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Islam is neither left-wing nor right-wing

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Abdullah al Andalusi

Channel: Abdullah al Andalusi

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On the problems that I think is currently quite significant in some community generally also what I've found to be almost completely incredible for the wrong reasons is the Muslims adopting either left wing or right wing positions, forget about Salafi Sufi debates. There's left wing Muslims versus right wing Muslims fighting with each other on political philosophies that both of them are not from the Islamic creed. And it's almost surreal to watch this as they start using labels against each other and some Muslims follow Jordan Peterson thinking that despite him describing the Prophet Muhammad SAW some model as a warlord and others adopting the various Neo Marxist postmodernist

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philosophies for social deliberation, quote, unquote, which again would then critique Islam itself, these kind of problems and I think that's the more generally many Muslims in promoting Islam or trying to advocate for Islam kind of argue for look how great the Prophet Mohammed Salim is as the basis for people accepting Islam but they kind of forget to talk about his message.