Reviving Ramadan #16 Allah’s Promise to You, the Fasting Muslim

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Allah Almighty said a CMO li WA. Zb fasting is for me and I shall reward for it. What does that mean? In the famous Hadith which will be shared abundantly in the month of Ramadan? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah Almighty said, couldn't lose our liberty Adam Allahu endlessly and for in the holy, an urgency behind each of the deeds of the son of Adam belong to him.

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With the exception to fasting, it is for me, and I am the one who rewards for it. But here's the question. Surely all of our actions are by definition for Allah. We fast and we pray, we give charity and recite Quran, we do it all for Allah in search for his pleasure. So why has fasting been singled out as being exclusively for Allah, Allah hath ignore Hajer shared no less than 10 ways of understanding this hadith as explained by different scholars. And here's a few.

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Some scholars have said that there is much lesser Riyadh showing off involved in fasting as compared to other more public acts of worship.

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Or in other words, unless you talk about it, no one will know that you're actually fasting. This is why Allah said, with exception to fasting, it is for me, and I am the one who rewards for it.

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Another way of understanding the hadith is that what is meant by fasting is for me, is that it is the dearest of actions of worship to Allah subhanaw taala. Even after the battle, he said, the expression of fasting is for me, is sufficient to indicate the superiority of fasting over all other acts of worship. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to Abu Namath, and verily, Ali can be so Weaver in the Hula, hula, you should fast hold on to fasting because there is nothing like it. Other scholars have argued that it was singled out because no one has ever worshipped another by way of fasting.

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The one intended for this type of worship has only ever been Allah.

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Take, for example, Salah prayer, some delusional people of the past, have had people praying to them, or sacrificing for them or giving charity for that.

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Just as we circumambulate around the cabin, some circulate circumambulate around graves, just as we call upon Allah Almighty they call upon saints or whatever it may be. Where in human history, however, has it happened where people fast from the break of dawn to sunset for the purpose of glorifying other than Allah hasn't happened?

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Particularly because it's quite impossible to monitor. If some are having people fasting for them, how can they ensure that they're not eating or drinking in secret, it will be too much of a burden to keep up in terms of scrutiny. So since fasting is an act of worship that is usually offered to none other than Allah, Allah Almighty said each of the deeds of the son of Adam belongs to him, with the exception to fasting, it is for me, I am the one who will reward for it.