Road To Return #36 – I’m Not A Racist, But…

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I'm not a racist but Subhan Allah, you're about to enter into transgression against Allah and the messenger Mohamed Salah Allah while he was sending.

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It's a sad reality that there are many Muslims, many Muslim communities, many Muslim ethnicities that are racially hostile towards others, not just Muslims, but others in general, but even more despicable is that they have a racist attitude towards other Muslims who come from a different ethnicity, a different background, a different cultural experience, a different skin color, may Allah Subhana Allah remove this jahai Leah, this ignorance from the heart, which is a transgression against the oma, the way of the prophets I sell them and the dictates and the teachings that were sent to us in the Quran. de la radi Allahu anhu is a person who is valued in our tradition and

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community today. But you can almost assume that there are some people in some families that if they did not know what was beloved from a distance, they would look at him with a bit of putting him down, have not esteeming him at a social level equal to them on account of his beautiful dark colored skin, which is not a virtue for him, but should never be a debasement for him as a part of our ideals as Muslims is that we do not see skin color or physical makeup as being something that can noble you or as something that you'd ever humiliate you or debase you the prophets I send them said Allah created us all equal, the way that equality of the teeth of a comb the prophets, I seldom

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stood up on his final Hajj and he said, landford Lily Albion Allah, Allah Jimmy, there is no virtue of an Arab over a non Arab, when I be a lotta asteroid, or a white man over a dark skinned man, or a dark skinned man over a white man, all of that is under my foot. Salalah and he was sending him all of that is a way of Je li and of ignorance of the days of the path. And it says, If the Prophet knew that this would be a danger for mankind into the future, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you cannot say I'm not a racist, but when you continue with but and you begin to look at other people's cultural experience, and if you define racism, and it's very simple terms, that you judge a person's physical

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features as being reason for their ethical and behavioral decisions, that you look at a person and say by how they look, this is probably how they act, what they believe and how they're going to be without knowing the individual at all. It is a prejudice, stereotyping, that has no place in our hearts as Muslims towards Muslims or non Muslims of any ethnicity, any Rachel color, any background and any religious practice. May Allah Subhana Allah remove the J helia. That the prophets I said Lim said there will have an ohana, Tina, take this you know tribalism ethnic belief out of your heart and cast it aside throw it away for it is Jay Haley. Yeah, it is a stinking rotten piece of human

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behavior and history. May Allah protect us from it. And may Allah never allow you to confuse right from wrong except in the valuing of people in accordance to their own particular actions. In taqwa, on account of a person's consciousness and dealings with God and others in society. Allah me