Yahya Ibrahim – Strategy for Success – Surat al Asr

Yahya Ibrahim
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In Alhamdulillah, Hina Meadow who went to sarina, who in a stock photo Horner study, when I will be learning surely and footsy now women say you are Dr. Molina Mejia de la hufa mobila. Woman you lil fella ha De La Hoya shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa wa ala Sherry calahorra shadow and Mohammed Abdullah. He was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was so happy he was sending him to Sleeman kathira yeah Johan levena. Amman Taku la haka to party he will move to LA will enter Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA Taku Rebecca moon levy Hala Kaku mean FC wahida wahala Carmen has jaha Webb FM in humare. Jalan kaffee, wrong one Isa. What de la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham in a la

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cara Lee. Como Komarov t bap yeah yo ha Latina am an otaku? La kulu Colin sadita you'll say lecom ama como el phila con do Nova con woman, Utah, a la hora Sula, who forgot further frozen alima My bad.

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Always in forever. We begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers a peace upon our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship but Allah, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his worshiping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself a new couple lives that were genuine, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah increases myself and you have awareness and consciousness of our dealings with him through our dealings with others. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala increases our love of him our fear of him and our hope in his mercy in our private life. More than we seek to show each

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other publicly Allahumma amin,

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one of the great sources that is revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is short in number of verses, but profound in meaning is sort of the last. And I wish inshallah over the next 15 minutes to reflect upon it myself in you from an advantage and advantage point of it being a strategy to success. And a loss of kind of home with Allah outlines a battle plan for you and I to approach any problem and how to work through it to achieve at the end of its road, a better outcome than if we had not deliberated over the instructions of this surah. And Allah Subhana, Allah says to our nebby, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a general reminder, in particular to him, but

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also to anyone who has come to appreciate their time and place in the world, a loss as well as

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I swear to you, by the passage of time, I bring to attention to mind that time goes by, and Subhana Allah as a part of our culture. as Muslims, we all we think of it, even in Arabic culture, we talk about time as being like a sword, that if you don't use it to your advantage, it comes back and cuts out of you what you would have missed off, had you not reflected upon it. And the concept of alpha has been spoken of by the move has soon in different capacities, some toolkit, literally, that they're speaking about, that a law is referencing the most important and neglected prayer of the day, which is Salatu last, all sort of prayer is one of those prayers that is at times not observed

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with the same critique that other prayers are think of Jumanji, for example, you know, it's going to be at an awkward time in the day, you know, you have to schedule your lunch period, you know, for fez, you'd, that you have to wake up and rise at a bed you know, for a shot you have before you go to sleep. But the answer to prayer is that that time when everybody begins to wind down their day, you've gotten home from work, it's not the first thing that you always attempt to do is you walk home or that you plan on meeting in the masjid and conversing with Allah subhanho wa Taala as you pass by, towards your family and your children and your dinner and getting other things set up. That

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sort of prayer is one where you are not always precise. To enter it and pray it at the time it enters in unless you thought about it. So Allah says Happy Lu Allah Allah. guard your prayers

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will slow Latin will spa but the middle prayer be extra careful with that the one in your downtime, and therefore when that would amount they speak about salata acid in the concept of acid in the surah. What they mean is that know that time goes by quickly, and if you don't plan for it, you will find that at the end of your day that you were negligent in the timings that you want.

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To attain success in in Al insana Luffy hos, mankind find themselves in their entirety. When you reflect on human consciousness when you reflect on mankind's place and the oppression that they interchange with each other as a result of the inequities they have within themselves, Varlamov and foster home the wrong we do to our own cells reflecting the behavior we have with others. When you look at the totality of the human experience in in Santa Luffy, who's the forgetful one,

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which is the literal translation of an insert.

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In the Quran, there are only two words that Allah uses to describe the human being. Many Adam, the children of Adam, are described one in a physical and the other in a conceptual and conscious sense. In the physical sense you are referred to by Allah in the Quran as Bashar in ma alemayehu, Bashar Bashar on salvia Bashar means the one who is hairless. It's actually a very unique way of a lot describing a human being. See there were other primates there were other creations of Allah that walked the earth that had different structures somewhere upright somewhere humanoids and so on. But there was this very specific creation of Allah that was referred to as Adam who was different to

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others. And one of that separations between Adam and others who appeared like him, had structures similar to him is that Adam can Betcha didn't have the fur and the hair that covers other mammals.

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The second is the rational and intellectual capacity, which is that we are forgetful, forgetful of what of the man that we have made as a promise to Allah, Allah, Amana to Allah SMRT will,

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human beings took upon the burden of burying the choice and the ability to choose right from wrong and good from bad and be rewarded or held accountable for it.

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And Allah describes Adam

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neji lahu asthma I didn't find in Adam and those who will come after him a constancy. In Adam Allah for the hidden Illa Adam, I'm in kaaboo Fantasy he forgot. And since that day, we are referred to as an insane physically bashore intellectually rationally and insane. And a lot here says in in Santa Luffy, who's the human being, whose greater capacity of life is forgetfulness, is often heedless, unwilling to remember the consequence and the vicar of Allah. The word Vicar in the Quran has the imagery of five essential things, to maintain what you already know. So something I know Allah gives us the Quran to remind us of what you already know. Number two, that Allah is acquaintance with

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something we don't know but if we look deeper, we should have known and Allah says how attacca has it arrived to you the story of Moosa web called Phil kitabi Merriam, look a little bit deeper into their stories reflect on the consequence of the past to see what your future holds. The third consequence of the word Vic, is that it's meant to be something you know, something you remember but something you bury away under desire and doubt. So you try to forget it. What that does often and who pretend it's not of consequence in your life, everything will be okay Allah have a folder and Rahim so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For the cure for in avec Ratan Farewell, mini and remind the

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reminder benefits who not the unbeliever not the way word the believer who's made that mistake of forgetting the consequence of their life. Number four, the vicar is Al Quran Al Hakim.

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Allah revealed it and he said that its purpose is to remind you and the final element of a victory is to remember that through the Quran, through all human experience, to remember that there will be a day of standing before Allah.

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That you will stand in front of a law and be questioned, while as time passes, the one who will fail from amongst humanity in null. insan is the one who's prone to forgetting this thing from the vicar of Allah. So Allah tells us in sort of, aha

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Matt and zelner le Calico, Anneli Tasha inlet Tez Kia author Lima yaksha. I didn't give you this Quran to put you in hardship to make everything

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blocked in your way. It is meant to be simply a reminder if your heart is sincere and awaken your desire to be pleasing to Allah to be pleasing and comfortable in your surroundings, in life and with humanity.

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Allah then gives us four step plan to achieve success at not being forgetful and being in assistance of others to not be forgetful in one of the most profound how the the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at dounia meluna the Hadith Raja who Mahmud telemovie this worldly life you live in is cursed. The Curse of the worldly life is whatever you use in it becomes wasteful, except these four things.

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At dunya meluna. Melrose new Murphy her cursed whatever is upon it and in it in our back except for things in the crolla were Manuela who were early men were Muta Alma for things. The remembrance of a law, that which is this cue to remember a law, the one who is a scholar and practicing of what they know and the one who seeks to learn what they don't know. Everything else goes to waste when you consume it, that past you, it does not have benefit. Knowledge and the remembrance of God is the only thing that remains that is not touched with that curse of coming to waste after it's experienced and practiced. So when the law speaks to you about your good deeds, he says well, better

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yet a slightly hat. How you run in Arabic When you do something good. You forget it. If I was to ask you now Yeah, okay. How much charity Did you give in a rubber band? Give me $1 figure. You'd say well, my brother I don't know. I know I put some in the box behind you in the masala I might have given something to you know, Allahu Allah. I don't know. You don't know the dollars and cents. If I ask you how many footsteps from your office to come to the prayer place to pray? Salatu jamara? I don't know. I don't know how many steps. I don't know what Vicar I made last year, last week or last day. But it becomes saved with a loss of Hannah who went to Allah, the crew law the remembrance of

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Allah wa Manuela who and what helps you or helps others to remember him never goes to waste. wileman the one whose purpose is to remind you when with the alima the one whose desire is to uncover what they don't yet know to come to conformity of what they know.

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Well as in in sanella Fie hos Illa except in levena mnu except those who possess faith so Pamela II man, there is no mere yaar, like I can say to you, how much a man Do you have today? You are 50% or 70%? What's your percentage of a mentor? She has 776 I'm an A student today. Mashallah. Yesterday 74. I didn't get there, that Muslim man, a man the description of the man, it's not sights objective. So everything that will come after it is to then describe to you what level of faith you have.

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When the Prophet is asked, What is a man in the hadith of gibreel narrated by Lima Muslim, he says it's to believe in Allah, the angels, the Scripture, the messengers, the day of judgment, to believe in fate. Each one of those can be separate from the other according to the test of your life. So panela today, yes, you believe in a lot. But that level of Emmanuel be tested, it could be your kuduk. At this moment, you don't know what your color is. There could be something waiting around the corner, a phone call that's gonna come that's going to test your email, and it's not going to be a man in the angels that's tested. It's not going to be your a man in the book that's tested, it's

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going to be harder. It could be on another day. you're conducting your submission to Allah allow you to a shuttle is with Allah subhanaw taala Good and Evil is with a lot of power. And you pass that test. But the test that comes to you tomorrow is scriptural versus recited to you a hadith is narrated to you, and your heart is like but I don't want to, I find it difficult. I don't want to accept, I don't want to conform. This is something that is beyond me.

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And this would happen even with the Sahaba of the prophets, I send them when the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah was revealed and a loss of Hannah with Allah said that he holds us accountable to what is in our hearts, the Sahaba they came to the province I tell him and said caja Rasulullah he's a llama mala nutria something came to you that we don't know if we can pass this test.

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Laws gonna hold me accountable to my thoughts of negativity towards another to my jealousy from another to my anger and hostility even if I didn't say anything even if I didn't act. So a lot reveals and Allah subhanaw taala says law you can live Allahu nevsun illa Allah will not hold you accountable beyond what you're able to hold and master your control over the hammock so but you will be judged for what you did why lay her McDevitt and held accountable for what you've done? or been allowed to have hidden in the scene?

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In the Lavina manual How do I increase this a man? How do I go from 70% to a man today to better a man because a man is a part of our al Qaeda yahzee doobie pa why uncle Sybil Masia? It increases with obedience and decreases when you disobey a law. It increases with less disobedience, and decreases with less obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala even if you did not do wrong, if you maintain and that you can see that in Ramadan, you're fasting fasting, fasting tarawih and Mashallah Ramadan comes to an end, happier eat and your Eman begins to dwell and stagnate a little Why? Because your Iman has decreased

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and Whammy will slowly hurt. He man and ml have always been intertwined. They're twins, two of the same coin. One cannot be without the other. You cannot say chef in my heart I have a man. But in my house there is no solder. You cannot say there's a man but I don't turn into the Quran for answers. You cannot say there's a man but I don't give my zeca

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allatheena mano y mano slowly hurt. He man is not just in a law but it's also belief within yourself. And therefore whether it's to accomplish the degree you're studying or to finish your postgraduate work, he man what is the strategy of success that you hold faith?

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Faith in my ability.

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I have faith that Allah has given me a certain opportunity in life, that Allah has given me a place that others haven't been given a loss given me wealth and time and opportunity that I can accomplish something that others happen. My mother is here and now and if I don't take it, then this is a lesson a lessening of my Eman in Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that from the signs of belief of a believer that they have it con either humbled me movement by Merlin Akana when a believer starts an act, he does it to their greatest capacity to the perfection and the sound that it requires and levena am and what I mean

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as much belief as you have in yourself in your ability if you don't commit if you don't get up what could you tell him get up do something

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if you don't seek to show fissara Allahu Allah sees your good deeds water soon well not me noon, the believers need to be inspired by your actions. What makes a person any man to others? Allah describes many Islam even he says at the end of Surah sajida what Jana mean whom I made from these people Benny Assad mams leaders led mass about what can be a Latina up noon when they demonstrated patience and the difficulties that they had and showed certainty unwavering and faith and commitment to a lot. I levena no Whammy was fairly hot

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after June so to list or aha I will conclude the last two sections of sort of Alaska that are strategies to success uphold your code you heard our self the law the muddy welcome

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Sanjana Pina Mohammed

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Al hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa Salaam I am and Lana v about Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh waitemata slim, while also the email in Santa Fe hosts illa levina Manu wammie razali Hut

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al Eman usuable, Amman.

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Eman is what brings birth into action.

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action on its own unilaterally is destined to fail.

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You don't like it says Just do it. Nice. But you can't do it alone. Even Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam needed the likes of Abu Bakr and Omar on earth man and Allie. Their love would warn the prophets I send them no couldn't have been Holly they'll call black folk do they would leave you yeah Mohammed cisilion for

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forgive them if they make a mistake, or Stubblefield let them ask me for their forgiveness.

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Everybody even musante his Salaam he stands on to say Nah, I don't love reveals himself. He hears a law. He witnesses the power of a law on that mountain. In the anara book, I am your Lord

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facula li ke NACA Belvoir democracy after all of this. Allah says, I will keep Maffia meaning throw down your all of the signs Allah gives him what's the first do I Moosa makes a lot of Bish roughly sorry. Well, you're silly Emory. Make my path easy. While Odetta melissani of kahoka li hua jolly was he run? Give me someone to carry the wizard the burden of this mission mean actually somebody I can trust for my family Haruna Aki, let it be my brother. Yeah Moosa, you are speaking to Allah boo laser. You're asking for an assistant and Allah is with you. A lot tells you in the macroom Esmeralda, I see and I hear a lot Yes, I know. But can I have Harun Jani?

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So the next part of the ayah levena. Amman, why mila solly hat where the well So Bill Huck, those who come together it's not our so we'll help it's not those who advise others Tao so they give and take advice mutually

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even from those lesser than them. Even from those who are ill informed. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of bed. He camps with the believers on on the side of the valley that is not strategic. and sell man and faricy a battle hardened warrior. He says to the prophets, I send them a call to America book. Did Allah subhanaw taala tell you this is the place we should be? And the prophets I send them said Oh, I just came out of the desert. This was the

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he said Yeah. Rasulullah. So I tell him if we go to the other side of the valley, where Katana and hula, and we became between us and then and the water wells. It's more strategic. So the prophet SAW Selim said, everybody up route your camp. Let's go to the other side of the valley. Why? Because Tao so we'll help what's the truth? Who they'll help mean Kuhn men telemovie take the truth from whoever, what in Canada, Cafiero, even an unbeliever, even somebody who you may think doesn't have your interest in mind what he's saying, is the truth there.

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don't qualify it by their person, or their persona, or their image or their belief, or the reality of the circumstance other than the qualification. Is it hot, or belted? Tell well, so give and take and notice the word towel. So it's that they're going back and forth. It's not in instructional command base. Just do this lap. It's give and take speaking to each other communicating is that strategy of success. Tell Wow. So we'll hop but don't just make it be about the truth. What a while so been sub Hannah love the truth is bitter. Well, ah he there were times when people say the truth to me. I don't want to hear it. All of us. Sometimes my wife she looks me right in the face. She

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gives me the truth.

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There. In Egypt, we have a saying the saying it's I don't know if you understand in English, we say in the I was in half? Well, abbiamo Do you want the Egyptian smile? Of course. Do you want the truth or its cousin? Because they're related, but they're not the same. I can give you what is like the truth. But if I feel that you're not going to receive it, I might give you a it's cousin. close to the truth law.

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Towel service bill Huck, what are also then sub la Aqua. Look at how Allah ends that surah as

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and sub.

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What's the one thing you need through l the time of your life? Pamela, the one word that sums up the human condition that leads you to any success is going to be that you hold on longer than others can hold on. That you are more courageous when others give up that you have greater tenacity, greater grit, greater determination, greater push, greater desire. When others let go of the rope you hold on. When it's bitter, you maintain your steadfast in Allah subhanho wa Taala describes us as an oma. He says to us,

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as is in that famous area in Surat Al Baqarah, and other places as schroon saw the rune

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Just really booming attain. If you have 20, determined patient people, they can bring about the defeat of an overwhelming force of 200. That 10% rule that Allah establishes in the Quran. You see it in reality, do you have 10% of our Muslim community in the masjid for fetch, because it's who's gonna wake up at 345 and drive out to the nearest measure sub

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sub brylane more. Patience is not easy. And the times that you live in today, the only measure from fitna when you asked a chef my children, how do I sub? How do you teach them patience? How do you teach them to endure? How do you teach them that they can't have everything instantaneously, reward cannot be instantaneous. Punishment cannot be instantaneous. Holding on being patient being solder is the essence of success in Alaska that we live in today. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to increase our Eman with M and sada that Allah opens our hearts to be able to give and take mutual advice that is built on truth. That is not self serving. That is not detrimental. And

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that when it's difficult to hear that we have patience and endurance in it a lot. I mean, well, slowly lahoma was eliminated robotic. Allah say he didn't even want to be you know, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akufo they had our cell phone a lot of the money welcome. Yeah phones and will still fit in his cell phone or a book on in the hall. Colonel Farah. Allah is Al Islam owner muslimeen was the other okay. Dean, Allah Medina de mar hamara he mean a lot of Magna Allah Vickery Kawasaki COVID Snowbird

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