Haifaa Younis – Shaban is the month where our deeds are presented to Allah

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the daily deeds presented to Allah, including a weekly presentation to Allah and a daily appointment with Allah. They also mention a letter given to Messiah and a fasting appointment. The deeds are presented to Allah for his actions and rewarded for his fasting.
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The month of Shaban is the month that our deeds are presented to unlock and learn this one statement, every day our deeds are actually presented to Allah. And every week, there is a special times that our deeds are presented to Allah and then every year, once our deeds are presented to Allah, so the daily presentation is after fajr and after ourselves. And that's why we do as Carlos Saba when Messiah, the morning and the evening at COP, so that's one, then we have a weekly appointment with Allah Our deeds weekly will be presented to Allah, and this is on

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Monday and Thursday. This is why one of the reasons he fasted that he has sought to sit down on Monday and Thursday, because he said the same thing what he said in Shaba. He said, I love when my deeds are presented to Allah, I am in a state of action that Allah Who loves so what does that make you?

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So when you when somebody does something to you, and that's something you love, and then he gives you a letter, right? So we love chocolate cake, right? Or chocolate and somebody gives you a gift and the gift has a letter for you. And with the gift is a piece of chocolate and he or she knows you love chocolate. The first thing you are very happy. Number two is whatever you're going to read in this letter, even if the letter normally will make you very upset. How are you going to feel about the letter? It's okay. You know, he's very sweet. He's very sweet. So I'm just making this for you to understand this. And Allah subhanaw taala every Monday and Thursday, our deeds are presented to

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him so Roswaal is thought to ourselves teaching you and me fast Monday and Thursday because when these deeds are presented to Allah is going to be presented and you or I are we in a state that Allah hora de la so I already gave like an extra so my deeds will be presented better and rewarded better. The yearly appointment is Shaban from the whole months of the including Ramadan. It is not its Shaban, this is this month is the month that our deeds are presented. And that's why he said and I love when my deeds are presented to Allah, I am fasting

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