These people online are frustrating!

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The speaker advises against taking personal attacks and suggests focusing on one's own experiences and feelings instead. They suggest avoiding personal attacks and focusing on one's own experiences rather than the other person's experiences and feelings.

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Sometimes people project their own issues or life experiences onto your online posts. And it can be quite frustrating because you can post the most positive thing with the best of intentions. But there may be someone who takes it in a completely negative way. For example, you post a hadith that smiling is charity, and someone replied and says no smiling is not actually good. It's bad. Well, maybe they had a really bad experience smiling at someone. So they're reading in their own experiences, their own biases, and at times your own insecurities, but we can't control people. What we can control is our own reaction. So a couple things to keep in mind. First of all, don't take it

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personally be forgiving, and merciful and gentle towards others. Second, consider their point of view based on their experience, so you don't have to agree with them or even relate to them. But don't invalidate their feelings. Something may be true for them, even if it's not true for us, because that was their experience.