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Boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Hi. What can I take you?

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Back me reach, please? New bridge. Oh, yeah.

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Are you Italian? Yeah, me, Tanya. Oh, we're in Italy from. From Milan, Milan, Milan. bellissima. Very nice. Beautiful. Yes. Beautiful. I mean, it's called like here. The weather is the same. Oh, really? Yeah.

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So what brings you here to London?

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Just for work and study. Okay, that's good. Yeah, I've been here very long.

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Yeah, two years. Two years. Yeah. How would you live? How do you find London? is nice is nice. Yeah. Is a busy city by is nice. It's very busy. Right? Yeah. Very busy.

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So what is it? You're studying? Study studying English. You studying English? Yeah. English is quite good. Yeah. I mean, for the moments fine. So I'm learning from me or from the I'm from London myself. Yeah, these are my thoughts. Okay, because I saw your bird is very long. Yeah. Yeah. Muslim, Muslim people have a Muslim actually. I'm really I'm a Muslim. Yeah. Oh, I'm English, but I'm a Muslim as well. Okay. I'm Christian by you know, I don't know a lot of things about Eastern religions. So, for example, I don't know why Muslim people that don't believe in Jesus. I mean, oh, really? Well, let me just correct you on that. Sorry. I will just like to correct you. That it is

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part of my faith. Yeah. It's part of being a Muslim. That actually we have to believe in Jesus. Yeah.

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There was a time when you know,

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I wasn't a Muslim. I was a Catholic. Okay. And I assume that maybe? Because, well, yeah, many people in Italy are Catholic. Yeah. They have a very strong belief and they love Jesus. When I came across Islam, yeah.

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It's part of our belief to believe and love Jesus as well. But there's a small difference. Yeah. If you'd like to say small difference, sometimes a big difference. But the difference is that we do not believe that He's the Son of God.

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We actually believe that he is a prophet of God, mighty messenger. Just like Abraham and Moses and Noah. We believe that he's similar in that way. Allah Who God Almighty chose him to be a prophet to deliver the message. Like all the other prophets, and then finally with the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. They all taught the same message. Okay. So many people don't know that we believe in Jesus. Okay, so I mean, your son of God is Mohammed or is even more of a no, we don't believe in the Son of God. In fact, we don't believe that. God has family, we don't believe that God has a son or a wife or children really, like on his god is unique. And we say we call him Allah, his name is Allah.

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Yeah, it's not anything different. It's the same God we're worshipping. Okay. So we don't believe he has a family. He's unique. He's perfect in every way. And it's not correct. To say that, you know, the God has a family. But God chooses the best of mankind, to deliver the message to the people. And from them was Jesus and Abraham and Moses and all the prophets that you find in the Bible. Yeah, we believe in them as well. So

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Mohammed is the Son of God for Muslim people or not? We don't believe in of course, God or Allah having any children or family, okay, He's unique. So we don't believe he has any sons. And the Prophet Muhammad is a prophet and a messenger of God, peace be upon him, just like all the others, like Jesus, and Moses and Noah, and David and Solomon, and all the prophets that you find in the Bible, we believe in them as well.

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So we don't believe in, you know, the Son of God concept. Literally, we don't believe in that. But I mean, about Jesus is true that Muslim people believe that he's still alive. It's not that that's true. Really? That's true. Yes. We believe that. Jesus, he wasn't crucified. Why isn't the Bible right? Sure. Well, it does say in the Bible that he was crucified. Yeah, it depends how you look at it. Actually, I remember watching a debate

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between two people and there was a Muslim and a Christian. Yeah. And the Muslim was trying to prove that Jesus was not crucified using the Christian scripture. Okay. And it was if you'd like down to interpretation, you could look at the story two ways, but the Muslim view is that it was made to appear to

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Are the people the people thought he was crucified, in fact that he wasn't. And in fact, Jesus was taken up into the heavens. And he will come down into the earth towards the end of time. And he will come to reestablish justice amongst the people. So we believe in the Second Coming of Jesus, just as Christians, they believe that Jesus will return Muslims, we believe that he will return as well. But we believe that he will return to implement Islam. And he will come to reinforce fairness and justice

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from an Islamic perspective, which is,

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I guess, I would say, the only true justice and fairness that we can truly achieve.

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Because otherwise, it's the sniff to the you know, the minds of people, and there's many corrupt, much corruption. There's lots of oppression when you leave it to the people. But it's like Islam ensures that, you know, justice is ensured that we stick to the revelation that was given to given to us by by Oprah. I mean, because for us is a bit strange, because, actually, I mean, we know that Jesus is dead now. I mean, sure. There's no CLI. Well, for any Christian perspective, he died and, and then he came back. Yeah, he died. And he came back. Yeah, I mean, that can be argued as well, that can be debated if you'd like.

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There's, again, there's another debate that I watched

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between a Christian and a Muslim and they were talking about the crucifixion and the sign, or the miracle that Jesus was going to give to his people. Yeah. And he said that my miracle is the same as the same miracle as the prophet Jonah. Which again, when we believe in Jonah, we call him Yunus, peace be upon him. And when you look very carefully, at that prophecy, or that miracle that Jesus mentioned in the Bible, in the in the gospels, it can be argued that he didn't fulfill that he didn't fulfill that miracle. But he said he was to prove that he was, you know, the real prophet or the Son of God. Okay. Yeah. So

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when I studied

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the religions, I came across these things. And can you also tell me why Muslim women are covered? I mean, why they have to cover the face and the body as well. Sure. You know, I think you're a good student. Make sure you get top marks in your class.

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Because you asked very good questions.

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You know,

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a lot of the time, yeah. When we look at other people from different lands and different cultures, yeah. Many a time we are only have experience of our own culture. Okay. And we think that our culture, we may not say is the best, but we think this is the only culture that culture that exists. Yeah. And we don't realize that there are hundreds of different cultures that exists. And there are different ways of life, that people that they live. Yeah. And if it's different from us, somehow, sometimes they think it is a threat is dangerous to me, or it's very, I mean, it's normal.

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In Islam, a woman is required to,

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and the man is required to dress and behave modestly.

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And that is shown in many ways. Yeah. And especially with a woman that a woman dresses in a modest way. Now, modesty may be understood in different ways. You know, I think this is modest. She thinks this is modest, and there's a difference. However, in Islam, a woman is required to, to wear what we know as the hijab. Yeah. Okay. I'm sure you read this. Yeah. Like the head covering?

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No, the US for the face to bail. Okay, which is called the niqab. Yeah. You know, this is something which, you know, Islamic scholars, some say that you should wear it. Some say you don't have to wear it. Yeah, I mean, some women they wear it some other women, you know, I mean? This is like a difference of opinion. Okay, in Islam, there's not just a black and white yes or no, are some women, they say yes, I do want to wear it and others, they don't want to wear it, but they will agree that they wear the hijab. Okay. But if they do with the face veil, the niqab, this is the way that they number one, that they this is how they want to worship Allah. This is how they want to show that

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they're submitting to Allah. And secondly, this is a way of them, you know, showing modesty and protecting themselves from the views and the looks of other people looking at them. They don't feel comfortable with this. So they have the full right to cover themselves like this. That's why they wear it. So for example, if the woman doesn't want what's what's gonna happen if they get doesn't want cover herself. I mean, she can be Muslim as well, or Yeah, I mean, to begin with is a very good question. That

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if a woman doesn't want to cover herself, yeah, does that mean she's not

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to Muslim Of course, it doesn't mean that.

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Essentially Islam means to surrender. Surrender to Allah O submitted to Allah, that's what Islam means. Now, if it means that you want to be a Muslim I want who surrenders to Allah to surrenders to God, then ideally, you should surrender to all of God's commands. Yeah. Because you believe that he knows best for us. And part of that, because it is mentioned in the in the Quran, which is the holy book for Muslims, yeah, that a woman should bring her veil over herself. And we have throughout the ages, that's how Muslims understood and knew what it means to wear hijab. It's only now in the past 20 or 30 years, or maybe a bit more than that, that people will start to understand these things in

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a in a modern way to say that, all right, you know, it doesn't mean you have to literally cover yourself, it means you have to be modest, and modest, of course, is a relative term, you know, maybe so many people differ. However, what we do have is more than 1000 years of history, yeah. And in practice in all different Muslim lands, as to understanding what it means to cover. So it's not for us to judge people to say that they're bad people. It's not for us to do that, because they may have a good heart. And it may be that they may be on their way, wanting to wear the hijab. So it's important for us to deal with people speak to people in a good way to advise them, and ultimately to

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show that to be a Muslim means to surrender to Allah subhanaw taala boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, bada bada boom, boom, boom.