Mirza Yawar Baig – Jumuah 016 Two Tomorrows

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming return of Islam to the United States and emphasize the importance of affirming Islam and protecting people. They stress the need to live in a perfect environment and not let things happen to the person or something. The importance of affirming Islam and not advertising on social media is emphasized, as well as the need to be true and not just be oneself. A woman named Yasser is criticized for not protecting her and giving up on her enemies, but she refuses to give up and offers to support her until she gets her way out of the future.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala I should I feel MBA evil mursaleen while Allah He was happy he has made all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala the rub of the worlds and Peace and blessings on his messenger the last and final NaVi and Rasul our master Mohammed bin Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallahu wa sallam, his family companions and all those who follow them in excellence, until the day of judgment

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or bad thereafter, I want to talk to you today about to tomorrow's one that is certain to come and one that never comes. And let us see why this is important for us to reflect on and work for about one Allah Subhana Allah said, There Lika Leone will

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be here Ravi

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Allah subhanaw taala said, that is without doubt the true day so whosoever wills let him seek a place with to his rub by obeying Him in this life, about the other tomorrow, which never comes. Allah subhanaw taala said coluna sin

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mo Wayne to a phoner odo como

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forma Zohar z Han in

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farmers are Jose

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Allah said, Everyone shall taste death and only on the Day of Resurrection Will you be paid your wages in full and who also ever is removed away from the Hellfire and admitted to Jana he only indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception, one tomorrow never comes. It is illusionary, imaginary and uncertain. The other tomorrow, which is definite, certain and real. One tomorrow, which is temporary, both the good and the bad of it, and which we can take the help of others to change the other tomorrow, which is permanent, both the good and the bad of it. And where we will be absolutely alone, helpless, naked and powerless to change anything.

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Where we will not even be able to speak unless we are permitted and when nobody can or will speak for us about that Allah subhanaw taala said or be somehow it will

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be no Homer rush.

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ly mo Li qu and I mean houfy torba yo maya Puma rule

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of law tackle,

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tackle qalamoun I Lamin arena Allahu

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Allah said, from the robe of the heavens and the earth, and whatsoever is in between them. The Most Beneficent nun can dare to speak with him except by his leave the day that our ro gibril Allah salam, and the angel will stand forth and Rose, and none shall speak except him home or Rockman allows, and only He will speak what is right. So what is it that we fear about tomorrow? I want you to do a quick analysis. What is our worst fear about the tomorrow of this life? I want you to seriously think about this and reflect on it. I want you to do what we call a worst case analysis. Ask yourself if everything that can go wrong goes wrong. What is the scene that will unfold before

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my eyes? Think about actually think about tomorrow? Tomorrow is the ninth of August 2011.

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Now think about that day, Tuesday, the ninth of August 2011. Say ask yourself what is the absolute worst that can happen to me? I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from it. But for the sake of learning, just sit with a pen and paper and write down what is the absolute worst that can happen to you. Whether it is in terms of yourself or your wealth. Now think about your health. Think about your children, think about your property, everything and say what is the absolute worst

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That can happen, what can what are all the things that can possibly go wrong? I'm sure we have imaginations healthy enough to scare the living daylights out of ourselves if we let them. Once you've done that, and scared yourself clear through to next week, ask yourself this question, How likely is it that all this will actually happen? That all this will actually come to pass? is whatever I put on this paper? Actually, is it likely to happen? And is it likely to happen all at once? If you think about some things, you know, some of them some things that you may have put on our paper can possibly happen together, for example, you can have sickness and death to the same in

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the same way, and so on and so forth. So obviously, number one, how likely is it that all of this will happen? And how likely is it that all of this will happen at once at the same time? And once you've done that, then ask yourself for the sake of argument, if all of this does happen, how long will the grief and the pain and the suffering of it physical and emotional, how long will it last? The answers are clear enough, but I will state them for you the answer to the first question is, first of all, there is no possibility at all for all of this to come true at the same time. At worst, one or more of these things may happen because some things are self contradictory. As I said,

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for example, sickness can come with death and so on. So we will accept that at worst a few of the possibilities that we fear may actually happen. This answer to the second question, how long will the pain and suffering of it last is even simpler, the pain and suffering will last at most as long as we live and that is also at most, and then it will end? Because everything in his life ends with death. Now look at the tomato that is certain and do the same exercise and imagine what is the worst that can happen in the tomorrow that is certain. And also let us see how long that will last? Allah subhanaw taala said was herb Oshima Lima is hashima feasor fiza mo mo Jaime was will name me mo la

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carry him in

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La camuto Rafi in waka Oh la la la. Sale Ali. What can oh yeah Paulo nice.

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Work one.

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one Allah Hello, Colin Lowry in our lab at llama Joe Nice

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to meet him.

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Tony komyo

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known Elmo Quasimodo Makino

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family owned, I mean Alberto Ferrari Bona, la mina, Jaime pajarito nashoba. He has a new solo homie, oh my god in.

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In sort of the locker, I looked around at his head, and those are the left hand who will be those on the left hand, we ask Allah Allah to protect us from this fate. And then Allah says, In fears hot wind and boiling water and shadow of black smoke, that shadow is neither cool nor even good. Verily, before that, they indulge in luxury and persisted in great sin. And they used to say, when we die and become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be resurrected? And also our forefathers say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yes, verily those of old and those of later times, all will surely be gathered together for an appointed meeting of a known day, then whosoever then Moreover,

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verily you the earning ones, the deniers of resurrection, you verily will eat of the trees of the comb. Then you will fill your bellies there with and drink boiling water on top of it. So you will drink that like thirsty camels that will be there entertainment, on the Day of Recompense. And the last round della said, How long will this last one Maria de la hora solo vain hona fine Nana hona Raja Han Maha Li Na v Ha.

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And whosoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then verily for him, is the fire of jahannam and he shall dwell there in

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forever. There are many, many other is my brothers and sisters to the same effect, all of which proof for the believer that on that certain day, a day of judgment, a bad ending is not only unimaginably bad, but it is forever. And that is nothing that he or any of his friends or supporters can do to help him. If he ends up with a bad ending. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from a bad ending. Now look at another side to our to tomorrow's. Once again, I asked you to sit with a pen and paper and write down the absolute best that can happen to you tomorrow. And that tomorrow is Tuesday, the ninth of August 2011. Now let your imagination go to town. Just let your desires flow.

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Imagine whatever you like and write it down. And once you have this fabulous list of enzymes and Bentleys and rolls, rises in foods and clothing, and jewelry, and handbags and shoes, lovely children, wonderful home, beautiful family life, respect and love of all those who are around you, they'll have a feel for an and beautiful massage, and name and fame and power under and roads being named after you and cities being named after you and blue being made the governor of this place and the king of that place, let your imagination run wild. And then ask yourself the same question. The question is, how

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possible is it that all of these things will actually happen? And second question, how long will the pleasure of each of these things last? The answers are clear enough. But once again, I will state them for you. The answer to the first question is, there is no possibility whatsoever for all of these things to come true at the same time, a couple of things will happen. All the rest will remain a mirage to the end, which unless we have some sense, we keep chasing and keeps running away from us. And the answer to the second question, how long does it last is even simpler. The pleasure can only last as long as I live. And in all cases, the pleasure actually decreases with us and ends long

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before death. The first time I remember when I traveled first class in a plane, I couldn't sleep because I was so dazzled by first class and all the luxuries of first class today. 100 Allah Allah subhanaw taala makes me travel first class everywhere. and nine times out of 10 I tell the the cabin attendant, I say just do not disturb me. I don't want to eat anything. I just need to sleep. And I go off to sleep, the pleasure of first class that's all that it is. So no matter how long it lasts, the pleasures of this world and with death, and because everything in this life ends with death. And in most cases, the the joy of that pleasure ends long before death either because we get too old to

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enjoy it or we just get used to it. And so voila, we can get used to anything. Now let us look at the pleasures of the tomorrow which is certain about which Allah subhanaw taala said in his beautiful column

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in Aurora shabu

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shabu beihai bad Oh la Girona de Fuji ora you not been via phone I oh man Ghana shall Romo spotty. quieter mo

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will be Miss key no mo see

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in Nevada.

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In Nevada Notre Dame only YG hella hella Nori DOMA

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choco in Napa

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rabina Yo man eyeballs, calm karela fava como la.

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De Cali Omar wala na Dorado Surah

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Al sabato, wha jazza homie masamoto jan Otto Hari.

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Mata Ki NaVi

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sama Hari Hara dhania Donna name de la la la la foto ha de De La

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Hoya de la la la him

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kawaii Rama COVID Condor ohata moody.

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Hawaii osko NaVi Casa gana Misa

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jabby jameelah

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v ha Tosa muscles. De La Jolla la

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either right Omaha's Eva

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For ye

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vo ISO davara por la Hello

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wacana sigh Yoku mush

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soheila the beautiful column of, of our rub. In Surah linssen. Allah subhanaw taala describes what he has kept for us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala not to deprive us after hearing what he tells us, of actually making it and decreeing it as in our cutter, that we and our parents and our children, and those who come before and after us, will actually enjoy these in the agenda. Allah says, verily, the abrar the pious people who fear Allah The mocha cone, who avoid evil shall drink a cup of wine mixed with water from a spring in Jannah called Carrefour, a spring where form the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala will drink causing it to gush forth abundantly. They are those who fulfill their vows

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and they fear a Day whose evil will be widespread, and they give food in spite of their love for it for the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to the miskeen, to the orphan, and to the captive, and they say we feed you seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala his countenance only, and we do not wish for any reward. And we do not even wish for thanks from you. Verily, We fear our rub a day that is hard and distressful, and that will make the phases look horrible from the extreme dislike of it. So Allah subhanaw taala saved them from the evil of that day, and give them not rotten, a light of beauty and joy. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those about whom this has been said.

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And then their recompense shall be Jana and silken garments, because they were patient reclining there in on raised thrones, and they will see that neither the excessive heat of the sun nor the excessive bitter cold of the of the winter, and the shade, they're off his clothes upon them, and bunches of fruit they have will hang low within their reach, and amongst them will be passed around vessels of silver and cups of crystal, crystal clear made of silver soheila. The descriptions of Jannah transparent silver can we imagine this crystal that is made of silver, they will determine the measure there are small or big, as much as they wish, according to their wishes, and they will

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be given to drink their a cup of wine mixed with xinja be a spring they're called salts obile and around them will serve boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think that they were scattered pearls. And when you look there in the agenda, you will see a delight that cannot be imagined and a great dominion, freedom and power and authority that governments will be a fine green silk and gold embroidery, and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver and their rub will give them a pure drink. So Han Allah the rub will give them a pure drink, and it will be said to them. Verily, this is a reward for you, and your endeavor has been accepted. We ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to make us among those about whom this has been said.

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And how long will this last? Allah subhanaw taala said, well, the man who

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he had is an older fellow on Jan.

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sonoda Hello Jana Tajiri me, de Havilland Harrow fala de la vi

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y de la he has call ominous de la

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Hey Kayla, Allah said, but those who believe in Islam and do deeds of righteousness, we will admit them into Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell there in forever. Allah promise is the truth, and whose words can be truer than those of Allah? Let us therefore examine our attitudes by brothers and sisters, with respect to these two, tomorrow's how much time and energy and emotion and focus and resources do we spend on that tomorrow that never comes? And how much time and energy and emotion and focus and resources do we spend on tomorrow, which will certainly come? We must do this exercise and analysis, especially as we claim to believe in the tomato, which is certain, and in the meeting

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with our rub. And we say about ourselves, that we are sincere, that we are not alone. If we say this, and if we are indeed truthful, then our actions must support our claims. This is only logical. So let us look at what we actually do. I won't try to describe what we do, because we are well aware of what we do. And this is not an exercise to look at others, but to look at ourselves. And to ask one simple question, how much is for the tomorrow that never comes? And how much further tomorrow that will certainly come? This is a there is a very simple reason why we spend far more time in things that have to do with a tomorrow that never comes. And very little time with the tomorrow that

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is certain, even though we call ourselves intelligent, logical, scientific and reasonable. And that is because the tomato of this world is more real to us, than the tomato of the era. That is because we talk about it all the time. And we are told about it through the media and advertising. And we learn about dealing with it in our studies, and so on. But as for the tomorrow, which is certain, we neither talk about it, nor is there any advertisement, nor for many of us do we really read or listen to the Quran with understanding. So that remains in the realm of holy thoughts to be read and forgotten. It is very necessary that we talk about the promises of Allah so that they become real

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for us, and that we don't treat them as fairytales. The promise of Allah is true, and we need to believe it. And we need to look forward to it. And we need to prepare for it. And we need to get the best of it. Remember, my brothers and sisters, that we have no guarantees about the tomato that never comes either for its good offer is evil. But we have the guarantee of the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the tomato that is certain, both for its good as for as well as for his evil. So the question is, how much do I truly believe Allah? How much do I truly believe the promise of Allah subhanaw taala we have to ask ourselves this question again and again, and make sure that the

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answer is true for us. Once again, our actions are the true reflection of our stated beliefs. If beliefs are not reflected in actions, then one must certainly doubt that belief, what use then will be such a belief on the day when there will be no one to help us that has prepared for that day, which is the tomorrow which is certain. Finally, let me tell you about those who understood the difference between the two tomorrow's and use them as they are supposed to be used. Use the tomorrow of this world to invest in the tomorrow of the ARCA garb in Malaga, Delano said we left for Hajj with the agreement that we would meet at Aqaba in the ayah Mata Shrek that we will meet Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam in Aqaba, in the Yamato ship. In the night. We went in ones and twos until we all gathered in Aqaba. When we were there. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam came, and with him was Allah bass with Abdul muttalib Allah bass bin Abdul Mutallab was the only non Muslim in the meeting. He spoke first and he said, You know the position Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has with us. He has our protection and is safe in his town. He now wants to join you. If you are sincere in your promise to protect him and support him then it is up to you to stand by your promise. If you intend to abandon him and give him up to his enemies that leave him now abus Abdulmutallab Alon who was trying to get

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a firm commitment from Allah Tsar alonza said, we have heard Allah bus or a surah Allah sallallahu sallam, ask what you want from us and take whatever you want from us for yourself and your job. Rasul Allah Salah celandine stood up and said, I asked you to pledge I want you to listen carefully my brothers and sisters because this is the same pledge that we are giving to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and to the rubber Mohammed, when we say a Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hola sharika lahu wash Havana Mohammed Abu ora solo This is the same pledge. Rasulullah sallallahu

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stood up. And he said, I asked you to pledge that you will defend me like you defend your women and children.

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That you must pledge to hear and obey me in times of action. And in times of no action to give in times of ease and times of hardship to advocate good and forbid evil. You must speak out for Allah and not fear any blame for speaking for Allah, you must help and defend me if I come to you in the same way as you defend your wives and children.

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Alba Robin Maru for Delano stood up and said, Yasser Allah, I swear it we are warriors, from father to son for many generations, I will hide them stood up and said, Yasser Allah, we have some ties to some people. And we are afraid that if Allah gives you victory, then you may leave us and return to your people. As soon as Allah Salim said, I am a few and you are off be I will battle those who do battle with you. And I will be at peace with those who are at peace with you. As admins zorana stood up and said slowly now, we only came here because we know that he is the Messenger of Allah. But now if we take him with us, then we will be boxed in with swords around us. So if you have any fear in

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your heart, leave him now that is better for you. They pushed him away and said, We are ready to support him and be will and we will be with him to the end. They asked him, they asked him, What will you give us jasola if he support you with our lives and wealth, my brothers and sisters, the same question. This is a question that we have to ask ourselves, the saadian Zara's rasulillah salam, they said, jasola we listen, we heard you and we are ready. But tell us what will we get? What will you give us if we support you with our lives and without wealth? And the sola salatu salam replied, with just one word. He said, Jenna,

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he said Jana. But you know, that is not the bottom line of the story. The bottom line of the story is the response of the answer. When they heard this, a man is asking them to support him with their lives and with their wealth. And when they ask him, what will you give, he promises them something after they are dead. These promises them Jenna, you know what they said? They said, so Hannah law? What a wonderful deal. This is, this is the best deal, the most profitable deal, my brothers and sisters that has asked ourselves, what was it that the Sahaba was seeing that we are not seeing today? What is it that the Sahaba understood that we don't understand today? What is it that the

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Sahaba knew that we don't know today? What made it easy for them to invest in the Torah? What is difficult? Why is it difficult for us today to invest in the earth era? The answer is that it is not in the knowing but in the certainty with which we believe what we know it is not in the man but in the yaqeen on the man. It is only when we know something with complete certainty that we act shaitan uses doubt as his weapon to misguide us until he succeeds in depriving us of Eman. May Allah protect us from this? Because if this happens to us, in the end, we will die without demand and enter the Hellfire forever. Some of us indulge in haram even when we know it is haram. And while we claim to

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believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and in his punishment for Haram, how does this make sense? We are sacrificing the tomorrow which is everlasting for momentary pleasure in this dunya we spend without stinting on ourselves and to fulfill our desires, but we will not spend for the sake of Allah and for the path of Allah subhanaw taala even when he called it a loan, and promised to return it manifold, we deprive people of their rights, knowing full well that we will be called to account and that the punishment will be so severe that whatsoever so called benefit we derived from our oppression, his world cannot compensate for it, yet we do it why? Ask yourself, why am I sacrificing

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the life of the hereafter for the deception of this dunya brothers and sisters, all these are signs of the weakness or the absence of faith for the weakness, signs of the weakness or the absence of demand and the indication that we are headed for a bad ending that we are headed for Sewol hakima We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from that we need to mend our ways immediately because we have no idea when the tomorrow that is certain will be upon us, then the doors of Toba will close forever. And we will be called to account without any delay. Any delay in making Toba and preparing for the tomorrow that is certain indicates that we don't really believe that it will come but

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remember that tomorrow as Allah subhanho wa Taala said that he can do more luck that tomorrow is Huck. It is the truth. It is real. And whether we believe or not, it doesn't matter. The mark of reality is

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that it does not depend on belief for its existence. Reality is real. Whether you choose to believe it or not, and Reality Bites hard, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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