Yahya Ibrahim – Common Errors during Hajj Part 2

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses common errors in Islam, including mistakes in actions and boundaries of auto operation, and the need to practice walking out of areas. They stress the importance of following rules and avoiding mistakes made by others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of collecting metal samples and avoiding similar mistakes made by people in the media.
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Always look forward to listening to you because we I think every Muslim aspires to go for heights and your knowledge is very vast. May Allah give you more knowledge in sha Allah, Allah Miami.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallim wa bad. Now in the previous episodes Alhamdulillah we spoken about hygiene in in great many details we've spoken about the rochen of Hajj, the worship of Hajj, meaning the essentials and the compulsories of how do we spoke about some of the sunon we spoke about some of the extra things that can earn us reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we mentioned some of the things that relates in particular to our sisters, and we had three or four sessions on them that a woman's Hajj and yesterday we began introducing a segment on some of the errors, common errors that people make in

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different points in their home raw and in their hedge. And today in sha Allah after we spoke yesterday about some of the errors in polop. We're going to speak about some of the errors in OSI meaning in the running between a software when model one one of the common areas that you see is that people when they ascend the mountain of software, and they come to make drops to a law they are taught that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hand in your eye and one of the common things you see is it some people it's as if they are doing their namaz and they raise their hands up to a law they say Allahu Akbar. And in fact, what was done by the prophets, I send them and

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they're horrified that who lsms met de la sama, that the Prophet actually supplicated with his hands in this way, as a beggar would do in front of the awesomeness of the Almighty Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and therefore there is no tech beer of, of standing on the sofa and of the mountain of Safa or Mandala. And this is something that you sometimes see amongst some of our brothers and sisters. The second thing that you see common is that you see that some of the brothers Mashallah they get really enthusiastic. And once they have run through the green light area, the area where you're supposed to run, make your hot water and run land and making your quick pace. They get really

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excited and they continue with their run, it's almost as if they think I want to run and keep running until the mountain of Mandala. And this is not something that should be done, you should only run between the two green posts. The lit area that is marked by the green light, which used to be a valley in the area between Safa and Marwa that the prophets I send them ordained a third

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of Allah. A third common error is that we see some of our sisters, they also attempt to run at quick pace. It could be to catch their husbands upon the law, the brothers they make a run for it and they don't wait for the sister. But the sisters should be in a sedate way. And if they are going too quick in a little bit, they should do it to the sides so that they are not in obstruction. Others in sha Allah will speak also about some of the common errors on the day of autofab. One of the common errors is some of the pilgrims' they are not careful with the boundaries of AutoCAD. And you will notice there are these large yellow signs that says all of that ends here. And it's written in

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English, it's written in Adobe and even some of the other languages of the world that are coming. So be careful with your desire to depart from was Delica that you do not make an attempt to begin walking out before the sun has completely set. This is very, very important. Another common error is that you find some Muslims very eager in sha Allah, they know that their buses delayed and all of a sudden they see them time for method of coming they're still in alpha, they want to head to Metallica Megadeth has arrived and Asia is now to arrive. So they forget the student of the prophets I send them which is to pre measure him and Asia together in was deliver and they pray they're

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Muslim. This is an error that is done and it should not be done. We should follow the tradition of the prophets I send them even if you're going to pray in the middle of the night pray your method of anesthesia together in most deliever as we seek to follow the Sunnah of the prophets I send them. Another one that is important is to struggle with the crowd to try to climb the mountain at alpha. A juggler Rama in order for the mountain of alpha. Now there is no authentic hadith that states that there is any preference for a pilgrim or Hajj to be at that mountain or

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To climb that mountain, yet every year so how not to be an ally there are hundreds who get hurt, or who suffer dehydration, or find themselves in inconvenient situations men and women and sometimes left or lost. Some people even take children in the fierce heat to try to ascend the mountain, seeking the reward of Allah and there is nothing itemized in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Another problem is that you see some people when they are making do, they face towards the mountain of autofair. asking Allah making dua to Allah which is incorrect in terms of the sooner you should seek to turn your face towards the Qibla which for many may mean that the

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mountain of autofac is behind your back, I have no problem with this, you do not have to be turned facing the mountain of alpha. This is a common mistake that we see some of our brothers and sisters making. Another common mistake is making

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pebbles and heaped mounds of dirt to assemble it in the Valley of autofair and trying to take some of it home with you. Sometimes you see some very strange things in hajj I saw you know one man who was putting dust in a bottle another in a plastic bag. And I say to me Okay, what are you doing he says I want to take the dust out off at home with me and said Pamela This is not something that has any shelter a basis. A loss of Hannah to Allah knows where our footsteps were and knows what our dog is before it leaves our heart Let alone our lips. Another common mistake that we find some of our Hajaj doing in moose Delica we move on to common mistakes in was Delica is that some of our pilgrims

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start collecting the stones at moose Delica before they do their method of entering shop. And I know there's this enthusiasm to create the student of the prophet SAW Selim we know he collected his stones from was Delta, although you can collect them from anywhere. But to make that soon enough, collecting it from wazifa is a wonderful thing, but do not delay your method of inertia until this happens. Sometimes you see people they come to miss Delica and the first thing they do when was dead if I have to get my stones No. The first obligation upon you is to do your measurement, and Asia insha Allah and the correct position is that anywhere inside the Haram territory, meaning in greater

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Mecca, that is allowed Ahmed McKee, of all the city of Mecca you can take from the stones there as a part of the boundary to do your regimen in sha Allah, the prophets, I seldom did not ask that the pebbles for general acaba be picked in was Delica. But it was convenient for him to pick up there in the morning,

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on his way, leaving towards the Jamaat, and upon entering minute, the rest of the pebbles were picked up for him in minute so you don't have to pick all your own stones you can nominate someone else for it. Insha Allah, some of the common mistakes that we see is we see some of the judge washing the stones, and they wash the stones trying to do will do for the stones or taharah for the stone so that when they throw it, that it is something that is clean, and there is no evidence for this in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam now we move on to some of the common errors, we've that run me throwing the stones at the Jamaat one is that Allah Subhana Allah has not

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informed us that these pillars are the shaitan and therefore, it is important for you to understand that you are not pelleting an actual shaitan and therefore do not be from those who say, you know, I hate you. Yeah, shake on are we laughing? Can you No, no, the show you Thawne is not tied to that post. Keep this away from your intention. your intention is to mimic the behavior of the prophets lie Selim, where he was doing the modality of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So it is something merely as remembering Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and our last strength in aiding us against the shaitaan. But the shaitan is not there. Second thing it's important to know to know to not throw anything

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except the pebbles. So no sticks, no shoes, no pieces of wood, no big rocks, little little pebbles, the side of the size of a pea, as we mentioned in our discussions. Third thing is not to overcrowd and to fight with other people who are throwing the pebbles to try to get closer and closer and closer. Be patient. You're in a state of Iran, and you are in a state of sanctity towards a law. Take your time with this so that no one is hurt and has a claim against you on the Day of Judgment. Finally,

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I say to you from the common mistakes that is done is to forget tawaf old words.

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And that the farewell tawaf is not done in accordance to the legislation of the student of the prophets. I send them

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