Lessons Learnt from the Leadership of Prophet Muhammad (p) in Uniting the Muslim Ummah

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of leadership in unite the Muslim community and the need for a better understanding of the meaning of leadership. They also mention the need for a better understanding of the meaning of "immorality." The speaker provides examples of how leaders can relate to their colleagues and use the same language in their presentations.
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Salam Alaikum, my name is shamsudeen Mohammed in the mouth students.

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Thank you, doctor for your wonderful lecture,

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leadership at whatever Allah will come play an important role towards United aid follow us. So I read that I cannot hear you clearly. Can you put the microphone on top? You're going down?

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That said,

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my question is slowly and clearly. Okay. My question is that leadership

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at whatever level can play and in a portrait role towards United States follow us only heard the word leadership

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slowly and more clearly, leadership can lead what my question is, what lesson can lead us, both at national community or whoever among our spines save in a particular in a particular leadership position? What lesson can we learn from the Great's leadership exhibited by our noble Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in terms of how he related to Sahara? Can you read the question short, you are saying so many sentences, okay, my question may get

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a little

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unclear and they will be there My question is that, what lesson what good lesson can we learn from the what lesson Can we can we learn? Can we learn Yes, from the leadership style? From our noble Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam towards uniting, Muslim Ummah?

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Simple question he said, What lesson can we learn from bomba Salah Salem to unite the Muslim ummah, rather do you want to repeat the lecture again? I gave a full lecture.

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What lesson can we learn from the prophet to unite the Muslim ummah? I quoted several Hadith I quoted more than 40 verses of the Quran more than about 20 Hadith Did you want me to repeat again

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in terms of I'm talking in terms of relationship, how he related to Sahaba how he because at community level, we have leaders also when we find ourselves in a particular positions as leaders, so how can we relate within ourselves as a leader How can you relate to your colleagues? How can you try to unite them or what how can you have a good relationship with them? That is my job as a leader.

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Master Key Quran and Hadith Is there any better thing than the Quran and say Hadith brother? Do you know of anything? I said this in my lecture, I said that again, the best way to unite any Muslim of any profession, whether it be a doctor, whether it be engineer, whether it be a politician, whether it be a leader, whether it be asleep, but it is Quran and say how the zoo says that, not Dr. Zakir Naik, Allah says in surah Imran Chapter number three was the mantra and three water theme will be humbling Elijah May Allah hold to the rope of Allah strongly unbeknown divided, the rope of Allah, the Glorious Quran and the Hadith.

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And Allah says, Allah, and I told you that our beloved prophet masala Salam said, that the believer than to one and the merciful, they are kind, they are generous, they are like one body if one part of the body is heard, the full body is an insomnia,

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spent sleepless and even fever. So we can be united on the basis of Quran

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as well as say Hadith and in their speciality. For example, if there are doctors, I will use the verses of the Quran talking about medicine so that you can move closer to Quran. If, if he's talking about leaders, then our code to him about about the people that praise the Beloved Prophet masala salah, if you know the Lamartine Lamartine he was a Frenchman who wrote the history of the turf and the faith that if you want to want to know the genius of a man, and if three criteria that their smallness of means greatness of purpose with astonishing results is the three other criteria, there is no human being who can come anywhere close to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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if more or less of mean greatness of purpose astounding results. If these three are the criteria, no human being can come close to her masala Salah Michaelis had faith in 100 most influential human being in the world. He puts mama Salah Salam number one he said many may object many may challenge me but there is no person who has been so successful in religious and Security Affairs like the Prophet and was Salah Salem. George Bernard Shaw said that if you read the history of this man

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More than being antichrist, he should be called as the savior of humanity. If you read Thomas Carlyle, he wrote in the book heroes and hero worship number one hero Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem

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so these are the great people who the world says when they did the research, don't they were non Muslims. They call Mama Salah Salem at the best leader at the best human being as the most influential person. Hope that answers the question.