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Finding Peace #00 Ramadan Series 2021

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Wael Ibrahim

Channel: Wael Ibrahim


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Along mantha salon warming kosala tabarrok he has Angela You are a chrome or Allah, you are the peace from you come space. You are the owner of Majesty and Honor Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Welcome to finding peace in Ramadan and beyond in Islam, what you do day in and day out my brothers and sisters would definitely impact your faith. So this is what we are going to experience this month in sha Allah, Allah How can we fix those actions in order for us to be more faithful to Allah, and to not feel ashamed of ourselves for the wrongdoing that we have performed in this dunya what will be the end result and safety, security and

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peace and this is what we wanted to achieve in sha Allah. In this month and beyond. Maybe throughout the years, you have experienced something traumatic that had led you to a depressive state or maybe you became ill or have lost your loved ones or you have some kind of fear of the unknown whatever you have gone through that made you chest tight and feeling lonely or feeling worried and so on. There is a solution within our way of life within Islam. And this is what we wanted to explore in sha Allah throughout the three episodes that will be posted. We want to go beyond that to experience peace throughout our lives. Until we meet Allah subhanaw taala your Millennium fowl malewane

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whatever known in lemon Allah be colbyn Salim that they no money no children, no wealth will ever avail you will ever support you or ever will ever help you in lemon at Allahu COVID Saleem except those who would meet Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment with a pure and sound heart so inshallah Allah Stay tuned Let's meet every day in sha Allah 4:30pm Perth time 4:30pm Perth time, Australia, in sha Allah a video will be posted where we will explore ideas on how to achieve peace in this dunya and beyond.