just satisfied to know just a little bit you need to know everything that is about that specific task. It's your vocation, it's your job, it's a part of your life. So you specialize in it. It might be

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about engineering, it might be about the tweet of the Koran, it might be about you become a master of the Hadith of the prophets I seldom and a half of there's one thing that intrigues you that you're drawn to that is normal and something that is normal for you to want to know everything about it. And that's a profound thing taught to us by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's explained to us through these words of Allah, Muhammad Ali. Notice how the prophets I said Lim speaks about him, that he relates it back to him. And he says in MBA LMU, where we through de nada when the prophets of Allah did not leave behind any forms of inheritance, that is a financial

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game. There's no Delhomme, or D Now, there's no gold or silver coins in America who are in what they left behind is knowledge for men out there who are

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Hello, and welcome. The one who's taking hold of that knowledge, the one who's, you know, held on to that that inheritance of the prophets of Allah has taken something magnificent May Allah make us of them Allahumma Amin. So knowledge is something that's precious. It's something that is rare. It is something that is unique. It's not something that is easily readily approached and received. It's something that requires effort and hard work. And it's something that requires a diligence and a purity of intention. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says mejuri de la Habiba a beehive. Nikita Mara, we have a lot more I know another Buhari, the one whom Allah wishes for him, goodness,

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meaning goodness in this life and more importantly, goodness in the Acura, you hope again, that Allah gives that person an understanding of the religion and the properties that Lim says the best of you. In your Jesse Lee will be the best of you in after Islam in tuckahoe. If they can understand if they can use the knowledge that they will begin to learn it you know, a person who wasn't a believer and then comes into faith or in accordance to the character that they had, they can become the best of us if they were the best of jelly, they can become the best of believers on one condition that they use for the US understanding of the faith, the reason that compelled them, to

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come to Turkey

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to come to Allah and the path of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man by the name of slough one or the Allahu anhu came from a distance to visit the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet at that time, it was a time of heat and in the middle of the day the Prophet was Reclining Buddha de la who acmar on a red kind of carpeted kind of mental peace and mental that the Prophet was sleeping on, on a on a on a covering sheet. And when self one came, he said Santa Monica rasulillah, he needed to upload well in our messenger of Allah said Mr. ECAM, I've come in search of knowledge, the prophets I tell him he was reclining, he sat up. And he gave him

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his attention, you know, he fixed himself his attire, the profit setup, so I sell him gave him his full attention. And he said model haben model had the mentality of a blessing, blessing and greetings of blessing upon the one who has come seeking knowledge in a polybag in the hope for whom Allah to be the one who was coming seeking the counsel of knowledge, the angels in circle them to helpful a lot have they you know, it's like an array down they they wrap themselves around him.

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The whole formula in circle him may have met him I applaud because of the love of what that person has come to seek. So you becoming dear to Allah endeared to the angels of Allah when you come to cure that ignorance to cure misunderstandings to cure misunderstandings of our faith and our knowledge in our practice of Allah Subhana who went to Anam at the prophets like Selim and I'll share this one more Hadith with you. The prophets I seldom said more than women NASA is the one who teaches mankind good meaning good in their relationship with God and how to deal with other people in their righteous conduct in life. The one who's a person who teaches the higher goodness to people

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that even the fish in the ocean and I'm not sure if I've stood on the shores of Durban and the beauty of your you know your scenery in Cape Town that the fish in the ocean you start yes tell Pharaoh Nelly Marlene NASA Hi, they ask a law for the forgiveness of the one who teaches people good. Well had the number two video for even an end in its hole remembers a lot and asks for that person, that man or woman to be given forgiveness and granted forgiveness by Allah. So therefore there's this benefit great benefits spiritually and also financially in seeking knowledge. You'll say financially How is that Oh, brother your hair. And Amanda Shafi

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radi Allahu Allahu le and all the Imams they have very similar statements. He in person came to many ask them, you know, I want to have blessing in my life. I want to have you know, a good rule. I want to increase it. And, you know, it was said to him and it was said by others to La kabil for an hour la COVID. In in two reports. One of them said then I advise you to hold on to the for an hour I advise you to acquire knowledge.

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And then, you know, then the person said, Well, I don't want just the dunya I want the Acura What advice do you give me if the dunia you believe that I can take a good a good share of it I will increase my bottle color I will increase my risk by attaching myself to the Quran by seeking knowledge it will increase my dunya but I want the alpha. So once again a shaffir he said and others have said that it can be Leyland, I also advise you to seek knowledge, because it is something for the dunya It is something for the alpha and therefore I wanted to conclude these two or three times that we met speaking

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About the cure to ignorance, the importance of knowledge, being with an invocation and an incitement of myself in you, to come closer to the word of Allah, to come closer to the prophets, I sell them sooner, and to come closer to the material sciences of the world, which gives you an understanding of how the word of Allah and how the sin of the prophets I send them are relevant in my life today. It's something that will strengthen your heart. When you come closer to Allah come closer to the prophets, and psalms teachings through your study of the physical material and socio science, social sciences of the world today. And the final thing that I wish to say to you is, know that there is a

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blindness in the search of knowledge that excludes the word of Allah and the student of the prophets. I seldom Allah, Mohammed nawawi, who is a celebrated figure in our faith as Muslims. He used to be a medical doctor. Now that's something you might not have known. And remember, no, he was an accomplished surgeon. He was a medical doctor. And he said, I felt a little map in my heart, but I felt there was a darkness there was an emptiness in my heart. I knew all these things. I know all this points of knowledge. I was curing people helping people, but in my heart, I felt that there was a darkness that Nevada to fill color and so I began to look into the Koran. Well, if you had eaten

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WSI, Salah, and I began to study the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim Khawaja to fee he knew more and I found in it light and I end with these words of Imam Shafi. When he was a young student, he came to his stars his teacher huaqiao Rockman to lyerly Himeji Marine, and he said in his words of poetry Shaco to a lower gear into a heavily four auto shed any better kill Morales he will call le that we are hula in the house in La muralla Hola, yo. The RC I said to my teacher waqia I am unable to keep the memorization of the texts and the memorization of the things that I'm trying to learn. I find it difficult to learn. So I'll share that he he guided me to abandoning scene and to turn away from the

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things that disobey Allah. And he said to me, young man, young young child, know that this knowledge is light, Elaine muran when Nora law he law your tally I'll see and the light that is sent from God cannot be a benefit or received by an open and vulgar sinner. May Allah protect us from open and vulgar vulgarity of sin and lead us to a path of righteousness where we appreciate the word of Allah, the student of the prophets, I seldom are able to have the intellect and understanding and fan as taught to us by our past and present in its application in the world today. A lot more I mean,

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Monica Luffy nolfi comb and all of our brothers and sisters of South Africa

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once again joining us