Tazkiyah Through the Quran #02 Love

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Love Subhan Allah, it's an unending discussion that you find in the book of Allah azza wa jal, it is one of the greatest highest aims of our obaldia our enslavement and showing a lot that we are true worshipers of him, to be loving of God invites you and I to also show that love to those who are nearest amongst us. Sometimes love of course can be a very toxic thing, a very negative thing, if it is not intent through the prism of the Sharia through the Blayne way that Allah has set for us. And therefore a law speaks about loving the holding on as being something that can be incredibly positive. But it can also be something that is incredibly negative. In sort of tillbaka verse 165,

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Allah speaks about two types of love. And he said that there are those who love certain things. You're a Buddha whom Coahuila, they covet, and they have a worshipping love of certain beings, certain things, certain material objects. Some people they love money. Some people they love family, some people they love themselves. Some people they love their pride in their culture and their ethnicity or their color. They put it at such a high degree and pedestal that it is at time something that is almost as if it is an element of worship. You're a buena hunka, who believes that they love it to a place that only should be reserved for a lot in that term, total unconditional

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love when levena Ave but the positive love those who have true love for God. Those who are true believers are those who love Allah, I should have been Allah, they have a greater commitment in their love to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. The word hope is a powerful image, not just word or language. It's an image that is used. You know, the love that a person commits is meant to be enacted practice shown. And therefore when you say you have a love for Allah, what Allah returns you to is the practice of the faith. So Allah tells us in sort of an earlier Emraan call in contempt of a bull Allah, if you truly make a claim that you are beloved and a beloved and beloved and lovers of

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Allah Fett, Debbie Rooney, follow my tradition, follow my example follow my lifestyle, follow the mercy that was sent to me, your hidden Bukola your, your comala your Lord will then love you. Well, Phil lecom and you will receive His forgiveness. The first step of teskey of course always begins internally, to cleanse oneself purify oneself, it must be an inward and outward expression. It begins with an intent and sincerity in the heart that you love for the sake of Allah, and that you restrict that love because it is commanded by you. By Allah, I pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah allows us to love the things that we love because of God and to hold us at bay from our cravings and

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desires of what Allah has prohibited. I leave you with the Do I have love that do I have prophet that would that was then made by our Prophet Muhammad Ali hemos Salam sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam edge mania or hammer Rahim Allah in Lucca hogback. Allah I asked you for your love will help them and you a book and the love of those who love you who will help Belle Amel and levy your curry boonie illa Helbig and the love of the deeds that will bring me closer to your love. Oh Allah, Allah amin