Ramadan With The Quran – Day 3

Nouman Ali Khan


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Surah ‘abasa

Some people ask: Why do I need Islam? In his explanation of the concept of “istighnaa” (feeling self-sufficient and in no need of anything) Ustadh Nouman teaches that deep down inside us there is something that is hungry for spiritual fulfilment. The role of the spiritual is that it guides our emotional and physical needs and keeps us in balance.



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The speaker discusses the importance of the universal value of the act of requiring everyone to fulfill their spiritual and physical needs. They explain that these needs are intertwined and that the physical and emotional needs are all connected. The speaker also discusses the role of the spiritual in guiding one's emotions and helping them fulfill their spiritual needs.

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So law offers insight to the profit slice of them. It's ironic that a law showed the Prophet slice alum that a blind one may have good in him, and you are blind to the evil that is inside this person. It's pretty ironic. Now this is taken out of a person, this is highlighting people who will never benefit. So let's first talk about the universal value of this attitude. When it's done. There. I've met people like this actually, even more recently, Muslims.

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At one convention, somebody came to me and said, Why do I need Islam?

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Tell me what what does it bring me in my life, I have a job. I have a family, I have health. I'm happy, everything. Everything that I do, I'm happy with, I go to sleep happy at night, I don't really see that I have a need for religion. I don't know why I needed that, by definition is external, I don't need it.

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I have everything already.

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As if you your material needs and your emotional needs being fulfilled is enough for you. So let me try to answer that in a maybe a contemporary way. I haven't talked about this previously in this way. But I feel it's important enough that I highlight this for you. Hopefully this will help you inshallah and some other aspects of your life too.

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You can think of it from the Islamic point of view that we are human beings are made up of three things. Okay? We're a physical body. So we have physical needs. We are an emotional creature. So we have emotional needs. And we are a spiritual creature. And so we have spiritual needs. So there are three kinds of needs, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These are all connected with each other. They're all intertwined with each other.

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Give you a simple example. If I didn't have lunch today, what need did I not fulfill? My physical need? Because I didn't have lunch? I'm cranky.

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What am I just messed up? My emotions because I'm cranky. When I prayed. I didn't concentrate. What did I just mess up? A spiritual. But the problem wasn't that I have no for sure. And Salah, the problem was I'm in a bad mood. But the reason I'm in a bad mood is because I didn't eat so the physical can affect the emotional and the emotional can affect the spiritual, they're all connected with each other. When somebody comes along and says, I have no need. And they say I have no physical need, and I have no emotional need.

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What are they denying?

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That they actually have, in fact, spiritual needs, but they are blind to it.

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And you know, this, these three things are important to understand for every Muslim, because a lot of times you have an emotional problem, you have an emotional problem and you're trying to find a spiritual solution.

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Or you have a physical problem and you're trying to find a spiritual solution Are you have a spiritual problem and you're trying to find a physical solution.

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You have a stomachache, which do I should I read, you have food poisoning, go get yourself checked in.

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Then make dua to the spiritual only works if you understand that there are a lot created laws and principles for all three of these. You know, there's if you're in an abusive relationship, then it's not the law, you have to take care of the emotional abuse that's happening. And on top of that there's dog and by the way, what does the what is the role of the spiritual, the role of the spiritual is that it guides your emotional needs, and it guides your physical needs. So you don't let either one of them override the other and go in and balance. That's what the role of our spiritual life is, you know, and so when people come along and say they have no need, it's actually

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because they don't realize that there's something inside them deep inside them that is hungry for spiritual fulfillment. They've just reduced themselves to nothing more than an animal. A minister Now as for the one who feels like he doesn't need a fire. I am already full. I don't need anything else. What is the profits? What is the profit I

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I love this ayah Allah huzzah.