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Juz’ 22 with Sh. Omar Husain


AI: Summary © The importance of protecting against harm and the loss of war leads to the loss of life and profit pie. The loss of humans leads to a loss of war, and the profit slice is used to avoid harm. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a means of protecting against harm and the use of deadly weapons. The importance of understanding one's own human nature and showing gratitude towards the Lord is emphasized. The segment also touches on the negative impact of Islamic teaching on society and the importance of following proper laws and behaviors. The upcoming meeting with participants is mentioned.
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So now when it comes down to Loki over the castle, Albert asked me Are you gonna shave it with some narrow metal Haman handed in? I mean, what are you wanting to learn while again we're happy but you didn't want to do some of that grab the bar so you can come in and solve it was quite an ad he was actually he was selling to ceiling concealer. Firstly, just wanted to thank everyone come to the lab that settled nice messages in and want to welcome on that note, Homer Hussein with us tonight in Charlottetown. So, first of all, again, Zack Miller halen to all of you that sent him the well wishes and that sounds in all the congratulations. I don't think I'll be able to get to all the

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messages but just know that you're in my garage and I appreciate them. And I want you to understand why there was such an urgency Chalmers saying joined the Akina as the head of instruction about what was the three months ago Sure. Three or four months ago I spent some time in

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armored town

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so everyone started saying she hamartia Harmer ship armor and I never met me. So I was like, You know what, I've got to do something about this. So that was the the rush the added motivation I needed to finish my PhD. And I know that Shan hamara is now also about to finish this piece in the inshallah tada so we'll have to figure something else out with the namings inshallah, but that's, that's what the rush was all about.

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Akhilesh Tahoma. And we have Shaykh. Abdullah, of course, had

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inshallah, tada, we'll go ahead and we'll get straight to the the judges. So now I completely love bragging, we're in just 22. And what that encompasses is the end of sort of the center of that, and then it goes into several schools, and it's going to get harder to summarize, or to really talk about the connection between the school as time goes on, you know, obviously, because there are more suitors that are encompassed within the just at that point. And so the scenes get a little bit more distance, if you will, but inshallah Tada, hopefully, we'll still be able to convey the way that these that the sources are so beautifully structured. So I'm going to focus on

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sort of seven. Susan,

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is an interesting surah. In that it's kind of like follows after a lot of talks about the way that Mossad is also had his doubters. He had people that put him through very similar things with the profit slice and went through. So you have a lot of the same theme about Musashi his salon, and then something that is a sutra about the prophets of Allah, how it was set up in many ways, right? It really gives us a different dimension of how we treat the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, we talked about sort of thrown around yesterday, and this idea that allies was in control, and that people should not be betrayed by the exterior, by the way that things appear to them in a

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superficial fashion. But instead, they should look deeper. And Subhanallah, with with the profits of a lot of it was some of them as the individual that's being spoken about so much. And certainly, you see, you know how we're supposed to look at the relationship we have with the prophets lysozyme at a deeper level, too. So it's very interesting, because certain Azov is named after a time period where the Muslims were more vulnerable than ever before, right at this point now, just like the Romans had been beaten back into their strongholds, and we're surrounded on all fronts, the Muslims are surrounded in the Battle of Azov facing the largest army that that the Arabs had ever known. And

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they're really on the brink of extinction, but allies it and clarifies to us in the previous surah, that a loss of habitat will protect those whom he chooses to protect the law will give victory to those who he chooses to give victory to so so that

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is the example of that manifests in the owner of the profits by selling them. Obviously, like that, dude, they're greatly outnumbered. But there's a unique arrogance that the, that the that the troops have, as they're coming to eliminate the Muslims, you know, on on that day, they realize that you know, what we have assembled from all different fronts upon these people, and we have people working on the inside, so we can surround them and we can kill them in so many different ways and allow some kind of wins out of proving to them that he is still in control and that Eliza

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does not forsake the believers. And then the profits license role is so central here. This is of course very important because there are two things that prevent the whole the whole wholesome destruction or wholesale destruction of the home of Mohammed some A lot of it was summed up either the profits lifetime is amongst us, or homea stuff, you know, in order people that are in the cloud or people that are in a state of seeking forgiveness of the board. So having the presence of the prophets lie some is one of the ways in which the punishment is averted from the oma

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam And now some of the scholars mentioned that one of the deeper meanings of that, obviously, is that if the people after the prophets lie Selim are still upon what he left us on and manifesting his example, then that same protection would be extended to us and that's something we learned throughout our Deen that the blessings that Allah gave to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam as we're learning with data, that they transfer to us through the, through the supplication and the presence and the teaching of the Prophet sallallahu. It was that I'm so when we act in accordance with how the prophets lie, some taught us to act, then we will

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naturally be in a state of seeking forgiveness. And there isn't that say that the most frequent way or the mark of the profit slice on a gathering was was that he would seek forgiveness from a loss of humans out of over 100 times and every individuals that sitting and so allies was that prevents the harm from this oma when the profits lesson is amongst them. And while there are people that are in a state of seeking a lump sum has asked forgiveness in a state of his default. So the profits role is talked about here. And the command of subtle lots is talked about here. You know, that this is the best time or that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not just one who deserves to

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be preyed upon by all of his followers and by all men, all of mankind, but in the level that it gets it will use it a lot and his angels send their peace and blessings upon the prophets of Allah, it was for them. So yeah, you are living animals thunder, it was only once a snake that Oh, you believe send your peace and blessings, your prayers and your blessings upon him. Because even a lot and the angels send their peace and blessings upon him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and by the way, tonight is what night hamdulillah it's Thursday night technically later to Juma? I think so I'm losing track of time, but I'm pretty sure it's late. It's in July. And if it is, then it is perfectly right guys.

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Can you guys give me a thumbs up? I don't even know anymore. We're in Thursday, right? It's Friday, give thumbs up. That's okay. It's Friday, Friday night, right? Ladies and gentlemen. Look at

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some time we increase in Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The day and night a Friday. A lot of them talks to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about how he should respond to his enemies and how he should treat those that seek to get them out of his element. Right? In our neck we have sent you as a as a machine as a person, I'm glad tidings as an idiot as a warner. With the law. He didn't he was theological Neela. And we've sent you as a color to a loss of Hannah Montana. And this bright lamp, and the profit and the profit slice. And I was told what I told her in caffeine, you know, and one after the other one too? What can? What can fabula keela do not listen,

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do not be taunted by the disbelievers and hypocrites. Ignore them, and keep your trust in a loss of Hannah Montana. And a lot is sufficient as a protector, as one to be trusted with these things. So it's very interesting because how the Prophet should respond to harm is there. And then the end of the surah is Hey, don't think that just because you're not on the other side of the trench with the zap, that you're not capable of harming the Prophet sly send them why because yeah, that's a cool new killer.

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For blah, blah, blah, we can end up at the end of that. Don't be like those that used to harm Musashi. So now, the other two more say so um, came from within, right, not from the exterior ranks, but that other that harm and that mockery, and that difficulty that was given to me by Sam came from within. And so a warning to the believers that don't be like those that caused Moosa harm from within. So it's not just the enemies you worry about from outside of the trench. It's the self destructive behaviors that we have inside the trench within the community, when we're not when we can successfully ward off all of the enemies, but we inherit in just some of the very same tactics

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that are used against us and we start using them against each other, and worse than all using them against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And Jonathan, I'll just mention a few things about sort of said that, because I know that Charlotte's father's father was going to be talking about talking about Charlotte's I have spoken about. So back then talks about, in contrast to communities, okay, to communities. And so you saw the contrast in between those who the prophets lie some is told to not be bothered by their harm, and then those that are being warned that they can count themselves amongst the followers of the Prophet slice I'm not to harm him. Here you have two communities, the

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community of sitting on Salaam and even Salaam and David and Solomon and then the community of sebat Sheba, and you contrast these two communities, and one of them Subbu which has a rich background to it somehow I can't go into the full story of it, but

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You know, you have a people that were so blessed by a loss of data that they literally got sick of their blessings to a point that they didn't know what to do with it anymore. You know, when you see people that, that spend their money on things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, because they're bored of their wealth, they're just bored of being blessed. The people have said that we're literally just bored of being blessed, the Lord gave them so much. And it got to a point where it's like they're making they're out against themselves, right. So let us struggle a bit, this is too easy. You know, we're not, we're just everything just happened.

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Or it's not gonna fill that void. And so you have people that have a great void, and that do not appreciate the blessings upon them. And, you know, Don't even start to reflect or think about anything until those blessings start to be taken away from them. On the other hand, and you can go through verse 12, to 15 sort of set up, you have the community of sitting on it, sit on the sun, have dealt with it to sit down with a man who is blessed over and over and over again and continues to ask Allah for blessing. But as he asks Allah for blessing, he becomes more grateful. And the gratitude that he expresses is not just in his words, but in his actions as men who

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work Oh family of David, acts of gratitude. And so in the in the other community of Sabbath, you have people that have everything, they don't ask a lot for more blessings, they don't show gratitude for it and it gets taken away from them. In the case of so they might not Islam you have someone that keeps asking a lot for more but when he asks a lot for more, it's to do more acts of gratitude. And so Allah blesses him

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both somewhat and faulted actually begin with what Alhamdulillah both of them start off with the words will hamdulillah that the greatest way to show sugar to show gratitude with the tongue isn't having to relax to praise Allah and and to act words of hand and as it says in

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the court and very few of my servants are grateful man wants to make us a month

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and inshallah tada with that. I will turn it over to Chicago

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is a lot

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sooner than he was.

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Hello. So I'm gonna go. Okay.

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Okay, how many thumbs up? We're good.

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hamdulillah what I want to talk about leading lights Allah is the relationship that Allah soprano with Allah mentions in the chapter father. So we're going to cover the 32nd verse, the 31st and 30 seconds, but primarily the 32nd 31st is a small introduction when he speaks about the virtue of the re citation of the Koran. And that Allah subhana wa tada has blessed this nation, with the words of the Koran and the re citation of it. But there are classes of people within that. And this is important for us as Muslims to know when we deal with anyone, Muslim, non Muslim human beings, and how to be someone that is a practical person that understands the reality of humanity. You know,

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because we may have certain expectations from someone but just because they don't fulfill our expectations does not mean that they are lesser than us. When do we have that understanding? This is what brings one to be humble and what you know puts a person in their proper place. And that looks at their own sense, you know, and they cry over their own sense Allah subhana wa Allah mentions the virtue of the book that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he says in verse number 31, after the demonstration regime, well Edina ohana la community kitabi, who will have who would have

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been in the heat in the LA ha, very badly, he the Hobbesian bossier. alasa kinda went to Allah says, and that which We have revealed to you, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam of the book is truth. Mossad, this column, Albania Dae Hee that which was confirming what was before it's in the law very badly. He like Hobbesian Basia that Allah subhanho wa Taala with his servants, his hobby, and he's the well acquainted and he is the all seen that he sees everything and he's well acquainted with what is done. Even the nations from before from the books that were recited that he says that it's true for what was brought from before him that it's a continuation of the truthfulness of the

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message from the other scriptures. But there are lots of kind of without to bring something very, very, very beautiful Subhanallah and it humanizes the companions. And it should always remind us that Allah Allah is Allah I mean that he is the all knowing he

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knows our nature as human beings, he knows that we will fall short. But then he mentioned three classes of people. Three, he says, some, some Odesnik estaba, a levy Safina many bad Deena.

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He says, then we cause to inherit the book, those who have chosen from our servants to inherit the book. Now from those people that have inherited the book, meaning that they've taken this knowledge of this book, primarily the knowledge of the oneness of Allah, and his uniqueness, and they responded to that knowledge by worshiping Him by himself and not giving him any characteristics that may be little or less than what he demands from his creation. He says for men whom lolly molding of see women whom a woman who sabich, whom bill highlights be even in law. Now let's focus here. These three, he said, for men who volume only enough see is the one the first one is the one that

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oppresses themselves, the one that wrongs themselves, women who make a sausage, and then the one that is moderate.

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Okay, so let's start with these two for a minute. The one that is volume, the Knesset volume means oppression. But when we look at it, the meaning of one is to take something in its rightful place and put it somewhere else. The right of my child, the right of my mother, the right of the human being, if I don't give them their human rights, their God given right there their right as a wife, right as a husband, right as a brother, right as a as an ad for an animal their rights. That is oppression, that is the origin of oppression, but is the total opposite, you're putting everything you're giving it, its due, right. That's why the worst volume that can be done is to give the right

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of Allah subhanaw taala to someone or something else, or say that something, your love for money, your desire for ego, whatever the case may be, is at the level of love of Allah subhanho wa Taala on a consistent basis. But here when he says volume, they never say, it is the one that commits a sin, it's the Muslim, but they commit a sin that's oppressing your own self, you're not harming the law whatsoever. Allah is giving you this *tier he's giving you this way of life. He's giving you this religion to align and beautify the natural wiring within you. You have the desire, a lot acknowledges a desire he because he created it, but he gives you a system to utilize and beautify

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that desire to invest in this life to go to the next and he'd be pleased with you inshallah. So here are lots of kind of what the Allah is saying here, the volume NFC woman who mocha toss it. And then the second one is the one who is moderate. And you're the volume and UPS is the one that say a lot about Seattle has an anti, the one where his bad deeds or her bad deeds has outweighed the good deeds. And then the local sausage is the one that fulfills the obligatory actions, you know, they pray there five times a day, you know, they give there's a cat that fulfill the five pillars, but they don't go beyond that, you know, they do what they're supposed to do, because they're supposed

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to do it or out of love of Allah subhanho wa Taala but they still have some more that they can give, you know, offering the the laughter the Sunnah, prayers after the Salah, you know, going to their neighbor's home, you know, smiling, you know, being someone that's courteous, something that they, it's not obligatory per se upon them to do.

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That's all that they do. That's the moderate one. That's the one that's moderate. Okay. But then the last one says, woman who's sad, right. And the one that is sad to Columbia playwrights isn't in LA. And those are the ones that are that inheritance that they do the actions of good, but they're sabich clay like to be in the middle. And this is beautiful, because this is the highest level. Those are the ones that the scholars say a lot about has a natural who say

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that his or her good deeds outweigh and overpower their bad deeds. Okay. Well, what's beautiful about this is a loss of Sabbath and Sabbath is the one that competes or the one that goes hastily or goes in a manner to where they want to beat others. Now losses and other items in the first step is a lot and to compete in the good deeds. Now Allah says here, a wasabi comm bill he writes that they compete in the good deeds.

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But what's beautiful here is at the end of this force, he says Be Milla

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may be doing the good deeds, you may be praying Your turn away, Mashallah and en pmln and you read your Jews of the crime or your two Jews, Mashallah. And no one saw you Mashallah, there may be one second, one minute you think to yourself, wow, look at what I do. Right? You call people no one's awake, you realize that you're the only one that's awakened to you. You may converse with people, or you may say something that will show your good deeds. And there's a slight difference between competing in the good deeds in order to be

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Little someone a competing in the goodies because you want good for the one you're competing against in order to motivate them. Now this is good. But when a lot of politicised says Be vanilla by his permission. As sure he said, When mental 1511 law that my success is not except with Allah soprano without whatever good deeds you do brothers and sisters, strive to get there, but know that it was with the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you got there and always thinking because when you thank him, he'll increase you in the good deeds. And then Allah subhana wa tada in vatika who isn't following KB and that is a great bounty. What is the bounty here?

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The Bounty is what he said in the beginning, the bounty is that a stuffed cat that he chose you

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the fact that you are guided the fact that you have the intention to do a good deed and then you carry out the good deed know that that's what the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala point that he chose you Yes, you made the right choice and you're rewarded for that. rewarded in this life rewarded by making offers somewhere else, someone else and they're cured. They may come to Islam or something, you rewarded for that. But always know that you are not the ultimate repository. You're not the ultimate source of all that good. It's the tofield from Allah subhana wa Tada. And lastly, when looking at these three levels that allow me to these three types of Muslims, or Muslims are gonna

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fall into one of these three, may Allah make us from the last ones the sabich Millay, right? know that if you are a volume enough sick, you will still be of those people. As a last point Allah mentions in the next verse Jeanette and I didn't get to hold on to that there will be the people that enter into heaven inshallah Tada. But you should always strive to reach level two, in order to reach level one.

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In other words, to better Raj, be have the intention to be a better person, but be gradual in it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala hubitat Malik illallah wa Maha were in college, the most beloved actress to a lot are the ones that are consistent, even if they were a little bit. So be consistent. But always strive for excellence. Try to get to level two, and try to be to level one and when you're at level one, strive to be the sabich to be around those people, other level ones and if you're on the level to make to offer them to try to get to level one, but always know that Allah Subhana Allah is Allah for He forgives you for your shortcomings, but there's always room as long as we are alive. May Allah Subhana Allah make us from those are the Sabbath playwrights and make us of

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those that stick to this book the beautiful keytab human being was that a lot of similar back when you beat him while he was

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on the line I think we're having some connection issues so I apologize to everyone not really sure what's happening with the tech but insha Allah should hammer is saying are you there? I'm here.

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Laugh man Rahim and hungry Lana, banana. Mino salatu salam ala so he can even move on. pleasure to be back again with the protein chef Abdullah and Dr. Schiff, almost a month hamdulillah. I want to talk about actually half a verse half of our pseudo father with a loss of power without a verse number 10 allows a panel that says you might encounter you need zetta for the law. He is there to Jamia la he is

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evil, why when mlo salehoo, your Pharaoh

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that Allah is saying whoever wants honor and respect and dignity and let them seek it by seeking a loss upon all of that.

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Because to him raises the good word or the Pure Word, and the actions then raise that up further. So we'll cut we'll come back to this but I'm going to briefly talk about what we're doing right now, which is our speech. Now the good word or the blessing word in this verse. Many of the scholars of this year of Quranic explanation will say it means the supplication or the vicar or remembrance of Allah so panel down or reciting the Quran. And of course, that is a part of a Muslim and Muslim speech, but there's also something which is not a part of the Muslim speech, which is profanity. And I am still shocked at seeing religiously inclined Muslims using profane words. I remember seeing a T

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shirt one time it said profanity and immature mind trying to express itself. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said let me I couldn't Avi solomani send them for hashing. While I said Bob and he was never one who was indecent in speech. He was never one who would curse or use you know?

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Crude language. And this is not from the characteristic of a believer, there was a an article by a TV guy where they talked about a certain word, which is derogatory to females. And from the late 90s, to the late 2000s, this word tripled in usage on network television. And now, they said, Now, it's just normal. I mean, you, I don't care where you are, if you turn anything on, you can hear and see whatever you want to hear and see. And these things cause a desensitization. So this is not from the characteristics of the believer, to use this kind of language. You know, it's amazing. When I was growing up, they used to say, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt

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me. But what a lie that statement is, what do you mean words, whenever hurt, you'd go and talk about someone's mother, tell me if that hurts them. Countries start war over words. So what we say absolutely matters. The human being uses speech. This is why, you know, the shield will tell you in the in the books of al Qaeda, right? They'll call inside the human being, hey, why not an animal that speaks? So speech is how we communicate. And what is termed vulgar is vulgar. And for the believer that's consistent, it doesn't change over time, right? It's not like, people may say, Well, this kind of language is acceptable. Now we'll so what there's a lot of things in society that are

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acceptable, that are completely against Islamic teaching. So we have a beautiful religion, which is universal. A brother earlier asked me before and earlier in Ramadan, he said, Do I have to give sadaqa because they use bad language. Now, this is actually a beautiful habit. It's the it's the prophetic advice, right? Follow up a bad deed with a good deed. And it may reduce the reward of the fasting. I can't I don't think we can say it will nullify the fasting but it's nevertheless a good habit. So let's take this one step further. You know, Homer was talking about a jar they had to donate to the masjid Al Aqsa a few days ago, how about a profanity jar in the home, so anything

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that's deemed inappropriate,

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the money goes in the jar. And of course, that money then goes to your teenage child, listen, we can continue to provide programming. But this is a way to train our brain, that there are consequences for what we say, we can't just say whatever we want. And I really want to emphasize, in the in the times we live in the virtual tongue, people can be very lethal online. And that's it's no different, the message is still going across, whether it's in a text or an email, or a post, the profane language, it's still the same and still have the same destructive characteristics on the soul.

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Now I'm in this verse, Allah subhanho, wa Taala talks about those who want to seek dignity and honor and then he talks about speech. And then he talks about action, raising that up. And this is really interesting, because there's some people who are so determined to get respect and to get that dignity from others that they will just talk and talk and talk. And they will have no actions to back it up. And the believer talks, is mindful in what they say, and they back back it up with their actions. And doing that ultimately, is doing one that's pleasing a loss of how to hold on. That's part of the good words which go up to him. And that is when Allah subhanaw taala will give us

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dignity, not just in this life, but in sha Allah when it matters the most in the next slide. And finally, I'll mention, when it comes to speech, nobody said we have to have an opinion or answer to everything, you know, Allah subhanaw taala, Don is not going to hold us accountable. Because we didn't have an opinion on an issue when we don't have half of the facts. How many things are out there? We don't know 90% of what's going on. yet. We are so firm to have an opinion, thinking No, I gotta stand up for the truth. No, you know, we need information, we need to know what we're talking about. So don't be afraid of silence in a world that sometimes cannot seem to stop talking.

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I think the connection might be a little better right now in Charlottetown. It seems to be a little smoother. So again, one apart.

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Harrison had a lot about the connection of the profits between the CEOs and you know, really challenging ourselves with the ethics and characteristics of the profits.

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You know, if you look at the profit size alum and the way that we respond to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. One of the sources that comes in is just as sort of the our scene right and we don't, we didn't get a chance to go deep into sort of a scene at all.

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Get into it. But

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you know, lots of hundreds of talks about this man that comes forth, right? To give his people glad tidings to give them the good news. And you have the taunting you have the harm that's towards him. And what did he want you later call me out in the morning. He just wanted his people to know no better, right? He wasn't asking them for, for anything in return. He wasn't asking for position, he wasn't asking for power. And he was met with harm, he was met with all sorts of things. Now, the way that I lost friends out of rectifies it is we then hear this man agenda. And these people are sort of left back with their ways. And so this man is from those markstein, he's from those that Excel

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and ends up being in that place. And then those that are sort of left behind, dwell in their ways and load in a place of deception and delusion until they meet a loss parents out of those ways. And I think that the lesson that I connect between the three sort of themes that we hit on tonight

00:31:03--> 00:31:06

is that sometimes we wait for a consequence.

00:31:07--> 00:31:29

And we solely judge our actions by consequence. And so a lesson someone who excels in that first category who's not motivated, but sadly, when Bill highlights someone who doesn't just stop where, where other people are racist and stop, but who leads the way, right, a person who's sad that a lot, doesn't look for just the consequences of good in this world.

00:31:36--> 00:31:37

He's coming back

00:31:38--> 00:32:04

here, which is the reward of axon, I'll wait until I receive that reward. And then you get the you know, the other reward, which is, you know, or you have the other people there that use foul language and the profanity and whether they use that profanity or not, is based upon whether or not they're seeing the consequences of that. So if everyone's okay with the profanity around them, they're just going to keep on saying that profanity. And here in this case, those that abused the prophets and the messengers of Allah

00:32:05--> 00:32:26

you know, they waited for the consequences were encountered. Leslie Hudson whiner right it's just one shout one hardship that comes and then suddenly it's all back to it so there's a theme here of sort of waiting for consequences that comes across these across these things. So I'm not sure if the connections okay now but if so, anyone wants to share any last thoughts before we sign off for the night

00:32:29--> 00:32:31

that was a nice night nice a time tea time I misc.

00:32:36--> 00:32:43

So it's all the time tonight, we will continue with everybody. And it fits with the theme

00:32:44--> 00:32:49

of what shahana just talked about. way the hub level ninja he said

00:32:50--> 00:32:53

it's probably the most prominent part of

00:32:54--> 00:33:25

how you respond to people that are foul and people that are ignorant. So inshallah Tata will look forward to seeing you all. Tonight. It's the richest part of these verses and shot lots out of so that will be at 2am. Eastern. inshallah, there will be no technical technical difficulties tonight and satellite title. There's a lot less going on tonight. So hopefully there'll be no technical difficulties in Charlottetown. So we'll see you all 2am Eastern shot let's either for a reflection on the man, the servants of the Most Merciful Zack malachite on sent