Tazkiyah Through the Quran #03 Mercy

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam as a byproduct of a culture where everything is the same. The speaker describes the various levels of mercy and how it is revealed in the Bible. They also mention a woman named Hadith who describes herself as the only one who loves her child.
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Rama Merci, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah speaks about himself describing himself as R Rahman r Rahim. It's the first introduction that Allah gives to mankind After identifying himself as the only one who is worthy of worship. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. See compassionate and merciful ness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's not something that's easily rendered into any language of the world. The word rough man does not just simply mean gracious or forgiving or, or one who is capable of compassion or loving of his creation. That concept of Rama that is unique to Allah is the stem of all aspects of compassion, love and mercy that are exchanged in all of its creation. In that

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beautiful Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that there are 100 levels, shades of mercy. Only one of them has been displayed in the creation of God. So no mother loves her child. No love is exchanged in all of this world in all of the realms of Allah's creation, except it's just a byproduct of that one expression of His mercy and that 99 other levels of mercy of God are returned with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah kept where he with him to be utilized and used as he has written upon himself. Allah tells us in the Quran woroch Bukola. For the rough man, your Lord is the one who is willing to forgive and expiate your sins He is the one only one possessing of complete,

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compassionate, merci Subhana Allah, catabolic bukem Allah and FC her Rama your Lord has prescribed and written upon himself to deal with his creation, to deal with mankind with his mercy subhana wa tada and therefore you see it and I end with this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah was not the own merciful gela Allah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the Greatest in his mercy and display over the prophets. I seldom said, lo and Allah if Allah Subhana, Allah wished to withhold His mercy, he would not give an unbeliever in him a sip of the water of this world. But Allah's mercy is so great that even those who are unworthy of it are still

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provided some level of it Subhana Allah in your heart know that whatever condition you're in whatever difficulty you find yourself in whatever hardship or trial or dis difficulty that you are traveling through, entering into trying to exit from know that the mercy of Allah remains with you while I sat and tecra who shaped wahiawa Hi, Ron lakum. Perhaps you made the test and have hate and aversion to something you're experiencing, but that is what is best for you in the merciful knowledge of your Lord Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah hola Rahman r Rahim.