Dr Hakim Quick – An Islamic Look at the Crusaders 5

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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In the life of Salahuddin, and it comes to us from his chief surgeon bahara. Dean even said that he was the guy who wrote a diary about the life of Salahuddin. So you want to know you read it and said that you read the people who are amongst him. You don't read something written by another nation who saw

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the great Syrian writer, when he said, when the Crusaders came,

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and he saw these people, he described them as animals. He said they are higher on apt. They are animals with fighting spirit, and courage, but they have nothing else. The animals and it's hard for us to come to grips with this. What did Salahuddin do? Why is he is so important to us. Number one,

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he worked on himself, when he got the trust of imara to be the email that Amir his life transformed.

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And he followed the teachings that he was taught from when he was young. He was many times seen in Nevada in the middle of the night. He never spent a lot of money on himself. When he eventually died, he only had a few good hands, a few things of his own wealth, he patronize the scholars. He encouraged Islamic Studies. He improved our lands, he built bikes, he dug canals, he founded schools, he built massage it and he dealt with the Akita, of the Muslims, he straightened out Egypt, and he throughout the fatimids and he put in an ascender wajima.

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And he made it clear to the Muslims, the only way to victory is to follow directly through the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah He of course latos law,

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he united the Muslims. And so the Arabs and the non Arabs came together under him, the light skin and the dark skin came together under Salahuddin.

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He taught us by His example.

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But they say about Salahuddin. They try to teach us something else in the media.

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His his personality is so powerful, that even the European writers cannot write out long about him. They are afraid of him.

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But they don't tell the exact truth.

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They say about him, that when he came to Jerusalem, when he finally came into these lands, he was seeking revenge, revenge for his sister. But the reality was, he responded to the evil spirit. That was the evil spirit that came it showed itself in the Knights Templar.

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They put themselves in a fortress of kharak, which is now in Jordan. And they stood for the hood judge. They stood and they killed the whole judge. They terrorized the pilgrim routes. And when some of the head judge said mercy, and they said their lead original said to them, go to your Prophet, if you want mercy, and he killed them.

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Then they said they would attack Mecca and Medina. And when they said this, the Sultan Salahuddin said, well, ma he, I will take him with my own hands. That is a leader. I will take him with my own hands. And so we took a stand against them and defeated them completely in the Battle of 18. When he came to Jerusalem,

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they tell us in the media that a man named bellion stood up against him and held him down. held him to a truce it is alive.

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So now has been after one month overwhelmed Jerusalem. The whole city was at his mercy. What can he do to them?

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The Crusaders killed us until the horses were knee deep in blood. What did he do? The example the province of Southern when he came into Mecca, he came into Mecca with factual Mecca with his head bowed down.

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And he told to the police go freeze.

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He forgave them and show that Islam is the high ground. That is the true religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And so Salahuddin Rahim Allah, He said my brother American Idol, will free 1000 prisoners. The patriarch of Jerusalem will feed

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1000 prisoners and dalyan

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who did not defeat sala de but begged for his mercy. He will also free 1000 prisoners.

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That is the reality and he allowed the rest of the people to pay ransom and go free.

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But when he found the king, the ruler of the Knights Templar, he took him with his own hands and he gave him justice.

Part 5

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