The Story of Barirah (R)

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burrier the letter on how she got freedom and Islamic law if you are married to a slave, when you become free, then you have a right to choose a new husband, because that has been forced upon you to shape your carefree. Now she knows she has freedom and she can leave her husband and marry someone else.

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Her husband loves her. And she hears him. She wants to get rid of him. But he thinks that he can't live without her. Wherever she walks in the street, he runs after her cries tears come from the begging her. Don't leave me. You know, the prophet has soft heart, too. He said to his company, don't you see? No, he's in his name. how desperate please for Berea. How much he loves for her loves her. Then the profit becomes softer and you know, His heart is moved. He asked about the overhead Don't you see how much movie loves you to buy but you keep him?

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But you see, the prophet had taught her the freedom to breed us ask the person listen. Is it your command? Or is it your advice?

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The person who learned by command just advice to see us a distinctive she said no, I'm not going to accept him. You see the Prophet mind? Did prophet say you become coffered? Because he said to me, Do you regret fatawa that you didn't listen to him? You know, he respected her and she kept coming to his house. She still learned human she remained louder for a long time is there's so many different modalities. This what he did really nobody ever had done.