Road to Return #11 – Mastering Self-Control

Yahya Ibrahim


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self control and controlling your health, your vanity and your desires. self control is one of the greatest things that I pray that Allah allows you to master and improving each and every day of your life. SubhanAllah it's still a struggle for me, and self control. It's not just about not doing the things that are wrong, but it's also encouraging yourself to do the things that are right.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said laser Shadi dooba, surah, an individual is not mighty is not powerful, because they can ping people to the ground. In the machete edmentum Allah can upset her in the lava, the one who has strength and power and might, is the one that can control themselves, at a moment of agitation, and anger is the one who has mastered their self control. And that's a powerful statement of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. And he was selling, one of the great dangers and one of the things that leads a person into transgression leads a person to seem is that they become very reactionary. So somebody said something they have to react. And I'm gonna say it

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harsher than what they said, and I gotta have the last word and what I what I say is going to be bigger than what they said. And it might be that somebody see somebody do something, and I'm going to top it, I'm going to do better, I'm going to buy more or sell more, I'm going to have something bigger or better than others, that lack of self control where a person is very impulsive, right, they just do things, and then they worry about the consequences after is a sign of immaturity. And it's one of the things that will cause your parents as a young person, to not give you greater freedoms and not give you greater control over your own decisions. Because they see you're very

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reactionary, and very impulsive. A lot of young people, they say, Chef, I'm having a little bit of trouble at home, my parents won't let me do this or go there. And I say, Well, listen, it's probably a decision. They're not just making because of this issue. But because there's a track record in the past that you haven't shown that you have self control, that you make good decisions on your own, independently without their input and influence. So for you to build that trust with Allah, with the Muslim community, with your society where you ever live, wherever you live, you need to make good decisions. And Subhan. Allah did you know young people, up until the age of 2122 23, some studies up

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to the age of 26, that show that the brain of a young person is still forming, especially in the place of judgment and foreshadowing, giving you the ability to look further into the future. You can see this of course, if you have young brothers and sisters, they don't understand the consequence of falling over the downstairs. So you got to put a gate or else your brother who's like two years old, we'll just go all the way down the stairs, because they just can't understand it's dangerous. Even as a 16 year old, 17 year old, 10 year old, you know, 19 year old, your brain has informed completely to be able to tell you and predict major and greater consequences. And that's why there

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are so many limitations in the legal systems to limit people from being exposed to things that are going to make them make decisions. It's one of the reasons why young people aren't allowed to vote before 18 in certain countries, but I want you to kind of pay attention to why self control for us as important as Muslims is that the prophets of Allah it was send them has been informed to let you and I know were accountable to a law before we're accountable to others. So when you show your accountability to Allah, when you become a person who takes things more seriously and holds things with greater clarity, you become a person who then has a greater standing in society and are given

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greater opportunities. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows you to mature with your self control, that you learn the techniques and the development of how to become a person who's in charge of themselves and not reacting to others, or the situations that they are in that you become the person who other people look up to and take value from. Because you have a level of composure, a level of calm and the level of self control that is pleasing to Allah. Losing that self control makes your desire and your hella like a hungry Wolf, where you are consuming everything halal and haram and you worry about its consequences later, may Allah protect you from that hunger have seen

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and that you become a person who is self controlled it. Notice that in Islam, many of the things that we are taught teach us that self discipline self regulation and self care.

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troll, whether it's waking up in the morning for fed, whether it's fasting the month of Ramadan in hot summer months, whether it's giving from our wealth and accounting for our zecca all of it is to teach us self control, self reliance and self trust between us and Allah subhana wa Tada.