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Alhamdulillah he'll be our enemy aalameen wa salatu salam ala Abdullah he was sola Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine.

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So it feels like it's been a very, very long time since we did have sia class

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Subhan Allah, I was away for a few weeks, and we resuming the classes on a normal schedule, except that because of the lockdown, what version Are we on now? 3.3 point oh, the latest lockdown. In the UK, we're not able to have any public attendance at the class, which means that there isn't anybody really here apart from the masjid staff,

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cameraman and so on. So once again, I'm giving a class to an empty room. But at least in short, Allahu taala. With these classes, you'll be able to participate on YouTube. And using the live chat, you can ask questions. What I would say about the live chat and I have been meaning to mention this for some time now is please do keep or have good etiquette when you use the live chat. What I mean by that is, please keep the questions on topic. There is no need to keep pasting the same question again and again, and try not to get involved in discussions back and forward. You wouldn't do it if it was a physical class, you wouldn't sit sit next to the same person and have a big conversation

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while the class was going on. So try to keep the live chat to what is beneficial, you know, try not to make it

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you know what, just back and forth between the students but you know, something which has beneficial questions, people have important comments, things that people didn't understand, the more beneficial it is, the more that we can make use of it inshallah. So that being said, we are continuing with the Tafseer of sortal, Allah Subhan, Allah, Allah Allah.

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There are a couple of issues I wanted to go back to before we move on through the surah to the next ayah, where we stopped last time. So going back to the statement of allies, which I said be his model, because

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there are a couple of points that I wanted to note. So there is an issue of difference, or difference of opinion among the scholars of Tafseer. About the statement said, be his ma Rob because

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that you are commanded to glorify or to exalt the name of your Lord, the Most High. So the issue here is, is the intended command to glorify Allah His name or to glorify Allah?

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Does that make sense? I don't know if that makes sense to you. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible, is the intended meaning, to glorify Allah His name, or to glorify Allah? So some of the scholars of tavsiye have they said, said be his model? Because Allah, the meaning of it is said, Rebecca, Allah

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does the they said the meaning of it is glorify Your Lord the Most High. And they said, that isn't here is emphasis. It's there to emphasize the name of your load the Most High, but the meaning of it is to glorify and exalt and declare the perfection of your Lord.

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Another group they came and they said, No, the meaning here and among them if I'm not mistaken, the moment the material of poverty, they came in, they said, the meaning of Islam here is it's the name that is to be glorified and exalted. And that's because the names of Allah can be abused, right? Does that is that not true? That the name of a lot the names of a lot can be used wrongly, didn't realize oh, just say well, he smelled her sneferu who be her weather will levena you'll hate when FEMA. There are people who practice deviancy they are misguided when it comes to the names of Allah. So even though Jerry and others here they said said be his model because Allah what is intended here

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is to glorify and to exalt then

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Name of Allah, the name of Allah, to be free from imperfection and so on to declare it to be free of imperfection. So which is the right opinion is the command to glorify Allah and the word name is just mentioned as a bonus, or is it the case that the the the goal is specifically to glorify the name of Allah?

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Even okay am Rahim Allah to Allah He has something about this, he said, rather The correct answer is that true remembrance takes place in the heart, because remembrance the opposite of remembrance is forgetfulness. So, if the word Vicar you know when you hear to hear the word Vicar,

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you hear, just hear the word decode, right? Like the vicar of Allah, what's the opposite of victory?

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What's the opposite of victory?

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Even Okay, if he said Lee and who did tunisienne he said the opposite of his forgetfulness.

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And the word said, to say Subhana Allah is a type of Vicar.

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So if Allah azza wa jal were to mention this.

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It would have been understood

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that it was only with the heart and not with the tongue.

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But Allah azza wa jal wanted both of them together. I Eliza gel wanted you to declare Subhana Allah with your heart and your tongue.

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analyzer gel will not accept a person's faith and a person's Islam unless they bring their heart and their tongue. And we know from our athletes that it's not sufficient for you to simply profess Islam in your heart you have to say with your tongue, right?

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So the meaning of sub behaves smaller because Allah includes sub bit, Rebecca be calbee

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declare our laws perfection in your heart, while he Sanic and mentioned it on your tongue webcor Rebecca vehicle big Wally Sonic and remember your Lord with your heart in your tongue.

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So the meaning of the word the mentioning of the word isn't here is to emphasize that the tongue must be involved and not just the heart. So let's just sort of distill what Eben Hakim

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Rahim Allah Allah said here. He said that if Allah had said, said, Rob back,

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Allah Allah,

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the understanding would be in your heart, believe and declare, in your heart that Allah is free of all imperfections.

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And so when Allah said said, pay his Arabic emphasizes the heart.

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And that is the opinion of the first group of the scholars of Tafseer. And he emphasizes the tongue. And that is closer to the opinion of the second group of the scholars of Tafseer. So it feels like Eminem. what he's doing here is it's almost like he's gone right in the middle between the two opinions.

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And he said both of them, they have a weight to them.

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There is a meaning of the ayah said, Rob back. declare your Lord to be free of imperfections. And there is a meaning of the word Islam, which is to remember the names of Allah on your tongue. Don't Don't miss your tongue out. Don't let your tongue be silent. It's not just about believing a lot to be perfect. It's not just about believing that our life is free of imperfections. It's also about professing it on your tongue saying it on your tongue. And that's why a lot of which I mentioned said be his SMA or Arabic.

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Share Islam, Tamia Rahim Allah to Allah He summarized it, he said, he said,

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Rahim Allah Allah.

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He said Seb Bay now to be smear Rob Baker motor kelemen, be he.

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He said, say Subhana Allah and you pronounce it

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through the name of your Lord

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and pronounce it through pronouncing the name of your Lord. So when you

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Say Allah, AR Rahman AR Rahim subu l could do. When you say these word these names of Allah, that implies something in your heart, it implies that your heart believes that our lives free of imperfections.

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So, like even Kim said, The heart is not enough on its own. Allah doesn't accept Islam in the heart alone.

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And this is the mistake of the people, by the way, who say that my Eman is in my heart is not acceptable to Allah, Allah does not accept a person's heart alone. Allah only accepts that your heart is followed by the statement on your tongue and the actions in your limbs generally speaking to at least to a minimum extent, at least a minimum amount of actions with your limbs. And that is the reason why Allah said said behave smaller because Allah and not said bit Rob back.

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And Allah

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and that's why some of them they summarize the if I'm not mistaken, a little came, he said, said bit Rob back there kirani small

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or that can smell, he said, say that our lives free of imperfections, by remembering his names.

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And so the depth of meaning in this is very, very deep. It's not just Subhan Allah, Allah.

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When you say Subhan Allah, Allah, there is an Akita, there is a belief that is deep in your heart, about how our lives free of imperfections, and how Allah deserves to be glorified. And that belief is brought out when you remember the name of Allah and the names of Allah, the names and the attributes of Allah, that there is no one who has these names and no one who has these attributes.

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From the benefits you can also mention is that Salah itself is called test B.

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The the Salah itself is called test B ne Subhana

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Subhana. Allah is the word Subhana. Allah, the word Salam can also be called SP.

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And even though khayim he brings a benefit in this, he said that if the word test ba comes with the word with the letter back after it, the meaning is the Salah, and if it comes without the bat, the meaning is Vicar, any general Vicar. Does that make sense? So, can you give me an example when it comes without the bat

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like this sort of here sub b

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sub B his model because it is no bad. Okay.

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Sabir is

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Rob beacon either. So the meaning here is general in the Salah and out of the saga. So in the Salah, what is the example of Serbia his model because Allah inside of the Salah

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was the example of Serbia his model because Allah inside the Salah.

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sujood right, what do you say Institute

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sapan or bl Allah inside the Salah. What's the example outside of the Salah. Do you know

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do you know the Hadith where the Prophet sighs alum did something similar outside of the Salah.

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There is a Hadeeth

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there is a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he recited said be his model when he will recite it.

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Either color as a base model because Allah call sapan or bl Allah. He said outside of the Salah when this was recited he said subhana wa PLN

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there are some places in the Quran, where the student is to respond to what is said outside of the Sala in generally speaking. So do you know any of them?

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Any of the places in the Quran? Where the Sunnah is to answer what Allah says.

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Okay, that's good. That's a good example. It's not the one I was thinking of, but it's very good that whenever the Prophet system in his night prayer whenever he would come across the idea of gender, he would ask

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koloff agenda when he would come across the fire would ask Allah to keep him safe from the fire. That's an example but I'm talking about directly responding.

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Allah says set by his model because Allah you say sapan or bl Allah.

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This is one example.

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The other example is the end of sorbitol. Kiana

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was the last iron source okay ama,

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Allah says Allah can be carded in Allah and your heel motor, the sooner is to say Subhana Kapha Bella

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glory beats you indeed. And whenever Allah says, By the way, the word Elisa Lisa, the answer to it is Bella, right.

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So the Sunnah came that when the last idea of skeletal kiama is read, and is better than we see outside of the salon

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to make it safer, when the last idea of skeletal kiama is read la so that it can be recorded in Ida and your heel motor. You say sup Chanukah, Bella

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Exalted are You indeed certainly you there, Allah is able to bring the dead to life. Do you know another one is a very famous one.

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The time the gym did something better? What did the gym do better than the men?

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There was an eye of the Quran the jinn answered it.

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And the Sahaba didn't.

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And the prophet SAW His praise the jinn for answering it. And the Sahaba they remain silent.

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So rough man for the A Allah Europe B coma to get the band

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which of the two

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which of the two

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I thought of your Lord? Do you both deny?

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And the Djinn they had a response to it,

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trying to see if I wrote it down or if I remember it by memory, I don't remember it exactly by memory. Maybe I wrote it down later on. But they answered with a response.

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And we don't we don't then we will never deny or we will not deny your if I don't from memory I don't remember the exact words of it. And the Prophet sighs and praise them for responding like this and when the when the gin they heard this ayah the believing gin they answered

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for ba Allah or B Kumar to get the ban. So some of the scholars took from this step from the Sunnah is for you to answer it also for you to also answer. However, there are places in the Quran where there is no sun netta to respond. Like a lot of people respond at the end of sort of tiene la sala Hobi achaemenid hockey mean, there is no sunlight that we know of for seeing Bella here.

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And here there is the sunlight in specific places in the Quran. And Allah knows best.

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From the points that I wanted to, to raise here, we mentioned that Allah here

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is the name of ally soldier.

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He said his model because Allah Allah, Allah is the name of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Some of the scholars of Tafseer they made it here in this surah they made it Allah is a description of the name of Allah. But we know from the statement of the Prophet size and sapan or be Allah Allah, that then the Allah here refers to the Arab allies origin is Allah Allah.

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We mentioned also separate his model sub base model because Allah, Allah de halaqa for so we're

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the one who created and proportioned.

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There's an interesting point here that I don't know if I highlighted it very well last time. A lot of the time you hear the scholars of Tafseer they make Tafseer by example.

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So they take a particular example. So for example, they see this as a base model because Allah Allah de halaqaat for Silva, and they say he created mankind, and he made mankind proportioned

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at the proportions that Allah gave mankind the balance

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Some of them they describe it at

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the balance that Allah made, you know the way that Eliza gel fashion mankind the way that you know your, the way that your body is proportioned, the width and the height and the different parts of your body, the way that the length of your arms in compared to your body and the length of your legs in the way that your head a lot proportion, everything give it the right size, everything matches. But this in reality is Tafseer. On bill Mittal, it's good given an example it's not the the ayah is much broader than that is that everything allies are gel created. Allah Subhana Allah made it perfectly balanced and perfectly proportioned for that particular creation.

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So for example, if you look at a spider for example,

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the example the scholars have to give the give the person but even you look at the spider allies which I gave exactly the right number of legs, allies, your made its legs exactly the right size and shape for what it needs to do.

00:21:13--> 00:21:45

So Allah subhanaw taala in all of his creation, not just the creation of mankind, in the creation of everything, Ally's gel made every single thing in creation balanced. I fell I am voronina ll EBD, kafer wholecut. Do they not look at the camo how it was created. We mentioned this in the test suit of su takashimaya, the miracles of Eliza gel within the how he created the camel, and the proportion of the camel. And the way the camel has been fashioned and created is a sign from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so allies which are created every single thing with the characteristics and the attributes and the shape that is best suited to it, and what it needs.

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And it's not just the external creation of Ally's widget, but also what Allah created internally, the size of your heart, the shape of your lungs, and so on. Every single thing that Allah created, he proportioned it perfectly for what you need.

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And so Pamela Murphy and fusi Come fly to the zoo. In yourselves. There are so many signs if you only looked. There are so many signs of Allah in yourself in your body that every single thing of yours is created in exactly the right place and proportion and amount.

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And also, here are some of the scholars of Tafseer they mentioned the difference between alcohol qu

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what tests we are the difference between creation and tests we're

00:23:01--> 00:23:17

there are different words of creation that are mentioned together in the Quran. When they are mentioned independently they mean creation. So for example, what did we give? We give the example last time who Allahu Harlequin berry

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al-musawi. So we said that if any of these words were brought in on their own, they would mean Holic alcoholic who Albury Albury workaholic.

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And the battery is the Holic and the car is the battery, the creator. But when they come together, each one of them has its own special meaning. so here also led halaqa for silver. The meaning is different between the two. And Hulk here is an Egypt that a lot brought into being. And a test we're here is like the meaning of Elmo. So we're the one who gave it its form. But the test we're the emphasis here is the balance in the form that it has. The form is not haphazard. Like you don't find someone with his arms sticking out of his back, and you know, his nose coming out of the side of his army.

00:24:14--> 00:24:24

Allies which will created you with a balance with symmetry, allies, Israel created you exactly as you need to be with everything in the correct place.

00:24:26--> 00:24:28

And that's a sign from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala

00:24:30--> 00:24:33

will lead the hadera Gaga for hadda

00:24:34--> 00:24:36

I didn't mention the killer of

00:24:38--> 00:24:40

Sally here and kisa he read

00:24:43--> 00:24:46

a lady called Allah Tada.

00:24:49--> 00:25:00

So what's the meaning here anyway of cadabra for header. Again, what we probably talked about last time is disclose if you talk about for example, that all

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

allies have decreed,

00:25:03--> 00:25:19

and allies a region guided mankind either to be from the people of Assad eternal happiness, or from the people of a shakaama eternal damnation are created you either like that or either like that.

00:25:20--> 00:25:33

But again, this is also closer to being Tafseer on bill me Sal an example because otherwise allies origin, decreed everything and measured everything and guided everything.

00:25:34--> 00:25:38

And the guidance of Allah azza wa jal is of many

00:25:39--> 00:25:40

of many types.

00:25:43--> 00:26:14

Some of the scholars they looked at it like the guidance of Allah which is fitri, the natural guidance of Allah. So, for example, they talk about when the baby is born, the baby instinctively reaches for its mother's milk, even from the animals or human beings, many of the scholars of Tafseer, they made the tip seat of the eye like this, they said that the meaning of the ayah will lead the court Dara Haida is that when the baby is born,

00:26:15--> 00:26:19

it goes, it immediately goes for its mother's milk.

00:26:20--> 00:26:31

But that is only an example of allies decree and guidance. And it's an example which is fitri, right? It's a lie so gel placed certain instincts in you.

00:26:33--> 00:26:58

I mean, you look at that baby is born. It comes out from the womb of its mother, it doesn't know anything. Some of the scholars of TFC they even mentioned the baby's actual birth itself, the actual birth of the baby, the when the baby is born. When does a lot? How does Eliza gel guide? How does that baby know that it is time to be born?

00:27:00--> 00:27:44

And how does Allah guide for that process to happen? And it's a pilot This is talking about the natural guidance of Allah. That's one type of guidance. But that's also not the ayah is not only in that type of guidance. There's one type of guidance is the fitrah that Allah naturally guides you to certain things like for example, to know what food is suitable for you. And what food is poisons. For example, the animal, you see the animal walks and it knows which grass to eat and which grass not to eat, or which plant to eat and which plant not to eat. Allah has guided as measured for it and decreed for it and Allah has guided it. This is the guidance which is fiddly, it's natural.

00:27:45--> 00:27:47

There is another kind of guidance.

00:27:50--> 00:27:58

There is another kind of guidance of allies origin, which is that guidance of Allah azza wa jal which is the guidance of Allah.

00:27:59--> 00:28:03

Which is hedaya, which is konia or which is

00:28:06--> 00:28:08

which is Alize origin guiding.

00:28:11--> 00:28:16

And he according to his decree, and each one,

00:28:17--> 00:28:25

following the decree that Allah has given for it, whether Allah loves it, or whether Allah doesn't love it, but for wisdom

00:28:29--> 00:28:30

and this

00:28:33--> 00:28:39

guidance to what Eliza gel has decreed. This is the meaning when they say that Allah has decreed

00:28:40--> 00:28:45

people to be wretched. Allah doesn't love for his slaves to disbelieve.

00:28:46--> 00:28:58

But when they did the actions of those who disbelieved and when they were content with that disbelief, and they preferred it over belief, ally, so a gel guided them to it.

00:29:00--> 00:29:05

A lot took them to it, and cause them to do it, after they

00:29:07--> 00:29:09

show that that was what they deserved.

00:29:10--> 00:29:14

And from the guidance of Eliza gel is the guidance of an earshot

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

that Allah azza wa jal

00:29:18--> 00:29:22

shows you the truth and shows you the falsehood

00:29:26--> 00:29:37

that Allah has just shows you what is true and what is wrong. That is from the guidance of Allah. Whether you follow it or not, that Allah shows you this is right. And Allah shows you this as well.

00:29:38--> 00:29:49

Whether you follow it or whether you don't Allah has guided you, whether you follow it or not. Because Allah has shown you what is right and Allah has shown you what is wrong.

00:29:51--> 00:29:54

Which is the I am thinking of that we mentioned this in

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

when fcms were when

00:30:01--> 00:30:24

When I said word for Ella hammer her Fujiwara her what taqwa Allah azza wa jal inspired the soul to know what is for jewel, what is evil, what is wicked. And what is taqwa what is good, what is righteous? Allah showed you and guided you. This is righteous, this is evil.

00:30:26--> 00:30:30

Allah showed you and guided you. This is righteous, this is evil.

00:30:33--> 00:30:47

And then there is Hidayat to tell you the guidance of success, that Eliza gel actually gives you the ability to follow it, and to implement it in your life, and to

00:30:48--> 00:31:00

try to stay upon the guidance of Allah. And that's different from the people who've seen the guidance of Allah and heard the guidance of Allah, but they haven't been given the success to actually follow it.

00:31:04--> 00:31:42

But who does Allah? Or To whom does Eliza gel give the success to follow? Is it random? Is it just like your guided, misguided guide, misguided, guided misguided, it's not like that? Allah azza wa jal gives out guidance of tofi the success to follow Islam as a grace and a favor, and he misguides out of wisdom and justice. So from his wisdom, and from His justice panatela is that he misguides and causes people to be misguided after they showed

00:31:44--> 00:32:01

that they preferred misguidance over guidance. And they turned away, and Eliza, so short, it was witnessed from them. When they had the choice, they didn't take it, then Allah subhanaw taala misguided those people.

00:32:02--> 00:32:15

And all of that comes under the statement of Eliza Jen and Lady cadabra, for hada. So my point in all of this actually was, I was I did have a point in my point in all of this was that,

00:32:17--> 00:32:38

when you hear the Tafseer being given, you sometimes hear just one example. But the wording is much bigger than that. So when the scholars of Tafseer, they say, Allah guided the people of gender to gender and the people of the fire to the fire, for example, that's just one example of

00:32:39--> 00:32:58

would lead the court data. For her. That's just one example of it. Otherwise, they it's much bigger than that. Everything that Allah has guided to naturally, everything that Eliza gel has guided and shown the right way and the wrong way. Everything that aligns with gel is given the ability to follow the right way.

00:32:59--> 00:33:12

All of that, within men within the jinn within the animal kingdom. All of that is from the guidance of Allah and the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and lady called Dara

00:33:13--> 00:33:14

for Haida.

00:33:28--> 00:33:31

The statement of allies origin will lead to Roger Mara

00:33:34--> 00:33:35

will lead the project.

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

The one who brought out

00:33:43--> 00:33:44

a model

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

here, give me the translation while you're looking at it.

00:33:56--> 00:33:56

We're near the

00:34:00--> 00:34:04

end here all of the types of Nevada at a zoo or

00:34:06--> 00:34:09

all of the types of vegetation.

00:34:10--> 00:34:11

Do you have something better than that?

00:34:17--> 00:34:20

How long can it get that far through the test to see which one it is?

00:34:33--> 00:34:37

I the best I can give is vegetation. What have you. What do you have

00:35:01--> 00:35:07

subject matter because either the Holocaust survivor or maybe a quarter of the Virgin Mara for the

00:35:12--> 00:35:16

green pasture. Do you have a different going to the other translations?

00:35:27--> 00:35:37

pasture is a better word. That pasture is a better word because the word mala app, the thing which the animals live live off, so pasture is a good word.

00:35:41--> 00:35:53

Okay, we'll go with pasture. Well let the origin Mara The one who brought out the pasture, and all of the different types of pasture all of the different types of,

00:35:55--> 00:36:03

of class plants, vegetation, farmland, and so on. For gyla, who an hour

00:36:06--> 00:36:13

so what happened to that pasture after that? It became Luther and our What do you have in the translation?

00:36:27--> 00:36:40

Okay, so it becomes dark. And it becomes like storks like stubble. It dries up and it dies. For jala who who said an hour

00:36:45--> 00:36:55

in a bus while we were in Houma, he said, has Shimon motel Metallica euro said that he becomes like

00:36:56--> 00:37:08

hachiman it becomes like this dried up stubble and it changes it changes from its green pasture to becoming

00:37:09--> 00:37:14

dried up and to becoming dark. Unlike stubble,

00:37:16--> 00:37:27

and similarly inherited from Raja Haytham cortada others, the meaning of Buddha is yep is that which is dry, the Jilin who who saw miyabi said

00:37:28--> 00:37:34

I becomes instead of becoming green and moist, it becomes dry

00:37:36--> 00:37:38

and it becomes hufa and

00:37:41--> 00:37:42

it becomes Rosa and

00:37:43--> 00:37:50

the meaning of Alcoa is motor neuron in a solid, something which

00:37:51--> 00:37:54

which changes color towards black

00:37:56--> 00:38:04

and it starts to rot. It starts to change itself and change its color so it becomes dark, or it becomes black.

00:38:08--> 00:38:10

And so after it was green,

00:38:12--> 00:38:25

and after it was moist and fresh, and suitable for the animals to eat from a dam becomes dark, it becomes black. It becomes dry, and it becomes shriveled up.

00:38:33--> 00:38:36

Why did Eliza Jen mentioned these two things?

00:38:39--> 00:38:44

A lady a halogen Mara is the one who brought out the green pasture.

00:38:46--> 00:38:48

And then he made it dry.

00:38:50--> 00:38:53

And he made it turn black and shrivel.

00:39:00--> 00:39:04

What is the what what's the lesson or what are we learning from this?

00:39:07--> 00:39:51

There are controls everything, no doubt. So one of the things is that ally xojo controls everything. There's one that's one benefit you can take from it. That a lot controls everything that you need to seek your help from Allah because Allah is the one who brought out that green pasture. And that green pasture reminds you of what wealth and you know happiness and you know, your, your, your animals are eating all the greenery and and then suddenly What is it become it becomes dry, becomes black. There's no longer any benefit in it for the animals. Now you're calling upon Allah to bring you food to bring you some greenery again. So you realize everything is in the hands of a lot.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

That's what also to realize that the the the, from the things you can learn from it is the deception of this world.

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

Right, the way this world is, this world is temporary, this world is not a place where things remain in the same situation, you know, you see a city or a country like this, and you see them, they have everything they are at the peak of their, you know, of their civilization. And then you see them after 20 years without an error. And they've been destroyed, they've been turned into Rubble, they've been turned into ruins. And there's nothing left of them.

00:40:34--> 00:40:44

As the poet said, liquid cliche in either mathema knocks on fella you have to be a Three Wheeler, he will he insano

00:40:47--> 00:40:52

he said, everything which is perfect, will eventually decline.

00:40:54--> 00:41:01

So a person should not be fooled by the pleasures of life.

00:41:02--> 00:41:16

That you know, you have in a good time and you're thinking I'm a young person, and I've got strength I've got pass upon law, everything turns like this, the field that was green becomes an aha

00:41:19--> 00:41:20

and so on.

00:41:21--> 00:41:28

From the things also is that whenever a light switch and mentions the green plants, and then he allegedly mentions the,

00:41:29--> 00:41:29


00:41:31--> 00:41:33

the way that it turns into,

00:41:34--> 00:41:43

you know, it turns into something dry and rotten. That from this also is you you learn about the cycle of life and death.

00:41:44--> 00:41:57

Right, the way that Eliza gel brings out the dead from the living you will hire men and make it more collegial may you terminal hate. Allah brings out the dead from the living in the living from the dead.

00:41:58--> 00:42:07

From those dead plants, this is an ayah from iottie, Lion surgeon, those dead plants, what does Allah bring from them next year

00:42:08--> 00:42:09


00:42:10--> 00:42:15

and those green plants What does allies which will bring them about and cause to happen to them they die.

00:42:16--> 00:42:51

And sometimes these is what you can learn from them is that this is how a lot so just deals with his creation as a whole. You heard you'll hate me, I'll make it a lot brings out the living from the debt. Some of them they mentioned this means that a lot brings you to Islam. And a large ritual brings out the living. I brings out the Muslim from the dead from those people whose hearts are dead. Allah brings out from those people whose hearts are dead Allah brings people who convert to Islam and accept Islam you should hire men and mate.

00:42:53--> 00:43:24

Well, how did you meet me that hey, and Allah brings out the dead from the living. And likewise the owner Kiana when Eliza gel causes the people to die and Allah brings the people alive out again. These things you see with the crops, these are signs that you should be aware of, you should remember that the one who is able to bring the greenery and turn it without and then bring it back into greenery again is the same one who is able to bring you to life after

00:43:26--> 00:43:28

after you had died.

00:43:29--> 00:44:11

And the same one who can cause you to die while you are living now. So all of this is from the things that not this is specifically I'm not talking about this I but generally the is to talk about allies, which talks about the greenery and a lot talks about how it rots and then how Allah brings it alive again, all of this is from the benefits that allies in control of everything, not to be deceived by the temporary nature of this dunya and also to understand that Eliza gel is capable and able to panel to either to bring out that which is alive from that which is dead and that which is dead from that which is alive and likewise Yokoyama Eliza gel will resurrect mankind after they had

00:44:11--> 00:44:15

died. These are all from the things which are mentioned in these kind of if

00:44:16--> 00:44:17

there are lies which alludes to

00:44:20--> 00:44:23

send your query aka Fela tensor.

00:44:25--> 00:44:26

Center query okay.

00:44:29--> 00:44:34

This is a lysogenic jealous informing the profit side sermon promising

00:44:36--> 00:44:38

that Allah azza wa jal will

00:44:40--> 00:44:45

teach the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Quran so that he doesn't forget it.

00:44:47--> 00:44:54

is mentioned from cortada Rahim Allah to Allah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

He did not use to forget

00:45:00--> 00:45:00


00:45:02--> 00:45:28

in he wouldn't forget what Allah subhanaw taala had mentioned to her and we know in sort of social kiama that Eliza just said lead to Henrik Biggie Lisa neck alley, Tara jalebi don't make your tongue move to try to bring the Quran that is if the Prophet sighs them to try to hurry it. He was worried about forgetting what the revelation that he had been given.

00:45:29--> 00:45:43

So he used to keep on repeating it and keep on moving his tongue with it so that he wouldn't go away from him. And Allah promised himself Oh curry aka fell out and said, We are going to

00:45:46--> 00:45:47

give you this Quran

00:45:49--> 00:45:51

this Quran is going to be recited to you

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

and you will not forget

00:45:56--> 00:45:57

you will not forget

00:45:58--> 00:46:10

and then Allah said Illa Masha, Allah accept what Allah wills so I want to stop here for a minute and ask you this is a difficult question a little bit difficult question.

00:46:13--> 00:46:16

sino Korean kareoke flr tensor inla Masha Allah

00:46:18--> 00:46:29

we will need the Quran will be recited to you you will be taught the Quran and you will not forget it accept what Allah wills

00:46:30--> 00:46:36

so what is the meaning of accept? What Allah wills

00:46:40--> 00:46:43

does that mean the Prophet size and forgot parts of the Quran?

00:46:55--> 00:47:08

Okay, very good. Excellent. So you brought a time where the profits made a mistake in the Sala and the Sahaba. And he said to the Sahaba Why didn't you correct me? Excellent.

00:47:10--> 00:47:13

And he he asked them why did you not?

00:47:15--> 00:47:21

Why did you not correct me? Okay, very good. So this shows us that's one that's one opinion.

00:47:22--> 00:47:25

What is that opinion that opinion is the profit side some didn't forget.

00:47:27--> 00:47:52

He had con he conveyed the message first. But from those things that he conveyed already, he already taught the people he could forget for a small amount of time. For example, He told the people an idea that people heard the I remember the Ireland the I didn't the prophet SAW Selim forgot, or was caused to forget about it in the Salah. That is not a problem because it comes after

00:47:54--> 00:48:11

de Bella after he had conveyed it to the people. As for before he conveyed it, it's impossible for him to forget. But as for after he conveyed it, then this is a rarity but it happened from time to time after he had given it to the people.

00:48:12--> 00:48:16

That's one that's one way of looking at it. How else can we look at this

00:48:23--> 00:48:36

you could see that it's separate you could say it's a stiff not woman quarter, this, this Illa is not connected to the previous ayah so it means Fela tenza you will not forget

00:48:37--> 00:49:15

illamasqua Masha Allah Allah, Masha Allah, but whatever Allah azza wa jal wills will happen and what this is that it's not connect these two eyes are not connected. Does that make sense? That these two is one of the opinions is these two eyes are not connected what we call this this Naumann called there, there is no direct connection between these two is the meaning of Illa is closer to lacking, lacking Masha Allah but it's what Allah wills and you will not forget. And this is what Allah wills and Allah wills that you will not that you will not forget. tight. There's another opinion

00:49:16--> 00:49:17

about this.

00:49:29--> 00:49:42

Some of the people said that the meaning of inland Masha Allah here is as it says, except what Allah wills for you to forget, but that Allah didn't Will you to forget anything.

00:49:43--> 00:49:53

For example, there are ayat in which Alliance which has said for example, Holly Dina fee hammered Damn it similar to what I'll do in our book.

00:49:54--> 00:49:56

They will live in gender.

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

Okay, for as long as the heavens and earth through me

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

Except for as long as Allah wills except for those who Allah wills and Is there anyone that Allah wills that he will go into gender and then he will be taken out from gender?

00:50:11--> 00:50:22

No. So the ayah is true, it's who Allah wills but Allah has already told us that he doesn't Will anyone to come out from genda after they enter it

00:50:23--> 00:50:31

and also just set hard enough EMI damage is similar to what I'll do in the amateur hour book. In our backup ideally my you read

00:50:32--> 00:50:57

about the people of the fire, that they will be in it forever as long as the heavens and the earth remain, unless your Lord wills but Allah doesn't will for them to come out. Allah has already told us that he doesn't will for them to come out. So some of them took it like this. They said Illa Masha Allah Masha Allah meaning that yes, if Allah did will for you to forget, you would have forgotten but a lot didn't want it to happen.

00:51:01--> 00:51:09

kulu Shea in Bhima, she at he lacking the hula miasha everything is by his will, but he didn't will this.

00:51:10--> 00:51:12

He didn't want it to happen.

00:51:15--> 00:51:17

He didn't want it to happen.

00:51:22--> 00:51:31

And some of them said as we said, something that you forget. And then Allah makes you remember it after that. And this is to show us also

00:51:33--> 00:51:51

how to behave in this situation, the prophet size and lead the prayer and he missed an ayah and it showed us we learned the ruling. So it was one thing that happened that Eliza gel caused him to forget it at that moment and then caused him to remember after that,

00:51:56--> 00:52:06

like in the Heidi's in which the Prophet sighs lm for us kata Ayah he missed out an ayah and he said would you not have reminded me of it?

00:52:10--> 00:52:11

But there's another opinion

00:52:13--> 00:52:15

and this is opinion of many of the scholars of Tafseer

00:52:17--> 00:52:18

which we haven't mentioned yet.

00:52:21--> 00:52:24

And that is that the

00:52:25--> 00:52:33

meaning of Ilana sha Allah here is that which is mansukh that which is abrogated.

00:52:35--> 00:53:17

So Allah just says seno curry okay fair Latin sir. You will be given this Quran score and will be read to you and you will not forget it. Illa Masha Allah Mim and Lucy accept what Allah wills from that which is abrogated welfare and not which is raised back up to Allah subhanaw taala. So we know that our Ayat of the Quran and abrogation is a big topic, but we know that there are Ayat of the Quran which are abrogated, what is abrogated mean? What is abrogate what do you understand by the word abrogated woman suha and Iam and suha.

00:53:20--> 00:53:31

What do you understand from this words difficult where we hear it sometimes what that allows a man and sacrament at OSI hat net to be highly minha. Obviously,

00:53:33--> 00:53:39

we do not cause an ayah to be abrogated, or cause it to be forgotten, except that we bring.

00:53:43--> 00:54:11

Okay, kind of like change. Yes. So abrogating is something to be removed right after it came. So the idea came and is removed. And there are different situations of abrogation. So one thing that could be is that the wording and the ruling are both removed. So the words are no longer part of the Quran. And the ruling is no longer part of the Quran.

00:54:13--> 00:54:25

And there could be a situation where the words are removed, but the ruling remains. Can you give me an example of something where the words of the ayat were removed, but the ruling remains

00:54:29--> 00:54:35

that we don't recite the words, the words are no longer recited and the Prophet seisen stopped reciting them.

00:54:36--> 00:54:38

But the ruling remains

00:54:42--> 00:54:44

a stoning of the adulterer.

00:54:45--> 00:54:46

stoning to death

00:54:48--> 00:54:53

is mentioned from our and from others that this ayah was recited in the life of the Prophet sighs

00:54:54--> 00:54:55

that the

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

the married adulterer

00:55:00--> 00:55:18

And adulterous were to be stoned. But the ruling remains the ruling still exists in Sharia but it's just that the ayah the words of the Iowa are no longer recited. What about the other way around? The words of the eye are recited. We still recite them in the Quran, but the ruling is gone.

00:55:22--> 00:55:25

many examples will give me one example

00:55:28--> 00:55:32

one example where we many easy examples

00:55:38--> 00:55:46

we're allies region the words are still there in the Quran. But the ruling doesn't apply any Allah removed the ruling from it.

00:55:47--> 00:55:51

Okay, the ayat of alcohol, the first Ayat of alcohol.

00:55:52--> 00:56:04

So you have Latina amarula hora, Serato antem sakara hightide mo methaqualone. Don't come to the prayer when you are drunk until you know what you are saying.

00:56:19--> 00:56:20

Praying okay.

00:56:22--> 00:56:26

But praying to the mustard oxide? Is there an ayah that tells you to pray to the mystical oxa

00:56:28--> 00:56:34

there's an ayah that tells you to change. But is there an ayah in the Quran, where we still recite the words.

00:56:37--> 00:56:38

I can't think of one.

00:56:41--> 00:56:48

For example, Illa Hema is somehow what you fill out what in Toby do Murphy and fusi come out to fool who has it can be Hilah

00:56:50--> 00:57:09

this ayah that if whatever you say openly and whatever you keep in your heart, Allah is going to take you to account for it yamaki Allah, then Allah abrogated it. With the statement of Eliza agenda, you can live Allahu nefs and Ilsa la Hana, cassava to Ireland, to rob Bonilla to a hidden

00:57:10--> 00:57:20

until the end of the ayah. So this, this, the ayah that came three or three is before the end, this ayah was abrogated by the ayah followed.

00:57:21--> 00:57:27

Because it says that everything you keep in your heart, Allah is going to punish you for yamaki ama

00:57:28--> 00:57:33

and then allies orogen answered two out of the believers and he lightened it for you.

00:57:36--> 00:57:42

That Allah azza wa jal will not take you to account for everything that is

00:57:43--> 00:58:16

inside. Yes, some things that are from the actions of the heart, Allah will take you to account like showing off and so on. But the things that you intended to do that were sins and things like that, some of these are lies which Allah has raised from you. So this is an example. Some of them said like a claw have a dean, it's men suha. But I don't think I think the correct opinion is not men souhaitez just apply differently in different situations. But some of them said the I there is no compulsion in religion was abrogated by the ayat of jihad.

00:58:18--> 00:58:22

And many, many, many examples in the Quran like this.

00:58:26--> 00:58:40

Shorter and 30 s in the IR to analyze we just said and add a half of Allah Huang Kumar Lima and the larva. This is in sort of the first I'd like to mention how many people that if there are

00:58:42--> 00:58:50

the if there are any Sharona Sadhguru there are 20 patient people among you, you will overcome

00:58:51--> 00:58:51


00:58:52--> 00:59:03

then in the next Iowa did Allah say I'll add a half of Allah and Kumar Anima and Barbara Allen now Allah has lightened the burden for you It used to be 20 versus 200.

00:59:05--> 00:59:08

Then it became 100 versus 200.

00:59:10--> 00:59:43

So it used to be one Muslim, to fight against 10 of the non Muslims, then Eliza gel made it one Muslim to fight against two sources and find many examples like this. So some of the scholars they took the ayah center query aka Fela, tenza. In sha Allah, the Illa Masha Allah refers to them and so that which is abrogated that which is abrogated from the Quran, that this is what Eliza gel caused to be,

00:59:44--> 00:59:45

to be

00:59:47--> 00:59:50

forgotten or to be to pass away from memory.

00:59:51--> 00:59:58

And that is correct because of that how Allah described it in sort of baccala man and soften it out

01:00:01--> 01:00:06

Non si ha, we don't cause an ayah to be abrogated or forgotten,

01:00:08--> 01:00:19

except that we bring equal or we bring better to it or we bring equal to it. So a lot of this during the life of the Prophet size and allies agenda is that Allah subhanaw taala, canceled

01:00:20--> 01:00:55

during the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and that his allies are jealous for add on the Marines, he does whatever he wants, allies gel does whatever he wants. So our allies which are revealed ayat, and kept the words and took the ruling, and Allah revealed, I add and remove the words and kept the ruling. And Allah revealed it, he took the words under, under ruling, and every time it was replaced by something better, or something equal? And what did Allah say about all of that? Lm Thailand, and Allah, Allah?

01:00:56--> 01:01:01

Don't you know that Allah is able to do whatever he wants, Allah can do whatever he wants.

01:01:03--> 01:01:11

And this is from the amazing features of the Quran, that makes the Quran and one of the miraculous aspects of the Quran.

01:01:12--> 01:01:26

And from the ages, if that's not a great word to use, I don't really like that word from the ayat of the Quran. From the signs that are that are in the Quran, is how Allah azza wa jal can remove it

01:01:27--> 01:01:30

as He wills, but still the ad has no contradictions in

01:01:32--> 01:01:38

this is from the amazing, you know, features and miracles that exist within within the Quran.

01:01:56--> 01:02:03

This referring to them and so this was the opinion of him Jerry Rahim, Allah Tada.

01:02:06--> 01:02:11

And some of them they held the opinion, as we said, that the meaning is,

01:02:12--> 01:02:23

Allah didn't want you to forget any of it. If Allah had wanted, you would have forgotten, but I didn't want for you to forget any of it.

01:02:28--> 01:02:37

The steam analyzer gel in the animal jaha one I have and will finish I think with this one, because we've been going for a long time, the statement of Eliza gel in

01:02:39--> 01:02:40

one eye.

01:02:42--> 01:02:47

And allies or gel nose knows what is my edge harrowby about

01:02:49--> 01:03:06

what the servants do openly and what they conceal. And this is not limited to what they say. But it includes what they say and what they do. There are things that people do,

01:03:07--> 01:03:29

g haoran, or jarron. They do openly. And there are things that people do, secretly or hide, or they do subtly. Allah azza wa jal knows the statements and actions that you do openly. And Allah knows the statements and actions that you do, secretly.

01:03:31--> 01:04:10

And this includes the re citation, that you do openly the remembrance that you do openly and secretly, the charity that you do openly and secretly, and so on. And again, this is another example where you hear the scholars of TFC have say, for example, the charity, or say the Kiera Jerry and surgery or the re citation of the Quran that you do openly and quietly, this is all terrible myth that it's just an example. Otherwise, the is general for everything you do openly, or say openly, or everything you do secretly, or say, secretly.

01:04:12--> 01:04:59

And generally, we shouldn't limit the idea to one example. But these are examples. And, you know, that's how, generally speaking, a lot of the times, that's how the seller used to be, you know, it's only later on in later times, that people started to give like, you know, try to find a way to cover everything in one sentence. Otherwise, the early generations will not like that they didn't have that take care of that like burdening themselves that I have to cover everything. They just gave one example many times all the time, but many times they give Tafseer was just an example. Here's an example. This is an example of what we mean. The Imam reads Clara Jerry Akira Surya. The man reads

01:05:00--> 01:05:11

out loud, the mom reads quietly. That's an example. But that's just one example of many examples of what people do openly and what people do.

01:05:14--> 01:05:15


01:05:18--> 01:05:20

It's also mentioned that one of the,

01:05:22--> 01:06:09

the benefits in this, that you can take also is that Eliza gel is not confused by the different sounds and the different languages and the different people speaking loudly and others speaking quietly. And that's part of the test be of a large region that allows perfect Allah doesn't have imperfections. So if you imagine when you have a class of students, when he let him method, Allah to Allah belongs the highest example we don't compare Allah to his creation. But to understand the concept. If you have a class of students, some of them are shouting, some of them are whispering. Some of them are talking to themselves. You really struggle with even 10 people you can't understand

01:06:09--> 01:06:49

what is being said. One person is shouting, the other one is being quiet. One of them is whispering to the other one, one of them is talking to himself. You can't understand what is being said. But Allah azza wa jal understands, even though the whole world people are screaming at the top of their voices, other people are whispering. Some people are talking in the heart to themselves. Some people are shouting over other people. Yeah, Allah azza wa jal, he is every single one of them and knows everything that every one of them said. And that's part of the to Spear of Allah. Anything the Allies perfect, like a shadow of the law when her she said in the

01:06:51--> 01:06:58

in commenting on the ayah, cut semi Allahu poletti to J De Luca zoji. Heritage turkey Illallah.

01:06:59--> 01:07:03

She said Subhana ledi

01:07:04--> 01:07:18

bellava some of that's what she said that exalted is the one who's hearing reaches every sound when this woman came to complain to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about her husband,

01:07:20--> 01:07:32

called semi Allahu COVID ality to Jacques De Luca zoji. When this medela this lady she came to complain. She came to the hurdle of Ayesha she came to ISIS apartment or the ohana

01:07:33--> 01:08:06

and Ayesha's apartment was very small. We know it was so small that when the Prophet says Mr. Prayer at night, you still have to move ISIS legs out of the way to make space for such that it was a very small apartment. When she came to tell the Prophet size him about her husband. She said I couldn't hear what she said. She spoke so quietly, that I couldn't hear what the lady said about her husband. And Allah revealed called semi Allahu Colegio Watashi

01:08:07--> 01:08:20

wa certainly heard the statement of the one who came to you to complain about her husband and she complains to Allah La Jolla smell to have Kuma and Allah He is the conversation that happens between the two of you.

01:08:21--> 01:08:25

So this is part of this is well, now we are aligned with Jehovah

01:08:27--> 01:08:43

Allah azza wa jal knows that which is said loudly and that which is said quietly and that which is done openly and that which is done in secret. So that's what we can mention for this class. If we have any questions we will do my best to answer them if I know the answer.

01:08:48--> 01:09:04

We will be having the kids class tomorrow but we won't be having a normal attendance just message staff only to the camera people ever but there will be a kids class tomorrow inshallah to Allah, which will be on YouTube as normal, and they will also be a class on Tuesday evening like that.

01:09:22--> 01:09:24

Just give them a minute if they have any questions.

01:09:41--> 01:09:56

Why was that the companions remembered some of the abrogated ayat. Yes. The there is no there is nothing in the Quran that says that the abrogated ayat cannot be remembered.

01:09:57--> 01:10:00

There is nothing that you know the meaning is not

01:10:00--> 01:10:42

That allies which raises them from people's minds, but that they no longer form part of the Quran, the prophet sighs Helen no longer recited them as part of the Quran. And we it's what's really important to remember is that all of this took place in the life of the Prophet sighs don't confuse this with earthman and, you know with what happened after, because that's what the mustachio call the orientalist, they tried to do they confuse you between abrogating the ayat in the life of the Prophet sighs and between earthman and Abu Bakar, and, you know, their efforts to preserve the most half. So they, for example, say that Earth man, you know, got rid of some of the ayat of the Quran,

01:10:43--> 01:11:11

like this abrogation happened in the life of the Prophet. So I said, so some of the Sahaba remembered, like they didn't they didn't continue to make it part of the vicar. Remember that the Newseum is the opposite of the decode right? They didn't make it part of their Vicar of the Quran anymore part of their re citation of the Quran anymore. But they remember the incident, they remembered that there was an ayah that said this, that there was a word like this, but they didn't.

01:11:13--> 01:11:16

It wasn't part of their re citation of the Quran.

01:11:17--> 01:11:30

So it was it doesn't mean that they that nobody was allowed to remember it, that it was completely lost from the people's minds, but that it was no longer part of the decode part of the remembrance which is the Quran

01:11:32--> 01:11:33

and Allah knows best.

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Okay, that's what Allah made easy for us to mention for this evening and allies with generals bestel salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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