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Yahya Ibrahim
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother. Yeah, hey Brahim with another daily Tafseer Al Hamdulillah. We're doing a surah a day. And today and hamdulillah we're looking at sawtell fetchit. We did the 89th chapter of the Quran we're looking at Jews Amma solfeggio. The Dawn is a beautiful surah in the Quran and Subhan Allah, it has three main important objectives to get across to the people, the early people of Mecca. First is it speaks about the consequence of disobeying a law out of arrogance. And it speaks about its examples from people of the past number two, and speaks about purifying your soul from greed and love of the worldly possessions that will

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distract it from the outcomes that you seek in the NFL. And number three, it speaks to you about life after death, that there is more to life than the life that you are living, that there's a day of judgment and a subsequent reward and punishment by law soprano to Allah Allah subhanaw taala says Be Superman Rahim. While federal and Allaah makes a vow by the rising dawn by Daybreak and Muslims. We make our early morning prayers before the rising of the dawn before the pledge, and we recite out loud and Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, Allah God can assure you that, that the Quran that is recited in the early hours before dawn, it is witnessed by a law that angels are there to

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witness it and carry it up to a law at what al in ash by the 10 nights and Allah makes another vow by the important time of these 10 nights which are the 10 days of the hedger. According to the majority of the morpha city the people have exits. And they quote the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim which is narrated inside the body. And the prophets, I seldom said that there's no good deed there is no action of worship, there's no righteous deed. on other days that are superior to those done on these 10 days of the hedgerow which is soon to enter upon us. We're in little cloud at the moment,

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nearly the 10th of the little cloud. So I want you to consider the importance of that hedgerow which is coming which culminates with the day of alpha on the ninth of it and the 10th of the day have not heard the day of aid.

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And the prophets had not even jihad is equal to it was shipped Hey, well, what the even and the odd and the even or the odd,

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even is all of the creation of a loss of Hannah Montana. And the odd Allah width is Allah subhanho wa Taala alouette that Allah is the one so Allah says everything that is created, and then there is him Subhana Allah to Allah He alone in his majesty subhana wa Tada. Other people have said odd meaning odd out of the 10 nights in the 10 days is the day of the offense. That is odd amongst it, and it's on the ninth day, which is the ninth day of the hedgehog.

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We'll leave it there Yes. And the night when it departs a law makes a vow with it, that there's the promise of the next day to come. There's opportunity, as dark as your life has become dawn will always arrive healthy that because someone lives he has indeed in them in these O's is sufficient proof for mankind. For those of understanding that they should come to attention to a law and know that Allah is always present in their life. And therefore Allah Subhana Allah is there seeking the obedience of his servants in all aspects of their life in the darkness in the daylight in the days of honor and in other than them, then Allah begins to speak about the people of disbelief who turned

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away from him, lm tala k farfalla buka behind look at the people who didn't obey Allah didn't consider a lot. An example is the people of ad ilma that is a mad those who were tall and lofty, like the pillars, they had this massive structure and let the laminar flow coming through I feel bad, they build foundations and homes and, and things that in their time had no reputable comparison to it. And they used to live in these, you know, magnificent structures. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam described them in that way,

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that the prophet who that was sent to them, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues by saying with a mood that people have the mood as well. And levena job was a horrible word they used to cleave from the rocks and in the valleys to make their dwellings and they had their massive beautiful structures, meaning structures that could rival that which were present and what if they were generations who came many, many years many generations before. But they had better technology, better dwellings better systems than what you people have had with his own even further than them is Pharaoh Ville. Oh, Tad, who had his stakes for torturing people and for punishing people. He had this power and

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omnipotence over much of mankind. And Medina toggle field will add all of these tyrants, all of them, the ones I mentioned, and other than them, those who have that same disposition. Those who transgress de Leon is to crenn transgress bounds that are known, who will be allowed in their disobedience of a lawful act federal fee held facade and they're in they cause money.

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This mischief and corruption upon the earth for sub Valley him or buka Salta that eventually, nevertheless your Lord will always eventually pour down upon them. Different levels of severe torment and punishment at will Cleveland of nabee then be a lot describes in sort of an ankle boot each of these peoples we took them on according to their scenes that they perform. The main home men has f Nabeel out those who the earth swallowed up to open them others the wind came to them others this strike came upon them, others a Huracan that we cause them to drown in not a Becca nebulin Assad your Lord is always watching over over all of us, over the sinners in in his power to desist

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and stop them eventually, and in his Overwatch fullness of the pious, who are weak, who he will attest that Melanson mankind is prone that when Allah subhanho wa Taala tests them, tries them by giving honorable things things that they're happy to receive. They say my lord has honored me they're happy, and Egypt Allah who other Allah heroes coho but when Allah makes the means of their life a little bit more difficult, health begins to fail, wealth is not as much they say, a lot of be a hand and he says, My Lord has has turned away from me has has has humiliated me Kela Bella to Cremona, let him know rather than thinking about what Allah has done to you, what have you done? For

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those who are weak like the orphans? What have you done with those who others overlook when as to how lunala time and miskeen you don't feed that week with that coluna tolosa aklan Lemma you devour the inheritance of others unjustly which are a boon elmaleh of Benjamin and your greed and love of wealth is excessive Kela either do cattle or ludic? conducta Where will you what your condition will be when the earth is ground to a powder or jar or a buco and medical software and software when your Lord comes and arrives with the angels in rows for his judgment as described in numerous Hadith of the prophets, I seldom what Gao may even be jahannam in one Hadith, the prophet said he will be

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jahannam Simone Allah has her own alpha, the ma'am agenda will be brought forward and will be pulled forward with 70,000 chains and incalculable number of chains that the angels will bring it forth, yo man, even jahannam will be brought near on that day, hit that girl inside mankind will deliberate upon their previous life

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or anala, hood vicara and how good their memory will be, and they will think about their remembrance and how will that remembrance available today? What will you say? What excuse Will we be able to come up with Oh, I did this because of this yom yaku yell at me, rather, all that will come to mind is you will say yeah, late and I wish I had, alas, had it done, for them to the hierarchy. I wish I had saved good deeds for this day I wish I had lived the righteous life. For you may even lay you at the Buddha who had on that day none will be punished as he has been punished, whether you had a nun will be bound as he will be bound none will be tied up and restrained as much as they will be

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restrained Yeah, yeah to enough so on the other hand, there will be souls that find rest and tranquility with Allah, oh soul of the righteous believers was found rest in satisfaction after your difficult life in Arabic your raw data model the return to your Lord being well pleased with yourself and well pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for to leave a body with Julio jannetty enter amongst my honored servants enter into my paradise. So Pamela, what a beautiful end to the difficulties that are faced in the world and a law begins this sorta by speaking about the consequence of disobeying a law, being from the followers of God and the mood and around being of

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that one who doesn't think of the next day to come, that the greed of this life makes them turn away from a law that they forget that there is because from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that when a law take something from us that we consider all laws humiliated us the basis Why is it a law kind to me, forgetting that perhaps in our poverty is our medicine and in our wealth is our our destruction knowing that Allah subhana wa tada seeks for us to be pure before we return to Him to clarify our dealings of him to live a life that is pleasing to Him so that our death will be one where we hear those words of the angel of death? Yeah, you enjoy an episode of multiplying that Hello g lm Alfredo

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to mean Allah He wanted one also who is pleasing to Allah exit to the mercy of Allah and His contentment with you what have been around in Angola your burn and your Lord is pleased with you and not vengeful with wrath towards you. May Allah bless us with that this was another daily to feed with your brother Abraham. From a surah a day from juice ama, this was surah number 89 solfeggio was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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