Road To Return #38 – Friday Prayer Is Not Practical

Yahya Ibrahim


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Juma is not practical. I have to leave school or I have to leave work and it's a huge inconvenience. And I want you to know that that is a major transgression.

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Loss of Hannah to Allah has given us a chapter in the forum titled Salatu. Juma and in it Allah subhana wa Taala says, Yeah, you Hello, Dina Amadou, either no de la sala Timmy Yeoman Juma are you who are true believers if you are true believers, when the call is proclaimed, when the time is known for the time of prayer fest out in the karela, run to the remembrance of Allah without obey or leave off all trade and commerce and distractions that keeping you away from your prayer that you come home like that is what is better for you. That is what is better for your income. That is what is better for your education in condemned alimony if you actually truly knew if you really thought

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if you really wanted success fader for the dishonor to Fantasia often out of when prayers are finished, rush back into the earth what that will mean for the left and seek the bounties of Allah work hard and do your studies and assignments and whatever it is make it up. I want you to have the mindset that Allah is first that Juma is first that I schedule my life around it the prophets I send them said mentor Rockefeller Thank you Martin bill Billa. During the one who misses three consecutive Juma prayers without valid reason, taba Allah who if Allah stamps their hearts seals their heart meaning the light of faith is not able to enter it, meaning the sin of missing the

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Friday prayer covers the heart that he Daya does not penetrate it. Be very careful, from belittling the greatest act of congregational prayer in the week. The whole day of Jamaat is called Juma because we come together in prayer. It's the day that we refer to as Friday is not Friday, it's referred to as the day of congregational prayer. That's how important it is for us as a culture and you are probably empowered by the law as a part of your religious observance. You can get a letter from people and I'm happy to write a letter for you to substantiate why your religious worship of Juma should be honored and met by those who are in power to make those decisions with you. Not just

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for you, we view in consultation with you. Be brave, be strong, hold the truth and move forward to that which is pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah do not limit the blessing in your life by eliminating Juma until it becomes more convenient. Perhaps that may never happen and you miss out so much on blessing and Baraka of the congregational prayer. Also lilyana wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad