Waleed Basyouni – Important rules and tips relating to Debt

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of paying off debt to avoid negative impact on one's credit and avoid jail time and abuse. They suggest giving only one loan to someone and avoiding long term debt reduction programs. The topic of interest-free financial systems and the need for people to deal with it in a better format is also discussed. The speakers recommend resources for individuals to make it easy for those in trouble and encourage viewers to add to their YouTube page.
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as How do I know more? I don't

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know more from Don rasulillah

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in 111 who want to stay in or want to start Pharaoh who are now the villa him in Cerulean pushing on Surya Molina Maria de la, de la mejor para hacer de Allahu wa Chateau a la ilaha illAllah who the hula Sheree Cara La Mancha hamdu Allah coalition Korea. All praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters last week I talked to you about that, and how Islam warn us from getting engaged or involve

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or getting yourself in debt or taking a loan, unless you really need that, and how a severe sin it is if that loan is based on interest, but even without interest is something that a shitty, highly discouraged person to be, you know involved in unless there is a need for it. And today would like to continue this discussion was talking about some of the important rules related to loans and debt and some of the tips that I believe it is important for us to be aware of.

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Number one, I want to say that Islam as much as it discouraged people to take loans unless they really need it, or to be in debt to someone unless there is really need for that. As much as also it encouraged us to help those who are in need to give them alone and to lend them money if they need and that basically launch should be a part of the lesson which is no interest involved in it and be sallallahu alayhi wasallam Not only that, he also encouraged us, that when we give someone loan and that person is honest and trying his best or her best to pay back, but unable to do so is to forgive the loan or to forgive part of the loan and to help those who trying to pay their debt off. Balance

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Carlin Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam manifests I mean in corbetta min COVID dunya and Fs Allahu anhu corbetta min. corabi Omen piano woman Yes.

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Yes sir Allahu Allah He for dunya and akhira while lhaviyani lab mme a lab doofy fee and say Muslim the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If you help your brother or sister and a person to relief him or her from distress from a calamity in this dunya Allah would really bring relief for you in the Day of Judgment. And if you make it easy on someone who is not able to pay back, not able to give or to pay his debts, or to pay his loan off, in Nabi sallallahu, Sallam said, Allah will make it easy for such person in the Day of Judgment. And Allah will be always there for you. As long as you are there for your brothers and sisters. Even Mr. Udo the Allah and can't mermin Muslim in your curry abou

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Muslim and Marathi Illa can can a casa de partie Marathi if you lend some if you lend someone twice, as if you giving sada twice. And we know that in the Bissell Salam Parliament amphicar so Jane, whoever double has set up a double that sonica Pardon me. So Salam dorium, in abarbanel, German gymnotus, Romania, he will be calling the day of judgment from the eight gates of Paradise to enter Paradise. So there is a special reward for the double sadaqa. So in the process, I'll insert that when you learn someone twice a Muslim brother twice as if you have giving sadaqa twice. Also, if this is the case on the bisol salam said, Allah subhanaw taala said for another Alton LMA Sara, if

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someone in debt and cannot pay you back, and you came come to collect the debt, and he truly cannot pay you back, it is been or you've been ordered by Allah to give that person a break, to give them a chance to give them more time without increasing in that basically in the amount because that will be a pure Riba and it is not allowed. It is not even that it is not allowed for you not to increase money, or to when he pays you back, you're not allowed because of the debt to make you do service to you. You need for an episode called lowcarb. In German, if you're worried about any loan that will lead to a special benefit. It's a form of forever, like what, you know what I took from out of auto

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loan, and you know, I'm gonna pay him back. I said, Well, I can I don't have money to pay you back right now. He said, Okay, I'll give you one month. But you know what, I come late these days and open my shop at 10 o'clock, you come at eight and do it for me.

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You know, since you're not paying me so that's a service I'm giving to him. And I'm not going to be paid for that or you know, watch if you know what Mashallah you can help me changing the oil.

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That's basically a service that I'm giving to him because of my that that's a form of free band, nobody's all upset. That's not allowed. The analysis will curb after the fact the point in giving someone a loan is not to make money.

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And that's why giving a loan giving alone is such a great form of charity. Why because when you give somebody a loan, that is million chances that you will not get your money back. There's a lot of chances there's a lot of possibilities, you'll not get your money back. And also when you give him the money, you will benefit zero from that money, zero benefit.

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in dunya, zero, I give you a money you take that money and you make a business and he became a millionaire then you give me my money back. I don't need any extra

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that shows you that you only doing it for Allah and you're only doing it because of the brotherhood and sisterhood. That's why the reward is so high. It's not like an investment. That's not how Islam look at you know, loans. You can invest if you want somebody tell you here we need a loan to start a business and I don't want to give you a loan but I can be investor that's a different story have a different set of rules. Also Islam also encouraged us when we pay somebody back their debt that we give them more they don't put a condition but I give more in the be Salalah do certain part for in the hierarchy center come Cava the best of you the one when he pays back he Bay pays in a better

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way. Like you know what you put extra you do something extra for the person pot in the vehcile Allah alayhi wa sallam can only Allah rasulillah salam how for kabbani was at any for sign that the Nabi sallallahu Sallam were jabber said I learned the process of him something. Then in me sister took something from me. He paid me back and he gave me more or I have the person was supposed to give me something. And when he gave it back to me he gave me more than what he supposed to sallallahu wasallam

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Be salaallah alayhi wa sallam, you know, in many incidents he did that will allow you and he was also one of the rules, it's important to know, if you have the money to pay your debt, and you've been asked to pay it, you must rush to pay that debt back. But if you not been asked like some debt are divided, like I took a house, and it took 330 years to pay that that's not something I am now have to pay the whole amount. The company who gave me or the person who gave me have given me 10 years to pay back five years to pay back. But no, if I take a loan from someone, and that person, the time comes and said, Hey, I need my money back. And you have the money, you must give them the

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money. You cannot hold back columnaris offer them mobile money.

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When someone in debt to someone and the lender want to collect his loan, and you have the money to pay back, but you don't that's a form of injustice, a form of volume and it is a sin and Volume Volume and Yeoman cuyama work on and abuse Allah my solemn lay you luajit Yeah, animal ma palate and watch the lender Hillman you Hill, no elbow elbow better. If somebody has the money and is not paying you back on time. That person it is helpful for you to announce to the community and to tell people that this person not trustworthy anymore to be giving money. There is no respect for his honor to be protected and to be covered and also government and people of authority can punish that

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person for such behavior.

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As for you know if he doesn't that's something else. You give him a break on an abuse Allah Allah Allah Allah you it was alum, lemma Figueroa Abu Qatada huhtala, baramulla hufa Tara to moja for Carla in the Mercer Allah Allah Allah Nam by the Samir to Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Mansour wahoo onion Jia hula hoomin corabi oatmilk Yama file Yun Fs and Mercer our Leon Valley the cap menambah Rama Shira awaba and of Allah Allah houfy Lily Yeah, anioma OPM, that Abu Qatada, he lent someone money and he noticed that this guy tried always avoiding him. He said, Are you avoiding me for because of the loan? He said yes. He said, You have the money to pay him back. He's

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no lie. I don't, if I do, I will pay you. He said Allah, you saying the truth? He said yes. He said, I heard the processor and said, Who ever wish to be saved in the day of judgment from the calamities and the hardship and and, and the distress

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of the Day of Judgment, let it make it easy for people in this dunya let him give the person that either a break reduced the amount or give them more time to pay back. And in who solemn said in another Hadith the such person will be in the shade of Allah in the Day of Judgment. The Indian masala assignment quoted the Jews the strongest opinion that it is allowed, which is the Sermon on the Mount Baba Arjun. And it's very, very helpful. What's that what that means? It means I am in debt to someone I took a loan from, you know, Mohammed and I now I said to him, You know what, I don't have the money to pay you, Maxim Hamad would say, you know what we'll eat, you should pay me

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$6,000 over the next year, I really need the money. And I don't know if I can wait for six months. What about this? How about if you give me $4,000 right now, and we forget about the 2000. But I'm not you give it to me this or this month. So I reduce the amount of debt entered return, he will give it right now. He will give it in a shorter period of time. You know, this issue? It is according to the strongest opinion among the scholars. It is permissible and it's sometimes it can be very helpful to help people to pay back. I use this a lot when I know someone in debt, I go to the lender, and he said so and so doesn't have much money to pay you back. And it's three, four

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years and problems. How about if we make a deal, we get you 70% of your money, and in return you reduce and I guess you guys familiar with that a lot when it comes to debt in America because we use this a lot. But that's it's permissible. Also, we need to understand that we give someone debt or loan when you give someone a loan or someone and that he or she should highly recommend to document the debt. Rakim document that debt or that loan. So who took the loan from you Why? Because when you die, the first thing we do with the money, we pay the people who you are in debt to. So if you leave behind your $5,000, who has basically

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Who giving our father or our brother loan? And we say hey would you like to have it and we pay them back and after that whatever left from the money, we start looking for the grave looking for the funeral expenses. Then after that we start looking for that inheritance how to be divided by that. See how it Islam put that person even before that funeral expenses.

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Also another thing, if someone in debt Can he or she go to Hajj or Umrah

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can give sada donation

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if that person and debt and that debt is now needed to be paid back, now, it's needed to be paid back.

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Okay, and if this is the case, you should pay back the debt before doing had you're giving any sadhak or anything like that. Like I know somebody told me she I give a loan to someone. And I've been asking them to pay me back It's not like I'm scheduling it over years. I asked him to pay me back if I see him in the fundraising $1,000 $500 type

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I'm or pay me before you pay those people too far away. And that's absolutely right. Absolutely right.

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Before you go to had but if your debt is a schedule over a long period of time, you can go to HUD you can give sada you can do that. Any my debtors are some people that that is investment debt. So it's like over a long course of time, but some people will go to hacha Harmon debt, what's your debt? Oh, I have a car payments that are heavy and you have five years car payments, but you have enough money to go to Cancun every summer, and you have money to go to, you know, to travel and to all this. And when Hajj comes just I'm an

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I'm in debt. That's makes no sense. You know, or so you if this if the debt you have to pay right now, yes, you give it. But if it's scheduled over a long period of time, or the lender allowed you to go to HUD, it is permissible on this case, and it is absolutely not correct. To take long to go to Hajj.

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That's absolutely unacceptable. The Hajj will be valid, but you did something wrong, because it had his condition by many stoppa and he severe. The final point I want to save for the first hope is the issue of zakat.

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If I lend someone money, I give you know Kadeem a $10,000, do I pay his account on this $10,000 or no,

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no matter him Allah debate over this, and one of the most moderate opinion, you know, even though it's not my personal choices, if that's what it is, if the person that you lend him, you know, he has the money, and he will pay you back for sure. You pay zakat on that money. You know, in any given time, if I go to games and give you my money back, here's a CEF tuber, this is not only 10 versus $10,002, x gift or 200 or whatever. So I know he will be able to ping back and in this case, I have to give him a cat on it.

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Other opinions is I lean towards more of there is no sir cat until you receive the money.

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Why? Because no matter what, there is always possibility he might have a lot of money today. You know, Mashallah, you have 401 K, and it is a lot of money tomorrow became 201 K, you know,

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you lose your money. So there is no guarantee that you really I have the money, I don't possess the money. And one of the condition for us a cat is that a money that you possess, have 100% control over. So I don't believe that you must give that if you want to do that 100 Allah. But I don't believe that you must give Zakat until you receive the money. But what about the one who took the loan? I took a loan. Do I give us a cat on that money? Yes, because that money when you take it as a loan, it became part of your income part of your possessions. And that's why it will be calculated in second. But if you're going to say in the end of the year, when the hound is a cat comes, Chef, I

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found that I have $1,000 eligible for a cat in my possession, and I'm in debt. Are you going to pay your debt this year? No, I'm not. We say you have two options. Either you take that amount of money, and you don't give it as a car but you pay your debts you will became a negative or you don't have X amount of his account for it. In this case, you're not eligible for his account. But if you're going to keep the money that you took as a loan, in this case, you are eligible for his account and you have to give this account in your money. Almost you give all the money back to the to the lender, but somebody's taking a house and he will pay it over 30 years and he said I don't get a cat over 30

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years. Somebody has a business took a million dollars long for his business, or $2 million for his business. And that means no businessman almost whatever gives I can't be

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Because every businessman taken investment law almost as right, so that that's not a reason for you not to give the only one the only time you don't give Zakat of your money if you're in debt, if you really going to pay your debt and that make you after paying the all the debt and that moment, don't have enough money are eligible for security and you don't have what is rich on this. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to pay our debts and to deal with this and the best of manners Allah Matsumoto, Mustapha, Rola euro compost ofuro

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana Viva about my dear brothers and sisters, I think one of the biggest things that people ask about in America, can we take loan with interest and our situation here in United States?

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I said I said before last hope but the default rules the general rules, no, we should not take loan with interest. But there is an exceptions and certain circumstances. And I'd highly advise you to talk to a chef about these circumstances. And I can tell you one example that, for example, we give the federal that it's allowed to take loan with interest. For instance, if you are a student, and you want to go to college, and especially some of these *, like in college, like medical schools, or engineering, or some of these, you know,

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big schools, it is almost impossible for somebody to be able to pay an irregular base, they will need the student loan for many people, for the majority of people. And in this case, I do believe that that loan, first to try your best to find other ways to get your financial aid or you know, interest free. And so, after you do all these things, and you find no other solution left are some amount left that you have to do, and you couldn't find someone to lend you the money. And by the way, one of the great projects that we have in our community in Dallas, I was part of that effort

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for a good time hamdulillah and still have a contact them a Muslim groups who give an interest free lawn to students, you know, and we should encourage proud programs like that. But anyway, let's see, you couldn't get into that. We say you're allowed to take students with interest, a student loan interest, but you must be committed to paid back as soon as possible. As soon as you graduate. What about house life you need the house or you don't have other means. Okay? And that's also in the same thing, same categories, because that's part of the necessities that you do, but what about investment, somebody will invest all these things, I will advise that it's case by case I don't

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think we can just generalize, it is allowed or not allowed. But these cases it's not as it's not as black and white as might Some people think and reason because there's a whole debate between the scholars in the past Rahim Allah to Allah about the concept of interest in non Muslim land. And one of the reason for that debate to be exists in it, I thought, it's a brilliant debate that took place is because of the infrastructure of the society, the whole financial system in the society will not be able to help you to be an interest free 100% Okay.

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Or sometimes it's not even if you have cash and you go and pay $100,000 cash, you will be inviting an unwanted, you know, investigation for you that can cause you a great deal of harm.

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Anyway, so, I hope this will help people to deal with that in a better format. Finally, in every cell allowed he while he was selling them, a man came to me said Dr. rasulillah, I'm in debt, and I are unable to pay my debt, canola or limo kalimat should I teach you, you know, do that even if your debt as the size of the mountain of severe, which is a mountain in Yemen, you know, Allah will help you to pay back said sure. He said Allah mcsweeny be hellinikon holonic or other ninni before Luca Hammond sewak your Allah make your halaal sufficient for me from Haram. And you know, make me rich with with with your bounties and generosity. So I don't need anyone else other than you. And another

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Hadith he said to me, say Allah Hama, medical moon to Malcolm and Tasha lattanzio almal commitment to Sha you give, you know,

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ownership and kinship to whomever you want, and you take it away from whoever you want, you honor whom you wish and you humiliate whom you wish to the lumen, Tisha, all goodness in your hand medical higher and everything you're capable of in the car coalition, Kadir Ravana, Jr, and after you're the man of the dunya and the after, and or Hema, Hema, and the Rahim of all of both, totally him and Tasha, you give them to whomever you wish, and you hold back from whatever you wish with them, not me.

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Huberman Tasha honey Ramat and Tonini behind Rama, demons you are. So grant me a mercy that I don't need anyone's mercy after that, a mercy from you that it makes me No need for anybody's mercy after that, and the Hadith and, Ronnie, that's what the DA that the process on him said, if you have a debt and the size of Allah will help you and when can constantly make this Allah will help you to pay it off. Remember ilaha illa Allah

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subhana wa la ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in new consuming of body mean, also among the DA that help persons who are in trouble to get out of that trouble. So make sure that you connect your heart with Allah. There's a lot of things to be said about this topic and I highly recommend you to Google and to add to look, you know, being in debt is not a good thing. To learn how to live debt free and there is great work by Muslim and non Muslims in this area have been done in our last panel data. make us rich and make us always not in need of anyone and make us among those who are

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live free of debt and will make us among those who always have the upper hand who gives an help and make it easy for those who are in debt. Allah make it easy for them. You're allowed to make it easy for those who are in trouble. Those who are sick may forgive the debt the dead and we ask you to forgive our parents. May Allah subhana wa tada forgive all of us and grant us to not know him and let us know that he's up. lama felino hum know if you know a foreigner sallallahu wasallam Agha Khan and Amina Mohammed Omar Satya

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