Yahya Ibrahim – Islamic Q & A 17-06-22

Yahya Ibrahim
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That was set up. And I'm assuming that some Allah who I mean he was setting them well that it's your brother Yes, Abraham rejoining you once again for Islam q&a through the wonderful vehicle of Islam channel. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was gathered us from our different places, you know in different time zones to gather, it's all in higher in this worldly life. And then if we don't get to meet each other that we meet in genetic photos without an image of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I also begin by asking Allah subhanaw taala to add to send his mercy upon those who have been departed from our lives. And Allah subhana wa Tada grant Sabra to those who have lost

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loved ones, may Allah subhana wa to Allah expand for us and then in our risk, and make us from those who have a great clean in the certainty of Allah has power and ability to change that which is difficult in our lives for the better. A lot more. I mean, it's your brother Yeah, Brahim coming to live from my home here in Perth, Western Australia. We normally meet at have the lab on Wednesdays at noon, which happens to be 7pm here in Western Australia. I look forward and Chatelet to receiving your live by students on air. There are some of you who have elected to send them through the WhatsApp service and they will be read out for you each of them all by our studio. I look forward

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inshallah to having those questions we invest in Chatbot. Perhaps they can be seen as an active charity on behalf of other listeners who may benefit from some of the questions that are being asked. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our heart removed from us darkness and allow us to enter into the Light of Faith wholeheartedly fully into the love of the pseudonym of our interview, Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, you will send them today in Chiang Mai while we wait for some of your phone calls to come in. I wanted to speak about one of the important facilities of a slum, one of the important aspects that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has provided to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam

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to ensure that it's all metal always remaining clear, clean, guided and upon a lit path that does not disturb them in their process of seeking a certain stuff in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he spoke to us often about the need for the partner to remain upright. And I wanted to speak about this as a higher concept as a higher thought of Eman while we get ready for that we have our first caller on the line inshallah I said Amani can call her caller How Can I Help

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I haven't done that very well, sister. It's good to hear from you

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they can

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somebody get me wrong.

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somebody told me that Sunday

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funday was not

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I mean, does that.

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for your wonderful reading and beginning? I had another two questions are important to Chatelet. We'll begin with the second question first. Beginning a day fasting early for sunnah fast is entirely acceptable, and for you to have begun fasting on the 16th rather than on Monday is acceptable and how you do that? I'm glad that you were able to fast the date as well. So that gives you a total of four days. There is no problem with this in sha Allah may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah reward you and may Allah give you greater and greater greater reward for that extra day that you are fasting sha Allah your media was to fulfill the Sunnah of the Prophet and pendants Allah

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Allah it was sending the prophets I said lip says in the authentic hadith, enamel, Ahmed or Bibi yet that the actions are always judged by the intentions that preceded them. May Allah reward you for fulfilling your fast and may you also get the reward for fulfilling the Sunnah allotment. I mean, with regards to your second question, I assume that you're living in a northern environment somewhere up in the north maybe of the United Kingdom.

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And one of the things that that would have given answer to that when the summer

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or months have arrived. And the time of Asia is very, very close. Or to the early hours of February in some places, there's only three or four hours separating between the two that they have said to join the prayer of Sultan method and so on to the Russia together. Now this would not be done normally as a normal habit throughout the year, but it would be with special circumstances that have been allocated for you by the roadmap. I encourage you in sha Allah to follow that opinion, that allows you to have that facility an ease that has been given to us by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, when Allah provides us also when Allah provides us something as an act of facility and to make easy

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for us our worship, we should not return it to Allah, unmet and undone. So in sha Allah do it insha Allah Mandalay Benicia together because of the need and the shortness shortness of time between Russia and Belgium and the lateness of your Isha prayer, do that in sha Allah, as long as that will have given that

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permission. And as the months grow into cooler months and the night becomes longer, you will find that they're all Emma will advise you in sha Allah once again, to separate between Metadefender Asia as is the norm or in equatorial societies in sha Allah, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala Great to have you on Baraka except for you your Salah and increases you in hills in being extra cautious with your faith. May Allah accept it from all of us. Allah has been wonderful question so far, I'm the data that are relevant to many, many people living in the northern environments in Sweden and Norway in the United Kingdom and abroad. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make easy their time for all of us

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love and healing. So we wanted to speak about the famous Hadith of the prophets. I said that that relates to the karma while you call him in Shalom and look forward to your plentiful interruptions to the dialogue to be able to answer your calls in Sharma we have a whatsapp question. We have a whatsapp question online. So I want to please ask the question Sharma.

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Question, who is better to give quarterbacks

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who is illegible to give poor Bernie, I think probably the wording that would be is who doesn't have to give it who is excepted from them that they don't give the upper band. So in general, if there is somebody who is unable to fulfill their needs, does not meet the requirements of giving Zakah and is one who is in the categories where they are able to receive the borrower kept from other people, then it is not an obligation upon that household to pay Colburn. Sometimes people make that mistake where they assume that a poor band must be done for each individual in the house. I've had one family Subhanallah of eight people in it, they were counting eight different poor bands, and really

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the Sunnah of the Prophet. So I said to them is that the bare minimum is one for band for one household, for those who are living together extended together, then one poor band suffices. And if there is somebody who is not able to meet that requirement, then the upper band can be provided on their behalf by others. Poor band is normally something that is accessible to certain societies, but there are many, many Muslims around the world where they are not able to provide that poor band. And it is therefore also a recommended action to do or ban on behalf of others who are friends of yours, or people who may not be from your household that you can do a quarterback in their assistance and

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their aid. May Allah subhanaw taala enrich us with halal and turn us away from haram. Allah, him and him with regards to receiving poor ban. It is not only for the poor to receive it, in fact for ban should be eaten by those who have offered it. It should also be shared by their neighbors and those who are near to them. And it should also be provided to those who are poor and needy. But it is not like the cartoon typically, for example, in the month of Ramadan, where there's a cat two to three is only given the full aura when Misaki I thought I would add that as an extra benefit to that question because I can look here it's a timely question. May Allah accept it from all of us,

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Allahumma Ambien.

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We want to continue with our discussion about an S department and then came to the prophets I send them and this is a person who doesn't see the Prophet regularly. He's taken an opportunity he sees the prophets I send them at a moment where he will be able to ask him a question one, two

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So he says I approach the prophets I seldom talk to like we are rasool Allah, I said to all messenger of Allah be Islamic che. Last headline,

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or messenger of God, oh, oh truth more one who has been given the message to deliver to us. Tell me about Islam, something that I don't need any more information about it from other than yourself something that is small that I can memorize easy that I can practice something that I can share and teach the others tell me something about Islam that I can take from you and be able to understand it that I don't need further clarifications from others. So pardon me it's Allah Allah Allah you are sending them home say the Prophet said to them, stay declare, make sure it's known from you hold a rugby Allah, my Lord is Allah the only one that emotion is Allah. So Miss stukken and then remain

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firmly established upon it will speak about is the karma after we take this next caller inshallah Solomonic come color

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as opposed to one is

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because of the

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connected before

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so that's the first question. Yes, I can't Okay, what's the second question uncle?

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Christian is that

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when you go to the relieve yourself in the toilet, you don't know who's been

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quiet and they clearly

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know how to watch my back of my day go.

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On walking back up, does that help her uncle? Thank you for those two questions. So let's begin with the first one solo till morning is recommended for us in a variety of Hadith from the prophets iclm to read the 30 verses that are a protection from the punishment of the grave. It was a regular habit amongst the righteous and something that has been passed on to us by the Sahaba to recite the 30 verses of Surah to each and every night. And this is something that will make us protected from the punishment of Allah in this life and agree, can it be recited a little bit before salata motive? And the answer is yes. So for us, the day ends after the prayer of salatu Lhasa and understanding is

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declining. So if you find it more convenient due to the change of time and the length of time and with your mature age that it is easier for you, then the NIA that you have provided is sufficient, please do read it when it is convenient for you. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the provider of its reward. With regards to the second question, my dear uncle with using the bathrooms in outside facilities, it is best for us in chat live to ensure as best as we can that they are talking. So as you said, masha Allah that you do give it a good wipe down. But you're of course, not entirely sure about it. So once you've laid tissues or other things that you have fulfilled your need, and you are

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do not find that there is a scent or that there is wetness, then it does not require for you to have an extra wash to cleanse yourself for the fodder. However, if there is something that has a scent to it or something that has a witness to it, that you don't know where the witness is from, perhaps you've washed it with water, if it's wetness that you weren't sure from where then yes, you should wash that place and that part of your body or that clothes before you do pray childbirth, as in always when it comes to issues of Tahara we only apply that which we are certain of not what we are doubtful of. So as it relates to Tahara. Our essential element is that things are clean, unless

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there is true and complete reality and proof that it is not clean. So if something is dry, does not have a scent has not left a trace. Then we deal with it on our body, on our clothes in our places of visitation as if they are taught him in sha Allah. One of the things that may be a good recommendation. Sometimes I put wet wipes or the antibacterial wipes in a small little plastic bag unless you can find a small packet. I keep them in my bag or you

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My pocket especially when going out and then I use them then I use a wet tissue after that to make sure that things are a little bit cleaner than they would be had I not use the male muscle panel to add increases all that good luck man. We have another question that chulmleigh said I'm Monica

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You're welcome

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Yes, please.

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The sister is asking, can she is her mother's and close relatives great when she goes back

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to second lock

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and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. The visitation of the grave by a female is not disliked, in the majority opinion of the Sunnah. We know the hadith of each of the Allahu anha that she narrates to us, the dua of the prophets of Allah and He will send them when he would visit Bigarade she would follow the prophets I send them once to clear we know that each of the Allahu also lived in a home with the prophets I send you home with Barry and then her father, Abu Bakr, so the only Allah

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however, what is dislike is for somebody who finds themselves going to become too emotional and unable to fulfill the right of the graveyard. So if somebody is going to be wailing or screaming or uncontrollable, if somebody knows that they are so weak, that when they visit their father or their mother's grave, it may cause distress for those who are with them, or it may cause them to break down, then it's better for them not to until they are able to visit or to visit from a distance where they are able to make their dua keep in mind that it is important for us as a whole, the hadith of the prophet Isaiah, in general, he says camerawork, Imam Bihari couldn't do cognate to

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command over previously I had asked you and forbade you from visiting the graves. But now I say to you LFOs Whoa, ha. Now I recommend for you to visit the grave. Penny now to the kinako will actually it will remind you of your own mortality and your own demise. So be careful in sha Allah in how you visit, make sure that you practice the proper adapt, make sure that you are not there to you know, fall on the ground or you know, to to act in a way that is contrary to the Sunnah of the Prophet Isaiah limit. As you enter into the graveyard you make the drive and you could find it on Google at sha Allah assalamu Alikum Yeah, I

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mean, I wouldn't Muslim in a greetings of Peace be upon you or believing and Muslim men and women who have entered into your homes of the health the hereafter and to serve the food you have arrived at your home when National Lampoon and become insha Allah and we are in this journey soon to arrive soon to return to Allah like you miss and Allah Helena Willa Coppola via we ask a lot for yourselves and ourselves has parted protection and forgiveness along the way. I mean, this is the general drop that we make in the graveyard and for your family and for your loved ones. Whether you are here or near them physically, from anywhere continue to make still far. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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to forgive the believing men and women, the prophets I seldom used to make the DUA, Allah Allah muffling Medina will be mad when Muslim in our schema, and here even who will work Allahumma three level what harmful YRP Wildfly This is one of the job of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not just at the gravesite, but even from a distance. With regards to visiting as a female. It's not about being male or female, although there is some dislike in some of them. In general, it is seen as being acceptable and for some, it's seen as being Wooster have recommended in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala break grant us all at Delfield allotment. I mean, I believe we have one more

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call and chuchmah

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or minutes remaining. There's a follow up. Great question.

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When system subcontinent

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she goes to gatherings, they take too

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few deserve. Is it permissible for her to eat?

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The question and has an addition which is after somebody's passed away or in commemoration of somebody's well lived life, sometimes people will gather

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Together they will share food, and they will recite from the Quran. In general, there is nothing impermissible about this, the impermissibility comes if a one believes that not doing this is sinful behavior, so the odema of our faith and Hamdulillah that they have taught us the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah. And it was so simple that if one has lost a family member, it is the student that to bring food to their home. And that's where we get this concept of sharing food. So if I am going to visit somebody who's had a relative or near or Dear loved one passed away this soon that is to provide for them for their needs, they shouldn't need to cook and to clean people should come and

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serve them in their time of mourning, and in their time of difficulty. So that's where the concept of sharing food comes from. And number two, sometimes people intended as an act of charity, on behalf of the one who has passed away, we know that the prophets of Allah or usnm, said

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jatiya, that an act of change to earn reward can earn the reward for a person was passed away. So sometimes from the estate of the deceased are from the property of the one who has passed away, they will use some of their wealth to purchase food for the people who are loved to them, and also poor and near and far people to them, to increase the hybrid in their scale in sha Allah. So with those kinds of things, we could see that there is an example rooted in the Sutra of the prophets of Allah when he was salam. With regards to reading the Quran, this is based on the concept of the soil as our soil as the web that can reward the attached to someone for an action that they have not done

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themselves. And we will end in our last two minutes with this clarification in Chihuahua. There are the men are divided into two camps. Those who believe that an act of reward can be done on behalf of someone even if they did not initiate it, if

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it is something that is praiseworthy, and within the realm of our deen, such as reading the Quran, or offering sadaqa on their behalf, or performing

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a core value their day. These are things that are seen as being something that is acceptable to them, that out of our love for them, we are gifting them the reward. And we also hope that Allah will grant us the same reward in Siobhan the other camp algorithm and they said that since the person has not made the intention themselves, then it's an act that is good but it is not going to reach them. So it is better to intend to reward just for yourself. In both of them there is merit to the argument I do I do in my opinion believe the first one has great merit that you can intend to do something for me now as a living person in my pain and I prayed that Allah will be accepted why

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would it not leave the same for someone who has passed away? I look forward to joining you again after our short break your brother your hip rocking was set up

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while I cannot do well suddenly left in my whistling was it with Eric Allah see you there with me now hadn't been Salalah while he

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was sleeping? Six Five.

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Does that

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sorry chef. No problem, no problem.

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