When Should We Stop Making Du’a For Something If It Isn’t Being Answered? Ask Shaykh YQ #179

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AI: Summary © The importance of staying until the end of a process is emphasized, along with the need to achieve desired goals and the importance of having multiple sources of satisfaction. The speakers also discuss job requirements, specifically the general position and specific positions. The idea is that women may not be able to marry multiple individuals, and this is a reason why they may not get married. The door is shutting off, but people may still want to keep the door open.
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We have a question from Sr iliza, or Eliza or Elisa, I guess, Who says that? She knows from the Hadeeth. She knows that we should continue to make do until we get what we want. And if we don't get what we want the profitsystem says don't stop giving making dua because Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you something else. She's asking for how long though? For how long do we continue? What is the cut off point that we're not getting what we're asking for? What is the cutoff point? Do we really until we die we keep on asking for something? What if it becomes unreasonable, but I think that we want to now what if the thing has moved on or whatever? So to what extent do we make drop? That is

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not being answered? That is the question. Why am I

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mean Kobe league in Asia? No, hey, lay him first.

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recovery in

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the response First, the other sister does point out

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that the DA is being answered, but in a different matter. And by this I mean as we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah azza wa jal is going to respond in some manner. If he doesn't give you exactly what you want, then he shall give you something equivalent, or he shall give you a reward, or he shall avert an something that was destined for you that was going to be harmful. So the point is, you are given something for every single request that you make. But our sister is asking that for how long should we ask because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explicitly forbade, he said, none of you should stop making because you think that Allah

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is not going to give, he says I've made I've made I've made up and I don't think Allah is going to give me and so he stops making. This is an explicit command from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to not stop to continue making to our sister saying for how long to respond to this we say very simply, do us are of three types. Number one, Do I have anything religious? Number two, do I have generic good of this world? Number three, to have specific good of this world. As for religious to us for example, Allah forgive me, Allah grant me Jen, Oh Allah make my grave a vast place. Oh Allah guide me this. These do as we say until our last breath, we never stopped them. They are

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unconditional, and they are consistent until we don't ask for generic good do us. Allah ask you the good of this world? Oh Allah ask you for good wealth, halal wealth, Allah, I asked you for good health of Allah, I asked you for children that are righteous. This is generic good in this world. This too. until we die, or better, it nF adonia has an awful awful there hasn't and by the way, most of our doors should be categories one and two. Most of them should be the spiritual, religious, good and generic good of this world. However, once in a while, we have a very specific request from Allah. And this is our third type of a specific by name, request, oh, Allah, give me that job. Allah

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allow me the promotion in my company. Right now we get specific. And we're asking for something very, very, you know, one particular thing. This is what we are now talking about, we're not talking about the first two. Now, you're asking for something specific, but you didn't get it. This is the question for how long should we continue asking? The response is that it is mentioned in the Hadith itself. The condition is mentioned in the Hadith itself, if you stop asking, because you think that a lot is not going to give you that is the sin. And that is a mistake, and you should never stop. And if you have the opportunity, let's give a simple example. Let's say that you know you wanted you

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wanted a particular job, let's say okay, a particular job in a particular company, I just want a simple examine off top, my head an example. And you're working in Company A, you want the job in Company B, and you say, Oh Allah grant me a job in Company B, you want that job, and days and months and years go by and you still want that job and there is an opening and Company B is still around and it's still there, and you still yearn for it and you think that's going to be better for you. You may continue to make dua literally until you die. And you should not stop because of shaitan telling you Allah is not going to give you that. But what if Company B no longer exists and there's

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no point making is there. Now you stop because the opposite is the simple example. You know, young men young woman, they think they want to marry one person at that stage. Everybody goes through their phase like Oh, if I don't marry so and so

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I'm never going to marry anybody. I'm going to everybody goes to Romeo and Juliet phase. They think that that's, you know, maybe not that's not the best example for me and Juliet because of the ending of that story. But you get my point. young men and women go through that phase, their first love becomes their end all and be all that they don't realize that it is Allah's other. It is the son of Allah and His creation, that love comes in goes and just like one person loves another in 510 years of that marriage doesn't happen, they will move on. But still, they think that that is it. So they're making the art to Allah, Allah, allow me to marry so and so Allah facilitate my father

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saying, No, my mother is saying no, my society saying no, but I like this person. So they're making dua to Allah is hell, and as long as they keep the relationship high that it has helped to make dua for marriage, but suppose that the person moves on one of them and gets married, right? Suppose it's the lady and she gets married to another man. Now it is not appropriate for the young man, his heart might be broken, but that lady is married, and you don't want to break that marriage over that's not a good daughter to make that will cause them to divorce. And, and this is now a common sense that that door has been shot, he has to now accept a loss other and not see it do anything, you know, to

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make a bad deal up against a married couple, that's not going to be appropriate. So this is a reason now where you're shutting off the door, the door has been shut. Or another reason might be that your own your own realization that you know what, I'm happy where I am. And I don't need that other thing. And you owe you not because you didn't get it, but rather because you realize you know what, maybe it's best. I'm here. So again, simple example. That means let's go back to our Romeo and Juliet example. Right? So we have Jani, a brother and a sister. And you know, they are keeping it a holiday, but they have feelings and they want to get married, okay, they may die, they may go I for

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whatever reason, sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes it doesn't happen. And so they don't get married. And for a year or two, the feelings are there. But then the lady gets married, and the brother gets married as well to somebody and guess what those feelings are now long gone. long gone. Or, and now there's, they realized, you know what, the spouse is better for me. The one that I have is actually what Allah willed and it is better for me, I didn't realize that when I was younger, or company a company B, you're in Company A, you think Company B is better for you. But then you're making do are you making? Are you making too? And then you realize, you know what, if I go to

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Company B, I'm going to have to give up the benefits that I have here. I have my friends, you know, I have this and that and you realize, you know what, I actually probably don't need Company B, I like Company A, I didn't see the positives. Now I like it. And maybe it is best that I don't go to Company B. And Allah knew this. And that's why he didn't answer my door. So you come to the conclusion on your own internally for factors not related to other factors not related to Oh Allah, did he give it to me means I'm not going to get it? No, because that's the one reason the one reason where if you stop making dua, then you've really fallen short of the standard. And that's wrong. You

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don't stop making do simply because you didn't get it if there's any other reason. And this is an internal reason the door is shut, let's say externally, or you come to the conclusion that it's not in your best interest and you know what, I thought it would be but it's not then you stop making and, and and that you would not be sinful for doing that. So I hope that that clarifies that question and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best

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