Yahya Ibrahim – The Sunnah Diet

Yahya Ibrahim
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One is going to do an impersonation of Mufti mink. All right? It's not impossible to get a hold of, you know, a chef, I really love you, I love your lectures and I and I actually do your your accent and your voice pretty well. Do you mind if I do that? And some people think that's hilarious. You know, I'm, and, you know, so they're okay with that. And it's flattering and all that stuff. And some people cannot tolerate those kinds of things. So, but especially depends on how you make, are you just nailing the accent and the voice and the mannerisms? Or are you just making fun of them, making them say dumb things like, hinting that, oh, we got to wrap up on. So hinting that you know,

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they're not smart, something like that.

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Beware of whom, and aware of whom you're joking with, like, you don't think you can joke the same way with everybody? You know, one time, someone did something extremely disrespectful and rude to me. So I spoke to him about it. And then a minute later, he comes to my house, he's like, by the way, a joke the same way, which is so and so. I don't care. If maybe you know him, well, maybe you have that relationship. Maybe he has that personality. But you don't say because I joke this way with this person. I can do the same with everybody else. And they also says joking is like salt. You know, a little of it is just right. Too much of it ruins everything. And there are appropriate times

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to joke, please do not go to the funeral. And as you're offering condolences bust out the latest joke that you heard. Okay, so the scholar that's why this quote from stuffy and as I said, it is only for those who know how to do it or, and the right time to do it. So there's a time for joking. But as far as vulgarity the prophets of Allah said have said that the Muslim is not *, and he is not vulgar. So jokes today are almost all of a sexual nature, or involve some kind of profanity. That is not appropriate whatsoever. Do not joke like that. And don't make it an excuse, which is what we do today. Oh, this is how I've always joke. Oh, that's how I am. I'm deep down. I'm you

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know, I'm vulgar. So if you can't handle it, you'll leave now. Don't ever do that. Don't ever do that. Like you put the joke. Above Islam, and above manners and above people's feelings. I was watching interviews with these

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comedians, and they always make the joke the most sacred thing ever. They like it's a joke. So I can say anything I want cuz I'm joking. And you're supposed to take it well, cuz I'm joking. No, joking does not come above a HELOC good good fluff, meaning good people good manners. It does not come above the religion. It does not come above the etiquettes that are in Islam, and it does not come above other people's feelings. We think since it was a joke, I can hurt your feelings. And it's your fault that your feelings got hurt because I'm joking. You're the recipient, not heavy. That is not correct.

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And the last thing I wanted to say is what if you don't like the joke? For God's sake, people? If someone tells a joke you don't like, it is absolutely not important. To give them feedback on that joke. It is absolutely of no importance, you know? And, but we just we think because we used to it, we give things thumbs up and thumbs down. We read things on Yelp, we give it how many stars. So when someone's in front of us live, we think we should also let them know how we feel. But it's absolutely not important. If someone tells a joke to a room of 100 people, and 98% of them are laugh or 98 people laugh and only two don't laugh. They don't have to wait for him outside like this. Say

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I didn't like the joke that you mentioned. Like okay, but you didn't hear the room. Breakout and laughter if there's something haram about the joke, then you should come and tell me because that's nausea. But to tell me you did not like the joke. It's not important so it's it's a better manners. If there's nothing haram about the joke, you don't have to let people know but one time I was in Florida and I was giving a motor class it was for Friday. And there was a sister waiting for me outside the whole time when I finally came out to the car. She was like I just I was just waiting for you to tell you that I don't like your your style of humor.

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So you just waited outside this whole time to tell me that there are many people who don't like it, but it's not important to tell me that you'd like it or not.

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Why did you feel the need to sit out in the dark in the parking lot for this whole time just to let me know you don't like it? He said there are many speakers I don't like their style. I don't go contact them. So article. This is the Allama the ship of the Sunnah. Come on. And I just want to let you know that I don't like your stuff, but inshallah you never like my style you get lost. I mean, I'm the guy who would say that to me, like who cares?

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I don't know about what do you mean by crude humor because I need to be specific but if it involves profanity vulgarity, then it is not from the the attributes of the believer to be vulgar and to be crude. Okay?

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Some people live to criticize, guess some people live to criticize, and basically they live to kill. They live to kill ideas and projects and innovation and creativity. I always tell people do not surround yourself with people like that. But other cases, I like your humor chef. That is because you have good taste. Yes. Excellent. All right. duckula hair, Giacomo. Hello, everybody for tuning in. You are in the capable hands of a man that we in inner circles referred to as the dawn. And that is Shafia. Ibrahim is the dawn. He probably doesn't want everyone to know that he is the dawn. But between you and me, the man is the dawn. So he's doing the Prophet smile. Oh, man. Oh, man. Just

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send me a link because I want to take that class as well. Zach McFerrin, everybody so Mahabharata Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Not so fast. This is only my flesh just go out there for this. I'm so glad I can stay muted with my camera off is all I'm gonna say. I lost half of my tea because I spilled it knocking over laughing so I'll send you the bill for that cleanup.

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Just love your ship. Honestly, the quality of our lives would be much lower if we did not have come on lucky human. And it's So may Allah reward you and I know jokes are horrible. Putting people's smiles on people's faces are horrible. May Allah grant you Jenna because of it. I mean Jarom if you want to keep up with Shimelle and you want to keep up with his jokes, he does a weekly series called useful knowledge on the Clearlake Islamic center Facebook page I think on their YouTube as well. I only see it on Facebook as well he does Friday Night Flight Friday Night Lights with shift will even sometimes take Amara and guest speakers as well so you can keep up with him online. He's very

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reclusive otherwise so it's hard to find him we're very lucky in Hamlet to have him join us for this experience and of course to contribute to this you know addition to the Prophet smile of course disclosure for being here with us in sha Allah, I want to rewatch that when I have less you know, dangerous substances around me inshallah. But keeping you on catching you online signing on the lack of etiquette to shift around buffalo Fico. Thank you, everyone. So, law,

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law, some quick reminders before we jump in, and we NPA Brahim to the stage for those of you who have been attending from the very beginning just come along here but I see many of you mashallah more than half of you have come in. As we started this session. I hope that you enjoyed shake Kamal McKee, our instructor as well with amalgam Institute and hopefully you enjoyed the session we just had on the Sunnah of joking. The next session that we're going to have with Chef Fei Brahim is going to be on the sin that diet. Before we jump into it, I just want to remind you and actually I didn't mention this in the beginning, I was saving this for a good moment. But alhamdulillah not only is

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this session sponsored by the prophet smile course by amalgam online, which is an on demand course that has been filled professionally. But with Chef Yahya broken down, it's super easy for you to consume a lot of content, 16 hours of content, but broken down in a way that you can very, very easily go through it and benefit and learn and love the characteristics of the Prophet system that's at emulator online. But we've actually done a little surprise, a temporary little extra kind of gift to everyone who's watching right now. So for the next 48 hours, if you go over to the link that you see on my screen, a Milgrom dot online slash exclusive, you will get 30% off of the course price.

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And the course price is different depending on wherever you're coming in from in the world. So it's going to be a little bit reduced or higher whatnot based on if you're coming in from from Malaysia or Pakistan or whatnot, it's always localized to you and you get an additional 30% off on top of that so head over there right now. Don't lose that opportunity. If you're watching the recording especially you don't know how much time you have left. Make sure that you do take advantage Adam Welcome to online slash exclusive. Now without further ado, I know we're running a little bit late Shahab mashallah is always on time and always, you know, ready before time, mashallah with us and I

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know you want to go into the topic this Sunday diet so I'm going to bring him on screen so that we can jump into the second part of today's webinar programming As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah Shia. Yeah. How are you doing today? Why ecommerce seller Mata Mata Allahu wa Khartoum Thank you for having me just like last

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week and chef I could see you actually I don't know if you can tell but I can see the instructors was there waiting I could see you and me both cracking up trying to hold it together for the end of Jacamo session Miller with him I mean, for those last in shuttle I'm actually very excited for this topic as well. The some that diet because there's so many diet trends, there's so many fads every you know couple months and not even the it's actually faster than that every couple of weeks every month or so. It seems like one next fruits or one next you know vegetable or meat or whatnot is the be all end all of it.

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Having a healthy lifestyle and it's going to save your life and it's going to secure you from cancer and diseases and whatnot. So of course, the most blessed diet of course would be the diet of the prophets and I'm and I'm very excited to hear what you have to say about that inshallah. And do you want to give us a bit of a sneak peek Inshallah, in terms of what we're going to discuss today?

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Um, the levels salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I just really wanted to speak about the general principles of the Prophet's lifestyle as it relates to consumption. So what he would eat, how he would eat it, when he would eat it, some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, I think most people they kind of get bogged down into what it was, you know, did he eat they was it, you know, milk and honey and so on.

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Okay, that's interesting. So yeah, that's what I was assuming because that's where you were, where we go first is what was the content of his diet, but timing and all that I'm very excited inshallah to delve into it. As usual. You guys can leave your questions and comments and interactions and y'all in the chat. But let's jump in this in the national stage is all yours.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam, Allahu alayhi wa sallam were bad.

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Whenever we speak about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we should get into that really good habit of articulating pronouncing the Salawat, the de rue de Palma prophesy center. So we're going to be everything we're talking about today is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So get in that habit of celebrating him. You know, the Sadat upon the prophets I send them is a celebration of your faith in what he he brought to us. So even when we're speaking about things that may seem like mundane about how we ate or when he ate, or how often he ate some Lilavati were selling them. Let it be a reason that connects you to him. And that's the very purpose that we're gathered together.

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Today, of course, we're understanding that the prophets I send them Naka canon Leconfield Rasulillah, he Schwartzman has given to you as an example of excellence is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So there will be certain things that the prophets I send them a deed lived war dressed, walked, you know, road that aren't relevant to our life today. You know, I'll ride a camel for example, as a touristic opportunity. I don't do it as a mode of travel. Yet, however, I will still follow the Sunnah of the prophets, I send them in how he traveled, the times he chose the opportunities that he had, the DUA he made before, during and after the manner of

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prayer that he did in whatever direction he was facing. The holistic pneus of the Sunnah of the prophets, I seldom becomes the moral guiding compass that you and I seek to have in our life. And therefore that becomes a really important kind of thought process. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet I sell them is a thought process. It's something that you make as an intentional, voluntary, willful decision. It's not meant to be just a reflexive reaction to things just because you've always been saying in sha Allah, you say it, it's meant to be premeditated, voluntary, intentional, deliberate, as a way of earning reward from Allah subhanaw taala. And so to is assuming that concept

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of diet now, of course, you know, it's such a, it's a really clickbait kind of thing, assuming the diet, you're like, Okay, what's the meal plan, right? And that's not really the aim of it. So I want to speak about certain principles of how the prophets Allah, Allahu alayhi wa sallam consumed. And when we speak about diet, usually the word diet has the concept that the idea of restricting because we today are those who are prone to excessiveness. So when you say I'm on a diet, nobody assumes that I'm on a Mediterranean balanced diet or I'm eating whole foods. What people assume is I got to stop, I got a lesson, I got to curtail what it is that I'm normally doing. Now, that is the first

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principle that the concept of diet is a holistic approach. So the prophets I send them is diet related to his walking a lot. It related to him drinking a lot of water, it related to him having physical exertion in his days in his evenings in his night. It related to him standing long hours in the night in prayer, which means his body was active for a third of the night when many of us are knocked out, zonked out, it means that he slept in certain hours that are earlier than what many of us would do today. And it also showed that the prophets I send them did not see life and did not teach us that life was compliment, you know,

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compartmentalize where it's, you know, this is food and that's separate to exercise and that's separate

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To sleep, and that's separate to prayer. Rather, he taught us that you got to take it all for you to be upon the sooner. Now That's principle number one, that this suna is a whole lifestyle approach. And when we speak about the diet of the prophets, I send them we're not speaking about the diet of the prophets, I send them in terms of just food consumption, or drink consumption. But it's a thought process that's inclusive of all of our different behaviors. Number two, I think it's really important to stress the importance of the prophets on the law to us and them being a person who had different lifestyle habits of food and consumption in different moments of his life. What are the

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beautiful Hadith that I showed the Allah on her? She reports, she said that one day the prophets I tell him, he and I, we had a race, and he beat me, you know, the prophets, I send them he was quicker than me. And then she said,

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he beat me some all I sell them for, but I have to Latin because my body had grown so that I had more weight on me, right, I had more weight on me. So that kind of shows you. You know, in the first instance, when she was younger, and she was, you know, she was quick, she was very quick, she beat the prophets, I send them. But in the second time, you know, she, she had maturity a little bit, and Jim put on a little bit more weight that the prophets I send them was quicker than her. And that really always struck me that, you know, in the life of the prophet, I seldom in the life of the Sahaba, there were moments of ups and downs. There's this false concept that the prophets I send

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them was always lean and trim that the prophets I send them was always

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muscular, muscularly built. And that's not entirely the case, we know that even from the suit of the prophets, I send them there were different ways in how he would rise up, for example, from subdued, because there's certain days in your life where you're not feeling as strong as you normally do. So as you get up from sujood, you sit down a little bit before you stand up. And there were other days in his life, maybe younger days in his life, healthier days in his life, where he didn't feel a pain or he wasn't unwell, where he would rise up quickly SallAllahu it will send them so even in the manners of our prayer, even in the reports of the Sahaba I want you to know that the Hadith of the

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prophets I send them is not necessarily the whole suna of the prophets, I send them so when I report of something that the Prophet ate or a manner in how he prayed, where it's describing, I saw the Prophet on a day and he did this. This didn't necessarily mean to that Ramat that that was the constant continuous unchanging habit of the Prophet Mohammed I sent him. So when I he says that the prophets I said them there were many weeks, many months where light was not lit in the house of the prophets, I send them to Baker to Coker to make soup, because it was a time of austerity and poverty. Don't take that and say, we'll see that shows you you know, we should be, you know, we

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should be very self depriving. And we shouldn't enjoy luxurious meals because there's another Hadith that show was different in their lifestyle and in the habit of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was send him so that becomes a second really important principle. So we said the first is to take a holistic approach. Number two is that isolated reports in the Hadith, isolated statements, eyewitness accounts, have a moment or a time or a year of the prophets I send them his life is not indicative of the whole of it. And then the prophets life had different tempos, different modes of consumption, different times of levity and other times of austerity, peace and blessings be upon him

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in such as your life, you should also remember that in your life, there will be moments of excess at times, may Allah protect us and there will be moments of austerity that we need to be careful with as equal in that regard. And number three, the importance of water. One of the things you hear about the prophets, all I send them was that he consumed water he used to love particular drinks, especially if they had a sweetness to it. That was, you know, my fear was a drink that was made with a mix of honey and herbes and, and berries and things like that it was made for him by some of the seniors wives, sell double the Allahu Ana and some of the others. So those kinds of things are

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things that we're seeing as luxuries, but the standard of the prophets Allah who it was selling them was that water was considered a staple. It was considered something that was his go to and milk and water the two great you know, greatest liquids and

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known in the tradition in the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah it was send them are generally reference they referenced in dream interpretation, their reference in the prophets ascension on the day of sloth when Mirage, the reference in the battles of the prophets, I send them the reference in the breaking of fast and in this Whoo, you know, all of those are kind of things where we see that these, you know, this liquid diet of the prophets I send them was pervasive. And I want you to hear that word, there was a liquid diet for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu was send them and the dad or the Allahu Anhu it's one of those amazing Hadith and we don't have time to go through the whole

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Hadith, but it was a time of famine and he said, I was so hungry and malnutrition that had that summer and I was also doing it myself into my friends, our sight and our hearing departed us we were so malnutrition we couldn't see or hear. And we went to the provinces element said, Well, look, there's a goat over there this year, you know, take some of its milk and make that your meal and leave me a copy of it, that I can have some for myself. So that shows you that that was considered a food of the greatest sources of protein. For the prophets, Allah who it was a lamb was dairy, milk, curd, cheese and drinking milk. That was probably the greatest source of protein that the prophets

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of Allah Azza wa sallam enjoyed, they would harden some of the milk proteins and then they would make soup with it. It's like a type of yogurt tea kind of soup was one of the most known meals to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet was asked about the verse in the Quran to mellitus Naomi, in any name, you will be questioned by Allah on the day of judgment about a name about the blessings and the graces of God that He gave you that you haven't worked to earn. And the prophets I send him said, shuttle betat Matt embeded it is the luxury of a sip of cold water for Yeoman how even on a on a day that is hot. So water was you know, it's a precious thing Allah tells

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us in the Quran, which Allah nominal map color shade in height, that the longevity and the life of everything that is alive and sustained today goes back and is rooted in its need an essence and origin of water. Number four, sleep. What is sleep have to do with food? Well, you know, the prophets eyes LM taught us that there are two meals that we take when we're fasting, what are they sort who and if and if thought of the full tour, basically those were always the two meals of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the reason it's called so good, it's because it's in the time of Sahar will be as hard you know, a little bit before the sunrises. So the Sahaba time

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is a time of blessing. It is a time of increase it's a time of

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of accepted dua it is a time where Allah Jalla gelato descends to the worldly Heavens to receive our DUA and ask for our friend seeker forgiveness to those who seek it from him that it's given to them. It's a powerful time. And that's where we get the concept of school, but really all it is what the prophets I send them made earlier, his first meal of the day. So the prophets I send him in his car, he's known to have eaten twice a day as a regular lifestyle, he would have two meals in the day, a meal in the morning, and the meal in the afternoon. And that meal in the afternoon was a meal that at times could be skipped. It was a meal that at times could be skipped. So when people speak about

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intermittent fasting and so on, that was a natural lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam that was a natural habit. It was two meals a day they were spread out from each other. And there were long periods between them were the prophets I send them would not consume anything except water. Anything except water Sallalahu How do you assess them? Sleep becomes a very important aspect as it relates to that and that you know that principle about sleep is Allah subhanaw taala says we're gonna lay Lily bursa or Jiangnan the * Rama Asha, I made your night for rest, Rick,

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and for you to take recourse in it to re adjust yourself labasa it's like it's something like you've cloaked yourself with protection. It's like it's something that has given you a moment of quiet rest, privacy and status. And that is a blessing from Allah Jana, it's Allah Who made that as a healing process for all of us. Number two, what jhana how to manage then how was meant to be for activity for getting out there for doing what you need to get done. And that's assuming of the profits I sell them and therefore in seeing those to some of their own amount of cash

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added that there should be a meal in the evening and a meal in the day. And they've connected that the two times of our sleep should also be two times of our consumption. So when you have risen, that you see that this hood is something that you take before you get on with your day, and as you're ending, you know, your long day of work, you have a meal before you go to sleep by a few hours. And that is considered a holistic sense of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam adjusted life. There's a great principle that we take from the Quran. The next principle, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Kulu was shabu. Wella to sifu. He to your heart's delight, drink to your heart's delight,

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but do not be excessive to sifu. Don't go beyond the measure. The prophets lie Selim, we all know these Hadith growing up. He said that a believer as it narrated in muscle he eats with one stomach with one intestine, they have capacity for just you know, a small place while an unbeliever a hypocrite eats with seven and seven here little MOBA, meaning that they are excessive, they're just gonna keep eating and eating and eating and there's gluttony. Right?

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That's, that's, you know, that's a statement of our nibio so I sell them so the believer is reserved we also know in the authentic hadith of the Prophet, or SLM, said that when we eat As believers, we have one section of our stomach for food, one section for liquid and one section for air. One of the things we notice about the prophets I send him is that he didn't mix food and water all the time together. So we have one or the other, not necessarily both at the same time. I remember Tabata, the Allahu I knew we'd say I never in the presence of the prophets, I send them ate for more than one plate, meaning that there wasn't just buffets of food. It wasn't like I had meat and fish and

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chicken and other you know all of it together. Rather, it was one meal that would be partaken from. And subhanAllah. It may seem

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hard to kind of think of this. And I'm not saying that you're not allowed to have more than one variety. So I'm not saying that you can't have you know, chicken and meat in the same day. I'm just saying it doesn't meet the lifestyle of the prophets of Allah who it was seldom as a consistent pattern in his life. Were there moments where there was a lavish feast. Yes, the prophet loved 1313 is broth, a meat cooked in its broth that would then be poured on buttered bread. And it would be eaten with the bread that soaks up the broth, and then the the meat of the mutton. That was the favorite meal of the prophesy salad with the stewed vegetables that were added to it, peace and

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blessings be upon him. So you know, there were moments of enjoyment. But that was not the standard. If you were to classify the habit of the prophets, I send them he was a raw food consumer who was semi vegetarian. So very rarely was meat affordable or on offer for the people. In Medina, in the time of the prophets I sent him it was very rare wasn't the norm, to have me certainly wasn't a weekly thing. Certainly wiving wasn't daily, it would be you know, every month or two. And that's why, you know, the concept of giving over here and sharing meat with your family and neighbors was because that that was like a celebration, you know, would happen. You know, it was rare. So even in

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the wedding, and even in the weddings, it was something rare. When you've been blessed with a child you would offer that meat. And that's where we get this concept of sacrifice. It's not about you know, the blood sacrifice it is that the meat would be shared out with people who normally don't have access to it. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to bless our lives, but readjust as Kulu were shabu Wella to sifu. Don't be excessive in that regard. And I know time is getting short I don't want to go over. There's so much to be said but a lot of it is founded my course. You know the prophets smile, the prophets Allah it was send them with a person who was accessible to men and

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women. His lifestyle is accessible to men and women, young and old, Arab and non his habits are meant to bring delight to the heart strength to the body clarity to the mind. His systems are meant to provide the most consistent leadership, the greatest teaching capabilities. It is what is meant to lead us to a path of righteousness for ourselves in our homes and our families, if we just part took and partake from the ocean of mercy that Allah sent us through is Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you and I know that our

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So Allah alayhi wa sallam is revered by us as Muslims. But what you may not know is that the principles that he taught are what are revealed by those who don't know that they are his principles. So many of the things that you will study and you will hear about leadership, about teaching techniques of the prophets, I send them about, you know, how to influence people and how to be a good friend to others and how to sleep well and eat well and represent yourself as an upright human being, is actually the sooner to me the greatest definition of what is this word soon to mean? It means to be a human. It's to humanize you, to give you the essence of love, he said, So I sent

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him wrote himself, he never bore it to live with me, I came to complete the mannerisms that ethics, the ethos, the morality of mankind, that is purpose, peace and blessings be upon him. Finally, I wanted to say about the foods of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that, you know, at being somebody who consumed raw materials, what do I mean by raw materials? So satin, are the Allahu Anhu one of the Sahaba of the prophets I seldom is asked, Did the prophets I send them eat white flour? Did he you know, did he what you know that that kind of flour that they had after his death, a generation later, you know, luxury began to enter into the OMA. He said, Well, Allah He I swear to

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you, by God, the prophets, I seldom never even saw it. He never saw that milled flour that came and you know, people had milled it for us and then we cooked it. They said, Well, what did you eat, he said, we used to have barley. And then we would grind it and brew and blow on it so that the husk would fall off. And then we would grind it again and make our bread from it. Now barley and oats are, you know, supremely nutritious, they are things you know, people speak about having raw foods and Whole Foods and these are the things that are important to us. And they are and I want you to kind of look at how much packaging you have. The more packaging the less wholesome, the less

00:32:14 --> 00:32:55

wholesome the less consistent it is with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We can't speak about the diet of the prophets I sell them. If we don't speak about fasting, Mondays and Thursdays 1314 15 of every lunar calendar were a consistent behavior of the Prophet Mohammed iclm Throughout his messenger ship, there are certain foods and vegetables that are mentioned in the Quran that are important for us to take note of because all of them are considered superfoods, antioxidants you know, there are foods that are good for you cucumbers, garlic, onions, lentils, and mentioned directly in the Quran in surah Al Baqarah verse 61, right

00:32:57 --> 00:33:37

for me, fava beans and fool you know Egyptian love their food and mashallah there are fruits of course, that are mentioned as being descriptions of what we will have similar to engender but cannot be compared to what is found in Jenna. Things like grapes, and dates and olives, and it's oil, palm grenades, and it's oil, bananas, figs are all of that are things that are discussed and described in the Quran, honey, as being actually fat. In this authentic hadith A man came and complained about stomach illnesses and intestinal illnesses and so on. The Prophet said Give him honey, and they gave it to him for a day and they came back and he said he's still you know, he's still unwell. He said,

00:33:37 --> 00:34:11

give him honey. I always thought I didn't know how to give him honey and he's still unwell. The prophets I send them said give them honey. And on the third day they said O Messenger of Allah is still unwell. Maybe honey isn't working. He said Allah spoke the truth. And your friends stomach is what is untruthful give him honey. So they gave him honey and gave them honey until he became well. And honey is something that has always been seen as a cure and as a treatment. And it is something that is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us, but you will always see the greater value of raw honey and active honey and so on.

00:34:12 --> 00:34:59

The final thing that I'll say before I, you know, conclude and hand this over to sister Huff's in sha Allah is the power of dua as being a part of our consumption habits, and of our eating habits to say Bismillah before your meal, and then hamdulillah at the end of the meal is powerful. It's incredible, to say Bismillah and to say Alhamdulillah at the end, and many people they forget that when you say Bismillah it restricts the Shavon from consuming and from D nutrition in your food. So when you eat and you've said Bismillah you're able to spiritually enjoy the food not just physically and that's something people forget. You know food we speak about soul

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Food heals the soul. You know, everybody enjoys something when they're, you know, something that reminds them of better days or better times, or somebody they love who's now departed from their life. But there's also the soul food that has been blessed because of our connection to Allah, that we recognize the morsel that we put to our mouth, is by the risk of Allah subhanho wa Taala that nobody else can have it because there's other times where you've made yourself that sandwich in somebody else's eaten it, or eaten some of it, it was their risk, even though you worked for it. The risk is with Allah. And that's a powerful, powerful teaching. May Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses

00:35:37 --> 00:36:17

all insha Allah in a couple of hours in sha Allah, I have another program about loving the prophets I sell them as it leads us into Jenna and being with the Prophet in Jana. You can find some of its details on my Facebook page on a method of Facebook page in sha Allah. It's done through and Metro Malaysia and I hope you'll connect with me in a couple of hours for that as well. The evening live data, please do enroll for my program. I know that you will have an incredible time with it. And I can't wait to get on with some more of the live sessions that complement the on demand content. May Allah subhanaw taala make it a legacy for us and a reason for our entrance into Jamna Allah Amin

00:36:17 --> 00:36:24

also Lillah wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

00:36:27 --> 00:37:01

ala for that amazing session. I'm very excited inshallah to delve deeper this as I know, just a taste of the experience that we get in the Prophet smile through amalgams online. So this has gotten me excited as on Hamdulillah, we always get little lectures here and there, maybe for half an hour or an hour we have we discussed the Sierra and in JAMA football, it's so nice to spend so much time with the Prophet saw them and in his life and in the highs, the lows, the characteristics, feeling like you're, you're almost walking that journey with him. So very excited to delve into this course as well here too, all the time that you've spent in cubic, creating the content, curating it for the

00:37:01 --> 00:37:34

class, and of course, mashallah, you've taught it over the years, to hundreds of students across the modern world. And now it's available to the, to the entire globe. So I really encourage you guys, if you're listening right now, or if you're watching the recording later, but especially within this 48 hour period to head over to Amazon dot online slash exclusive. We mentioned just a little sneakily there in the middle of a session that we do have a special little 30% off discount, we don't really, I don't think we've ever done this, don't quote me on that for an online course. So please do take advantage of that and share that or spread the love. tell others about it, get the reward for their

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registration and their benefit as well in the class. But for now, shake your head just like Medicare for joining us for being part of this experience. Once again, we look forward to benefiting from you consistently in the over the next week or so inshallah and then of course in the class, peppering you with our questions and learning in the in a community environment as we go through the life and the characteristics of the process of designing healthcare. Once again, this

00:37:55 --> 00:38:02

just take a look at it's always a pleasure and honor and I look forward to having these online programs with you guys, Mila Hidin, I just

00:38:04 --> 00:38:38

want to sit down with amatola who are about to get to, for everyone who's still watching just a little sneak peek if you've never taken an experience with among your online, it's a super amazing kind of easy way to absorb knowledge, especially if you're someone who's busy who's on the go, you get the opportunity to go through an entire course this course is 16 plus hours 76 lessons and I think a 1011 modules, Mashallah. But you can do it on demand at your own pace with lifetime access to all of the content, so that you can always go back to it whenever you're having a bit of a dip whenever you're, you're needing a bit of a pick me up or a boost in your email and you can go back

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and log in and find the course in your portal. It's available again for a limited time, we only have the registration portal open for a short period of time so that we can have students join to start the course together and to join the live q&a sessions we should get together as well. We will have four live q&a sessions where you can spend an hour with the shift just asking questions, delving into some of the content deeper if there's something that you want clarification on or you didn't think we covered you're able to ask the chef about it and go far, far deeper than even the The course covers so we're very excited to see you guys Inshallah, on the other side inside the class,

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make sure you take full advantage once again I'm Olga online flash exclusive. And we will see you inside the profit smile with a mug and was Jackie Ibrahim does that Monica for joining us once again as Jackie have mentioned he has a special talk for the Malaysian audience of cash that inshallah as well online in a couple of hours and catch him a couple times online throughout this week. But don't miss the opportunity to join the course and to have the complete experience with them as well. For now take care stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, and I'm Aleykum

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