Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – December 18, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a cure for COVID-19 is discussed, emphasizing the need for research and finding a cure. The speakers stress the importance of finding a cure and working towards it, while also acknowledging the danger of "we" and the use of "we" to describe illnesses and healthy behavior. The need for research and finding a cure is emphasized.
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whenever we will be learning in

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that will be learning a shame on apology. This means your parking yeah and yohannes it took a lot of Tacoma levy for coming up similar Seema Haider

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Viva, my brothers and sisters.

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Today, we will look at the name of a boss of cannabinoids ohana. A Chevy for a lot is the one who provides the cure. And that is the definition to the name a chef, the one who provides and brings the cure. And no doubt, it's also kind of the point to add up provides a cure for everything, whether it be related to our health, related to our heart, related to our mind, related to our soul, and so on.

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And of course, we hear a lot of people talking about this vaccine. And I'm not going to dedicate this football about the vaccine just to get

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there's a lot of research that has been done that hasn't been published. There's a lot that the mountains across Canada have said and you know, pretty much ignited upon and encouraged people

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based on advice given by Muslim professionals in the medical field. But we're not going to talk about that today. I want you all to look and do your research and study first.

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I don't think any one of us is really jumping to get the vaccine right now or has the opportunity to get into within this week. And so we will postpone that a little bit and shut up.

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But the fact that I must have had one to Allah is a Chevy and the one who provides the cure makes us think all the time that if there's a pandemic, or if there's an illness or any kind of

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a disease that may spread or can travel from person to person, even if it is a flu, then we immediately tried to find a cure,

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or try to find protection before we need to seek a cure. And this is where I want to remind every single one of us that it was some kind of more to Allah is the one who provides the cure. But first of all, we need to ask ourselves, what is it that I am worried about? Am I worried about my physical health? Or am I worried about my spiritual well being? How is my health? And how is my email, which one of the two is more valuable to us? For someone who can be in the hospital, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to do anything, but have a man and that may be more valuable to that person than the person who's a billionaire or truly in there? Who was able to travel the world who can

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skydive every day? And go rafting whenever they want? And to chill and enjoy life as much as they want but have no email.

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The question there really is my brothers and sisters. How much time have we spent focusing, talking about discussing the vaccine, the cures, the abilities, the medical advice, and so on and so forth? And how much time in this last week or two have we spent focusing on? Where's my emaan? Have I missed the prayer? Do I even care that I slipped through a photo? Do I even mind that I haven't opened the door. And since last Milan, when was the last time I even thought of fasting a day in the life of ourselves.

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And so that's really what the reminder is about today, my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala is Chevron. And whenever someone was ill with anything, the prophet SAW the one where it was some of them as his wives would tell us, he would come to them and he would put his hand his right hand on them more particularly where the pain is the pain was in the beam or the leg or the pain was somewhere else in the head, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam put his hand on it. And there are multiple narrations of different things that can be said. I add to the call and two and so on, but one in particular that is agreed upon both into a book audience or a Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, a lot of them have been nuts. So he puts his hands on the patient. And he says a lot about openness and validity, but he wasn't a Chevy. Let's use the Indian Cheetah, cheetah. And

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so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calls out to the Lord of the one who created every single one of us along lovingness. Every single one of us is a creation of a wall, and he is our Lord. And the cure comes from him alone. And he affirms that He alone is a chef mentioned that she thought there is no healing except that that comes from you. But that does not mean my brothers and sisters, that we should not take medicines, that does not mean that it is impermissible islamically to take a Tylenol when you have a headache. That does not mean my brothers and sisters that you know if the man is lost, it's because a lot let it go.

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What that means is we need to work at finding the cure. Because the action of the Prophet some along where I knew he was some of them is an indication that you can't just sit there and expect something to fall from the sky, you have to work towards it, you have to ask for it. You have to put some time and energy into it or behind it. And so Allah is the one who provides a cure to the hearts the doubts that we have the doubts that we may have with regards to the beam with regards to our belief, the hatred that lives within our hearts, the envy and jealousy, right that is within us. All of these are diseases of the heart. And I know many of us when we think of a disease of the heart, we

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think of cholesterol, we think of you know, an artery being blocked, we think of surgeries needed to be done. But really aesthetically, when we say there's a disease in our hearts, it means I have too much jealousy. I have too much envy, I have too much hatred, and I need help to cure myself from these issues. Then we look at a loss of a Shafi as the one who cures the body from any kind of illness or disease including that of the Coronavirus, this pandemic that we are currently experiencing COVID-19 and we also must have a way to add it to bring about cure at Google. Cody has a lot of stuff

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Follow up on something that you want them to be able to attend with the same brothers and sisters, sometimes we forget a famous little statement that our parents taught us when we were children.

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we all know that a robot is in control. We all we state, that there is no power and no might accept that of a boss accountable.

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Nothing can harm us except that alone once it's to harm us, nothing can help us except that a loss of handling data has given it the command to help us. And there are certain things that we learned in this

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lesson as well with regards to cures. The prophet SAW along I think you've got something says in the first part of a heavy

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he says he couldn't be dead in Dawa. For every illness, there is a few, there is a medicine, there is something that will cure it. For every illness, there is a cure. And in another narration, as soon as In summary,

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says my answer the wild woman down in in

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awasum. Canada data has not brought down an illness, except he has also provided for it.

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And that goes with everything. And I've used this example before, especially when we talk about cancer. A lot of us we say there's no cure for cancer, there is a cure for cancer, there's a cure for every illness, a loss of cannabinoids, Adam has provided it where it is Pontins search firms look for any research study, dig deeper, and try a muscle capital intangible provide that fuel to include my brothers and sisters. When it comes to seeking medical advice, or seeking assistance from medicine, we have to remember that if it is taking away our emotion, if we believe in the medicine more than we believe in a lot, there's a problem. But if we believe that a wall puts the cure in the

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medicine, and if I take the medicine, it can cure me with the command of Allah, or it cannot cure me with the commandment a lot, but ultimately see fewer and if a law wants me to be cured Alhamdulillah if Allah doesn't want me to be cured from this Alhamdulillah I will continue to search for something else. And so my brothers and sisters, remember, Prophet Ibrahim Ali has sat down, he said what you have to have seen, and when we are sick or inflicted with an illness, it is a law Who is the one who cures us sheffy. And so the same way that a person seeks assistance through food when they're hungry, or water when they're thirsty or sleep when they're tired of also kind of data allows us to

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see cure from illness through medicines, and other Herbes and things that are out there that doctors have searched and looked for. As impure from Allah, not from anyone else. Along with Sony, we're selling a CD now I've been

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So now I have a lot of American CD

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asked for loss of habitat and to cure every single one of us. That's the last animal to have it to make it means of our forgiveness of other centers as colossal cannibal to grant us a deeper understanding of this theme. And to put our hope and trust in him and him first and foremost, it's the loss of Hannah Montana to make it easy for us to understand that he is a chef, that all fewer comes from him. And then he created illness and created a cure as well as colossal kind of data to protect us and protect our children future project. We have this one as the most common data to allow us to live in today upon humanity. And to make us a means of spreading this theme far as the

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last comments added to protect all those grants safety and assistance and health and prosperity to everyone that is suffering in different parts of the world whether it be in Palestine in Syria as needed in Afghanistan, in Burma or in Central Africa. Wherever it be on earth We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant the ease and remove the oppression

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to the feminine.

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are going to do

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a lot

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sennen where have a remarkable

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ascent in where I am

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Sisters for your cooperation. You see the parking lot is probably serving its purpose a lot better than it was before. Please do be patient with the volunteers for the next couple of weeks until the you know process of entry and exit is designed and sort of crafted to make it easier for us to come and go and make sure that you do donate as generously as possible on this lesson Friday. Monster run along

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