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The holy month of Al Madina is highlighted as the largest holy month in the world, with importance being recognized in creating rabada sites and praying for Islam's strength and healing. Visitors are encouraged to apply for acceptance and not hesitate to pray, as it is important to not let anything happen before the start of the year and not let anything happen before the end of the pandemic. Visitors are also encouraged to not let anything happen before the start of the year and not let anything happen before the end of the pandemic.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh on this beautiful Friday, I'd like to give a beautiful message from this city of Al Madina, Munawwara my brothers, my sisters, these are sacred places. Perhaps one of the most sacred places on earth is exactly where the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam is buried. And according to some, it is where the Kaaba is in Makkah Tomoko Rama. Either way, these are the most blessed places on earth. It is important that we make an effort to come here. It is important that we engage in rabada in these beautiful places, where the prophet Salah Salem explains travel for religious purposes, and he says La to shut dirty Hallo Illa Illa Allah Fatima

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Sajid to make these difficult journeys shouldn't be except for three places.

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And he mentions from these three places the three harms, which means Mecca, Medina, and Masjid Al Aqsa. So, as for Makkah, we all know, Allah Almighty has kept Hajj around the Kaaba. So Mina, mas Delica Arafa that tawaf, the Sati meaning the circumambulation around the Kaaba, the running between Safa and Marwa and so on all happens in and around Makkah till mocha Rama. As for Madina, Munawwara. The greatest of all is resting in this beautiful land. And the exact place where he is resting is absolutely sacred, we need to understand this. It has high value in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. In fact right next to it is something known as a robot. A robot is supposed to be a piece of

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gender, although to us it just looks like a normal piece of the earth. But the Prophet SAW Selim says ma baina Beatty woman Barry robot to Maria in general, that which is between my house and my member, my pulpit is actually a garden from the gardens of Jana or paradise. When you go there and you sit there, you begin to feel the coolness and the calmness if at all. You have a slight relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. For those who don't have a relationship with Allah, they won't even pick up the difference. But if you have a relationship with Allah, He gives you a communist, it is hair raising, to witness how different the place is to feel it and to pray there to

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ask Allah goodness there to ask Allah Almighty, whatever your needs are from the Rola. And obviously we're asking Allah to grant us the intercession of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is resting right there. So Masha Allah Tabarrok, Allah, my brothers, my sisters, these sacred places we need to make an effort to go there. We need to pray that Allah take us there again and again. And from this beautiful place of Madina, Munawwara I ask Allah to bring every single one of us there again, and again. I mean, Amara to El hombre Tikka Farah to Lima, Bina, Houma. The prophets. wassalam says, when you make the minor pilgrimage, and you make it again, then the time between the

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two minor pilgrimages, all minor sins that are committed in that time are automatically forgiven, just like he says, A Juma to ill Giamatti. Cafaro to Lima in Houma, just like he says, One Jumar to another Juma would actually, if you were to fulfill both of them in the most correct way, then your minuses between the two would automatically be forgiven. That is the gift of Allah more so when it comes to Umrah then he says we'll have jewel Mabou Rula Jessa Allahu inland Jana, as for the Hajj, which is the major pilgrimage that happens once a year in the month of June hijab. There is no recompense for it besides paradise. If it is accepted from you, Allah will grant you paradise. So

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make an effort to come apply. I do know that now with the Coronavirus and with all the restrictions and all these various distractions. Everyone seems to think, oh, there is a lot to be done before I can go. Not really.

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There are a few procedures, find out about them. You can manage and you should don't let shaytan make you despondent and say, Well, I don't need to go I don't want to go or in some cases, some people are even saying you shouldn't go. Don't do that. Don't let Allah kick you out of the holy lands. It cannot be that you shouldn't go to the holy lands. It's like someone saying don't go, you know, to the most sacred place that there is. May Allah Almighty grant us acceptance. So remember making effort you should be going to these sacred places

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Make a dua at least even if you can't afford it. It should be a yearning in the hearts of all the true believers. Oh Allah take me to Makkah Oh Allah take me to Medina. Oh Allah take me to Masjid AXA. Oh Allah let me pray in these masajid the prophets Allah Salam says Salah tune famous GD ha the bloomin Alfie Salatin, FEMA Seiwa inland Masjid Al haram. One prayer in this Masjid of mine meaning al Masjid Nabawi in Madina, Munawwara is better than 1000 prayers in any other Masjid besides a Masjid Al haram, which is in Makkah Tomoko Rama. So you need to understand this, the yearning, the feeling, the connection should be in the hearts of every true believer connect with Madina Munawwara

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connect with muckety muck Rama,

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Allah would never have kept Makkah, a Qibla if it did not have relevance and importance in the eyes of Allah. There is a cabin the first house that was built to worship Allah, the first place of worship ever to be built in while abating only Aileen seelen Lady be back at mo Baraka. Allah says indeed the first house the first place of worship built for the sake of Allah is the one in Makkah tilma karma that is Allah. So my brothers, my sisters, yes, the pandemic has taken place, it is still relatively alive, and there are still a few concerns and they will be concerns, but take your precautions, do what is necessary, still make an effort to try and come and come and Allah will open

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your doors apply for Hajj, if you already can afford it. While in Harlan sin Hey Joel by at Manny's tapa li e sebelah. U O Allah Almighty Hajj if you are able to make the journey there. So it is incumbent upon you for the sake of Allah to fulfill the Hajj. That's the verse of the Quran. So if you're able, are you capable, if you can afford it and you can manage, you've got to apply for the necessary permits and visas and inshallah making effort, a little bit of inconvenience, no problem. Come and Allah will open your doors, Allah will grant you success and goodness, don't allow a virus to disconnect you from ALLAH, if anything, it should connect you further. It should connect you

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deeper with Allah subhanho wa taala. So these are just a few words I thought of sharing with you on this beautiful Juma from this lovely city of Al Madina, Munawwara.

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And we ask Allah Almighty to grant us the best of both both worlds, I ask Allah to grant cure to all those who are sick and ill to grant happiness to those who have come together in marriage to grant solution to those who are considering divorce, to bless those who don't have children with children who will be the coolness of their eyes, and to grant those who have children. The fact that those kids become beautiful kids who are the coolness of their eyes, I mean, and we ask Allah to forgive all those who have passed on and grant them genital fair dose and grant support and patience to those who have been left behind. And may Allah gather us not only in the Holy Land, not only in this

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world, but even in the hereafter in the companionship of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Almighty

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to have mercy on every single one of us. Apolo Kali hada was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh